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The King’s Mock SuperFlex Strategy: The Revolution Begins

Here at FanTrax, we are feeling the force of a revolution. Even though we are truly under three months from when much of the Fantasy Football community will be holding their drafts, I can feel the groundswell. It is the SuperFlex Revolution. Some prominent experts at this site are already leading the charge. One of the loudest and most enthusiastic has been my friend John Laub. If this SuperFlex thing catches on like he hopes it could, I think they should rename SuperFlex drafting as simply “Laubing.”

Anyhow, I went Mock “Laubing” with the FanTrax crew recently in an early SuperFlex draft. For all intents and purposes, this is really a two-QB league in my eyes. Here are my picks in the 12-team, four-point  TD pass, PPR format and my insights behind them. I was drafting from the fourth slot overall.

The King’s SuperFlex Mock Picks and Analysis

Pick One: Patrick Mahomes, QB Chiefs – When three top RBs went with the first three choices, I veered in another direction and elected to be the first to take a QB when I had the opportunity to pick any one of them that I wanted. Naturally, I took Mahomes, who finished over 60 points ahead of the next highest scorer at the position last year. But as I have already admitted, I made a mistake here. Mahomes will come back to the pack this year when Tyreek Hill is zapped out of his receiving crew. I should have taken Andrew Luck, who has the best supporting cast of any standout QB. The strategy remains the same, as I am not going to hesitate to get a superstar QB in a two-passer format when I have the chance with the very elite RBs gone. I don’t blame the first three owners for grabbing the very best RBs on the board before me, but I’d rather be first at QB when the position is more highly emphasized in a SuperFlex format.

Pick Two: Davante Adams, WR, Packers – Once Joe Mixon was off the board, most of the truly top-level RBs were gone. Adams is Top 3 at his position. The Packers really didn’t make any moves to build depth around him, although Geronimo Allison will return and Green Bay may actually establish the running game a bit more this year. Still, Adams will clearly be the highly preferred target for Aaron Rodgers and he is an easy chalk second rounder if he is available after DeAndre Hopkins and Michael Thomas are selected, as was the case here.

Pick Three: Nick Chubb, RB, Browns: I consider Chubb an RB1 this year and actually nearly took him with my second pick. This was proof that if you sometimes gamble that your guy can make it back to the next round to you, it can happen. If not, I was ready to go zero RB in this format and would have taken Antonio Brown as my WR2. That would have been a luxurious pick, but I wanted to take maybe the last true RB1 left in my eyes.

Pick Four: Philip Rivers, QB Chargers: This was a safe pick for sure, as Rivers has consistently been one of the better Fantasy QBs in the game year after year. He may not be elite, but he is going to be Top 10 every year and I love his floor. I can pretty much count on at least 28 TD passes and 4,250 yards with this pick.

Pick Five: Damien Williams, RB, Chiefs: I frequently avoid selecting two key players from the same team, but there was no avoiding Williams here as I had a need for an RB2 and he has a lot of promise for 2019. Williams must prove he can handle being a featured back over a full season, he has never done that before. In the fifth round, though, I will take the better odds that he will build on his later momentum from 2018.

Pick Six: Robert Woods, WR, Rams – Now I felt like values were really starting to slip to me. Woods finished as a WR1 in PPR leagues last season. He has been on a quick rise ever since he came over from Buffalo. Even though the return of Cooper Kupp may cut into his overall totals a bit, Woods is still an excellent choice by this point, and even in the fifth round of a standard lineup draft.

Pick Seven: Tyler Lockett, WR, Seahawks – I do not expect Lockett to catch 10 TD passes again. But I do expect him to be more reliable on important passing downs for Russell Wilson. I see his numbers shifting, with more receptions and fewer scores, and he should still be a solid Fantasy starter overall. As long as Wilson is his QB and Lockett is healthy, he is a very comfortable Fantasy starter for me.

Pick Eight: Jared Cook, TE, Saints – A few years ago, the thought of picking Cook at all would make me nauseous. But he finished as TE5 in PPR last year and will be a prime TD threat for Drew Brees in situations near the goal line in 2019.

Pick Nine: Derek Carr, QB, Raiders – I will gladly take him as a backup with upside in what is unofficially a two-QB format. Carr has the best supporting cast of his career this season, and if he responds well, he could soar back into Fantasy QB1 territory this season.

Pick 10: Ronald Jones, RB, Buccaneers: You have likely already read my reasoning on why Jones could be a post-hype sleeper in 2019. He still has the potential to score from anywhere on the field, and maybe the new Tampa Bay regime believes it as well. They did not bring in anyone else to clearly challenge Jones for the starting job.

Rounds 11 through 14: There were no defenses or kickers rostered in this draft, which is another possible revolution being planned here. But I do not personally believe Fantasy Football should be an offense only game. Anyhow, I took Golden Tate in Round 11, as I believe he will re-emerge as a PPR starter. Tyrell Williams was a top free agent pickup for the Raiders and has WR3 potential this year. LeSean McCoy has seen much better days obviously, but I could not leave him on the board in Round 13. Ito Smith, who could start for the Falcons when Devonta Freeman gets injured, was my final selection.

Full Results

You can view the round-by-round results of the Fantrax SuperFlex mock by using the navigation controls below the table.

RndPickOverallPosPlayerTmFantasy Team
111RBBarkley, SaquonNYGKate Magdziuk
122RBElliott, EzekielDALChris Allen
133RBMcCaffrey, ChristianCARMichelle Magdziuk
144QBMahomes, PatrickKCScott Engel
155RBKamara, AlvinNOMichael Florio
166RBBell, Le'VeonNYJJoe Pisapia
177RBJohnson, DavidARIMichael Stepney
188RBGurley II, ToddLAREtan Mozia
199RBGordon III, MelvinLACMick Ciallela
11010QBLuck, AndrewINDGridiron Scholars
11111RBConner, JamesPITThe Welsh
11212QBRodgers, AaronGBJohn Schepps
2113WRHopkins, DeAndreHOUJohn Schepps
2214QBWatson, DeshaunHOUThe Welsh
2315RBMixon, JoeCINGridiron Scholars
2416WRThomas, MichaelNOMick Ciallela
2517WRSmith-Schuster, JuJuPITEtan Mozia
2618TEKelce, TravisKCMichael Stepney
2719QBRyan, MattATLJoe Pisapia
2820QBMayfield, BakerCLEMichael Florio
2921WRAdams, DavanteGBScott Engel
21022WRJones, JulioATLMichelle Magdziuk
21123WRBeckham Jr., OdellCLEChris Allen
21224QBWilson, RussellSEAKate Magdziuk
3125WREvans, MikeTBKate Magdziuk
3226WRThielen, AdamMINChris Allen
3327QBWinston, JameisTBMichelle Magdziuk
3428RBChubb, NickCLEScott Engel
3529WRAllen, KeenanLACMichael Florio
3630QBRoethlisberger, BenPITJoe Pisapia
3731QBWentz, CarsonPHIMichael Stepney
3832QBGoff, JaredLAREtan Mozia
3933WRBrown, AntonioOAKMick Ciallela
31034WRDiggs, StefonMINGridiron Scholars
31135RBCook, DalvinMINThe Welsh
31236QBStafford, MatthewDETJohn Schepps
4137WRCooks, BrandinLARJohn Schepps
4238QBNewton, CamCARThe Welsh
4339RBHenry, DerrickTENGridiron Scholars
4440QBBrees, DrewNOMick Ciallela
4541WRGolladay, KennyDETEtan Mozia
4642WRGreen, A.J.CINMichael Stepney
4743RBFreeman, DevontaATLJoe Pisapia
4844WRHilton, T.Y.INDMichael Florio
4945QBRivers, PhilipLACScott Engel
41046RBJones, AaronGBMichelle Magdziuk
41147WRCooper, AmariDALChris Allen
41248QBCousins, KirkMINKate Magdziuk
5149TEErtz, ZachPHIKate Magdziuk
5250TEKittle, GeorgeSFChris Allen
5351QBAllen, JoshBUFMichelle Magdziuk
5452RBWilliams, DamienKCScott Engel
5553RBFournette, LeonardJAXMichael Florio
5654RBMichel, SonyNEJoe Pisapia
5755RBMack, MarlonINDMichael Stepney
5856RBJohnson, KerryonDETEtan Mozia
5957QBBrady, TomNEMick Ciallela
51058WRMoore, D.J.CARGridiron Scholars
51159WREdelman, JulianNEThe Welsh
51260TEEngram, EvanNYGJohn Schepps
6161RBGuice, DerriusWASJohn Schepps
6262WRLandry, JarvisCLEThe Welsh
6363QBPrescott, DakDALGridiron Scholars
6464RBJacobs, JoshOAKMick Ciallela
6565WRBoyd, TylerCINEtan Mozia
6666QBJackson, LamarBALMichael Stepney
6767WRKupp, CooperLARJoe Pisapia
6868TEHoward, O.J.TBMichael Florio
6969WRWoods, RobertLARScott Engel
61070QBTrubisky, MitchellCHIMichelle Magdziuk
61171WRHill, TyreekKCChris Allen
61272RBDrake, KenyanMIAKate Magdziuk
7173RBCohen, TarikCHIKate Magdziuk
7274RBSanders, MilesPHIChris Allen
7375RBMontgomery, DavidCHIMichelle Magdziuk
7476WRLockett, TylerSEAScott Engel
7577QBMurray, KylerARIMichael Florio
7678WRRidley, CalvinATLJoe Pisapia
7779TEHenry, HunterLACMichael Stepney
7880TEEbron, EricINDEtan Mozia
7981WRWatkins, SammyKCMick Ciallela
71082RBCarson, ChrisSEAGridiron Scholars
71183QBGaroppolo, JimmySFThe Welsh
71284RBHill, JusticeBALJohn Schepps
8185RBIngram, MarkBALJohn Schepps
8286RBLindsay, PhillipDENThe Welsh
8387WRGodwin, ChrisTBGridiron Scholars
8488RBWhite, JamesNEMick Ciallela
8589QBDarnold, SamNYJEtan Mozia
8690WRAnderson, RobbyNYJMichael Stepney
8791WRWilliams, MikeLACJoe Pisapia
8892WRRobinson II, AllenCHIMichael Florio
8993TECook, JaredNOScott Engel
81094WRPettis, DanteSFMichelle Magdziuk
81195QBMariota, MarcusTENChris Allen
81296WRFuller V, WillHOUKate Magdziuk
9197RBPenny, RashaadSEAKate Magdziuk
9298RBFreeman, RoyceDENChris Allen
9399RBColeman, TevinSFMichelle Magdziuk
94100QBCarr, DerekOAKScott Engel
95101RBMcKinnon, JerickSFMichael Florio
96102WRJeffery, AlshonPHIJoe Pisapia
97103RBMiller, LamarHOUMichael Stepney
98104WRSutton, CourtlandDENEtan Mozia
99105TENjoku, DavidCLEMick Ciallela
910106WRDavis, CoreyTENGridiron Scholars
911107WRFitzgerald, LarryARIThe Welsh
912108WRMiller, AnthonyCHIJohn Schepps
101109WRHarry, N'KealNEJohn Schepps
102110WRHardman, MecoleKCThe Welsh
103111TEHooper, AustinATLGridiron Scholars
104112WRShepard, SterlingNYGMick Ciallela
105113WRWestbrook, DedeJAXEtan Mozia
106114WRJones Jr., MarvinDETMichael Stepney
107115QBDalton, AndyCINJoe Pisapia
108116WRMetcalf, D.K.SEAMichael Florio
109117RBJones II, RonaldTBScott Engel
1010118WRSamuel, CurtisCARMichelle Magdziuk
1011119RBHunt, KareemCLEChris Allen
1012120WRCoutee, KekeHOUKate Magdziuk
111121WRKirk, ChristianARIKate Magdziuk
112122QBHaskins, DwayneWASChris Allen
113123TEHerndon, ChrisNYJMichelle Magdziuk
114124WRTate, GoldenNYGScott Engel
115125RBHoward, JordanPHIMichael Florio
116126TEHockenson, T.J.DETJoe Pisapia
117127TEMcDonald, VancePITMichael Stepney
118128RBHenderson, DarrellLAREtan Mozia
119129WRCrowder, JamisonNYJMick Ciallela
1110130WRWashington, JamesPITGridiron Scholars
1111131WRCampbell, ParrisINDThe Welsh
1112132TEGoedert, DallasPHIJohn Schepps
121133QBRosen, JoshMIAJohn Schepps
122134TEBurton, TreyCHIThe Welsh
123135WRFoster, RobertBUFGridiron Scholars
124136RBEkeler, AustinLACMick Ciallela
125137RBArmstead, RyquellJAXEtan Mozia
126138WRStills, KennyMIAMichael Stepney
127139WRSanders, EmmanuelDENJoe Pisapia
128140WRRobinson, DemarcusKCMichael Florio
129141WRWilliams, TyrellOAKScott Engel
1210142WRMoncrief, DontePITMichelle Magdziuk
1211143WRArcega-Whiteside, JJPHIChris Allen
1212144RBMurray, LataviusNOKate Magdziuk
131145QBFoles, NickJAXKate Magdziuk
132146TESmith Jr., IrvMINChris Allen
133147RBBallage, KalenMIAMichelle Magdziuk
134148RBMcCoy, LeSeanBUFScott Engel
135149RBBarber, PeytonTBMichael Florio
136150RBMattison, AlexanderMINJoe Pisapia
137151QBFitzpatrick, RyanMIAMichael Stepney
138152WRValdes-Scantling, MarquezGBEtan Mozia
139153RBHines, NyheimINDMick Ciallela
1310154WRGallup, MichaelDALGridiron Scholars
1311155RBHyde, CarlosKCThe Welsh
1312156RBThompson, DarwinKCJohn Schepps
141157WRBrown, MarquiseBALJohn Schepps
142158RBSingletary, DevinBUFThe Welsh
143159QBFlacco, JoeDENGridiron Scholars
144160WRIsabella, AndyARIMick Ciallela
145161QBManning, EliNYGEtan Mozia
146162WRJones, ZayBUFMichael Stepney
147163TERudolph, KyleMINJoe Pisapia
148164WRWilson, AlbertMIAMichael Florio
149165RBSmith, ItoATLScott Engel
1410166WRBrown, JohnBUFMichelle Magdziuk
1411167RBBreida, MattSFChris Allen
1412168WRAllison, GeronimoGBKate Magdziuk

Scott Engel is an inaugural member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association’s Hall of Fame and a four-time award winner. He was one of the driving content forces in the rise of and was the lead host on the RotoExperts in the Morning for six years on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. He was also instrumental in the launch of the FNTSY Sports Network. Scott was the first-ever Senior Writer and Managing Editor at CBS SportsLine and won a company Hall of Fame Award. He was also an Associate Editor and Fantasy analyst for He has been the featured Fantasy Writer on since 2012 and his work has been syndicated to the Associated Press,, New York Daily News, New York Post, Yahoo Sports, Bloomberg Sports, Sports Illustrated and many others. He is a credentialed media member who won an FSWA award in 2016 for his Insider Fantasy Reporting. Known as “The King”, Scott is on Twitter @scotteTheKing

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