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Top 400 Fantasy Baseball Prospects

Every dynasty manager works hard to build a sustainable winning team but a long-term championship team starts from the ground up. This is where my top 400 overall prospect rankings come in handy. Whether you are looking to trade for a top-tier prospect to help your win-now push or looking to get in on the ground floor with a high-upside prospect further down the road, the top 400 has it all. These rankings will help dynasty managers in all league sizes, from 10-teamers to deep 30-team formats. If you are looking for even deeper prospect rankings check out my top 1200 prospect rankings exclusively on The Weekly Streamer Patreon page. But now let’s dive into the top 400 overall prospect rankings update!

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What Factors Into These Rankings?

  • Upside: We all love high-upside fantasy baseball prospects, higher ceiling prospects will get the bump for me ranking higher than most safe high-floor prospects.
  • Tools (Hitters): We love loading up on hitters with loud tools such as big power and speed but when assembling these rankings a player’s hit tool plays a big factor in the rankings.
  • Tools (Pitchers): Pitchers with higher command will typically rank higher for me as a “safer” pitching prospect (If there is such a thing as a SAFE pitching prospect). High-velocity pitchers are fun to dream on but come with their own injury risks.
  • Proximity: Close proximity prospects will get a bump in rankings as it can help your dynasty team now and should be ranked accordingly. They will also be the bigger movers in the rankings in-season.
  • System: I am a full believer that the cream will rise and if a system doesn’t have a need for a prospect in their organization another team will typically target the player. I don’t shy away from ranking a player based on potential and not based on the system’s track record. Personnel changes and team philosophy change in the minor leagues all the time.

When Will These Rankings Be Updated?

These rankings will be updated throughout the 2023 season. The off-season is a good time to deep dive and find players to target before the season starts, but like stocks, prospect values fluctuate, and knowing the right time to buy or sell is always key. There will be episodes of The Prospect Pod talking about the latest risers and fallers throughout the season. There will be buy and sell opportunities that will be discussed on The Prospect Pod as well, so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!

Top 400 Fantasy Baseball Prospects for Dynasty Leagues

Qualifications: 150 MLB AB or less, 50 MLB IP or less, 45 days or less on the active roster

RnkPlayerPosTeamAgeETAPrev. Rnk
1Jordan Walker3B/OFSTL21Debuted2
2Jackson HollidaySSBAL19202623
3Evan CarterOFTEX20202422
4Elly De La CruzSS/3BCIN2120247
5Jordan LawlarSSARI2120244
6Jackson ChourioOFMIL1920246
7James WoodOFWSH2020268
8Grayson RodriguezRHPBAL23Debuted9
9Andrew PainterRHPPHL20202412
10Gavin WilliamsRHPCLE23202424
11Eury PerezRHPMIA20Debuted13
12Kyle Manzardo1BTBR23202415
13Taj BradleyRHPTBR22Debuted48
14Marcelo MayerSSBOS20202530
15Bryce MillerRHPSEA24Debuted70
16Noelvi MarteSS/3BCIN21202436
17Colton CowserOFBAL22202337
18Franciscos AlvarezCNYM21Debuted27
19Jasson DominguezOFNYY20202428
20Harry FordCSEA20202535
21Druw JonesOFARI19202610
22Brooks LeeSSMIN22202429
23Ricky TiedemannLHPTOR20202416
24Connor Norby2B/OFBAL22202332
25Matt Mervis1BCHC24202333
26Zac VeenOFCOL21202418
27Brady House3B/SSWSH19202562
28Ronny MauricioSS/2BNYM21202389
29Oscar ColasOFCHW24Debuted25
30Jordan WestburgSS/3BBAL24202390
31Termarr Johnson2BPIT19202626
32Elijah GreenOFWSH19202631
33Kyle HarrisonLHPSFG21202420
34Sal FrelickOFMIL23202439
35Matt McLainSS/2BCIN232024174
36Junior Caminero3B/2BTBR19202596
37Jackson MerrillSSSDP20202541
38Oswald PerazaSS/2BNYY22Debuted42
39Zach NetoSSLAA22Debuted44
40Masyn WinnSSSTL21202443
41Gabriel GonzalezOFSEA19202557
42Christian Encarnacion-Strand1B/3BCIN23202384
43Royce LewisSSMIN24Debuted45
44Curtis Mead2B/3BTBR22202346
45Heston KjerstadOFBAL24202465
46Cam Collier3BCIN18202647
47Logan AllenLHPCLE24Debuted198
48Colt Keith3BDET212024118
49Emmanuel RodriguezOFMIN20202549
50Tyler SoderstromCOAK21202350
51Justyn-Henry MalloyOF/3BDET232024244
52Tink HenceRHPSTL21202451
53Ceddanne RafaelaOF/SSBOS22202363
54Tanner BibeeRHPCLE24Debuted76
55Robert HassellOFWSH21202455
56Spencer JonesOFNYY21202586
57Edouard Julien2BMIN24Debuted52
58Endy RodriguezC/2B/OFPIT23202356
59Brandon PfaadtRHPARI24Debuted40
60Kevin AlcantaraOFCHC20202459
61George ValeraOFCLE22202358
62Edwin ArroyoSSCIN19202560
63Bobby MillerRHPLAD24Debuted61
64Luis MatosOFSFG212024100
65Austin WellsCNYY23202374
66Adael AmadorSSCOL19202587
67Alex RamirezOFNYM20202466
68Mark Vientos3B/1BNYM23Debuted127
69Nick Yorke2BBOS20202472
70Pete Crow-ArmstrongOFCHC20202468
71Brayan RocchioSSCLE22Debuted69
72Luisangel AcunaSS/2BTEX21202499
73Yanquiel FrenandezOFCOL202024126
74Nick Gonzalez2B/SSPIT23202371
75Mick AbelRHPPHL21202473
76Diego CartayaCLAD21202475
77Gavin StoneRHPLAD24Debuted78
78Andrew AbbottLHPCIN232023221
79Logan O'HoppeCLAA23Debuted79
80Ben BrownRHPCHC232023275
81Drew GilbertOFHOU222025101
82Max MeyerRHPMIA24Debuted81
83Andy PagesOFLAD22202391
84AJ Smith-ShawverRHPATL202024283
85Brock PorterRHPTEX192025148
86Henry DavisCPIT232024104
87Emmet SheehanRHPLAD232023296
88Deyvison De Los Santos3BARI19202482
89Gavin CrossOFKCR22202488
90Daniel EspinoRHPCLE22202434
91Kevin ParadaCNYM21202577
92Aaron ZavalaOFTEX222024114
93Dalton RushingCLAD222025105
94Matthew LiberatoreLHPSTL23Debuted273
95Dustin HarrisOFTEX23202383
96Marco LucianoSSSFG21202454
97Miguel BleisOFBOS19202692
98Yasser MercedesOFMIN18202695
99Josue De PaulaOFLAD172026125
100Anthony GutierrezOFTEX18202698
101Ty MaddenRHPDET232024149
102Cole YoungSSSEA192025187
103Coby Mayo3BBAL212024110
104Everson PereiraOFNYY212024119
105Carlos Jorge2BCIN192025130
106Colson MontgomerySSCHW21202464
107Michael Busch2BLAD25Debuted102
108Chase DeLauterOFCLE21202567
109Owen WhiteRHPTEX232023141
110Alexander CanarioOFCHC222023122
111Brennen DavisOFCHC23202353
112Gabriel MartinezOFTOR202025147
113Cade HortonRHPCHC212024139
114Carson WilliamsSSTBR192025176
115Bo NaylorCCLE23Debuted108
116A.J Vukovich3B/OFARI212024120
117Justin CrawfordOFPHL192026152
118Jonathan Aranda2BTBR24Debuted109
119Garrett MitchellOFMIL24Debuted113
120Edgar QueroCLAA192025115
121Blaze Jordan3B/1BBOS202024153
122Jett WilliamsSSNYM192026116
123Ethan SalasCSDP162028154
124Jonatan ClaseOFSEA202024170
125Jordan WicksLHPCHC232023188
126Jace Jung2BDET222024140
127Zack Gelof2B/3BOAK232023163
128Yiddi CappeSS/3BMIA202025135
129Drey JamesonRHPARI25Debuted124
130Joey OrtizSS/2BBAL24Debuted142
131Wilmer FloresRHPDET222023131
132Jose RamosOFLAD222024185
133Dylan BeaversOFBAL212025138
134Jack LeiterRHPTEX22202493
135Leonardo BalcazarSSCIN182026267
136Dylan LeskoRHPSDP192026145
137Samuel ZavalaOFSDP182025132
138Joey CantilloLHPCLE232024216
139Lazaro MontesOFSEA182026123
140Justin Foscue3B/2BTEX242023171
141Cristhian VaqueroOFWSH182027134
142Quinn PriesterRHPPIT222023169
143Orelvis MartinezSS/3BTOR212024150
144Eric Brown JrSSMIL222025155
145DL HallLHPBAL24Debuted129
146Max AcostaSS/2BTEX202025266
147Tyler Locklear3BSEA222025286
148Jake EderLHPMIA242023161
149Drew WatersOFKCR24Debuted156
150Landon SimsRHPARI222025157
151Jeferson QueroCMIL202025241
152Carson WhisenhuntRHPSFG222025285
153Creed WillemsCBAL192025NR
154Bryan Ramos2B/3BCHW212024158
155Casey Schmitt3BSFG24Debuted262
156James Triantos3B/2BCHC202025159
157Emerson HancockRHPSEA232023160
158Tyler FreemanSSCLE23Debuted177
159Owen CaissieOFCHC202025280
160Clayton BeeterRHPNYY242023180
161Michael ArroyoINFSEA182026361
162Jackson JobeRHPDET202025162
163Kahlil WatsonSS/2BMIA192025166
164Connor PrielippLHPMIN222025164
165Benny MontgomeryOFCOL202025167
166Felnin CelestenSSSEA172027144
167Jhony BritoRHPNYY25DebutedNR
168Samuel BasalloC/1BBAL182025NR
169Jacob MisiorowskiRHPMIL202025172
170Vaun BrownOFSFG242024181
171Sterlin ThompsonOFCOL212024224
172Cooper HjerpeRHPSTL222024137
173Jordan BeckOF COL212024208
174Nick FrassoRHPLAD242024243
175Brice TurangSSMIL23Debuted202
176Brandon BarrieraRHPTOR192025133
177Shane BazRHPTBR23Debuted178
178Angel MartinezINFCLE212024136
179Robby SnellingRHP SDP192026323
180Pedro LeonSSHOU242023179
181Chase PettyRHPCIN202025201
182Enmanuel Valdez2B/3BBOS24Debuted207
183Jacob Berry3BMIA212025111
184Cristian HernandezSSCHC192026117
185Mason MillerRHPOAK24Debuted182
186Cade MarloweOFSEA252023203
187Denzel ClarkeOFOAK222024200
188Jared ShusterLHPATL24Debuted151
189Jhonkensy Noel1B/3B/OFCLE212023183
190Jarlin SusanaRHPWSH18202594
191Tyler GentryOFKCR242023184
192Rayne DonconSS/2BLAD192025236
193Michael Toglia1BCOL24Debuted205
194Xavier Isaac1BTBR192026217
195Brandon WilliamsonLHPCIN24Debuted251
196Frank MozzicatoLHPKCR192025354
197Warming Bernabel 3BCOL202024189
198Jonny DeLucaOFLAD242023456
199Cole WilcoxRHPTBR232024191
200Trey SweeneySSNYY222024192
201Jackson FerrisRHPCHC192026360
202Tucker Toman3BTOR192026193
203Dylan DoddLHPATL24DebutedNR
204Zach DeLoachOFSEA242023372
205Daylen LileOFWSH202025373
206Addison BargerSSTOR232023106
207Mason MontgomeryRHPTBR222024107
208Austin MartinSS/2BMIN232024196
209Cade CavalliRHPWSH24Debuted85
210Nolan Jones3B/OFCOL24Debuted197
211Cody MorrisRHPCLE26Debuted103
212Luis OrtizRHPPIT24Debuted199
213Jorbit Vivas2BLAD212024385
214Kumar RockerRHPTEX232025231
215Luke LittleLHPCHC222024338
216Niko Kavadas3B/1BBOS242023204
217Maddux BrunsLHPLAD202025258
218Jose RodriguezSS/2BCHW212023206
219Drew RomoCCOL212024209
220Owen Murphy RHPATL192026308
221Jordan GroshansSSMIA23Debuted210
222Ivan Melendez1B/3BARI232024212
223Anthony SolometoLHPPIT202025402
224Alfedo DunoCCIN172027218
225Bubba ChandlerRHPPIT202025175
226Lenyn SosaSSCHW23Debuted219
227Brailer GuerreroOFTBR162028220
228Landon KnackRHPLAD252023386
229Brett Harris3BOAK242024NR
230Justin DirdenOFHOU252023222
231Jud FabianOFBAL232024223
232Ryan PepiotRHPLAD25Debuted194
233Yainer DiazCHOU24Debuted190
234Jose SalasSSMIN202024225
235Tyler Black2BMIL222024417
236Gunnar HoglundRHPOAK232025173
237David HamiltonSS/2BBOS252023561
238Jairo PomaresOFSFG222024229
239Blaze AlexanderSS/2B/3BARI232023537
240Osleivis BasabeSS/3BTBR222023391
241Eguy Rosario2BSDP23Debuted232
242Kyle StowersOFBAL25Debuted233
243Will BensonOFCIN24Debuted234
244Blake WalstonLHPARI212023228
245Jeremy De La RosaOFWSH212024215
246Mason AuerOFTBR222024211
247Julio Carreras3BCOL232023242
248Hunter GoodmanC/1BCOL232024303
249Robert GasserLHPMIL232023245
250Wenceel Perez2BDET232023279
251Liover PegueroSSPIT22Debuted246
252Eddinson Paulino2BBOS202024247
253Connor PhillipsRHPCIN212024343
254Cayden Wallace3BKCR212025252
255Joe BoyleRHPCIN232024249
256Gordon GraceffoRHPSTL232023146
257Eddys LeonardSSLAD222024257
258Grant McCrayOFSFG222024260
259Jose RodriguezOFMIN172027359
260Nick NastriniRHPLAD232024348
261Mikey RomeroSS/2BBOS192026261
262Enmanuel BonillaOFTOR172027264
263Roman AnthonyOFBOS182026265
264Prelander BerroaRHPSEA222023195
265Ethan SmallLHPMIL26Debuted269
266Joendry VargasSSLAD172027270
267Jacob MeltonOFHOU222025302
268Brando MayeaOFNYY172027272
269Jordan Diaz3BOAK22Debuted274
270Gabriel HughesRHPCOL212025276
271Josh StephanRHPTEX212025NR
272Brock JonesOFTBR212025312
273Roderick AriasSSNYY182026277
274Blade TidwellRHPNYM212025239
275Jaison ChourioOFCLE172027278
276Drew RomLHPBAL232023620
277Matt WallnerOFMIN25Debuted282
278Daniel SusacCOAK212025287
279Henry BolteOFOAK192026289
280Matthew LugoSS/3BBOS212024290
281Ricardo CabreraSSCIN182026292
282Griff McGarryRHPPHL232023293
283Dominic Keegan1BTBR222025432
284Yoelqui CespedesOFCHW252023294
285Gabriel AriasSS/3BCLE23Debuted295
286Sebastian WalcottSSTEX172027298
287Hedbert PerezOFMIL192025238
288Starlin Aguilar3BSEA192026299
289Dominic CanzoneOF/1BARI252023NR
290Max Wagner3BBAL212025300
291Greg JonesSSTBR252023301
292Ruben Santana3BARI182027NR
293Thomas Saggese2BTEX202024305
294Peyton BattenfieldRHPCLE25Debuted306
295Jose GerardoOFMIA172027307
296Carlos RodriguezRHPMIL212024601
297Hao Yu Lee2BPHL202025309
298Michael BurrowsRHPPIT232023311
299Luis GuanipaOFATL172027313
300Dominic FletcherOFARI25Debuted314
301Moises GomezOFSTL242023254
302Shane DrohanLHPBOS242024NR
303Johan RojasOFPHL222023315
304Mike SianiOFCIN23Debuted316
305Diego BenitezSSATL182026317
306Spencer SchwellenbachRHPATL222025427
307Cade Doughty2B/3BTOR212025318
308John RhodesOFBAL222024319
309Caleb KilianRHPCHC25Debuted268
310Tommy HenryLHPARI25Debuted320
311Cole WinnRHPTEX232023291
312Felix Valerio2BMIL222024263
313Bryan WooRHPSEA232024NR
314Rainer Nunez1BTOR222025321
315Reginald PreciadoSSCHC192026322
316Yunior Severino2B/3BMIN232024495
317Heriberto HernandezOFTBR232025325
318Noah SchultzLHPCHW192026326
319Simeon Woods RichardsonRHPMIN22Debuted235
320Bryan AcunaSSMIN172026NR
321Cole PhillipsRHPATL192027NR
322Sal Stewart3BCIN192026329
323Darius VinesRHPATL252023NR
324Yeison MorrobelOFTEX192026281
325Otto LopezOFTOR24Debuted330
326Walter FordRHPSEA182026331
327Randy VasquezRHPNYY242023332
328Izaac Pacheco3BDET202025334
329Xavier Edwards2B/SSMIA23Debuted335
330Spencer Horwitz1BTOR252023337
331Bryce JarvisRHPARI252023556
332Mike VasilRHPNYM232024480
333Victor AcostaSSCIN182026339
334Milan TolentinoSS/2BCLE212025340
335Matt CanterinoRHPMIN252024310
336Dominic HamelRHPNYM242025341
337Michael McGreevyRHPSTL222024346
338Jake BennettLHPWSH222024501
339DJ HerzLHPCHC222023353
340Max MuncySSOAK202025259
341Darell HernaizSSOAK212025449
342Cole HenryRHPWSH232023344
343Robert Perez Jr1BSEA222025345
344Diego HernandezOFKCR222024NR
345Terrell TatumOFCHW232024NR
346Jhailyn OrtizOFPHL242023347
347Parker MessickLHPCLE222025421
348Jonathan OrnelasSS/3BTEX222023349
349Bryan MataRHPBOS242023350
350Lonnie WhiteOFPIT202025351
351Tony Blanco JrOFPIT172026250
352Euribiel AngelesSSOAK202025352
353Aeverson ArteagaSSSFG202024248
354Luis RodriguezOFLAD202025355
355Danyer CuevaSS/2BTEX182025358
356Patrick MonteverdeLHPMIA252024NR
357Carter BaumlerRHPBAL212026NR
358Jorge BarrosaOFARI222023362
359J.R. RitchieRHPATL192026364
360Austin HendrickOFCIN212025365
361Cristian MenaRHPCHW202024460
362Mason Martin 1BPIT232023366
363Maikel GarciaSSKCR23Debuted368
364Luis MoralesRHPOAK202025369
365Peyton GrahamSSDET222025284
366Carlos ColmenarezSSTBR192025370
367Jake IrvinRHPWSH26DebutedNR
368Will BednarRHPSFG222025342
369Ryan CliffordOFHOU192027673
370Hudson HaskinOFBAL242023400
371Tanner BurnsRHPCLE242024410
372Manuel BeltreSSTOR182025375
373Parker MeadowsOFDET232023376
374Yohendrick PinangoOFCHC202025271
375Juan GuerreroOFCOL212026NR
376Elijah DunhamOFNYY242023399
377Jose Tena2BCLE222023378
378Luis BaezOFHOU192027NR
379Alberto RodriguezOFSEA222024543
380Denzer GuzmanSSLAA182025380
381Brett Wisely2B/3BSFG23Debuted381
382Cody BradfordLHPTEX25Debuted594
383Xzavion CurryRHPCLE24Debuted237
384Colin BarberOFHOU222024382
385Nick LoftinSS/3BKCR242023383
386Ronan KoppLHPLAD202025NR
387Sandro Gaston1BHOU202024371
388Sam BachmanRHPLAA232023256
389Samuel MunozOFLAD182026387
390Cade PovichLHPBAL232024NR
391Cristian SantanaSSDET192025389
392Andres Chaparro3BNYY242023472
393Joey LoperfidoOF/1BHOU232024NR
394Ben KudrnaRHPKCR202025392
395Reggie CrawfordLHPSFG212025288
396Bryant BetancourtCCOL192026393
397Kevin MadeSSCHC202025394
398Justin CampbellRHPCLE222024395
399T.J. WhiteOFWSH192025397
400Ambioris TavarezSSATL192026NR
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  1. josh says

    you have errors in your list base on MLB debuts. hard to trust your rankings when info is not correct

    1. Richard Haake says

      Hey Josh! I want to thank you for reading/looking over the top 400 prospect article! I appreciate you bringing this to my attention and is currently being fixed. This will be updated by 5/26 thank you so much!

  2. RMR says

    Thanks for the list! Were any of the names below considered to be added?

    – Jorge Ruiz
    – Hector Rodriguez
    – Will Warren
    – River Ryan
    – Lyon Richardson

    1. Richard Haake says

      Hey! Appreciate you checking out the top 400 prospect list! so I actually have these guys right outside the top 400 in my top 1200 on the Weekly Streamer Patreon page. So great minds think alike! I currently have Jorge Ruiz at 507, Hector Rodriguez at 589, Will Warren at 506, River Ryan at 499 and Lyon Richardson at 402. They are poised to make the jump into the top 400 by the next update. Thank you!

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