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Previewing Every Fantasy-Relevant Player for 2021 Fantasy Hockey

The greatest time of the year is here – your fantasy hockey draft weekend.  Whether you have been prepping since the pause last March or cramming now, we have something for you.  In addition to our staff rankings, Fantrax’s podcast Fantasy Hockey Life covered every fantasy-relevant player and every team over 31 episodes last fall.  Victor Nuno and I bring in team experts to break down all the players on each team.  In most episodes, Victor follows pro roster talk with the “Dynasty Dig” that covers every relevant prospect.

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Need some binge fantasy hockey listening during draft week?

Yes, there are written fantasy hockey guides, but you will not find a more comprehensive preview of the NHL for fantasy than the Fantasy Hockey Life podcast.  Also, you can take our guide with you when you are tired of staring at a computer screen.

But I do not have 50 hours to burn

You might not have time to listen to so much content in these last few days.  There might be teams, however, you want to catch up on.  You can pick a few shows to brush up on particular teams.

Is it worth my time?

Victor and I do not take ourselves too seriously and the shows start with a couple of minutes of banter but we also stay on task.  If you download an episode, we will not bore you, but we will also be talking about the topic on the episode title.  You will not need to skip ahead 20 minutes to try to get to the information.  If you are not into prospects, we take a clear break halfway through our preview episodes to transition to that content.  If prospects do not interest you, you can always stop there.

I already drafted before I had all this great info

That is an easy one.  Play another league here on Fantrax .  You can customize your league’s settings and schedule, so there is no problem holding a draft even after the beginning of the regular season.

Where should I start

Why not check out our episode on Winnipeg with Josh Kim of the Hockey Writers?  Or the one where old friend of the show Ben Burnett of Average Time on Ice celebrates the lottery win of the Rangers before settling down with some good content.  You can check out the full slate of episodes on spreaker here.  Or you can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or on many other platform.


Get ready for the fun

You can reach out to your humble hosts on Twitter at @victornuno12 and @fanhockeylife.  We would love to talk draft strategy with you.  Good luck!


Do you have an interesting Fantasy Hockey draft dilemma?  Leave it in the comments and we would love to hear it.

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