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Top-400 Fantasy Baseball Prospects For Dynasty Leagues: September 2022

A massive part of fantasy baseball dynasty leagues always has been and always will be prospects. No matter if you’re a diehard to the format or relatively new, everyone loves prospects and wants to establish a rock-solid core on their dynasty team. Having a top-notch farm system can help you replenish when you’re Major Leaguers start to decline and can keep you competitive year after year. And that’s the goal, right? We play dynasty fantasy baseball to have fun and to win. If you play to lose, then I’m not sure why you’re playing, to be honest. So, with all that said, it’s time to dive into an updated top-400 fantasy baseball prospects list on the world. Hopefully, this list helps you build a dominant farm now and into the future.

The 2022 season is off to a quick start, both in the Majors and in the minor leagues as well. We’re seeing plenty of notable prospects off to cold starts and the usual batch of new pop up and breakout names. Where do they all fall in my updated top-400 rankings? Let’s dig in.

What Factors Into These Rankings?

  1. Proximity: For this list, proximity factors in somewhat, but this is mostly geared toward overall potential.
  2. Upside: Ceiling and floor are weighed at around a 2/3 to 1/3 split.
  3. System: The more I’ve learned, the more it has become very apparent that the system these prospects are in matters. If a franchise doesn’t have a great track record developing certain types of prospects or vice versa, that factors in to a degree.
  4. Key Tools (Hitters): We all love the flashy prospects that have the potential to put up gaudy numbers, but that can’t be all we look for. For hitters, I’ve really started factoring in a prospect’s hit tool more heavily. Below-average contact skills or plate approach can really limit a player’s power/speed upside.
  5. Key Tools (Pitchers): In my time doing this, command has become more and more important in my eyes. That’s why you’ll see certain pitchers a little lower than you might think. I’ll take a pitcher that throws 93-94 with plus command over 96-97 with spotty command any day of the week.

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Top-400 Fantasy Baseball Prospects – Updated 9/5/2022

Qualifications: 130 MLB AB or less, 50 MLB IP or less, 45 days or less on the active roster

RankPlayerPositionMLB TeamAgeETAPrev
1Corbin CarrollOFARI22.1Debuted1
2Elly De La Cruz3B/SSCIN20.720233
3Gunnar HendersonSSBAL21.2Debuted6
4Anthony VolpeSSNYY21.420232
5Jordan LawlarSSARI20.220245
6Jordan Walker3BSTL20.420237
7Jackson ChourioOFMIL18.5202518
8James WoodOFWAS20202430
9Ezequiel TovarSSCOL21.220238
10Druw JonesOFARI18.8202512
11Miguel Vargas1B/3BLAD22.9Debuted15
12Grayson RodriguezPBAL22.920239
13Vaughn GrissomSSATL21.7Debuted83
14Robert Hassell IIIOFWAS21.120234
15Marcelo MayerSSBOS19.8202410
16Josh Jung3BTEX24.6202227
17Noelvi MarteSSCIN21202311
18Elijah GreenOFWAS18.8202516
19Pete Crow-ArmstrongOFCHC20.5202424
20Royce LewisSSMIN23.3Debuted13
21Daniel EspinoPCLE21.7202314
22Colton CowserOFBAL22.5202332
23Triston Casas1BBOS22.7Debuted26
24Eury PerezPMIA19.5202323
25Marco LucianoSSSFG21202322
26Ricky TiedemannPTOR20.1202447
27Masyn WinnSSSTL20.5202451
28Zac VeenOFCOL20.8202419
29Andrew PainterPPHI19.5202461
30Kyle Manzardo1BTBR22.22023123
31Francisco AlvarezCNYM20.9202320
32Jackson HollidaySSBAL18.8202534
33Kyle HarrisonPSFG21.1202433
34Evan CarterOFTEX20.1202356
35Taj BradleyPTBR21.5202325
36Termarr Johnson2B/SSPIT18.3202536
37Gavin WilliamsPCLE23.2202342
38Ceddanne RafaelaOFBOS22202335
39Nick Gonzales2BPIT23.3202338
40Jasson DominguezOFNYY19.6202465
41George ValeraOFCLE21.9202359
42Brayan Rocchio2B/SSCLE21.7202349
43Endy RodriguezCPIT22.32024240
44Chase DeLauterOFCLE21202444
45Harry FordCSEA19.6202463
46Brennen DavisOFCHC22.9202345
47Esteury RuizOFMIL23.6Debuted29
48Alexander CanarioOFCHC22.42023100
49Tyler SoderstromC/1BOAK20.8202341
50Tink HencePSTL20.12024131
51Joey WiemerOFMIL23.6202340
52Kevin AlcantaraOFCHC20.2202448
53Austin WellsCNYY23.2202343
54Curtis Mead1B/3BTBR21.9202352
55Adael AmadorSSCOL19.5202454
56Dustin HarrisOFTEX23.2202355
57Sal FrelickOFMIL22.4202375
58Oswald PerazaSSNYY22.3Debuted72
59Luis MatosOFSFG20.7202462
60Andy PagesOFLAD21.8202350
61Diego CartayaCLAD21.1202499
62Brett Baty3BNYM22.9202377
63Hunter BrownPHOU24.1202390
64Blaze Jordan1B/3BBOS19.8202470
65Yainer DiazCHOU242023195
66Nick Yorke2BBOS20.5202360
67Emmanuel RodriguezOFMIN19.6202376
68Gabriel MorenoCTOR22.6Debuted39
69Coby Mayo3BBAL20.8202353
70Bo NaylorCCLE22.62023170
71Brady HouseSSWAS19.3202528
72Cam Collier3BCIN17.9202571
73Luisangel AcunaSSTEX20.5202368
74Brayan BelloPBOS23.4Debuted58
75Henry DavisCPIT23202357
76Miguel BleisOFBOS18.62025156
77Gavin CrossOFKCR21.6202479
78Edwin ArroyoSSCIN19.1202466
79Max MeyerPMIA23.6Debuted31
80Gabriel GonzalezOFSEA18.5202598
81Bobby MillerPLAD23.5202373
82Matt McLainSSCIN23.1202367
83Mick AbelPPHI21.1202364
84Jonathan Aranda1B/2B/3BTBR24.4Debuted86
85Gavin StonePLAD24202387
86Jackson JobePDET20.2202480
87Warming Bernabel3BCOL20.3202489
88Cristian HernandezSSCHC18.8202537
89Trey Sweeney3B,SSNYY22.4202391
90Christian Encarnacion-Strand1BCIN22.82024150
91Michael Busch2BLAD24.9202346
92Cristhian VaqueroOFWAS18202674
93Benny MontgomeryOFCOL20.12025106
94Mark Vientos3BNYM22.82023105
95Jordan WestburgSSBAL23.6202395
96Cade CavalliPWAS24.1Debuted96
97Aaron ZavalaOFTEX22.32023183
98Pedro LeonOF/SSHOU24.3202388
99Connor Norby2BBAL22.32024177
100Spencer JonesOFNYY21.42024205
101Jacob Berry1B/3BMIA21.4202484
102Michael Massey2BKCR24.5Debuted97
103Deyvison De Los Santos3BARI19.3202492
104Colson MontgomerySSCHW20.62024118
105Jack LeiterPTEX22.4202381
106Everson PereiraOFNYY21.52023110
107Kevin ParadaCNYM21.2202493
108Liover PegueroSSPIT21.72023101
109DL HallPBAL24202385
110Justin CrawfordOFPHI18.72025104
111Jhonkensy Noel1B/3BCLE21.22024108
112Alex RamirezOFNYM19.72023107
113Lazaro MontesOFSEA17.92026122
114Owen WhitePTEX23.12023111
115Orelvis MartinezSS/3BTOR20.92023120
116Carson WilliamsSSTBR19.32024113
117Quinn PriesterPPIT222023102
118Oscar ColasOFCHW242024247
119Junior CamineroINFTBR19.22024180
120Angel MartinezINFCLE20.72024164
121Shea LangeliersCOAK24.9Debuted133
122Brooks LeeSSMIN21.62024132
123Zack Gelof3BOAK22.92023117
124Cole HenryPWAS23.2202382
125Michael Toglia1BCOL24.12023217
126Alec BurlesonOFSTL23.82023119
127Tanner BibeePCLE23.62024337
128Yiddi CappeSSMIA20.12024233
129Justin Foscue2BTEX23.62023148
130Logan O'HoppeCLAA22.62023163
131Victor AcostaSSSDP18.32025121
132Kahlil WatsonSSMIA19.5202594
133Jace Jung2BDET222024116
134Jay AllenOFCIN19.82024124
135Gunnar HoglundPOAK22.82024127
136Ronny MauricioSSNYM21.52023103
137Emerson HancockPSEA23.32023109
138Eguy Rosario2B/3B/SSSDP23.1Debuted128
139Ryan PepiotPLAD25.1Debuted146
140Garrett MitchellOFMIL24.1Debuted168
141Brandon PfaadtPARI242023335
142James TriantosSS/3BCHC19.72024114
143Dylan LeskoPSDP19.12025141
144Spencer Steer3B/2B/SSCIN24.8Debuted223
145Roderick AriasSSNYY182026129
146Jackson MerrillSSSDP19.42024188
147Lonnie White Jr.OFPIT19.72024130
148Anthony Garcia1BNYY22.12024125
149Ken WaldichukPOAK24.7Debuted135
150Reginald PreciadoSS,3BCHC19.42024153
151Eddys LeonardSS/2B/3BLAD21.92023154
152Jose SalasSSMIA19.42023158
153Bryce MillerPSEA24.12023160
154Brock PorterPTEX19.32025161
155Nolan Jones3BCLE24.4Debuted136
156Owen CaissieOFCHC20.22024115
157Edgar QueroCLAA19.52024218
158Cody MorrisPCLE25.92022149
159Heston KjerstadOFBAL23.62024140
160Matt CanterinoPMIN24.82023165
161Enmanuel Valdez2B/3BBOS23.82023299
162Simeon Woods-RichardsonPMIN222023167
163Zach NetoSSLAA21.72024191
164JJ BledayOFMIA24.9Debuted145
165Jairo PomaresOFSFG22.22023185
166Osleivis BasabeSSTBR222023193
167Drew GilbertOFHOU222024172
168Chase PettyPCIN19.52024196
169Niko Kavadas1BBOS23.92024276
170Kyle StowersOFBAL24.7Debuted142
171Mike BurrowsPPIT22.92023197
172Colt Keith3BDET21.12023176
173Jett WilliamsSSNYM18.92025179
174Matthew LiberatorePSTL22.9Debuted152
175Moises GomezOFSTL24.12023184
176Anthony GutierrezOFTEX17.82026175
177Caleb KilianPCHC25.3Debuted155
178Gleider FiguereoSS/3BTEX18.32026187
179Bubba ChandlerP/DHPIT202024212
180Oswaldo CabreraSSNYY23.6Debuted261
181Jose RodriguezSSCHW21.42023350
182Kumar RockerPTEX22.92024189
183Lenyn SosaSSCHW22.72023395
184Jose RamosOFLAD21.72024138
185Gordon GraceffoPSTL22.52023147
186Joshua BaezOFSTL19.32024192
187Jordan BeckOFCOL21.42025194
188Edouard Julien2B/3BMIN23.42023NR
189Ricardo CabreraSSCIN17.92026151
190Bubba ThompsonOFTEX24.3Debuted288
191Robert GasserPMIL23.32024312
192Tyler FreemanSSCLE23.4Debuted174
193Carlos ColmenarezSSTBR18.92025199
194Blake WalstonPARI21.32024201
195Denzel ClarkeOFOAK22.42024204
196Brandon WilliamsonPCIN24.52023143
197Will BednarPSFG22.32023209
198Matt AllanPNYM21.42024157
199Heriberto HernandezOFTBR22.82023211
200Jonatan ClaseOFSEA20.42024213
201Jared ShusterPATL24.22023162
202Carlos JorgeSS/2BCIN192025216
203Tanner BurnsPCLE23.82023219
204Will BensonOFCLE24.32022222
205Yohendrick PinangoOFCHC20.42024186
206Felix Valerio2BMIL21.82023134
207Jaison ChourioSSCLE17.42025274
208Jordan Diaz3BOAK22.12023239
209Matt WallnerOFMIN24.82022300
210Randy VasquezPNYY26.52023224
211Junior MarinOFKCR18.52025159
212Drew RomoCCOL21.12023256
213Samuel ZavalaOFSDP18.22024304
214Brandon BarrieraPTOR18.62025226
215Austin MartinSS/OFMIN23.52023171
216DJ HerzPCHC21.72023139
217Brock JonesOFTBR21.32024215
218Manuel BeltreSSTOR18.32025229
219Hedbert PerezOFMIL19.52024230
220Hayden WesneskiPCHC24.82022217
221A.J. Vukovich3BARI21.22024259
222Ji-Hwan Bae2B/SSPIT23.22023231
223Anthony SolometoPPIT19.82024387
224Jose RodriguezOFMIN17.22025301
225Wilmer FloresPDET21.62023285
226Maxwell MuncySSOAK20.12024206
227Jorbit Vivas2B/3BLAD21.62023254
228Luis CampusanoCSDP24Debuted272
229Sterlin Thompson3B/OFCOL21.32025236
230Jose GerardoOFMIA17.32026NR
231Kyle MullerPATL25Debuted278
232Aeverson ArteagaSSSFG19.52024264
233Landon KnackPLAD25.22023258
234Kristian RobinsonOFARI21.82023203
235Zach DeLoachOFSEA24.12023284
236Werner BlakelySSLAA20.62024238
237Kyren ParisSSLAA20.92023NR
238Daniel SusacCOAK21.42025262
239Alberto RodriguezOFSEA222023190
240Reese OlsonPDET23.22023225
241Jarlin SusanaPWAS18.52025351
242Kevin MadeSSCHC202023307
243James OutmanOFLAD25.4Debuted241
244Peyton BattenfieldPCLE25.12023126
245Grant McCrayOFSFG21.82023390
246Henry BolteOFOAK19.22025243
247Jake EderPMIA24.12023244
248Nick BitskoPTBR20.32024228
249Gabriel MartinezOFTOR20.22025246
250Ian Lewis2BMIA19.62025214
251Michael McGreevyPSTL22.22023249
252Dylan BeaversOFBAL21.12024250
253Gilberto JimenezOFBOS22.22023251
254Willy VasquezSS/3BTBR21.12023NR
255Jordan GroshansSS,3BMIA22.92023252
256Xzavion CurryPCLE24.22023234
257Taylor DollardPSEA23.62023286
258Hao Yu LeeINFPHI19.62024257
259Frank MozzicatoPKCR19.32024358
260Logan T. AllenPCLE24.12023137
261Rayne DonconSSLAD192025376
262Tyler GentryOFKCR23.72023NR
263Owen MurphyPATL192025290
264Xavier Edwards2B/3BTBR23.12023198
265Cole WilcoxPTBR23.22023260
266Peyton BurdickOFMIA25.62023210
267Yasser MercedesOFMIN17.92026NR
268J.T. GinnPOAK23.42023263
269Hendry MendezOFMIL18.92025242
270Wilyer AbreuOFBOS23.32023NR
271Gabriel AriasSSCLE22.62023237
272Ben KudrnaPKCR19.72024265
273Blaine Crim1BTEX25.32023266
274Hudson HaskinOFBAL23.72023277
275Vaun BrownOFSFG24.32024NR
276Bryan Ramos3BCHW20.52023287
277Kerry CarpenterOFDET25.1Debuted379
278Mason MontgomeryPTBR22.32023245
279Eric Brown Jr.SSMIL21.82025269
280Yanquiel FernandezOFCOL19.72024366
281Ethan SmallPMIL25.6Debuted227
282Dax FultonPMIA212023270
283Joey EstesPOAK212024271
284Matt GorskiOFPIT24.82023202
285Ethan HankinsPCLE22.42023273
286Jacob AmayaSSLAD24.12023279
287Axel SanchezSSSEA19.82025NR
288Tyler WhitakerOFHOU20.22024396
289Ivan Melendez1BARI22.72024308
290Matthew LugoMIBOS21.42023354
291Leonardo BalcazarSSCIN18.32025280
292Hunter BishopOFSFG24.32023267
293Griff McGarryPPHI23.32023320
294Jonathan MejiaSSSTL17.52026NR
295Jacob MeltonOFHOU22.12024294
296Jeferson QueroCMIL202024334
297Alex De JesusSSLAD20.52024281
298Cade MarloweOFSEA25.32023309
299Cesar PrietoSSBAL23.42023221
300Wenceel Perez2BDET22.92023NR
301Robby SnellingPSDP18.82025283
302Cole WinnPTEX22.82023207
303Pedro Ramirez2B/3BCHC18.52025NR
304Yosver ZuluetaPTOR24.72025289
305Elijah DunhamOFNYY24.32023398
306Daniel Montesino1B/OFSDP18.62025248
307Sixto SanchezPMIA24.2Debuted200
308Austin HendrickOFCIN21.32023291
309Drew WatersOFKCR23.7DebutedNR
310Dyan JorgeSSCOL19.52026292
311Jeremy De La RosaOFWAS20.72023173
312Ryan MurphyPSFG232023293
313Heliot RamosOFSFG23.12023181
314Won-Bin ChoOFSTL19.12025253
315Ivan HerreraCSTL22.32022296
316Max Wagner3BBAL21.12024297
317Matt Mervis1BCHC24.52022NR
318Ky BushPLAA22.92024298
319Michael ArroyoSSSEA17.92025360
320Jared JonesPPIT19.22023303
321Isaiah GreeneOFCLE21.12023220
322Greg JonesSSTBR24.62023235
323Jackson FerrisPCHC18.72025305
324Jace AvinaOFMIL19.32025NR
325Ian SeymourPTBR23.82023275
326Joey CantilloPCLE22.82023306
327Travis SwaggertyOFPIT25.12023282
328Alex Binelas3B/1BBOS22.32023169
329Brenton DoyleOFCOL24.42023311
330Darell HernaizSSBAL21.22024313
331Bryan MataPBOS23.42023NR
332Jose Tena2B/SS/3BCLE21.52023178
333Keiner DelgadoSSNYY18.72026NR
334Eddinson Paulino2B/3BBOS20.22025NR
335Cooper HjerpePSTL21.52024315
336Spencer Horwitz1BTOR24.92023316
337Juan AlonsoOFLAD17.92026NR
338Jordan WicksPCHC23.12023369
339Casey Schmitt3BSFG23.62023357
340Yoelqui CespedesOFCHW252023342
341Nick LoftinSSKCR242023318
342Peyton GrahamSSDET21.72024321
343Sam BachmanPLAA232023232
344Cade HortonPCHC21.12024323
345Zach DanielsOFHOU25.4NR
346Kameron MisnerOFTBR24.72023324
347Jud FabianOFBAL222024378
348Tyler Locklear3BSEA21.82024325
349JJ GossPTBR21.82023NR
350Cayden WallaceOFKCR21.12024353
351Colin BarberOFHOU21.82023295
352John RhodesOFBAL22.12024326
353Ismael MenaOFCHC19.82024328
354Royber SalinasPATL21.52024343
355Cristian SantanaSS/3BDET18.82024329
356Ryan SpikesSSTBR19.52024331
357Ben BrownPCHC23.12023NR
358William BergollaSSPHI17.92026332
359Justin CampbellPCLE21.62024333
360Carson WhisenhuntPSFG21.92024336
361Brandon WalterPBOS26.12023268
362Oswaldo OsorioSSLAD17.52026NR
363Sandro Gaston1BHOU19.82025NR
364Jerar EncarnacionOFMIA24.9Debuted340
365Ty MaddenPDET22.62023341
366Nick FrassoPTOR23.92023347
367Axiel PlazCPIT17.12026NR
368Cooper Kinney2BTBR19.72024310
369Parker MeadowsOFDET22.92023NR
370Addison BargerSSTOR22.92023NR
371Nick NastriniPLAD22.62024NR
372Wilderd PatinoOFARI21.22025349
373Korey LeeCHOU24.22023NR
374Louie VarlandPMIN24.82023352
375Sean BurkePCHW22.82023NR
376Justyn-Henry Malloy3B/OFATL22.62024NR
377Jackson RutledgePWAS23.52023NR
378Carter JensenCKCR19.22025NR
379Landon SimsPARI21.72024386
380Luis RodriguezOFLAD202024359
381Junior FrancoOFARI202024361
382Ryne NelsonPARI24.72023362
383Andrew AbbottPCIN23.32023346
384Blaze AlexanderSSARI23.32023364
385Dylan SmithPDET22.32024365
386Enmanuel TejedaSSNYY17.82026NR
387Adam MackoPSEA21.72023367
388Adrian PlacenciaSSLAA19.32025368
389Petey HalpinOFCLE20.32023NR
390Joshua MearsOFSDP21.62023330
391Reylin PerezSS/2BDET182026NR
392Luis MiesesOFCHW22.32024370
393Ethan WilsonOFPHI22.92023345
394Cole YoungSSSEA19.22025372
395Maximo AcostaSSTEX19.92024373
396Jose TorresSSCIN232023377
397Noah SchultzPCHW19.12025381
398Norge VeraPCHW22.32024382
399Blade TidwellPNYM21.32024383
400Johan RojasOFPHI22.12023385

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  1. David Weaver says

    Thank you for taking the time to put this list together, great stuff as always. I use your information mostly as a tool in the hobby of sports cards like to project rookie card prices in the future but still a big fan of the game . Thanks again

    1. Eric Cross says

      Thanks for reading!

  2. MFDynasty says

    I think you’re sleeping on Bryce Elder. Crappy couple starts at the beginning of this season in MLB, but put up an excellent string in AAA and his spot starts toward the end of the year were awesome – tons of groundballs, slightly average K rate, and above average BB rate.

  3. Kevin says

    Hey again Eric!

    Thank you again for your timely replies and your efforts!

    I listed guys below that I have seen are awfully young for their level which seems like a good determination factor in upside.

    Are there any guys that are farther down the list (outside of the top 40 or so) that could be an incredible riser that you could see as an elite prospect in two to three years down the line (or sooner)? Do you see any of these guys listed below having elite upside or other guys that I did not list below? Thank you again!

    1. Evan Carter
    2. Endy Rodriguez
    3. Alexander Canario
    4. Chase DeLauter
    5. Adael Amador
    6. Miguel Bleis
    7. Luisangel Acuna
    8. Gabriel Gonzalez
    9. Emmanuel Rodriguez
    10. Cam Collier

    1. Eric Cross says

      DeLauter is being slept on. Bleis could be top-25 soon. Love the top-3 as well. E-Rod would be ranked much higher if not injured for half the season.

  4. McCallister says

    Great lists and insight, thanks for putting these out consistently, I’m sure a ton of work and research goes into it. Where do you think Roki Sasaki and Luis Morales would land on this list?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Thank you! Yeah, they’re time consuming, but it’s easy when you love it. Honestly, I haven’t thought about their placement too much yet, but Sasaki would be incredibly high.

  5. AJ says

    Elly is super exciting, I get it, but his strikouts are horrendous. Are you that confident that he won’t bust that he is really your #2?

    1. Eric Cross says

      He’s slowly made improvements. Am I still concerned? Yes. But the upside is a fantasy 1st rounder.

  6. TL says

    Still no love for Turang? Do you see him as a better real-life player than fantasy player? And no, the TL in my name does not stand for Turang Lover 🙂

  7. Kevin says


    First off, thank you for releasing these rankings!

    They are excellent!!!

    I have some questions for you.

    1) Is there a reason why Brady House has dropped so far in your rankings?

    2) Is there a reason why Joey Wiemer dropped in your rankings? He was just assigned to AAA and seems to be holding his own there.

    3) Is there a reason why Hassell III dropped in your rankings? Are there any concerns?

    4) Can you rank these players in long term upside? Vaquero, Montes, Blaze Jordan, Wiemer, House, and Masyn Winn, Crow-Armstrong?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Hey Kevin,

      Thank you!

      1) House just hasn’t performed well this season and has missed time as well. Still like him longterm, but he warranted a drop.
      2) It’s really about the approach. He actually dropped further but moved back up over the last few weeks to where he is now. Love the talent but very streaky.
      3) Concerns with the power which hasn’t materialized this season as expected. Love the hit/speed combo, but need to see some power development to put him back in the top-10.
      4) PCA, Vaquero, Winn, Wiemer, House, Montes, Jordan

  8. Kevin says

    When do the Top-400 Fantasy Baseball Prospects For Dynasty Leagues: August 2022 come out?

    And to follow that up, will there be a September version and when?

    1. Eric Cross says

      I’m going to do two more updates in 2022.

      1) Labor Day
      2) Shortly after the season

  9. Matt says

    Is Edouard Julien on your radar? I was a bit surprised he didn’t crack the top 400.

  10. Chris Brandt says

    I’m wondering what your thoughts are on Mason Montgomery? His stats through July are just silly. Ace upside?

    1. Eric Cross says

      I’d say more mid-rotation

  11. Dave Jordan says

    Nelson Velazquez has debuted for the Cubs.

  12. thecountofzero says

    Such a big jump for Elly de la Cruz?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Yeah, he’s making improvements with his approach and the quality of his at-bats have gotten better to from what I’ve seen/heard. Still some work to be done in that area but the upside is massive.

  13. Nick Tabak says

    Any love for Ronny Simon, Lawrence Butler or Tyler Callihan?

    1. Eric Cross says

      They’re all on my spreadsheet. Probably in the next 100.

  14. Matt K. says

    Small comment, more of a technical issue. When you sort by Previous, it doesn’t work it lists 1, then 100, 101 etc. by alphabetical rather than numerical. Not a huge issue, but thought you should know.

    Eric – as always this is amazing stuff we really value your content.

    1. Eric Cross says

      Thank you Matt. I’ve noticed that quirk as well. Gonna bring it up to see if it can be fixed. Thanks!

  15. JB says

    Is Matt Mervis of the Cubs someone to watch? Recently promoted to Triple A Iowa. He’s been mashing and as a left-handed bat appears to have a good opportunity for playing time at first base in 2023.

    1. Eric Cross says

      He is for sure. Not sure how much value he’ll have longterm but should get a shot for the rebuilding Cubbies.

  16. Daniel Miller says

    150 seems a bit low for CES, doesn’t it? Dude has done nothing but rake, and up at AA now.

    1. Eric Cross says

      I probably should’ve bumped him up more but was trying to not overreact too much.

  17. Greg says

    Dynasty trade

    Give up: JT Realmuto and Gunnar Henderson

    For: Josh Hader, Nick Yorke, Sean Murphy

    1. Eric Cross says

      I’d hold your side.

  18. Mike says

    Taylor Dollard needs a bump up the list

    1. Eric Cross says

      Yeah, probably should’ve went a bit higher, but oh well. Still like his stuff.

  19. Matt says

    I know he’s too old for his level, but Niko Kavadas has to be nearing the top 400, right?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Yes he is

  20. Jason says

    Stone Garrett is killing it but doesn’t make it at all? I get that he’s 26, but I feel like he’s at least worth a mention. You could argue he should’ve gotten the promotion Thomas got.

  21. Jeff says

    Thanks for the 40 man explanation and the thoughts on both players. Now I want to find a way to grab them both!

  22. Jeff says

    Gunnar and Tovar are available in a keep 15 5×5 roto league. Players get raises each year so hard to keep young guys that won’t contribute within a year. Seems like Gunnar has a clearer path to playing time this year once Balt sells some pieces, but he’s not on 40 man. Tovar is on 40 man (why?, surprised me based on his age), does that give him a clearer path to making roster sooner than later? Both seem to have great power/speed upside and can really only stash one of them. Whos’ the grab for a league like mine?

    1. Eric Cross says

      It has to do with the timing of rule 5 eligibility. Tovar is rule-5 eligible a year sooner than Henderson I believe which is why he’s on COL’s 40 man and GH not on BAL’s yet. With that said, Henderson will be up sooner and BAL just has to DFA someone or have someone go on the 60 day IL to free up that 40 man spot for Henderson. It’s very close between the two, but I lean slightly to Tovar as I believe the power/speed upside is a tad more robust overall.

  23. Brandon says

    I love this prospect list because you keep it fresh with breakout players, ie Esteury Ruiz, Moises Gomez…but I’m scratching my head how Enmanuel Valdez isn’t in top 400. Arguably the Best hitter in minors this year.

    1. Eric Cross says

      Thank you! And he’s at #348.

  24. Matt says

    Not ranking Reese Olson is certainly a decision

    1. Eric Cross says

      He’s at #209

  25. Matt says

    What about Samad Taylor, why is he not getting the love?

    1. Eric Cross says

      I don’t think he’s an MLB starter

  26. Matt says

    What are your thoughts on Mike Burrows of the Pirates?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Good FB/CB combo but needs to develop a consistent 3rd offering.

  27. Matt says

    Wilmer Flores can’t crack the list? I also think Samad Taylor is being slept on by everyone, too low!!! Love the list though bro, keep up the great work!!!

    1. Eric Cross says

      Flores just missed and will be in next update.

  28. Kyle B says

    Maddux Bruns getting rave reviews this spring. Any chance he cracks the list next update?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Yeah, he’s not far off as it is.

  29. DG Anders says

    Why do you have Korey Lee at 400 when MLB has him as the Astros #1 prospect?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Because I don’t go off MLBs list and there’s is real-life focused which gives much more value to catchers.

  30. TL says

    Do you see Brandon Williamson’s trade to CIN positively or negatively changing his ranking?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Neither. ABout the same. Although, not a fan of his future home park being Great American Ballpark

  31. TL says

    No Brice Turang on the updated Top 400??

    1. Eric Cross says

      Just missed.

  32. Ned says

    Hi, any thoughts on Brandon Pfaadt or Yanquiel Fernandez? Pfaadt is very high on some lists (top 100 for Keith Law on The Athletic) but not acknowledged at all other places like here. Was he considered? Ferennadez is a young guy that seems to have some buzz too. What kept both guys off your list?

  33. Michael says

    I’m trying to get a feel for a few pitchers I’ve been offered in my dynasty league. What are your thoughts on Roansy Contreras, Joe Ryan, and Jackson Rutledge, and how would you rank the three?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Ryan, Contreras, Rutledge. Ryan is the safest and underrated. Contreras I’m coming around on. Both could be solid SP 3/4 types. Rutledge might wind up in the pen.

  34. Jarrett says

    Looks like Monte Harrison has fallen out of favor as a top prospect by people who were previously high on him. This despite showing a good power and speed combination with AAA Jacksonville last season. Where would you rank him? Is even among the top 1000?

    1. Eric Cross says

      He’d probably be around 500. The power and speed is nice and all, but the contact skills and approach are terrible and will be exposed easily by MLB pitching.

  35. Squish says

    Where would some of the new international prospects that just signed fit on this list….generally speaking. Any in the top 100?
    Arias, Vaquero, Cabrera, Bergolla, Colas, etc…

    1. Eric Cross says

      I’ll be adding them into my next update (likely Feb/Mar) but Vaquero and Arias will be back-end top-100. Cabrera top-150.

  36. Jarrett says

    I noticed that Padres reliever Robert Suarez didn’t make the cut despite pitching exceptionally well in Japan. How far away is he from the top 400?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Not close. Like Suarez in general, but relievers don’t rank highly for me.

  37. Just curious says

    What are your thoughts about Bryce Ball and Yoelkis Cespedes?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Great power for Ball, but wonder if the contact skills will ever be good enough, CHC is a good hitting development org, so that hopefully will help. Cespedes has similat contact concerns but a nice power/speed blend. Basically, if the hit tools don’t improve, neither will make a big impact or any impact at all.

  38. Julio R says

    How close is Julien Edouard from the cutoff

    1. Eric Cross says

      Very close. He was in my last update but additions to the list pushed him just out on this one.

  39. Mike says

    As always, awesome work! Started following you a few years ago as my dynasty team kind of hit a plateau. Blew it up and restocked the farm. Thanks to you, and the rest of my league not following MiLB as close as they should, my farm right now is loaded with:

    F Alvarez
    G Mitchell
    J Walker

    Here’s to hoping like 2/5 of these guys hit their full potential!

  40. CJ says

    Great work as always… couple full dynasty questions… for catchers have Will, Carson and Mejia but he has never came along. Do MJ, Moreno or outside the top 5 seem better. Will Moreno play over Kirk or does Salvy go 100% DH as soon as next year? Thoughts…
    And SS – have Lindor primarily. And Lawler and Grosh (is he 3b only). Rojas AZ too but he will prob go w DL spot drops. Have Gorman at 3b too. Is Lawler worth the wait or do I move OF depth for another top 5 SS? Lindor had to be better right? Haha…
    Lastly – SP – have Ian A Sixto Gore Patino Ranger and mClanhan as my young depth. Soroka & May (and Marquez) as my IL. Of all those name what 2 go?
    Sorry but didn’t want to bore you with my whole team but few spots to tidy up before we are done w the year. Thanks Eric!!!


    1. Eric Cross says

      I think Kirk winds up as DH. Salvy and MJ probably both catching initially with MJ backing up and DH some. maybe 3B too. Salvy likely to DH eventually. I really like Lawlar so would hold him. I’m the lowest on Ranger and Gore there.

      1. CJ says

        Thanks Eric – much appreciated. Last one – Lawler or Watson?
        Take care!

        1. Eric Cross says

          I moved Watson ahead for this update due to Lawlar’s injury but I do like Lawlar a tad more in general.

  41. Davin Leathers says

    Where is Nick Allen?

    1. Eric Cross says

      I’ve never been a big Nick Allen guy. Don’t think his profile translates to fantasy much.

  42. Ben H. says

    Hey Eric,

    Great content and I love how often you update! What are your thoughts on Everson Pereira? He is scorching hot right now and has jumped a couple of levels. Does he have a chance to make a huge jump into or near the top 100 if he keeps this up?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Hey sorry for the delay, was on vacation. Yes, he’s going to jump a lot in my next update, likely into the 140-150 range.

  43. Mike says

    Where is Andrew Vaughn of the White Sox?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Vaughn is no longer prospect eligible. Graduated earlier this season after going over 130 AB threshold.

  44. Rick says

    Hey Eric, as always thanks so much for all the awesome content!

    How confident are you that Matt Manning will turn around whatever funk he’s been in over the last season or so, or is this not a bad streak but actually just who he is? I am in a complete rebuild and started stashing him back in 2019, so it’s hard to cut bait with only a few starts in MLB but his stuff just doesn’t seem to be inducing any swings and misses, which is no bueno. I try to be flexible with my pitching prospects and recycle on waivers when one is not worth the roster spot anymore, but the long stash period on my roster and previously good track record make Manning hard to drop.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Eric Cross says

      Hi Rick, sorry for the delayed response! Been a busy few days. With Manning, I see a lot of Chris Paddack in him (decent but inconsistent FB, one good secondary, suspect 2nd secondary). I think he’ll be decent enough longterm (Top-60ish SP), but not a top name. The CB has looked good but not missing as many bats as usual (should be fine), but the CH has regressed from my live look in May 2019.

  45. Michael Brown says

    What is your take on Korey Lee? I see he fell off the list this month, yet he has performed pretty well across the A+ and AA levels this year. The Astros seem to love his future and have even experimented with him at 1B & 3B to go along with his primary catching position. There are some lists that have him as the #1 player in the Astros organization. Is there something about his game that you don’t like or is this more an indictment of the catching position in general and how it translate to fantasy?

    (Shea Langeliers is another catching prospect that isn’t getting enough love, in my opinion.)

    1. Eric Cross says

      Hey Michael. Yeah, in general, I don’t rank catchers highly unless they have loud tools like Adley, Moreno, Alvarez, etc. Including a C in my top-400 in general means I do like that catcher for the most part. With Lee, I think he can be a decent enough bat at the MLB level, but not a standout one. That could change though if he continues performing and improving.

  46. Buck Buchanan says

    Great to see Hassell and Veen ranked so high, but why no love for Shea Langeliers (#364)? He is crushing the ball in AA South – tied for the league lead with 19 HR in 70 games and 2nd in OPS at .886, behind only Brennen Davis. Good defense will keep him behind the plate in the majors too…

    1. Eric Cross says

      Hey Buck. I generally don’t rank catching prospects too high unless they have loud tools like Moreno, Adley, Alvarez, etc. I do like Langeliers a bit though, but he doesn’t stand out to me.

  47. Trevor Lyle says

    Logan Allen close?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Yes he was.

  48. Jordan Miller says

    Where would you slot Jake Meyers? OF for Astros AAA affiliate.

    Thanks for all you do!

  49. Michael P Hussey says

    Is Akil Baddoo not eligible for this list?

    How about Curtis Terry?

    (also, i tried to post this once before and it said “spam deleted” — not sure why)

  50. Michael Brown says

    I can’t believe Christian Franklin is debuting at #127 on this list. I think that would make him the 17th best draft prospect and he was taken at #123. That’s quite a difference. Is there a story here other than you just really like his tools?

    1. Eric Cross says

      I really like the tools, and honestly, I have no idea why he slid that far. He’s got 20/20 upside.

  51. Justin says

    Hi Eric,

    I’m having a difficult time figuring out who to let go, if I cannot make any deals. Seems no one is biting on my prospects at this time. I’ll eventually have to make room for Andres Munoz, Nick Madrigal and a top 1-2 pick in the FYPD.

    Who would you let go? Can even be Munoz or Madrigal if that’s what you think.

    Jeter Downs, Alek Thomas, Corbin Carroll, Robert Hassell, Jordan Walker, Roansy Contreras, Ryan Pepiot, Brailyn Marquez.

    Thanks for your time!

    1. Eric Cross says

      Just have to let one go? I’d probably just cut Munoz.

      1. Justin says

        Well, I have to potentially open up 3 spots.
        Munoz, Madrigal and then my 1st or 2nd overall pick in the FYPD.

        2, if I take your advice on just letting Munoz walk.

        Thanks for your time, appreciate the insight!

  52. Bryan says

    Keibert Ruiz sits in the top 10 among those with the lowest strikeout (11%/ranked 10th) and swinging strike (5.7%/9th) rates in the minors. And that he’s the only one within that group with a +1.000 OPS. The fact that he is not on this list is crazy!

    1. Eric Cross says

      He’s going to be on the next update.

  53. Lloyd Christmas says

    Appreciate the hard work you guys do with this stuff, always updating and keeping up with performances throughout each week/month!

    FYI -> 1 thing I noticed was w/ Brandon Williamson…I’m pretty sure he’s not 32 yrs old, ha. That said, are you buying his hot start this year & is his potential ending up as a #3 in Seattle?

    Great work as always!

    1. Eric Cross says

      Haha, that was an error in the data transfer lol. Thanks for the catch. Yes, I do think he could be a solid mid-rotation arm.

  54. Joe says

    Trade advice needed

    I would be getting Shane McClanahan, Julio Rodriguez and Jo Adell and giving up Andrew Vaughn and Yordan Alvarez

    1. Eric Cross says

      Sorry for the delay. I’d hold your duo.

  55. Daniel Lutes says

    Do you have a printable version posted? Did I miss it somewhere?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Not as of now, but I’ll try and incorporate that into my next update after the draft.

  56. John Pfister says

    Surprised no mention of Korry Howell OF Mil who is tearing it up in the minors.

  57. John Pfister says

    Surprised no mention of Korry Howell, who has been tearing it up.

    1. Eric Cross says

      He has been for sure. He’s on my list, but not quite top-300 IMO. Could be soon though.

  58. Kyle B says

    Where would Adell rank if he still had rookie status?

    1. Eric Cross says

      In the 11-13 range

  59. Steve says

    When is Daniel Johnson going to get his chance? Cleveland should give him a long look to see what they have.

    1. Eric Cross says

      While I’m not too high on him, I definitely agree.

  60. Eric says

    What are your thoughts on Gunner Henderson. I’m already loaded at SS with Franco , Bo and Marte and some others in a 20 team 35 keepers plus 7 minor league spots. I have been offered Hancock in a 1-1 deal but I’m hesitant with his bat profile and potential move to 3rd if he slows down

    1. Eric Cross says

      I like Henderson quite a bit and have moved him into my top-100. With that said, Hancock is a top-10 pitching prospect for me so i would take him over Hunderson.

  61. CJ says

    Hey Eric – quick ??. With Kristian Robinson in the whatever the heck he has going on – is he still a better full dynasty keeper than Heloit? No years or $ and in no hurry – just for the future. Sounds like he may be in either more trouble than discussed or eating with a spoon only for awhile. Thanks in advance.

    1. Eric Cross says

      I do still prefer Robinson to Ramos. The upside is a solid level higher with Robinson.

  62. Frederick G says

    Hi Eric, great rankings I really enjoy them!

    What’s your opinion on a trade of Abrams, Luzardo or Pearson, and a top 5 FYP draft pick for Corbin Burnes?

    My team is one of the tops in the league, but lacking a true ace. Would I be giving up too much of the future here? It’s a super deep (up to 130 players), 20-team dynasty league

    Conversely, would you trust a rotation of Montas, Soroka, Luzardo, Pearson, Ray, and Lamet (with Morton or Matz as backups) to be trustworthy by the end of the season?

    1. Eric Cross says

      That’s a solid move. Burnes is legit.

  63. Bob says

    Love your rankings, feel they are the best of anyone out there. You seem to have the lowest weight on ETA and that’s why we get to see guys like Noelvi Marte up so high. Definitely helps those of us trying to invest early in rookie cards. Right now I’m torn between investing in Orelvis Martinez & Robert Puason. I know you have them neck and neck. Who do you think has the higher ceiling? Thanks again.

    1. Eric Cross says

      Thank you! Yeah, I weigh ETA a bit more in my dynasty rankings than in my prospect rankings. Focus a bit more on potential impact as that’s what I believe mostly factors in when making trades using these prospects in dynasty leagues. Out of the two of them, I’d probably invest in Puason. I believe he has a bit more star upside.

  64. Colin Keane says

    Should I be worried about Lodolo? He fell significantly far since last rankings. Thoughts on him?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Not worried, but heard mixed reports on his FB. He’s still very good, but not sure he’s a big-time fantasy arm.

  65. John says

    How much did I screw up taking Lodolo over Hassell? I had just taken Garrett Mitchell and was worried Lodolo would be the only chance at a pitcher I liked. Turns out I did get other pitchers I liked and if I were to do it again I would take Hassell instead of Lodolo. Are you worried at all about Lodolo? He fell about 40 spots.

    1. Eric Cross says

      Heard mixed reports on the FB. Still like him quite a bit though and think he’s gonna be good for a long time, but I’m all in on Hassell.

  66. Aaron says

    I play in a dynasty league where each team is allowed 6 keepers (8 teams). I have the 2nd overall pick this year. I am torn between Alex Bregman and Randy Arrozerena. Prospects are allowed to be kept free for 3 years without counting as a keeper spot. That is our version of “arbitration.” I already have Jose Ramirez at 3B, but Bregman by far is the best available option with 2nd overall pick. Do I take Bregman the best player available or Arrozerena free for 3 years? Thanks for all that you do.

    1. Eric Cross says

      I’d go bregman there. he’s still a great player and much safer than Arozarena.

  67. Jonathan ALien says

    Eric, thanks for all you do! Your lists are amongst the best, and I often refer and defer to your opinions.
    Add in your personal answers to roster questions, and you’re the best!
    Anyway, I inherited a team with a tepid farm. I’m always looking to raise the floor, and I was wondering if you have anything good to say about: Justin Williams STL, Karl Kauffman COL, Louis Alexander Basabe SF, Brandon Bishop SEA, Forrest Wall TOR, Taylor Widener AZ, Zack Collins CWS, Aramis Ademan CUBS, Mark Mathias MIL, Delvin Perez STL, Bryce Denton STL
    Also, any opinions on my int’l free agent signings? Angel Genoa and Ricardo Perez
    (30 teams had $5M each, and I got these guys for $4.3M.)

    1. Eric Cross says

      Thank you for the kind words Jonathan! Williams intrigues me as a potential impact OF down the road. Kauffman I’m out on due to him being in COL. DOn’t think he’s good enough to overcome that. Basase has some speed upside, but I’m not sure he ever hits enough. Collins looks like a backup C to me. Ademan could rise up some ranks if he shows improvements at the plate.

  68. webbnut says

    I have Luis Garcia (SP Astros) in a few leagues but never see him in any rankings. His minor league stats are great, although high BB/IP and he is older. Any comments? is he worth retaining in deeper dynasty leagues?

    1. Eric Cross says

      It’s all about his control for me. I’m not sure he’s a starter longterm, but could be a solid middle reliever.

  69. John says

    Hey Eric!

    As always, I really appreciate all of the research you do and info you provide. It’s a great tool when valuing prospects in my dynast league. I know you’re lucky enough to get to see some of these guys in person, but I was curious how you go about watching/scouting these guys on a consistent basis? I’ve built up a pretty solid list of twitter profiles to follow and still find it extremely hard to find video of guys outside of the mega prospects.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    1. Eric Cross says

      I honestly can’t see as many in person as I want to. I get to about 40-50 MiLB games a season but cant do more as I’m a single father and only have two parks within 2 hours of me. Thank you for your support!

  70. Zack says

    Hi Eric,

    Looking to upgrade in SB and also at C. I am looking at Trea Turner and Salvador Perez from an owner. Do you think my offer is too much/too little? Thanks!!

    I receive: Trea Turner & Salvador Perez

    He receives: Xander Bogaerts, Tarik Skubal, Noelvi Marte and 2.22 FYPD 2020 class

    1. Eric Cross says

      Hey Zack, yeah that’s a bit rich for me. Maybe take out Marte.

      1. Zack says

        Thanks for the reply! The owner really does not want to part with Turner, but he desperately needs pitching. Does this deal sound okay to you, or should I ask for a bit more? My pitching depth is good with Gallen, Gray, Burnes, Hendricks, Paddack, Sale (when he returns), Pineda, Caleb Smith.

        Trea Turner & Salvador

        Xander & Glasnow

        1. Eric Cross says

          I’d be okay making that deal.

          1. Zack says

            The Turner owner is obviously very stubborn with him, so I had to look elsewhere. How do you feel about Teoscar overall? Are either of these deals okay with you?

            Teoscar Hernandez FOR Sam Huff & Chris Paddack
            Teoscar FOR Sam Huff, Josiah Gray and 1.11 FYPD 2020

            Thanks again Eric, you’re the best

          2. Eric Cross says

            The first one is okay, not a fan of the 2nd one. Hernandez’s power/speed is legit even if the AVG isnt.

  71. Tommy says

    Just curious , I’m not disagreeing but what made kelenic #1 over Wander ?

    Great updates list


    1. Eric Cross says

      Power/speed blend is higher. If you go to my author page (click my name at the top of any article) and scroll down a little, I did an article a week ago or so comparing the two.

  72. jackson Price says

    Madrigal 80?! wow. He’s an absolute hitting machine IMO. – tiny strikezone.Curious how he is that far down?
    I notice that there really isn’t a lot of press on Cespedes. He looks like. 5 tool player. Why is he not getting any hype?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Madrigal: I like Madrigal, but the lack of power limits his upside for fantasy. he’s a 3-cat producer at best.
      Cespedes: Like the power/speed blend, but there are questions surrounding the hit tool

  73. JMGreenfield says

    Where is Jo Adell on ranking? He still qualifies as minor leaguer, and is super young.

    1. Eric Cross says

      I use MLB prospect guidelines where he exhausted eligibility at the end of 2020 due to time with the big club. If I ranked him, he would be #6.

  74. Kevin Mattern says

    Awesome list Eric! With this list and the black book, I’m ready for baseball to start. Would you deal Groshans, D. Garcia and Valera for Flaherty? The owner of Flaherty has expressed interest in Vaughn, Greene, Freeman, Lynch, Groshans, Valera, D. Garcia and Lynch. I want to hold Greene and Vaughn.

    1. Eric Cross says

      Thank you Kevin! I would be okay dealing that trio for Flaherty.

  75. james says

    I’m in a long term dynasty league that has 6 minor league slots. I have done exceptionally well with these slots. I currently have the following players:

    Wander Franco
    Julio Rodriguez
    CJ Abrams
    Nick Gonzalez
    Nate Pearson
    Grayson Rodriguez

    I’m curious what happened that made you flip Franco and Kelenic?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Power/speed blend is higher with Kelenic. If you go to my author page (click my name at the top of any article) and scroll down a little, I did an article a week ago or so comparing the two. The flip wasn’t a knock on Wander at all.

      1. james says

        I feel like Kelenic might have the edge this year, but long term Dynasty I like Franco. Though all bets are off when Julio gets to the show. The top 6 guys on your list all look like they are gonna be fantasy juggernauts.

        1. Eric Cross says

          Oh, for sure. The top-end talent right now is ridiculously good.

  76. dude says

    In a 12 team 5×5 roto keeper league.  Keep 15 each year, with players getting $5 raises.  My team is not winning this year and more in re-build mode with eyes on next year.

    My 3B – Moncada, Bohm, My OF – Arozarena, Carlson

    Would you prefer a $5 Tork or a $6 Kelenic?

    1. Eric Cross says

      That’s close, but leaning Kelenic

      1. dude says

        Appreciate the feedback.

        My offer of Tork for Kelenic was shot down.

        12 team 5×5 roto keeper league. $5 raises each year. $320 cap, so I’m way under as is and could keep all 15 again next year without issue if I wanted. Current 15
        1B – Olson $25
        2B – Albies $17, Lux $5
        3B – Moncada $30, Bohm $15, Tork $5
        OF – Arozarena $10, Carlson $10
        SP – Fried $15, Gore $13, Musgrove $10, Valdez $10, Pearson $6
        RP – Karinchak $8

        Couple Questions

        He didn’t want Tork, but is looking to compete this year. Should I offer up $30 Moncada for $6 Kelenic?

        A team with a $15 Alonso has expressed interest in a $25 Olson/$5 Lux deal? Would you think about it? Seems like a bit much with Lux’s ceiling?

        Was offered Patino $6 for $10 Musgrove, take that?

        1. Eric Cross says

          I would take those Kelenic and Patino deals but not the middle one. Still very high on Lux.

          1. dude says

            Appreciate the feedback on all this, got me thinking through other scenarios and was able to re-work the Olson/Lux for Alonso trade to Olson/Soroka for Alonso!

            Guy with Kelenic is unsure about deal, so waiting on that.

  77. Sedona says

    No faith in Chris Rodriguez?

    1. Eric Cross says

      I do, he’s in the next 50 or so.

  78. Justin Johnson says

    Hey Eric! What do you think of Yiddi Cappe? Just not enough on him yet?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Like the upside and considered including him.

  79. George Giustiniani says

    Can’t wait!

  80. Michael Kleingartner says

    Opinion on Austin Beck? Has he completely fallen off the radar for prospects?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Beck has good raw power but the contact skills and approach haven’t developed at all.

  81. pch says

    Where are the 2020 J2 players that just signed?

    1. Eric Cross says

      They will be in my next update in a few weeks. This was from November.

  82. Mike says

    is tyler stephenson( catcher for the reds) considered a prospect? Where would he rank on this list?

    1. Eric Cross says

      He’s not anymore. I’d have him as a borderline top-250 guy. Never been super high on him.

  83. Connor says

    Obviously Karinchak graduated, but say you had to rank him in this list. Where would you put him?

  84. Aaron says

    Which pitching prospect has the higher ceiling Spencer Howard or Logan Gilbert?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Strictly ceiling, I’d take Gilbert.

  85. Aaron says

    Just traded christian yelich straight up for Jared kelenic, what do you think?

    1. Eric Cross says

      As much as I love Kelenic, I think you could’ve gotten a good 2nd piece with him.

  86. Bill says

    Who is #179?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Shoot, not sure how that happened. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the catch.

  87. Mike says

    Who is 179?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Shoot, not sure how that happened. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the catch.

  88. dude says

    Randy Arozarena at 98? I’ve seen people mentioning him being in the top 100 picks overall next year. With a solid track record and hot end to season and playoffs, feel like he should be in top 25-30 at the very least?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Can’t overreact to an extremely small sample size. I bumped him up a ton here and personally think him being a top-100 overall pick in 2021 is ridiculous.

  89. BB says

    Great list as usual

    Pitchers I currently own looking for upside projections

    Ace upside (future top 10 sp ) ?

    Asa Lacey
    Max Meyer
    Mick Abel
    Nick Bitsko have ace upside ?

    Top 25 sp upside ?

    Clarke schmidt
    George Kirby

    1. Eric Cross says

      Thank you! I’d mostly agree with that. Those top four have immense upside. Schmidt and Kirby not far behind either. For upside, I’d rank them Abel, Lacy, Bitsko, Meyer, Schmidt, Kirby.

  90. @Marklikesmovies says

    Eric – you are the man. I just want to say that upfront. I REALLY appreciate all your hard work and how fantastic you are about replying via twitter and other places. Quick question for you: Karinchak and Kremer both graduated I assume? If not, whereabouts would each have ranked on this list.
    You the man!

    1. Eric Cross says

      Thank you Mark! Greatly appreciate the kind words. I love what I do and interacting with everyone on social media. Karinchak graduated, Kremer did not. Kremer would be in the 280-300 range for me.

      1. Connor says

        Let’s say Karinchak didn’t graduate due to my league not having the active roster requirement (just IP). Where does he slide in?

        1. Eric Cross says

          Probably back-end top-100. Relievers never rank too highly in my prospect rankings.

      2. Beets says

        why did Karinchak graduate? is there criteria aside from the 130/50 ?

        1. Eric Cross says

          He did. 45+ days on the active roster.

  91. Matt says

    Is Antonio Cabello still valuable?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Still has good upside, but would be difficult to trade him right now due to his struggles. 2021 will be a huge year for him and send him flying up or down rankings.

  92. Adam says

    Hey Eric, thanks for the updated prospect list. With no minor league season, what made you bump George Kirby from 137 to 75? Have you heard something from the alternate site?

    1. Eric Cross says

      I bumped Kirby and Lodolo up due to my emphasis on command guys with good stuff ranking highly. I under-ranked them last update in July and corrected it now. Thanks for reading!

  93. Aaron says

    What do you think about Oswald peraza for the Yankees. MLB has him listed as the Yankees 4th ranked prospect. Where is he on your list?

    1. Eric Cross says

      For my NYY list he was back end top-10. Like the tools for sure .

  94. Aaron says

    Where do you rate Jorge Mateo now that he plays for the Padres. The Padres have such a deep farm system he can get buried pretty easily. I have always liked Mateo, since he was on the Yankees, but everywhere he goes he continues to get blocked. Is he destined for the outfield

    1. Eric Cross says

      For just the Padres or overall?

      I do think he moves to the outfield or into a super utility role. 2B not out of the question either.

  95. Josh says

    Who to cut can only keep 11 prospect(mind you sold a lot of my team to get these prospects to rebuild)

    Adley Rutchsman
    Andrew Vaughn
    Brendan rodgers
    Jeter downs
    Jordan groshans
    Noelvi Marte
    Brendan Rodgers
    Alec Bohm
    CJ Abrams
    Jasson Dominguez
    Julio Rodriguez
    Dylan Carlson
    Gavin Lux
    Matthew Liberatore
    Forrest Whitley
    Nick Lodolo
    Grayson Rodrigue
    Spencer Howard

    Much help needed!!

    1. Eric Cross says

      This is tough but I’d keep Adley, Vaughn, Marte, Abrams, Jasson, J-Rod, Carlson, Lux, Whitley, Howard, Groshans or Bohm for last one.

  96. Ken says

    Great list Eric!

    Wondering what your thoughts are on Josh Lowe at 142… seems to have plenty of talent, what made you rank him at that spot?

    1. Eric Cross says

      He was nearly a top-100 guy in last update but the combination of his injury plus all the new 2020 draftees entering the list bumped him down to here. Thanks for checking in out and sorry for the delayed reply!

  97. Haddy says

    Yikes I was feeling great about my open universe draft this year until reading your July update. I got Austin Martin fourth overall followed by Jordan Walker and Mick Abel in the second and third rounds. Felt great about it. But one of my competitors nabbed Zac Veen, Nick Gonzales, Asa Lacy, and Reid Detmers. Devastating to my morale. I think I’ll be okay though since I’m in a rebuild and tanking anyway and do have future stud Jake Bauers stashed in my minors!

  98. Colin says

    I believe you have done something similar but would love to see an updated post on who has a chance to vault up the rankings in a singular article. Great stuff and thank you for all the work.

    1. Eric Cross says

      I’ll be doing something like that in the coming weeks.

  99. Justin says

    Hey Eric,

    Was a little surprised to see Baz rated where he was.Are you still high on him? Also tell me more about Garrett Mitchell and what you project him to look like. Thanks for all your work.

    1. Eric Cross says

      Still very high on Baz. Not only does he have nasty stuff, but he’s a good guy with a great idea of what he needs to do to improve. Chatted with him on my podcast back in April.

      Mitchell is interesting. Bigtime athlete with the potential to hit for both power and average if he corrects the hitch in his swing and adds loft. Huge upside but a little risky too.

  100. Nuke Laloosh says

    Francisco Morales just outside?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Nah. Not overly high on Morales in general. Probably would be 350-400ish

  101. brian s lind says

    No love for Matt Tabor? I just drafted a first year dynasty 20 team draft and went prospect heavy. I really don’t feel like pushing my team in 2020 due to the reduced season but am putting a strong emphasis on development and being a top tier team by 2021. Who do you feel has the highest upside between josiah gray, Shane McCalahan, Blake Walston, and Matt Tabor. I also have snell, woodruff, kopech, manning, may, braiylin marquez, and Grayson Rodriguez.

    1. Eric Cross says

      I like Tabor, but not quite on this level. As for upside, I think Walston has the highest upside.

  102. Pat says

    Was Tahnaj Thomas close to making it?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Yes he was. Might be in my new top-250 that comes out in a few weeks. He’s right on that cusp.

  103. Adam says

    Hello Eric, in a 16 team dynasty league, h2h cats. Who do you like long term between Liberatore or Gilbert? What type of floor/ceilings do they have? Do you have any comps for them?


    1. Eric Cross says

      I suck with comps, but very high on both. Both have #2 starter upside, but I give the slight edge to Liberatore.

  104. Adam says

    Hey Eric, in a 16 team dynasty league, h2h cats. Who would you prefer between Liberatore or Gilbert? Do you have any comps for them?


  105. Adam Harlander says

    Hey Eric, who would you rather have in a fantasy dynasty league, h2h cats. Liberatore or Gilbert? Any comps for either of them?


  106. James Watson says

    I’m having a really hard time in my fantasy draft on picking between Jo Adell and Dylan Carlson…I am admittedly a Cardinals fan but I want to make the right decision!!! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

    1. Eric Cross says

      While I do like Carlson, Adell has the higher upside. I’d take him.

  107. Adam says

    Hello Eric, Sixto Sanchez is listed as the #22 ranked prospect on MLB Pipeline. Wondering why he’s ranked at #66 in your prospect rankings?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Three reasons for the gap. 1) MLB ranks pitchers more highly than I as they’re ranking on real-life value and not fantasy. With that said, I have Sixto a little lower than most as I question his longterm durability and I want to see him miss more bats.

      1. Adam says

        Thanks for the insight!

  108. bob b says

    i have grown VERY dependent on your Organizational Top-25’s for my national league only keeper league as i think your evaluations are the most spot in in the business.. Are they going to start up again soon ? please 😉 ?

    1. bob says

      Seems american league is complete, post was regarding national league

  109. Joe says

    With Pardinho going under the knife, how does that effect his projections/rankings? How would you rank the most expendable between E Pardinho, D Kremer, A Kay and L Webb?

  110. Greg F. says

    I’m curious to know why you have Robinson and Luciano higher than other publishers. What is so special about them?

  111. Just Wandering says

    By all accounts Wander Franco is in a tier by himself. What would a positive return for him look like?
    Something like Bichette + Kelenic?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Yeah, that’s in the ballpark. Maybe a little much actually.

  112. Taylor says

    Currently going through a 30 team dynasty that will roster 50 prospects each. How do you rank these guys on pure upside:

    Gabriel Arias
    Alexfri Planez
    Gabriel Rodriguez
    Jeferson Espinal

    Going off your top 25s it seems like you think Planez has a super high ceiling

  113. Isaac Klein says

    Alex Vesia?
    What are your opinions on guys like Seth Corry, Joe Ryan, and George Kirby.

  114. Danny says

    Dynasty league: curious and interested in your opinion about Kirk olivares and Herrera

  115. BB says

    2 more upside only rankings

    Pitchers 1 – 3


    Bats 1-4

    Jasson Dominguez
    Kristian Robinson

    Twisted dynasty

    1. Eric Cross says

      In order: Whitley, Luzardo, Manning. Dominguez, Robinson, Luciano, Abrams.

      1. BB says

        Thanks again

        Just curious

        No Andres Munoz on the list ?

        1. Eric Cross says

          Munoz is no longer prospect eligible.

          1. MJL says

            23ip. is it because of service time?

          2. Eric Cross says

            For some reason, I can’t see what player you’re referencing….

  116. Jordan says

    Hey Eric! Just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work! I’m in a dynasty league with a pretty shallow amount of prospects rostered on each team (maybe 3-4 per team). My team was stagnant the last few years so decided to blow it up and rebuild. Started following you last offseason and I jumped on a few guys early at your recommendation and now my prospect pool is by far the best my league has ever seen and I’m looking pretty solid for the future. J-Rod, Luciano, K-Rob, Kirilloff, Waters, Brujan, Whitley, Manning, Pearson, May, Puk (plus the addition of one of the top FYPD players this upcoming draft) is pretty filthy if you ask me. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

    1. Eric Cross says

      Thank you Jordan! Happy to help and appreciate the support.

  117. JP says

    Dynasty league
    12 prospects roster…currently stashing 20 of them. Gotta cut 8. Would like ur advice

    Grant Lavigne
    Angelo Amendolare
    Aaron Bracho
    Yoshi Tsutsugo
    Willie Castro
    Jaylin Davis
    Brent Rooker
    Bobby Bradley
    Ryan Mountcastle
    Yusniel Diaz
    Monte Harrison
    Alex Kiriloff
    Cristian Pache
    Justin Dunn
    Alex Faedo
    MacKenzie Gore
    Hunter Greene
    Jay Groome
    Franklin Perez
    Ryan Rolison


    1. Eric Cross says

      I would cut Davis, Castro, Amendolare, Bradley, Diaz, Perez, Rooker, Rolison, Faedo.

  118. Greg says

    Did I miss Ethan Hankins from this list?

    1. Greg says

      I did… 105. Disregard.

  119. Peter Choras says

    My AL only League Team is heading into the Freeze Day with the below prospects. I can only Stash 2.

    M. Kopech
    M. Manning
    R. Mountcastle
    N. Gordon

    I wanted to get your feedback on which 2 you think have the highest ceiling.



    1. Eric Cross says

      I’d go with Kopech and Manning. Gordon projects more as a backup infielder for me at this poing and Mountcastle is a good offensive talent, but can’t match the upside of Manning or Kopech.

      1. Peter Choras says

        Thanks for the feedback, I enjoyed reading through this Website.

  120. BB says

    Thanks for the feedback on those 3 .. same question not as exciting list

    Looking for upside if any

    Jared Oliva
    George Kirby
    Clark schmidt
    Joe Ryan

    Keep the info coming

    Twisted dynasty

    1. Eric Cross says

      Love Oliva. .275/10/30 upside and very underrated. Same with Kirby and Schmidt. Both project as high-end #3 starters and Kirby’s floor is ridiculously high.

  121. BB says

    Great list

    What’s your thoughts on upside of
    Maximo acosta , Aaron bracho and luisangel acuna

    1. Eric Cross says

      All have very high offensive upside with top-25 overall potential. Acuna is very different from his brother but has a nice hit/speed combination. Bracho has the most power here, and Acosta the best all-around offensive tools.

      1. BB says

        thanks for some good news on those 3

        Same question not as exciting list , looking for upside

        Jared Oliva
        George Kirby
        Clarke schmidt
        Joe Ryan

        Thanks again keep the info coming

  122. John Cal says

    Where do you rank Colton Welker and Jhailyn Ortiz?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Welker around 300-325, Ortiz more in the 450-500 range.

  123. Jeff says

    What about Joey Cantillo?

    1. Eric Cross says

      He didn’t miss by much. Would be in top-300.

  124. PAUL HUDSON says

    No Jose De la Cruz?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Considered him. He wouldn’t be far off.

  125. DANIEL P BERNDT says

    No Seth Corry or joe Ryan?

    1. Eric Cross says

      They’re in the 325-350 range. Ryan dominated as a 23yo in A/A+ mostly. Want to see him do it against more advanced competition.

  126. Eric says

    Victor Victor Mesa is off the radar now for dynasty? Is that mainly due to being 23 and not an impresive 2019?

    1. Eric Cross says

      The skillset suggests low-end regular or 4th OF to me. Nothing to get excited about for dynasty.

  127. Gordy Meyers says

    Would you care to speculate on 2020 draftees? Torkelson, Hancock, Martin – top 100, 75, 50? Thanks.

    1. Eric Cross says

      Hey Gordy. Tork and Martin would probably be top 20-25. Hancock more around 30-35.

  128. Jon Kauffmann-Kennel says

    Keibert Ruiz?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Not overly high on him. Would be in my 300-350 range. Doesn’t impact the ball enough nto be a major impact bat. Contact skills and approach are sound, but he projects as a .280/10-12 HR bat for me.

  129. Gordy Meyers says

    Did Urquidy not make the cut or was he not eligible? Thanks.

    1. Eric Cross says

      Eligible but didn’t make the list. Projects as a decent #4 type starter for me but I don’t project an overly high ceiling.

      1. JT says

        guys who throw strikes but don’t throw hard are always undervalued. But guys that throw 100 but can’t find the zone are ranked in the top 100 because of “upside”. Guess we will see on Urquidy but to not have him ranked on here is a little odd. Appreciate the work nonetheless.

        1. Eric Cross says

          Thanks JT. I’m just not super high on Urquidy. Looks like a #4 type of starter to me.

  130. justin kecxon says

    IMO Casey mize and Daley rutschman are top ten locks. Switch them with Luciano and Robinson is my hot take.

    1. Billy B says

      Casey Mize is terrible, so overrated

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