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THE DO NOT DRAFT LIST: Wide Receiver Edition

I’ve already ranked the top 100 wide receivers in the NFL, but let’s be honest…a couple pieces of news, a couple preseason games in, and the ADPs have shifted around on us a bit. It’s time to let the people know just how overvalued some players have become. Welcome to THE DO NOT DRAFT LIST!!! (*play some very serious music in your head, please*)

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Wide Receivers

Justin Jefferson

I know he had an incredible season last year. Rookie season at that. We’re talking about 88 receptions on 125 targets for 1400 yards and seven TDs. Truly incredible. He finished as a WR6 among the likes of Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams. So let’s be honest….do we think Justin Jefferson is that caliber after one year? With Kirk Cousins? The way I see it, Justin Jefferson has officially become the WR1 for the Vikings. That means two things. He’s undoubtedly going to get everyone’s number one corner this year, which wasn’t always the case for him last year. It also means that Adam Thielen is going to be able to get every team’s lesser corner. It will be harder for Jefferson to get separation, but easier for Thielen. Cousins isn’t known for throwing guys open, so expect a down year in targets for Jefferson, and a big year for Thielen. I wouldn’t draft Justin Jefferson at his ADP right now.

The Titans WR Corp

Julio Jones. AJ Brown. Your guess at the WR1 is as good as mine. Some people say that takes pressure off of this offense and both players as individuals. I agree with that notion. But for fantasy, a juggernaut offense isn’t always a great thing to chase. I can absolutely see a scenario where the Titans get early leads in games, and with a beast like Derrick Henry (coming off of a 2000 yard, 17TD season), why not hand him the ball and milk the clock? Between Brown, Jones, Firkser, and Henry, who on earth will be the star in any given week? It will change game-to-game, based on matchups and game scripts. Everyone can’t eat on this offense. The problem with Jones and Brown is that their ADPs haven’t taken hits since joining forces. You’re going to have to draft them, expecting WR1 performance. That’s too risky on this offense. DO NOT DRAFT!!!!

Kenny Golladay

None of us know if Daniel Jones is any good. I happen to think he is good, but I don’t know. I’ve only seen flashes. I’ve seen some flashes of awful, too. One thing is for certain, Kenny Golladay’s ADP is too high for my liking. In Detroit, he was essentially injured all of last year. He’s also had some trouble staying on the practice field this year in camp. Further, this isn’t the Detroit offense that only had three people to throw to. Golladay is going to have to compete with the running game, Evan Engram (100+ targets last year), Slayton (90+ targets last year), Shepard (90+ targets last year), and newcomers in John Ross and Toney (the rookie). I think Golladay is talented, but he’s not “eat everybody else’s targets talented.” Daniel Jones will only get the opportunity to throw, so many times. DO NOT DRAFT!!!

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  1. g says

    definitely disagree with the Jefferson take. its a nice point that Jefferson is now the #1 option over Thielen, and that would mean he’ll get more attention from the opposing team and generally their top corner. But the Vikings actually have one of the easiest overall CB schedules, along with the easiest for #1 WRs. So while Jefferson might take most of the attention from opposing defenses, that doesn’t mean they’ll have an easy time containing him.
    I would agree that his ADP is a tad high but its not far off. I think he’s definitely a top10 WR. He might not surpass last years numbers, but he should come pretty close to them. This season he should get a ton of attention in the offense and from Cousins specifically, just like he did 2nd half of last season.

    Also, what’s with everyone hating on Cousins? If were worried about cousins-jefferson, why are we not worried about ryan-ridley? Jefferson should definitely take on more attention from defenses, but Ridley is gonna see all the attention in Atlanta, and its possible Ryan is now past his prime and can’t help compensate for that as much. Atleast Jefferson has Cook and Thielen to distract the defense. I just don’t think Ryan is THAT much better than Cousins at this point in his career to where I’m more worried about cousins-jefferson than I am ryan-ridley. I think Ridley at his ADP is more of a ‘Do Not Draft’ than Jefferson is at his. But either way, they’re still both young and elite, and both should have very nice seasons.

  2. Jason Thomspon says

    So incredibly wrong about Justin Jefferson.
    I don’t even know where to begin.

    1. Bradlee Kilgore says

      We’ll see!

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