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NBA Fantasy Basketball: Offensive Powerhouses to Target

A player’s offensive ability reigns supreme in fantasy basketball rankings. While not the only categories measured in fantasy basketball rankings, they are the most exciting and part of the elite primary fantasy repertoire. Your favorite player is most likely an elite offensive player, and considering basketball is measured in points at the end of the day, these players are the engines that drive your fantasy team to victory and consistently will be the focus of your fantasy NBA draft.

Who are the best offensive weapons in fantasy basketball? Which players are the hidden gems? We will cover that and more below!

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The measure of Offensive Production

 To rate our players’ elite offensive prowess, I combined the player’s projected points, threes, and assists (per game)  represented in Table 1. Secondly, I combined points and threes to measure the elite scorers in the leagues, represented by Table 2. Each table displays the top 50 and their 2023-2024 average draft position (ADP). 

Elite Offense:

#ADPNameTeamPosP/g3/gA/gP + 3 + A
112Damian LillardPORPG31.594.197.0842.86
23Luka DoncicDALPG31.693.267.8342.78
37Stephen CurryGSWPG30.345.175.7741.29
45Joel EmbiidPHIC33.601.204.4539.24
518Trae YoungATLPG25.752.3210.6138.67
67Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderOKCSG31.621.105.3438.06
76Jayson TatumBOSSF29.273.345.0037.61
84Giannis AntetokounmpoMILPF30.290.966.1037.35
917LaMelo BallCHAPG24.254.068.7937.10
1019Devin BookerPHOSG27.702.267.0537.01
1182Jordan PooleWASSG27.263.415.6836.35
1212LeBron JamesLALSF27.152.356.5036.00
1318Donovan MitchellCLESG28.153.444.2535.85
1410Tyrese HaliburtonINDPG21.722.9410.9635.62
151Nikola JokicDENC24.640.919.5235.08
1623Kyrie IrvingDALPG26.393.125.1634.67
1722Anthony EdwardsMINSG26.772.874.9534.59
1835Jalen BrunsonNYKPG26.072.266.1634.49
1912Kevin DurantPHOSF26.632.015.7634.41
2027Ja MorantMEMPG25.121.507.6834.29
2146Zach LaVineCHISG26.552.714.7333.99
2250Mikal BridgesBKNSF27.142.703.3633.20
2324De'Aaron FoxSACPG25.091.746.3733.20
2441Julius RandleNYKPF25.582.954.2732.80
2513James HardenPHISG19.902.5810.1532.63
2673Cade CunninghamDETPG23.642.276.4632.36
2729Jaylen BrownBOSSG25.612.593.9232.12
2851Jamal MurrayDENPG22.223.016.8732.10
2945Zion WilliamsonNORPF27.050.244.6731.97
3055Desmond BaneMEMSG23.653.104.9531.70
3142Darius GarlandCLEPG21.682.507.4731.66
3247Brandon IngramNORSF24.351.455.8231.62
3349Paul GeorgeLACSF23.792.854.9231.56
3483Tyrese MaxeyPHISG22.843.024.8430.70
3536Lauri MarkkanenUTAPF25.603.041.9330.57
3647Bradley BealPHOSG21.802.276.4630.54
3739Kawhi LeonardLACSF24.542.053.8630.44
3824Pascal SiakamTORPF23.601.345.5130.44
3972Klay ThompsonGSWSG23.004.662.1729.82
4033Fred VanVleetHOUPG19.323.177.0429.54
4196Anfernee SimonsPORSG22.033.483.9729.48
4281Kyle KuzmaWASPF22.512.534.0929.13
4329DeMar DeRozanCHISF22.890.774.9928.65
4476Paolo BancheroORLPF22.841.364.4128.61
4592Jerami GrantPORPF23.332.382.8628.56
4643Jrue HolidayMILPG18.862.257.1528.26
4722Jimmy ButlerMIASF22.600.604.9828.19
4838Karl-Anthony TownsMINC21.542.144.4328.10
49112Jordan ClarksonUTASG20.722.474.7427.93
5078Khris MiddletonMILSF19.952.185.6927.81

Damian Lillard is king, but for how long? When it comes to offense, Damian Lillard is king, for now. Luka barely trails. If Lillard is traded, expect his offensive output to remain elite but fall from the top few spots. Steph Curry would jump to number two.

The Elite are elite. Starting from the top with Damian Lillard (42.86), only five other players are within five total points. Starting from Khris Middelton, there are 26 players within five. (total 27.1).

Value is available. Towards the end of the top 50, certain players maintain a high level of offensive production and are available later in the draft: Jordan Clarkson, Klay Thompson, Kyle Kuzma, Anfernee Simons, Tyrese Maxey, and Jerami Grant.

Elite Scoring:

#ADPNameTeamPosP/g3/gTotal P + 3
112Damian LillardPORPG31.594.1935.78
27Stephen CurryGSWPG30.345.1735.52
33Luka DoncicDALPG31.693.2634.95
45Joel EmbiidPHIC33.601.2034.80
57Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderOKCSG31.621.1032.72
66Jayson TatumBOSSF29.273.3432.61
718Donovan MitchellCLESG28.153.4431.59
84Giannis AntetokounmpoMILPF30.290.9631.25
982Jordan PooleWASSG27.263.4130.67
1019Devin BookerPHOSG27.702.2629.96
1150Mikal BridgesBKNSF27.142.7029.84
1222Anthony EdwardsMINSG26.772.8729.64
1323Kyrie IrvingDALPG26.393.1229.51
1412LeBron JamesLALSF27.152.3529.50
1546Zach LaVineCHISG26.552.7129.26
1612Kevin DurantPHOSF26.632.0128.65
1736Lauri MarkkanenUTAPF25.603.0428.64
1841Julius RandleNYKPF25.582.9528.53
1935Jalen BrunsonNYKPG26.072.2628.33
2017LaMelo BallCHAPG24.254.0628.31
2129Jaylen BrownBOSSG25.612.5928.21
2218Trae YoungATLPG25.752.3228.06
2372Klay ThompsonGSWSG23.004.6627.66
2445Zion WilliamsonNORPF27.050.2427.30
2524De'Aaron FoxSACPG25.091.7426.83
2655Desmond BaneMEMSG23.653.1026.76
2749Paul GeorgeLACSF23.792.8526.64
2827Ja MorantMEMPG25.121.5026.61
2939Kawhi LeonardLACSF24.542.0526.58
3073Cade CunninghamDETPG23.642.2725.90
3183Tyrese MaxeyPHISG22.843.0225.86
3247Brandon IngramNORSF24.351.4525.80
3392Jerami GrantPORPF23.332.3825.70
341Nikola JokicDENC24.640.9125.56
3596Anfernee SimonsPORSG22.033.4825.51
3651Jamal MurrayDENPG22.223.0125.23
3781Kyle KuzmaWASPF22.512.5325.04
3824Pascal SiakamTORPF23.601.3424.94
3914Anthony DavisLALPF24.200.4824.68
4010Tyrese HaliburtonINDPG21.722.9424.66
4176Paolo BancheroORLPF22.841.3624.20
4242Darius GarlandCLEPG21.682.5024.19
4341Jaren Jackson Jr.MEMPF22.261.9024.16
4447Bradley BealPHOSG21.802.2724.08
4598Jalen GreenHOUSG21.612.4624.06
4638Karl-Anthony TownsMINC21.542.1423.68
4778Tyler HerroMIASG20.543.1323.67
4829DeMar DeRozanCHISF22.890.7723.66
4922Jimmy ButlerMIASF22.600.6023.21
50112Jordan ClarksonUTASG20.722.4723.19
51106Michael Porter Jr.DENSF19.453.3922.84

Damian Lillard and Steph Curry are the ultimate scoring weapons. Damian Lillard is king in scoring, although he barely beats out Steph Curry. Lillard and Curry benefit from an enormous amount of three-pointers made and will continue to lead the threes category for the 2023-2024 season.

The emergence of Jordan Poole. Poole is on a new team with keys to the kingdom. Poole is playing with a pure point guard and will have a license to shoot, and shoot, he will. Expect a big jump in his scoring average from last year and many points and threes.

Professional Scorers. This table highlights powerful scoring prowess that can be found outside of the elite players. Players like Jordan Clarkson, Michael Porter Jr., Jalen Green, Kyle Kuzma, Anfernee Simons, Jerami Grant, Tyrese Maxey, Klay Thompson, and Jordan Poole have become valuable scoring additions. Their role in the NBA is to score as many points as possible.

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