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2017 NBA Draft Prospect: Kobi Simmons

Rookie Profile: Kobi Simmons; Learn the Name FAST

The National Basketball Association Draft is always a fun sports event to watch as young men from NCAA basketball teams as well as Professional International teams hope to hear their name called and have their dream finally come true.

The 2017’s NBA Draft Class may go down as one of the best in NBA history. Each and every player has the potential of becoming a major star in the league which is completely unlike any other NBA Draft Class. With that being said, many players that aren’t in the top 10 talks of being drafted will fly greatly under the radar. One player that will swoop right below the radar will be Universty of Arizona PG, Kobi Simmons.

Kobi Simmons is a 6’5 19-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia. Simmons attended St. Francis High School where he would eventually become one of the top high school prospects for the Class of 2016. Simmons had a tremendous high school basketball career as he completely dominated other teams in Atlanta as well as dominated other players and teams in AAU basketball games/tournaments. Eventually, Simmons hard work and skills helped him earn multiple offers from Division One basketball schools including Arizona, Kentucky and Ohio State. Simmons chose the University of Arizona.



At the University of Arizona, Kobi Simmons is currently having a tremendous freshman season. Simmons is averaging 10.3 points, 2.4 assists, and about 2 rebounds per game. What is even more shocking to Simmons game is that he is only averaging 1.5 turnovers per game which is a tremendous statistic as it obviously shows he can handle the ball very well.

Although his statistics are very solid and definitely NBA ready worthy, what is very shocking is Simmons doesn’t even average more than 30 minutes for playing time. Think about this. If Kobi Simmons actually played nearly the whole game (33-40), how much would his statistics improve? Naturally, they would improve significantly, so please do not critique his stats being low. Kobi Simmons stats are fantastic considering he is only averaging about 27 minutes per game.






If for some odd reason Kobi’s statistics aren’t popping out to readers and NBA scouts, then his raw athleticism and built should stand out. Kobi is listed at the height of 6’5 which is a little above the average height for an NBA point guard. He is also listed at 175 lbs which is not too small and not too heavy for NBA point guard position. Other than his fantastic built, what shocks many people about Simmons is his athleticism which includes his crazy talent to dunk the ball. Most point guards in the NCAA and NBA aren’t known for their outrageous dunks or even dunking at all. Simmons is a completely different animal as he has been dunking since his early years in High School. Kobi Simmons is freakishly athletic and can easily drive and get up to the hoop easily which is what coaches want of point guards nowadays. Coaches want a tall and strong point guard who is not afraid of heading strong to the hoop and getting up. Kobi Simmons is exactly the type of point guard coaches want and need in the NBA.

In conclusion, sure coaches prefer Lonzo Ball, Markelle Fultz, and De’Aaron Fox over Simmons. Yes, I totally understand that as any other living human being with common sense should. But what some may not understand is the potential the University of Arizona point guard, Kobi Simmons possess. Kobi Simmons may not have the talents as an NBA Legend, but he sure does have the talents of a future All-Star. If one had to compare Kobi Simmons to a professional basketball player, it most likely would be Timberwolves guard, Zach Lavine. Both players have the same type of body built as well as incredible athleticism and game style. NBA scouts if you’re reading this, mark my words… Kobi Simmons is one of the most athletic point guards in this draft and has the potential to be an incredible, standout point guard later on down the road.

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