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Fantasy Basketball Trade Targets for Week 5

With nearly fifteen percent of the season over, it is a perfect time to look for potential trade targets in your Fantasy Basketball League. You should now be seeing some relatively stable daily results, as most player rotations are settled.  If you read the trade target article last week, you will note our analysis picked the right trends for trading four key players

In the list below, we highlight those players that are currently over or undervalued. Like any good stock trader, the best time to sell is when the value of a commodity is high. Inversely, the best time to buy is when a commodity value is low.

Our key trade targets take into consideration those players that have moved significantly in value against their average draft position (ADP) after the first four weeks of the NBA season.

Fantasy Basketball: Week Five Trade Targets

Kawhi Leonard – Current Rank = 9 – Fantrax ADP = 13

Action: Sell High

Whilst Leonard has looked great when he has been playing, we are worried about his load management going forward. He had two games off this past week with knee soreness, which could be due to needing a rest. While he still has a lot of value, I would be trading away from Leonard. A good trade target would be someone like Damian Lillard, James Harden, or if you are lucky enough, Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Leonard has proven that he will not take any risk with injury. It appears that a maximum of 65 games is likely for Kawhi this season. Conversely, Lillard and Harden have proven to be more durable and their durability could be the difference between winning and losing your league. An extra 10 games out of Dame or Harden is a lot of value! If Kawhi has a string of good games this week, sell high while you can.

Jaren Jackson Jr – Current Rank = 125 / Fantrax ADP = 73

Action: Buy Low

Jackson Jr has been added as a buy-low candidate due to his performances last week. He averaged 17.8 points, 6.0 rebounds, 1.8 assists, 0.5 steals, and 0.8 blocks. These averages are more in line with where we thought he would be to start the year. Given he is still 20 years old and adjusting to a new point guard, I think we should see Jackson start to find his feet within the Grizzlies offense and the positive trend will continue. Jackson hasn’t been used much in the post much, so his value is going to be off pick and rolls and in transition offense.

Additionally, Ja Morant has been better than expected, which has likely impacted the amount of usage Jackson has seen. The overall vibe in Memphis is positive, with Brandon Clarke also adding to a nice young core of players.

Jackson was a breakout candidate in our early season predictions, and I can still see a situation where his usage and fantasy numbers for the full season look a whole lot like his performance last week.

Jabari Parker – Current Rank = 67 / Fantrax ADP = 146

Action: Sell High

Parker has been fantastic since John Collins got suspended for PEDs. Since Collins has been on the sidelines, Parker is averaging over 22 points per game on 55% shooting, averaging 8 rebounds, and getting 1.5 steals and 1.0 block per game. Collins has served eight of his 25-game suspension, so you only have 17 games left with Parker adding real value to your team.

If you can get a similar valued player to Parker’s current rank of 67 now, this will provide you with better longer-term value for your roster. Buddy Hield, Kelly Oubre Jr, or Richuan Holmes are similar ranked players that will have better longer-term value and great short term trade targets for Parker.

Aaron Baynes – Current Rank = 64 / Fantrax ADP = 413

Action: Sell High

In much the same vein as Jabari Parker, Baynes is likely to see a drop in his value when De Andre Ayton returns from suspension in 12 games time.

Baynes is likely to see more minutes than Parker though, so ensure you are getting fair value if you trade him away. Baynes has been red hot from behind the three-point arc, making two threes per game at nearly 50%.  Brook Lopez would be a good trade target for Baynes as he has been underperforming to start the season and should bounce back as the season goes on.

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