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Top 30 Fantasy Baseball First Base Rankings for 2020

Yes, the NFL regular season is in the books with only a champion yet to be crowned. All that means to us here at FantraxHQ is that it’s time to officially kick off the 2020 fantasy baseball season. You should definitely check out our full slate of fantasy baseball rankings but this post is dedicated to our 2020 First Base Rankings. As you’ll see ahead, things are not as clear at this position as they have been in the past.

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Top 5 First Basemen for 2020

The full rankings are further down the page, but our analysts were in almost perfect agreement on the top 5 first basemen.

  1. Cody Bellinger, LAD
  2. Freddie Freeman, ATL
  3. Peter Alonso, NYM
  4. Matt Olson, OAK
  5. Anthony Rizzo, CHC

The top 5 is all that’s clear at this position heading into 2020. Only two other first basemen (Paul Goldschmidt and Josh Bell) were ranked in the top 5 by any of our analysts. A position that used to be filled with some of the top hitters in the game still contains plenty of power, but there seems to be a lot of uncertainty very early in our first base rankings. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s see what our analysts have to say about the position.

Nathan Dokken – @NathanDokken – Author Archive

Have you ever run out of both ketchup and mustard and you’re digging through the various condiments in your fridge in the search for something – ANYTHING – to put on your hot dog? The best thing your search turns up is brown mustard, so you dump it on your dog and sort of shrug because at least you aren’t just eating a plain dog but it still doesn’t taste quite right? That’s the feeling I got ranking First Base this year.

Whereas Catcher is better than usual this year, First Base is quite lacking in depth. There is plenty of impact talent at the top, as well as solid depth through about the top ten. Shortly thereafter, however, you have bashers with a lot of question marks. Can the likes of Yuli Gurriel, Trey Mancini, and DJ LeMahieu repeat their 2018 numbers? How much playing time will we get from Ryan McMahon and Nate Lowe? With a deep Third Base position in 2020, I would prefer to fill First Base somewhat early in drafts and most likely turn to a Third Baseman for my Corner Infield slot.

Eric Cross – @EricCross04 – Author Archive

The first base position is not as deep as it once was, but there is still a ton of power here as usual. Joining Freddie Freeman in the elite tier are Cody Bellinger and Pete Alonso who just set the rookie home run record with 53 dingers. All three players are great Targets in the first 25 to 30 pics.

The next tier of Paul Goldschmidt, Jose Abreu, Matt Olson, and Anthony Rizzo is the last tier I would really feel confident drafting my starting first baseman out of. After the top-7 there are questions about production for each player moving forward as the next options are all either entering the twilights of their careers or had breakout seasons that I question if they can continue moving forward like Josh Bell.

Don’t forget about youngsters like Michael Chavis and Nate Lowe in the later rounds as each could break out and become borderline top-10 options at the position by season’s end.

Mike Kurland – @Mike_Kurland – Author Archive

First base is not as deep as I recall it being in previous years. I took a look at roster resource and some players like Ryan Braun are projected to play first and he’d make the top 30 if he was currently eligible. However, as of now, he is not and the first base position is pretty weak as a whole. You have some solid options but once you get past the top 20 it feels as though it’s all a crapshoot.

There are a strong top 12 to 13 however that I really would not mind having as my starting first baseman entering the 2020 season. The position lacks depth but definitely has quality options at the top. I would prefer to get one of the top 10 in every draft and maybe fill my corner infield slot with a third baseman. With all that said, just plan accordingly for the fall-off at the position if you don’t feel comfortable with the later options. This may add some value to a few names and will definitely be the ie breaker if I’m torn between a few names at a certain spot in my draft.

Jorge Montanez – @JMontanez90 – Author Archive

Things get fun now with first base. It seems like everyone is hitting 30 home runs these days. So who is going to separate themselves in what looks like a deep position going into 2020? Cody Bellinger will be a high first-round pick with Freddie Freeman not too far behind. That much is a lock.

Things get interesting after that. How high will Pete Alonso go? Can he avoid a sophomore slump? Josh Bell, Anthony Rizzo, Matt Olson, and Paul Goldschmidt round out the tier of elite first basemen for me. But that doesn’t mean you won’t feel good about your options if you’re left waiting with guys like Jose Abreu, Carlos Santana, Rhys Hoskins, Max Muncy, and DJ LeMahieu rounding out my top 12.

Paul Mammino – @PaulMammino – Author Archive

At first glance, the first base position seems weaker this season than in recent seasons. Some of the old stalwarts of the position have really begun to fade ushering in a new era of mashers. Waiting in the wings are several interesting players who have the ability and potential to break into this top tier but are currently blocked. Players like Kevin Cron and Nate Lowe could have massive breakouts and be fantastic late round buys if they ever get a full chance at consistent at-bats. It’s seemed for years that first base has been considered a down position but this year more than any other the pickings seem to be slim.

First Base Rankings for 2020

1Cody Bellinger11111
2Freddie Freeman22222
3Peter Alonso43434
4Matt Olson35353
5Anthony Rizzo56565
6Paul Goldschmidt64879
7Josh Bell99746
8Jose Abreu87688
9Max Muncy7810107
10Rhys Hoskins101012910
11DJ LeMahieu1311111111
12Trey Mancini121491213
13Carlos Santana1412131312
14Edwin Encarnacion1513151514
15Yuli Gurriel1115181818
16Luke Voit1616161423
16Christian Walker1719171616
18Danny Santana2217141717
19Michael Chavis2418262115
20Ryan Mcmahon1820242222
21Joc Pederson2126202321
22Evan White2621232519
23C.J. Cron2327212729
24Yandy Diaz2531192034
24Nathaniel Lowe3225221931
24Mark Canha2924252427
27Renato Nunez2033273020
28Eric Hosmer2823302624
29Daniel Murphy3128312828
29Daniel Vogelbach2730323225
31Joey Votto3429292926
32Yasmani Grandal1922283150
33Garrett Cooper3034383533
34Howie Kendrick3332363436
35Jesus Aguilar5039333640
36Eric Thames3650343350
37Justin Smoak5050353739
37Brandon Belt5050363837
37Ji-Man Choi5035373950
40Niko Goodrum3750394050
41Albert Pujols3538505050
42Miguel Cabrera5037405050
43Jay Bruce3840505050
44Jeimer Candelario5050505030
45Ryan O'Hearn5050505031
46Matt Thaiss5050505035
47Christian Vazquez5036505050
48Mike Ford5050505038
49Mitch Moreland3950505050
50Jake Bauers4050505050

Got a beef with our 2020 First Base Rankings? Let us hear about it in the comments below.

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  1. Jameson says

    Even if Cody Bellinger does become the everyday first baseman for the Dodgers I think it’s a bit presumptuous to outright slot him at #1 ahead of Freddie Freeman. Their offense their numbers aren’t much different a very hampered Freeman still managed to nearly match Bellinger stat for stat and secondly Freeman has been doing it at a very high level for nearly a decade year in and year out. Bellinger on the other hand has been a roller coaster ride, good first year, down his second and then really good last year. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve to be near the top I just think leapfrogging a consistent performer like Freeman at a new position is putting the cart before the horse.

  2. Tommy Robinson says

    Hi I need some advice I play in a pure points league consisting of 18 hitters 6 starting pitchers and 4 relief pitchers. Each player had a salary attached to him we have a 60 million dollar salvary cap. We get one point for single 2 for double 3 for triple 4 for homerun 1 for RBI 1 for run scored. Starting pitchers get 10 for a win 1 for inning pitch 1 for strikeout. Relief pitchers get 10 for save one for inning pitched one for strikeout.

    1. Jason Hall says

      what was the question??

  3. Richard Temple says

    I my opinion, throw both back and try to buy Lowe back st a lower price. Even if you have to pay $15, you’ll gain an extra year on his contract. With TB roster crowded to this spring, Lowe might be a bargain.

  4. dude says

    I’m in a 12 team 5×5 roto keeper league. We keep 15 players (Salaries based on draft position and then $5/year raises). Salary cap is only in place when we submit our 15 keepers and is $320. Hoskins will be $25 to keep and N. Lowe will be $15 to keep. They are not too far apart in the ranks, assume that is because the assumption is Lowe will get his AB’s and end up as the starter. So do I take a chance and save $10 and keep Lowe? Or stay safer and keep Hoskins?

    1. Eric Cross says

      Personally, I’d go Lowe. Higher AVG upside and should get the AB. TB was working him out at 3B late in the season so you know they want to get his bat in the lineup.

      1. dude says


        1. Eric Cross says

          Any time!

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