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Dynasty Football Rankings: 2022 Fantasy Playoffs Update

These dynasty football rankings are fluid and should be used as a general guide to value players. Many players’ values are dependent on whether a roster is contending for a title or in the process of rebuilding, but in general, dynasty rankings align much more closely with rest-of-season redraft rankings in-season. As such, certain veterans ranked below younger prospects in my rankings could still be worth acquiring in a trade straight up for a contender, and some high-upside prospects may make more sense for a rebuilding team even if ranked below some veteran producers at the position.

The influx of a talented 2022 rookie class has shaken up these dynasty football rankings quite a bit, as high-upside rookies like Kenneth Walker and Drake London have become immediate top-100 dynasty assets. Taking into account team need and roster construction, here are my updated top-200 dynasty football rankings assuming a standard 1QB format with PPR scoring (you can find my superflex rankings here) as we approach the fantasy playoffs. And be sure to check back for updated dynasty rankings at the start of next offseason!

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Dynasty Football Rankings

Last updated on Thursday, December 8th.

RankPos RkPlayerPosTeamCommentsDraft Pick Value
1WR1Justin JeffersonWRMIN~ 1.01
2WR2Ja'Marr ChaseWRCIN~ 1.01
3RB1Breece HallRBNYJHall was electric in 7 games as a rookie, and that was with Joe Flacco and Zach Wilson at QB. At 22 y/o, the ACL is a minor concern.~ 1.01
4RB2Jonathan TaylorRBIND~ 1.01
5RB3Christian McCaffreyRBSFEarly 2023 1st
6RB4Saquon BarkleyRBFABarkley's landing spot will impact his ranking somewhat, but he remains an elite talent and workhorse wherever he's playing.Early 2023 1st
7WR3AJ BrownWRPHIEarly 2023 1st
8WR4Jaylen WaddleWRMIAEarly 2023 1st
9WR5CeeDee LambWRDALEarly 2023 1st
10QB1Patrick MahomesQBKCEarly 2023 1st
11QB2Josh AllenQBBUFEarly 2023 1st
12QB3Jalen HurtsQBPHIEarly 2023 1st
13QB4Joe BurrowQBCINEarly 2023 1st
14WR6Garrett WilsonWRNYJMid 2023 1st
15WR7Drake LondonWRATLLondon was hamstrung by poor QB play in 2022, and ATL's pass rate was historically low and can only go up from there.Mid 2023 1st
16WR8Chris OlaveWRNOOlave was in contention for OROY before his injury, and he too could see a QB upgrade this offseason.Mid 2023 1st
17RB5Kenneth WalkerRBSEAMid 2023 1st
18RB6Travis EtienneRBJAXMid 2023 1st
19WR9Deebo SamuelWRSFMid 2023 1st
20WR10Amon-Ra St. BrownWRDETMid 2023 1st
21WR11DeVonta SmithWRPHIMid 2023 1st
22WR12Tee HigginsWRCINMid 2023 1st
23WR13DK MetcalfWRSEAMid 2023 1st
24RB7Josh JacobsRBFAThe hope is that Jacobs will see true workhorse usage as he did in 2022 wherever he lands this offseason.Mid 2023 1st
25RB8Austin EkelerRBLACEkeler is nearing the RB age cliff at 28, but his receiving usage gives him a higher floor and ceiling than other aging RBs.Mid 2023 1st
26TE1Mark AndrewsTEBALMid 2023 1st
27TE2Travis KelceTEKCKelce will continue to be an integral red-zone target, but volume and yardage are concerns for his age 34 season.Mid 2023 1st
28WR14Stefon DiggsWRBUFMid 2023 1st
29WR15Tyreek HillWRMIAMid 2023 1st
30WR16Davante AdamsWRLVRMid 2023 1st
31WR17Marquise BrownWRARIStill in his prime at age 26, Brown was WR7 in PPR PPG from Weeks 1-6 without Hopkins, and Hopkins is due to be traded.Mid 2023 1st
32TE3Kyle PittsTEATLLike London, the hope is that ATL will find a QB upgrade this offseason and potentially pass at a higher rate in 2023.Mid 2023 1st
33QB5Lamar JacksonQBFARegardless of whether Jackson will remain in BAL or go elsewhere, his rushing production will keep him a strong QB1.Mid 2023 1st
34QB6Justin FieldsQBCHIFields has the rushing production to be a perennial top-5 fantasy QB, and the sky's the limit if CHI upgrades their OL and WRs.Mid 2023 1st
35QB7Justin HerbertQBLACHopefully LAC will pair the hiring of Kellen Moore with the addition of a downfield threat for Herbert to elevate his ceiling.Mid 2023 1st
36TE4George KittleTESFMid 2023 1st
37TE5TJ HockensonTEMINMid 2023 1st
38WR18Cooper KuppWRLARLate 2023 1st
39WR19Chris GodwinWRTBThere are questions as to how TB's offense will look like with Kyle Trask under center, but Godwin's talent should shine through.Late 2023 1st
40WR20Jameson WilliamsWRDETWilliams could benefit from a QB with better deep ball accuracy if DET adds a rookie via the draft this offseason.Late 2023 1st
41WR21DJ MooreWRCARRegardless of what CAR does at QB this offseason, Moore should be a consistent chain mover and WR2 in PPR.Late 2023 1st
42RB9Najee HarrisRBPITLate 2023 1st
43RB10D'Andre SwiftRBDETIt seems unlikely that Swift will ever be a workhorse, but his dynamic YAC ability as a receiver gives him high weekly upside.Late 2023 1st
44RB11Dalvin CookRBMINLate 2023 1st
45WR22Terry McLaurinWRWASLate 2023 1st
46WR23Diontae JohnsonWRPITLate 2023 1st
47WR24Michael PittmanWRINDWhatever happens, IND's offense can't be quite as bad as it was in 2022. Pittman still has fantasy potential as the no. 1 WR.Late 2023 1st
48RB12Rhamondre StevensonRBNENE figures to continue using a RBBC with Stevenson as the 1A, but Bill O'Brien is a big upgrade at OC over Matt Patricia. Late 2023 1st
49RB13Tony PollardRBFAWhether Pollard remains in DAL or goes elsewhere, he figures to be the 1A with big play ability as a runner and receiver.Late 2023 1st
50RB14Nick ChubbRBCLELate 2023 1st
51RB15Joe MixonRBCINLate 2023 1st
52WR25Rashod BatemanWRBALWith Greg Roman gone, Bateman could benefit from a more pass-heavy scheme in BAL, though much depends on the QB situation.Late 2023 1st
53WR26Treylon BurksWRTENLate 2023 1st
54WR27Jahan DotsonWRWASLate 2023 1st
55QB8Kyler MurrayQBARIMurray is undervalued following the ACL tear, but there should be no long-term concerns about his rushing potential.Early 2023 2nd
56QB9Trevor LawrenceQBJAXLawrence grew by leaps and bounds in Year 2 with the coaching change, and he's displayed long-term potential.Early 2023 2nd
57QB10Deshaun WatsonQBCLEWatson struggled in his first few games back, but his prospects remain bullish with Stefanski and strong talent around him.Early 2023 2nd
58QB11Trey LanceQBSFSF will add QB depth, but with Purdy's status in question for Week 1, Lance enters 2023 as the de facto starter.Early 2023 2nd
59QB12Tua TagovailoaQBMIATua's ceiling is elite with McDaniel, Hill, and Waddle, but the concussion history is a bit worrisome.Early 2023 2nd
60WR28Amari CooperWRCLECooper should remain the target leader in CLE and has top-12 WR potential if Watson can return to form in 2023.Early 2023 2nd
61WR29Mike EvansWRTBLike Godwin, Evans has the talent to be productive even with questions about how Trask will look.Early 2023 2nd
62TE6Dallas GoedertTEPHIEarly 2023 2nd
63RB16JK DobbinsRBBALEarly 2023 2nd
64RB17Javonte WilliamsRBDENWilliams faces an uphill battle to be ready by Week 1, and he may not be back to 100% for most of 2023 even once he returns.Early 2023 2nd
65RB18Isiah PachecoRBKCKC is likely to add RB depth, but Pacheco flashed as a runner and receiver and has RB2 potential in 2023 and beyond.Early 2023 2nd
66WR30Jerry JeudyWRDENEarly 2023 2nd
67WR31Brandon AiyukWRSFAiyuk has talent, but if he remains in SF, there simply aren't enough targets behind Samuel and Kittle for consistent weekly production.Early 2023 2nd
68WR32Christian WatsonWRGBWatson showed his raw athleticism as a rookie, but he's still a WIP with a question mark at QB depending on Rodgers's decision.Early 2023 2nd
69WR33George PickensWRPITMid 2023 2nd
70WR34Courtland SuttonWRDENMid 2023 2nd
71WR35DeAndre HopkinsWRARIReports are that ARI will trade Hopkins, and at age 31, he's no longer a top-end WR1, but he should see volume wherever he goes.Mid 2023 2nd
72RB19Cam AkersRBLARMid 2023 2nd
73RB20Dameon PierceRBHOUMid 2023 2nd
74RB21Aaron JonesRBGBBy staying in GB with a restructured contract, Jones figures to split work with Dillon with questions at QB depending on Rodgers.Mid 2023 2nd
75RB22James CookRBBUFCook saw more work late in the season and has receiving upside, but BUF figures to add RB depth even assuming Singletary is gone.Mid 2023 2nd
76RB23AJ DillonRBGBMid 2023 2nd
77RB24Derrick HenryRBTENPerhaps Henry will prove everyone wrong, but he lost some burst last season and will be 30 years old in 2023.Mid 2023 2nd
78WR36Calvin RidleyWRJAXRidley is a risk/reward prospect after having missed the entire 2022 season. Still, he's only 28 and has shown talent.Mid 2023 2nd
79WR37Christian KirkWRJAXMid 2023 2nd
80WR38Jakobi MeyersWRNEMeyers is an underrated WR who can move the chains, and he has PPR WR2 upside depending on where he signs this offseason.Mid 2023 2nd
81QB13Dak PrescottQBDALIf DAL uses Prescott more as a runner going forward as they did in the playoffs, he can be a solid QB1 in fantasy.Mid 2023 2nd
82QB14Daniel JonesQBFAJones was quietly a top-5 rushing QB by most metrics, and he'll have strong coaching with Daboll if he stays with NYG.Mid 2023 2nd
83QB15Kirk CousinsQBMINCousins has been a consistent back-end QB1 in fantasy for multiple seasons and remains perennially undervalued.Mid 2023 2nd
84QB16Russell WilsonQBDENWilson showed flashes late in 2022, and there's hope that Sean Payton can revive a DEN offense that was anemic under Hackett.Mid 2023 2nd
85QB17Matthew StaffordQBLARWith Sean McVay staying in LA, Stafford can return to QB1 status assuming both he and Kupp are healthy for the start of next season.Mid 2023 2nd
86QB18Aaron RodgersQBFAMuch depends on where Rodgers will be playing in 2023, and he could retire soon after his age 40 season.Mid 2023 2nd
87RB25Alvin KamaraRBNOKamara will be 28 years old this season and will likely miss games due to suspension. He's a risky dynasty asset going forward.Mid 2023 2nd
88RB26Khalil HerbertRBCHIHerbert looked to have more burst than Montgomery in 2022 and could see more work in 2023 depending on what CHI does at RB.Mid 2023 2nd
89TE7Pat FreiermuthTEPITMid 2023 2nd
90TE8Dalton SchultzTEFAThe best case scenario for Schultz will be to stay in DAL, but he can be a decent back-end TE1 in PPR wherever he goes.Mid 2023 2nd
91TE9Darren WallerTELVRMid 2023 2nd
92RB27David MontgomeryRBFAWherever Montgomery is playing in 2023, he figures to be part of a committee and will be a TD-dependent RB2, at best.Late 2023 2nd
93RB28James ConnerRBARILike Montgomery, Conner figures to be part of a committee in 2023, whether he remains in ARI or goes elsewhere.Late 2023 2nd
94WR39Kadarius ToneyWRKCToney has incredible upside but must prove he can stay healthy and on the field after a turbulent first two seasons in the league.Late 2023 2nd
95WR40Keenan AllenWRLACAllen can be a contributor even at age 31, but his declining volume and efficiency make him more of a WR2/3 in PPR going forward.Late 2023 2nd
96WR41Brandin CooksWRHOUCooks has paths to a rebound in 2023 whether he gets traded to a better offense or if HOU snags a top rookie QB in the draft.Late 2023 2nd
97WR42Tyler LockettWRSEALate 2023 2nd
98WR43Mike WilliamsWRLACLate 2023 2nd
99TE10David NjokuTECLELate 2023 2nd
100TE11Mike GesickiTEMIAGesicki is a dynamic receiver and has speed to threaten downfield if he goes to a team that uses him more in the passing game.Late 2023 2nd
101TE12Evan EngramTEJAXWith JAX franchise-tagging Engram, he showed chemistry with Lawrence but may face more target competition with Ridley returning.Late 2023 2nd
102RB29Rachaad WhiteRBTBWith Fournette's expected release, White should have a large role in 2023, but he figures to share the backfield in an iffy offense.Late 2023 2nd
103RB30Miles SandersRBFAWhether in PHI or elsewhere, Sanders should contribute but projects to be a TD-dependent flex or RB2, at best.Late 2023 2nd
104RB31Leonard FournetteRBFAAt age 28, Fournette is unlikely to be a workhorse wherever he signs but could still produce as a TD-dependent GL option.Late 2023 2nd
105RB32Ezekiel ElliottRBDALMuch is up in the air for both Elliott and Pollard this offseason, but Elliott has slowed down and looks to be more of a flex going forward.Late 2023 2nd
106RB33Tyler AllgeierRBATLLate 2023 2nd
107RB34Antonio GibsonRBWASLate 2023 2nd
108RB35Rashaad PennyRBFAPenny has shown talent and could earn a lead role, but he's likely to be in a committee no matter where he signs.Late 2023 2nd
109QB19Jared GoffQBDETBen Johnson staying as OC gives Goff stability in that offense, and he should be the Week 1 starter even if DET drafts a rookie QB.
110QB20Mac JonesQBNE
111QB21Kenny PickettQBPIT
112QB22Geno SmithQBFALike Goff, Geno Smith's long-term tenure is in question, but he has a good shot to be the Week 1 starter if he stays with SEA.
113QB23Derek CarrQBFACarr can be a solid QB2 in fantasy no matter where he goes this offseason with some upside if he lands in NYJ.
114QB24Ryan TannehillQBFAWhether in TEN or elsewhere, Tannehill remains an underrated QB2 who can have some big fantasy games with rushing TDs.
115RB36Alexander MattisonRBFAMattison could see more work on a new team, but he doesn't project to be a workhorse with a deep FA RB class.
116RB37D'Onta ForemanRBFAThis tier of RBs can all be good GL options but figure to be TD-dependent playing in committee backfields no matter where they land.
117RB38Damien HarrisRBFA
118RB39Jamaal WilliamsRBFA
119RB40Kareem HuntRBFA
120TE13Greg DulcichTEDEN
121TE14Trey McBrideTEARI
122WR44Romeo DoubsWRGB
123WR45Wan'Dale RobinsonWRNYG
124WR46Skyy MooreWRKC
125RB41Elijah MitchellRBSFMitchell needs to be able to stay healthy, but he can be a TD-dependent RB3 and high upside handcuff to McCaffrey in SF.
126RB42Kenneth GainwellRBPHIEven assuming PHI parts ways with Sanders, it will likely be a RBBC, though Gainwell flashed some explosiveness.
127WR47DJ CharkWRFAThis tier of WRs can all be good downfield threats in complementary roles and produce as boom-or-bust WR3s in fantasy.
128WR48Donovan Peoples-JonesWRCLE
129WR49Isaiah HodginsWRNYG
130WR50Allen LazardWRFA
131RB43Cordarrelle PattersonRBATLWhether he remains in ATL or not, Patterson seemed to slow down last season and will be 32 years old in 2023.
132RB44Brian RobinsonRBWAS
133RB45Zonovan KnightRBNYJ
134RB46Raheem MostertRBFAMostert has home-run speed, but it's unlikely he'll find an offense as good as MIA in free agency and will be a complementary piece.
135RB47Devin SingletaryRBFAAs with Mostert, BUF was a great offense for fantasy production, and Singletary will likely be in a worse spot heading into 2023.
136WR51Khalil ShakirWRBUF
137WR52Darnell MooneyWRCHI
138WR53Rondale MooreWRARI
139WR54Alec PierceWRIND
140WR55Elijah MooreWRNYJ
141WR56Zay JonesWRJAX
142WR57Hunter RenfrowWRLVR
143WR58Tyler BoydWRCIN
144QB25Malik WillisQBTENWillis looked awful as a passer in limited action, but if TEN were to move on from Tannehill, he still has rushing upside.
145QB26Kyle TraskQBTBSo far, TB seems content to head into 2023 with Trask as the starter, but it's still early in the offseason.
146QB27Jordan LoveQBGBIf Rodgers were to leave GB, Love currently projects to be the Week 1 starter with some fantasy upside.
147QB28Brock PurdyQBSFPurdy executed well in Shanahan's offense, but his elbow recovery timeline makes it likely that Lance will start come Week 1.
148WR59Curtis SamuelWRWAS
149WR60Isaiah McKenzieWRBUF
150TE15Gerald EverettTELAC
151TE16Jelani WoodsTEIND
152TE17Cole KmetTECHI
153TE18Dawson KnoxTEBUF
154WR61Robert WoodsWRFA
155WR62JuJu Smith-SchusterWRFASmith-Schuster can be a contributor for an NFL team, but he's unexciting for fantasy after disappointing even with Mahomes.
156WR63Gabriel DavisWRBUF
157WR64Michael GallupWRDAL
158RB48Gus EdwardsRBBAL
159RB49Dontrell HilliardRBFA
160RB50Samaje PerineRBFA
161RB51Jerick McKinnonRBFAPacheco overtook McKinnon for the lead role late in the year, and it's hard to imagine a better spot than KC for McKinnon next season.
162TE19Chigoziem OkonkwoTETENThis tier of TEs all showed potential in 2022, but a lot depends on what their teams do at receiver and QB this offseason.
163TE20Juwan JohnsonTEFA
164TE21Isaiah LikelyTEBAL
165TE22Tyler HigbeeTELAR
166TE23Cade OttonTETB
167RB52Kyren WilliamsRBLAR
168RB53Chuba HubbardRBCAR
169WR65Josh PalmerWRLAC
170WR66Chase ClaypoolWRCHI
171WR67Terrace MarshallWRCAR
172WR68David BellWRCLE
173WR69Nico CollinsWRHOU
174TE24Noah FantTESEA
175TE25Daniel BellingerTENYG
176TE26Robert TonyanTEGB
177WR70Odell BeckhamWRFA
178WR71Michael ThomasWRFA
179WR72Allen RobinsonWRLAR
180RB54Zamir WhiteRBLVR
181RB55Isaiah SpillerRBLAC
182RB56Pierre StrongRBNE
183QB29Sam DarnoldQBFA
184QB30Desmond RidderQBATLRidder could be a fantasy QB2 if ATL doesn't add a FA QB or early-round rookie in the draft.
185QB31Sam HowellQBWASWith Wentz officially released, Howell has a chance to start Week 1 depending on what WAS does at QB this offseason.
186QB32Jimmy GaroppoloQBFAGaroppolo figures to land a starting QB job somewhere, but he's unlikely to be as exciting in fantasy without Shanahan.
187RB57Kene NwangwuRBMIN
188RB58Clyde Edwards-HelaireRBKC
189RB59Chris EvansRBCIN
190RB60Jordan MasonRBSF
191RB61Deon JacksonRBIND
192WR73Justyn RossWRKCThese two WRs missed the entire 2022 season, but both showed talent in college and have an outside shot to contribute in 2023.
193WR74John MetchieWRHOU
194TE27Albert OkwuegbunamTEDEN
195TE28Zach ErtzTEARI
196TE29Logan ThomasTEWAS
197WR75Tyquan ThorntonWRNE
198WR76Parris CampbellWRFA
199WR77Corey DavisWRNYJ
200RB62Jeff Wilson Jr.RBFA

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