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Dynasty Football Rankings: 2022 Fantasy Playoffs Update

These dynasty football rankings are fluid and should be used as a general guide to value players. Many players’ values are dependent on whether a roster is contending for a title or in the process of rebuilding, but in general, dynasty rankings align much more closely with rest-of-season redraft rankings in-season. As such, certain veterans ranked below younger prospects in my rankings could still be worth acquiring in a trade straight up for a contender, and some high-upside prospects may make more sense for a rebuilding team even if ranked below some veteran producers at the position.

The influx of a talented 2022 rookie class has shaken up these dynasty football rankings quite a bit, as high-upside rookies like Kenneth Walker and Drake London have become immediate top-100 dynasty assets. Taking into account team need and roster construction, here are my updated top-200 dynasty football rankings assuming a standard 1QB format with PPR scoring (you can find my superflex rankings here) as we approach the fantasy playoffs. And be sure to check back for updated dynasty rankings at the start of next offseason!

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Dynasty Football Rankings

Last updated on Thursday, December 8th.

RankPos RkPlayerPosTeamCommentsDraft Pick Value
1WR1Ja'Marr ChaseWRCINWith Kirk Cousins likely having played his last game in MIN, Chase should be the No. 1 dynasty WR ROS and possibly beyond as well.>2024 1.01
2WR2AJ BrownWRPHIBrown is still fairly young at 26 years old, and with PHI's defense forcing them into shootouts, he's an elite WR1 ROS and likely for 2024 as well.>2024 1.01
3RB1Bijan RobinsonRBATLIn spite of Tyler Allgeier's continued involvement, Bijan remains an elite talent at RB and will eventually produce as such in fantasy.>2024 1.01
4RB2Breece HallRBNYJHall seems 100% healthy and has reclaimed a workhorse role. He's a clear top-2 dynasty RB despite the Jets' QB and OL concerns.>2024 1.01
5WR3Justin JeffersonWRMINThere are questions about MIN's QB situation heading into 2024, but Jefferson remains an elite talent and buy target for rebuilding teams.~2024 1.01
6RB3Christian McCaffreyRBSFThe age cliff is looming for McCaffrey, but he's a weekly top-3 RB if he can stay healthy for the duration of the 2023 season.~2024 1.01
7WR4Tyreek HillWRMIAAge be damned. Hill is on pace to shatter some records in 2023 and is a league-winner even if his value could drop next offseason.~2024 1.01
8WR5CeeDee LambWRDALThe Cowboys have a cakewalk schedule over the second half of the 2023 season. Lamb should be treated as a strong WR1 ROS.~2024 1.01
9QB1Patrick MahomesQBCINEarly 2024 1st
10QB2Lamar JacksonQBPHIEarly 2024 1st
11QB3Jalen HurtsQBATLEarly 2024 1st
12QB4Josh AllenQBNYJEarly 2024 1st
13WR6Jaylen WaddleWRMIAWaddle has been overshadowed by Hill and dealt with injuries in 2023, but he remains an elite talent and is paired with Mike McDaniel long-term.Early 2024 1st
14WR7Garrett WilsonWRNYJWilson doesn't have an elite ceiling ROS with Zach Wilson, but he's still seeing a massive target share this year and is fine long-term.Early 2024 1st
15WR8Amon-Ra St. BrownWRDETEarly 2024 1st
16WR9Chris OlaveWRNODerek Carr hasn't found Olave on many big plays, but Olave continues to see a high target share and should be a long-term buy or hold.Early 2024 1st
17WR10Stefon DiggsWRBUFEarly 2024 1st
18TE1Mark AndrewsTEBALEarly 2024 1st
19TE2Travis KelceTEKCMid 2024 1st
20RB4Travis EtienneRBJACEtienne has been a workhorse in 2023 with heavy usage as a receiver as well. His future looks bright tied to Lawrence in JAX.Mid 2024 1st
21RB5Jonathan TaylorRBINDMoss will still be involved, but Taylor continues to see more usage with each passing week, and Minshew at QB ensures target volume.Mid 2024 1st
22RB6Jahmyr GibbsRBDETGibbs's fantasy ceiling will be limited once Montgomery returns, but the rookie has shown flashes of elite talent.Mid 2024 1st
23RB7De'Von AchaneRBMIAMIA's OL injuries are concerning, but Achane should still be a boom/bust RB1 once he returns from IR with an elite ceiling long-term.Mid 2024 1st
24QB5Joe BurrowQBCINBurrow's calf looks to be 100% healthy after CIN's bye, which vaults him back up to a strong QB1 ROS.Mid 2024 1st
25QB6Anthony RichardsonQBINDRichardson should be a strong buy candidate for rebuilding teams looking ahead to 2024 and beyond.Mid 2024 1st
26RB8Saquon BarkleyRBNYGDespite NYG's overall offensive woes, Barkley is a workhorse RB1 and could see even more targets if Waller is out for a while.Mid 2024 1st
27WR11Puka NacuaWRLARStafford's thumb injury could limit Nacua, but he continues to demand a strong target share and should excel with McVay long-term.Mid 2024 1st
28RB9Kenneth WalkerRBSEAMid 2024 1st
29WR12DeVonta SmithWRPHIMid 2024 1st
30WR13DK MetcalfWRSEAMid 2024 1st
31WR14Jaxon Smith-NjigbaWRSEAMid 2024 1st
32WR15Zay FlowersWRBALMid 2024 1st
33WR16Jordan AddisonWRMINThere are questions at QB for MIN ROS and heading into 2024, and Jefferson's eventual return will cap Addison's weekly ceiling.Mid 2024 1st
34WR17Cooper KuppWRLARLike Nacua, Kupp will be reliant on Stafford's health, but both WRs should have high weekly ceilings ROS as boom/bust WR1s.Mid 2024 1st
35RB10Alvin KamaraRBNOKamara is a declining asset at almost 29 years old, but he's a PPR machine and locked-in weekly RB1 with Carr's proficiency for checking down.Mid 2024 1st
36RB11Austin EkelerRBLACEkeler's pass-catching usage keeps him as a strong RB1 ROS, but like Kamara, his value will drop off quickly in the offseason.Mid 2024 1st
37WR18Drake LondonWRATLThe switch to Heinicke should be a minor upgrade for ATL's pass-catchers, but London's ceiling may be capped without a long-term QB upgrade.Mid 2024 1st
38WR19Davante AdamsWRLVAdams has a massive weekly ceiling, but we're seeing that he also has a low weekly floor, especially with a rookie QB under center.Mid 2024 1st
39WR20Tee HigginsWRCINHiggins should be an upside WR2 each week ROS with Burrow healthy, but keep in mind that he'll likely be on a new team in 2024.Mid 2024 1st
40TE3Sam LaPortaTEDETEven as a rookie, LaPorta is heavily involved as a pass-catcher and has shown high-end playmaking ability.Mid 2024 1st
41TE4Dalton KincaidTEBUFWith Knox out, Kincaid has finally shown his receiving ability with consistent usage and should be a reliable TE1 going forward with Allen.Mid 2024 1st
42QB7Tua TagovailoaQBMIAMIA's OL injuries are a concern, but Tua should remain a strong weekly QB1 as long as he, Hill, and Waddle can stay healthy.Late 2024 1st
43QB8Trevor LawrenceQBJACLate 2024 1st
44QB9Justin HerbertQBLACLate 2024 1st
45WR21Marquise BrownWRARIWith Kyler Murray returning soon, Brown should see more accurate downfield targets and has WR1 potential ROS if Murray can return to form.Late 2024 1st
46RB12Tony PollardRBDALLate 2024 1st
47RB13James CookRBBUFLate 2024 1st
48TE5TJ HockensonTEMINLike Jefferson and Addison, Hockenson gets downgraded with Cousins out, but he can still see target volume from Dobbs.Late 2024 1st
49TE6George KittleTESFKittle is very boom/bust, but he can be a league-winner ROS if Deebo or Aiyuk miss time over the second half of the year.Late 2024 1st
50QB10Kyler MurrayQBARIWhether Kyler's future is still with ARI long-term remains up in the air, but his rushing potential will keep him a fantasy QB1 regardless.Late 2024 1st
51QB11Justin FieldsQBCHIThe same goes for Fields. Whether in CHI or elsewhere long-term, he has the ability to score fantasy points with his legs.Late 2024 1st
52WR22Michael PittmanWRINDWith Minshew at QB ROS, Pittman should continue to see heavy target volume and be a weekly high-floor WR2 play.Late 2024 1st
53WR23Brandon AiyukWRSFAiyuk and Deebo may alternate big weeks in 2023, but both have massive ceilings with Aiyuk heading to free agency this offseason.Late 2024 1st
54TE7Dallas GoedertTEPHILate 2024 1st
55TE8Kyle PittsTEATLLate 2024 1st
56WR24Keenan AllenWRLACThere's risk with Allen nearing 32 years old, but he looks to be a strong WR2 ROS considering his high target share with Williams out.Late 2024 1st
57RB14Isiah PachecoRBKCPacheco has cemented himself as the lead RB in KC, and his pass-catching usage gives him a high weekly floor as an RB2 in fantasy.Late 2024 1st
58RB15Javonte WilliamsRBDENWilliams finally looks 100% healthy and has reclaimed the clear lead role in a DEN offense that's bounced back under Sean Payton.Late 2024 1st
59RB16Joe MixonRBCINBurrow at full health gives all the CIN skill-position players high weekly floors and ceilings in fantasy ROS even if Mixon is getting up there in age.Late 2024 1st
60RB17David MontgomeryRBDETMontgomery looks to be a strong RB2 ROS with weekly TD potential behind a stout DET OL that wants to run the ball, especially near the GL.Late 2024 1st
61WR25Deebo SamuelWRSFDeebo and Aiyuk may alternate big weeks in 2023, but both have massive ceilings with Aiyuk heading to free agency this offseason.Late 2024 1st
62WR26DJ MooreWRCHILate 2024 1st
63WR27Adam ThielenWRCARThielen has been the clear No. 1 target for rookie Bryce Young and can be a back-end WR1 ROS as long as he can stay healthy.Early 2024 2nd
64WR28Terry McLaurinWRWASEarly 2024 2nd
65WR29Amari CooperWRCLEEarly 2024 2nd
66WR30Calvin RidleyWRJACEarly 2024 2nd
67WR31George PickensWRPITEarly 2024 2nd
68WR32Christian WatsonWRGBJordan Love has been inconsistent, and GB's OL injuries have limited the downfield shots for Watson. He could be a buy low for 2024.Early 2024 2nd
69WR33Gabriel DavisWRBUFBUF has wanted Allen to run a bit less, and a healthy Davis has been a great downfield target. He's a boom/bust WR3 ROS.Early 2024 2nd
70WR34Rashee RiceWRKCRice has become the best KC WR, but he may be limited to a WR2/3 ceiling with Kelce there and Mahomes spreading the ball around.Early 2024 2nd
71WR35Nico CollinsWRHOUThe future is bright in HOU for Collins with Stroud, but they're unlikely to be a pass-first team, which could limit HOU's WRs in fantasy.Early 2024 2nd
72WR36Quentin JohnstonWRLACJohnston finally got more involved vs. CHI, but he needs to demonstrate more consistency for his role to grow behind Keenan Allen.Early 2024 2nd
73RB18Josh JacobsRBLVJacobs has seen similar usage as 2022, but LVR's offense hasn't faciliated much scoring, relegating Jacobs to a volume-based RB2.Early 2024 2nd
74RB19D'Andre SwiftRBPHISwift has cemented himself as the lead back in PHI, but he's still a risky asset given his injury history. Hold if contending but sell if possible.Early 2024 2nd
75QB12Dak PrescottQBDALPrescott has been inconsistent to start the year, but DAL's schedule is much easier over the second half of the 2023 season.Early 2024 2nd
76QB13CJ StroudQBHOUStroud has cooled off after a hot start, but his poise and accuracy thus far are reasons for optimism if HOU can upgrade the OL next offseason.Early 2024 2nd
77RB20Derrick HenryRBTENHopefully TEN's offense can get into the red zone more with Levis under center, which could give Henry more scoring opportunities.Early 2024 2nd
78WR37Diontae JohnsonWRPITJohnson continues where he left off in 2022 as a target-earner who may not see many TDs. He should be a fine WR2/3 in PPR ROS.Early 2024 2nd
79WR38Mike EvansWRTBEvans continues to be a preferred target for Baker Mayfield, and the volume should be there ROS even if the efficiency isn't.Early 2024 2nd
80WR39Chris GodwinWRTBEarly 2024 2nd
81WR40DeAndre HopkinsWRTENHopkins won't score three TDs every week, but Levis's willingness and ability to hit Hopkins deep gives him WR2 upside ROS at the very least.Early 2024 2nd
82WR41Christian KirkWRJACEarly 2024 2nd
83RB21Najee HarrisRBPITEarly 2024 2nd
84RB22Zach CharbonnetRBSEACharbonnet has shown flashes and could have potential to see workhorse usage and fantasy RB1 upside if Walker were to miss time.Early 2024 2nd
85QB14Brock PurdyQBSFPurdy may not have elite QB1 upside distributing the ball in Shanahan's run-heavy offense, but he can be a perennial back-end QB1.Mid 2024 2nd
86QB15Sam HowellQBWASHowell has been inconsistent and taken a lot of sacks, but he's capable of finding his pass-catchers and has been a top-10 fantasy QB thus far.Mid 2024 2nd
87QB16Deshaun WatsonQBCLEIt's unclear whether Watson will regain his HOU form at this point. He's a risk/reward asset going forward until we see him excel.Mid 2024 2nd
88RB23Kyren WilliamsRBLARMid 2024 2nd
89RB24Jerome FordRBCLEMid 2024 2nd
90RB25James ConnerRBARIMid 2024 2nd
91RB26Rachaad WhiteRBTBMid 2024 2nd
92RB27Rhamondre StevensonRBNEMid 2024 2nd
93RB28Raheem MostertRBMIAMostert has shown enough to be an RB2 or flex at worst even once Achane returns to the lineup, but he'll be more volatile week to week.Mid 2024 2nd
94RB29Aaron JonesRBGBMid 2024 2nd
95WR42Josh DownsWRINDDowns has averaged 16.9 PPR PPG since Minshew took over as the starter in Week 6 and can be a WR3 with upside ROS.Mid 2024 2nd
96WR43Courtland SuttonWRDENMid 2024 2nd
97WR44Jahan DotsonWRWASMid 2024 2nd
98WR45Tyler LockettWRSEAMid 2024 2nd
99RB30Jaylen WarrenRBPITMid 2024 2nd
100RB31Tank BigsbyRBJACMid 2024 2nd
101WR46Jakobi MeyersWRLVMeyers has shown immense PPR upside, but he may not see the same kind of target volume from Aidan O'Connell ROS.Mid 2024 2nd
102WR47Jameson WilliamsWRDETHopefully DET can find ways to get Williams more involved coming out of their bye week. As is, he's just a boom/bust WR4.Mid 2024 2nd
103WR48Jerry JeudyWRDENJeudy has yet to surpass 15 PPR points in any given week in 2023 even with DEN's offense playing better this season.Mid 2024 2nd
104WR49Elijah MooreWRCLEMid 2024 2nd
105RB32Dameon PierceRBHOUHOU's backfield continues to devolve into a committee, and it doesn't help that their OL ranks among the worst in the NFL at run blocking.Mid 2024 2nd
106RB33Khalil HerbertRBCHIMid 2024 2nd
107RB34Brian RobinsonRBWASMid 2024 2nd
108TE9Michael MayerTELVMid 2024 2nd
109TE10Trey McBrideTEARIMcBride could see heavy target volume with Ertz on IR and with ARI's defense constantly putting them in catch-up game scripts.Mid 2024 2nd
110QB17Bryce YoungQBCARYoung has begun to look more comfortable after CAR's bye, but it's unlikely he has an elite fantasy ceiling without much rushing potential.Mid 2024 2nd
111QB18Will LevisQBTENLevis had an impressive debut vs. ATL, but he'll need to show more consistency before he moves up the dynasty QB rankings.Mid 2024 2nd
112QB19Jared GoffQBDETGoff looks to be in command of this DET offense and should be a solid QB2 behind this OL and with these pass-catching playmakers.Mid 2024 2nd
113QB20Russell WilsonQBDENMid 2024 2nd
114TE11Pat FreiermuthTEPITMid 2024 2nd
115TE12Evan EngramTEJACMid 2024 2nd
116TE13Jake FergusonTEDALPrescott continues to target Ferguson heavily, and Schultz was a back-end TE1 in that role. Ferguson remains a strong hold or buy.Mid 2024 2nd
117TE14David NjokuTECLEMid 2024 2nd
118RB35Tyjae SpearsRBTENMid 2024 2nd
119WR50Tank DellWRHOUDell has played well outside despite his size and clearly has chemistry with Stroud to make big plays downfield. He's a boom/bust flex ROS.Mid 2024 2nd
120RB36Roschon JohnsonRBCHILate 2024 2nd
121RB37Zack MossRBINDLate 2024 2nd
122WR51Brandin CooksWRDALLate 2024 2nd
123TE15Darren WallerTENYGWaller started to see target volume prior to re-aggravating his hamstring. He could be a buy low for contending teams for the fantasy playoffs.Late 2024 2nd
124TE16Luke MusgraveTEGBLate 2024 2nd
125WR52Jayden ReedWRGBLate 2024 2nd
126WR53Romeo DoubsWRGBLate 2024 2nd
127RB38Gus EdwardsRBBALLate 2024 2nd
128RB39Chuba HubbardRBCARLate 2024 2nd
129RB40Tyler AllgeierRBATLLate 2024 2nd
130RB41Kendre MillerRBNOLate 2024 2nd
131RB42AJ DillonRBGBGB's backfield has been a 50/50 split since Jones's return from injury, and Dillon's usage as a receiver keeps him in the PPR flex range.Late 2024 2nd
132RB43Kareem HuntRBCLELate 2024 2nd
133WR54Demario DouglasWRNEWith Kendrick Bourne on IR, Douglas has the potential to lead NE in targets ROS if he can be a consistent chain-mover for Mac Jones.Early 2024 3rd
134WR55Rashid ShaheedWRNOShaheed is the definition of boom/bust, but he's shown chemistry with Carr on downfield passes and is a weekly upside WR4.Early 2024 3rd
135WR56Zay JonesWRJACJones has shown playmaking ability when healthy and can be a boom/bust flex play if he can stay on the field ROS.Early 2024 3rd
136WR57Marvin MimsWRDENMims has shown flashes but seems unlikely to be a consistent contributor as a rookie. He's a hold or buy heading into 2024.Early 2024 3rd
137WR58Jalin HyattWRNYGEarly 2024 3rd
138TE17Cole KmetTECHIEarly 2024 3rd
139TE18Dalton SchultzTEHOUEarly 2024 3rd
140TE19Logan ThomasTEWASEarly 2024 3rd
141TE20Gerald EverettTELACEarly 2024 3rd
142WR59Kadarius ToneyWRKCEarly 2024 3rd
143WR60Skyy MooreWRKCEarly 2024 3rd
144WR61Treylon BurksWRTENEarly 2024 3rd
145WR62Rashod BatemanWRBALEarly 2024 3rd
146WR63Curtis SamuelWRWASEarly 2024 3rd
147WR64Khalil ShakirWRBUFShakir has played more snaps and seen a double-digit target share since Dawson Knox was injured. He could have WR4 or flex upside ROS.Early 2024 3rd
148RB44Antonio GibsonRBWASEarly 2024 3rd
149RB45Alexander MattisonRBMINEarly 2024 3rd
150RB46Cam AkersRBMINEarly 2024 3rd
151WR65Wan'Dale RobinsonWRNYGEarly 2024 3rd
152RB47Jamaal WilliamsRBNOEarly 2024 3rd
153WR66Michael WilsonWRARIEarly 2024 3rd
154WR67Michael ThomasWRNOEarly 2024 3rd
155WR68Michael GallupWRDALEarly 2024 3rd
156RB48Jordan MasonRBSFMason could have RB2 upside if McCaffrey were to miss any time over the second half of the season with Eli Mitchell constantly banged up.Early 2024 3rd
157QB21Kenny PickettQBPITEarly 2024 3rd
158QB22Daniel JonesQBNYGEarly 2024 3rd
159QB23Geno SmithQBSEAEarly 2024 3rd
160QB24Jordan LoveQBGBEarly 2024 3rd
161QB25Joshua DobbsQBMINDobbs should be a serviceable QB2 ROS in MIN, and he could find a starting job as a bridge QB somewhere in 2024 if he plays well enough.Early 2024 3rd
162RB49Justice HillRBBALMid 2024 3rd
163RB50Rico DowdleRBDALMid 2024 3rd
164RB51Kenneth GainwellRBPHIMid 2024 3rd
165RB52Ezekiel ElliottRBNEMid 2024 3rd
166RB53Jerick McKinnonRBKCMid 2024 3rd
167RB54Miles SandersRBCARMid 2024 3rd
168RB55Elijah MitchellRBSFMid 2024 3rd
169RB56Devin SingletaryRBHOUMid 2024 3rd
170RB57Samaje PerineRBDENMid 2024 3rd
171RB58Dalvin CookRBNYJMid 2024 3rd
172WR69Josh PalmerWRLACMid 2024 3rd
173WR70Jonathan MingoWRCARMid 2024 3rd
174RB59Jeff Wilson JrRBMIAMid 2024 3rd
175QB26Taylor HeinickeQBATLHeinicke is an inconsistent passer, but he's an able runner who can provide rushing production as an upside QB2 in fantasy.Mid 2024 3rd
176QB27Gardner MinshewQBINDWith IND's defense forcing them into shootouts, Minshew is a boom/bust QB2 with a high weekly ceiling and low weekly floor.Mid 2024 3rd
177QB28Matthew StaffordQBLARLAR's OL issues continue to limit Stafford's weekly upside, and their schedule doesn't get much easier in the second half of the year.Mid 2024 3rd
178QB29Derek CarrQBNOMid 2024 3rd
179QB30Baker MayfieldQBTBMid 2024 3rd
180RB60Pierre StrongRBCLELate 2024 3rd
181RB61Emari DemercadoRBARIDemercado seems to be ARI's preferred RB in Conner's absence. He can be a short-term fill-in at flex for contending teams.Late 2024 3rd
182RB62Rashaad PennyRBPHILate 2024 3rd
183RB63Leonard FournetteRBBUFLate 2024 3rd
184WR71JuJu Smith-SchusterWRNELate 2024 3rd
185WR72Odell BeckhamWRBALLate 2024 3rd
186WR73Mike WilliamsWRLACWilliams should be ready for Week 1 of 2024, and the ACL shouldn't affect a straight-line downfield threat like him as much as other WRs.Late 2024 3rd
187WR74DJ CharkWRCARLate 2024 3rd
188WR75Tyler BoydWRCINLate 2024 3rd
189RB64Joshua KelleyRBLACLate 2024 3rd
190QB31Kirk CousinsQBMINCousins has likely played his last snap in MIN. There's no guarantee that he'll produce back-end QB1 numbers elsewhere in 2024.Late 2024 3rd
191QB32Aaron RodgersQBNYJLate 2024 3rd
192RB65JK DobbinsRBBALIt's possible that neither of these RBs will ever be fantasy relevant again, but they're worth rolling the dice on for a late 3rd or less.Late 2024 3rd
193RB66Nick ChubbRBCLELate 2024 3rd
194RB67Isaiah SpillerRBLACLate 2024 3rd
195RB68Damien HarrisRBBUFLate 2024 3rd
196TE21Donald ParhamTELACLate 2024 3rd
197TE22Hunter HenryTENELate 2024 3rd
198TE23Tyler HigbeeTELARLate 2024 3rd
199TE24Cade OttonTETBLate 2024 3rd
200WR76DeVante ParkerWRNELate 2024 3rd

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