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Super 160 2-QB Rankings and Best Setup to Start a 2-QB League [Updated!]

John Laub shares his love of 2-QB leagues and breaks out his top 160 2-QB Rankings for the coming season of fantasy football.

As a kid in the early Eighties, I had a paper route and loved reading the Sunday sports section of the Danbury News-Times after making my deliveries in the neighborhood. My trusted golden retriever Brandy would walk with me in the heat, rain, and snow. He always tagged along, and I never had to put a leash on him…It was a far different era and world.

Unfortunately, I did not play fantasy football yet. It was not until the late Eighties that I organized my first league and have played every year since. Just as nature evolves and society advances, the fantasy football hobby also undergoes constant change.

After thirty years, I have played in nearly every possible fantasy football format and one of my absolute favorites is 2-QB leagues. I know that it can be difficult to convince owners to make significant changes to their league rules and scoring formats. However, the conversation process must be commenced this season.

I have played in two keeper leagues for years—one for thirty campaigns and another for twenty-one seasons. Four years ago, I proposed the idea of changing the latter one to a 2-QB arrangement before we met for our annual bash. I posted a poll on the site; regrettably, the owners vetoed the idea. I did not give up. At the draft, I spoke about the benefits of starting two quarterbacks in lineups and how it increased the value of the most important position on the field.

Before the kickoff the following season, I posted another ballot on the league page. Luckily, the owners finally acknowledged the better set-up and voted in the affirmative. It is the best decision that we have made as a collective since organizing the league over twenty years ago. Now, is the time to make the revisions in your league to a 2-QB starting lineup.

Starting a 2-QB League

Let me provide some parameters to make the season more entertaining for the upcoming fantasy football crusade. I would create a 2-QB 10-team league with PPR-scoring and the following starting lineup: 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE and 1 Flex—kickers and team defenses are optional. It keeps the waiver wire bountiful and allows less experienced players an opportunity to learn the value of signal callers. It ends the late-round quarterback strategy and forces owners to adopt a new approach.

Some tips and observations for drafting a 2-QB team:

  • The draft evolves far differently than a standard league
  • Owners must be ready to react and change strategy at any time
  • In the first two rounds, draft a signal caller and try to own two quarterbacks after five rounds
  • Limit rosters to three quarterbacks per team. If not, one owner will surely attempt to monopolize the position and retain four or five quarterbacks at the same time during the season
  • If possible, try to acquire one stud quarterback (A. Luck, P. Mahomes, D. Watson and A. Rogers), and as a perfect complement, obtain a dual-threat playmaker (L. Jackson, J. Allen, M. Trubisky and K. Murray)
  • Always leave the draft with three starters
  • Veterans with starting, and nearly unchallenged, depth charts (M. Stafford, A. Dalton and J. Flacco) are ideally suited as a backup and bye-week starter
  • Based on current ADP on Fantasy Football Calculator, a 2-QB roster could include the following players (round.selection) DeShaun Watson (2.05), Jameis Winston (5.07), and Andy Dalton (10.06)
  • Wide receivers will most likely be pushed down and value opens up at the position in the fourth round
  • Most importantly, try something new and have fun

In order to open the curtain on a worthwhile endeavor, I have provided 2-QB rankings for the coming season.

You will not regret the decision to play in a 2-QB league this fall…I promise.

Enjoy my fellow fantasy fanatics.

2-QB Rankings for 2019

1S. BarkleyRBGiants
2P. MahomesQBChiefs
3C. McCaffreyRBPanthers
4A. KamaraRBSaints
5D. WatsonQBTexans
6E. ElliotRBCowboys
7R. WilsonQBSeahawks
8D. JohnsonRBCardinals
9J. MixonRBBengals
10D. HopkinsWRTexans
11A. RogersQBPackers
12J. ConnorRBSteelers
13D. AdamsWRPackers
14M. ThomasWRSaints
15B. MayfieldQBBrowns
16N. ChubbRBBrowns
17C. NewtonQBPanthers
18L. BellRBJets
19T. HillWRChiefs
20J. JonesWRFalcons
21O. Beckham, Jr.WRBrowns
22M. EvansWRBucaneers
23J. WinstonQBBucaneers
24T. KelceTEChiefs
25M. RyanQBFalcons
26L. FournetteRBJaguars
27T. GurleyRBRams
29C. WentzQBEagles
30D. PrescottQBCowboys
31D. CookRBVikings
32Z. ErtzTEEagles
33K. AllenWRChargers
34L. JacksonQBRavens
35G. KittleTE49ers
36D. HenryRBTitans
37T.Y. HiltonWRColts
38A. CooperWRCowboys
39A. BrownWRRaiders
40C. CarsonRBSeahawks
41S. DiggsWRVikings
42M. MackRBColts
43D.J. MooreWRPanthers
44J. GoffQBRams
45K. CousinsQBVikings
46B. CooksWRRams
47D. BreesQBSaints
48M. GordonRBChargers
49D. FreemanRBFalcons
50A. TheilenWRVikings
51C. GodwinWRBucaneers
52K. MurrayQBCardinals
53B. RoethlisbergerQBSteelers
54T. BoydWRBengals
55J. AllenQBBills
56S. MichelRBPatriots
57A. JonesRBPackers
58D. WilliamsRBChiefs
59K. GolladayWRLions
60P. RiversQBChargers
61M. IngramRBRavens
62O.J. HowardTEBucaneers
63J. EdelmanWRPatriots
64R. WoodsWRRams
65A.J. GreenWRBengals
66M. TrubiskyQBBears
67J. JacobsRBRaiders
68K. JohnsonRBLions
69J. GaroppoloQB49ers
70E. EngramTEGiants
71P. LindseyRBBroncos
72T. BradyQBPatriots
73T. LockettWRSeahawks
74R. AndersonWRJets
75K. DrakeRBDolphins
76H. HenryTEChargers
77M. WilliamsWRChargers
78A. JefferyWREagles
79M. StaffordQBLions
80E. EbronTEColts
81D. MontgomeryRBBears
82T. ColemanRB49ers
83D. JohnsonRBTexans
84J. LandryWRBrowns
85C. RidleyWRFalcons
86S. WatkinsWRChiefs
87S. DarnoldQBJets
88D. GuiceRBRedskins
89J. WhiteRBPatriots
90A. RobinsonWRBears
91C. KuppWRRams
92C. DavisWRTitans
93J. CookTESaints
94D. CarrQBRaiders
95T. CohenRBBears
96R. FreemanRBBroncos
97A. HooperTEFalcons
98C. SuttonWRBroncos
99D. WestbrookWRJaguars
100W. FullerWRTexans
101A. DaltonQBBengals
102D. ThompsonRBChiefs
103D. NjokuTEBrowns
104J. BrissettQBColts
105L. MurrayRBSaints
106N. FolesQBJaguars
107J. WashingtonRBSteelers
108D. SingletaryRBBills
109M. MariotaQBTitans
110D. HendersonRBRams
111A. MillerWRBears
112C. KirkWRCardinals
113M. JonesWRLions
114S. ShepardWRGiants
115A. EcklerRBChargers
116J. FlaccoQBBroncos
117R. PennyRBSeahawks
118L. FitzgeraldWRCardinals
119D. PettisWR49ers
120C. SamuelWRPanthers
121E. ManningQBGiants
122J. SamuelsRBSteelers
123E. SandersWRBroncos
124D.K. MetcalfWRSeahawks
125V. McDonaldTESteelers
126T. BurtonTEBears
127P. BarberRBBucs
128J. RosenQBDolphins
129J. JacksonRBChargers
130N. HarryWRPatriots
131I. SmithRBFalcons
132G. TateWRGiants
133D. HaskinsQBRedskins
134Z. JonesWRBills
135K. BallageRBDolphins
136D. JacksonWREagles
137L. McCoyRBBills
138N. HinesRBColts
139K. CouteeWRTexans
140M. HardmanWRChiefs
141T.J. YeldonRBBills
143R. JonesRBBucaneers
144C. HerndonTEJets
145K. HuntRBChiefs
146D. LewisRBTitans
148P. CampbellWRColts
149C. KeenumQBRedskins
150G. AllisonWRPackers
151J. WilliamsRBPackers
152D. HarrisRBPatriots
154D. FunchessWRColts
155Los AngelesDEFRams
156T.J. HockensonTELions
157K. RudolphTEVikings
158A.J. BrownWRTitans
159M. GoodwinWR49ers
160J. RosenQBDolphins

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  1. kevin says

    can’t get enough of josh rosen

  2. Mitch Hardt says

    My only suggestion is to not go PPR in the league. I would rather give bonus points for certain yardage markers. 5 points for 100 yards receiving and another additional 5 points at 150. My reasoning is a catch for zero yards shouldn’t warrant a point for Zeke. Instead, giving the yardage bonus will make great WRs more valuable and that is the true purpose for PPR anyway.

    I have almost exclusively played in 2QB leagues and I don’t find single QB leagues that challenging anymore. I played in a THREE QB league for the first seven years of my fantasy career. It was STRESSFUL!!
    2QB leagues are the best.

  3. Sivan says

    Hey John

    Our league only has 2 bench spots….
    along with 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, FLEX, D, K

    Lots of waiver wire action throughout the season, however how would you attack the draft?

    Would you maintain the same strategy from your article?

    I have the last (10th) pick


    1. Mitch says

      You wouldn’t want to keep 3 QBs. As you should be able to get a pickup QB for your bye weeks.

  4. Anthony Civitello says

    Hey John,
    Thank you for the article. This is a great help diving into my upcoming draft. I’m in a league with very a different scoring schedule than I am used to. It goes like this: 10 teams – PPR. 2 QB’s, 2 RB’s, 2 WR’s, 2 TE’s, 2 Flex, 2 Defensive Teams, 1 Kicker, and 1 Defensive Player. It is a 20 round snake draft. Draft position is chosen 5 minutes before the draft for everyone.

    How would you approach a draft like this?

    Thanks John!
    – Anthony

  5. Mike says

    Hey John-
    Love the article. How do you recommend I go about our draft? We are a brand new start up 10 person super flex dynasty league. League is 2 qb, 0.5 ppr, 0.25 ppc. Lineup is 2 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 2 flex, 1 te.
    Last year I knew we were moving to dynasty so I loaded up on picks for this year.
    I have picks:
    1st Round- 6, 9 and 10
    2nd Round- 15
    3rd Round – 26 and 29
    4th Round – 35 and 38

    I should have a strong team, we do not have a limit on qbs. Just wondering how you would go about this? Thanks! Love you stuff!

  6. John Laub says

    I should be able to updated the rankings every two weeks now.

    1. Max says

      How often are the ranking being up dated? Enjoy the ranking just wondering how current they are and will be as it gets closer to draft season thanks

  7. Igor says

    How often do you refresh 2QB rankings

  8. Paul Zone says

    Hey John,

    Just suggested an OP position in my 10 team league. Looks like it will pass. Do you think this is much different than a 2 QB league?

    Roster would be
    QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, FLEX, OP, K, DEF

    How many total players for rosters? We had 9 starters and 7 bench last year. Should I expand roster sizes to account for the extra QBs? Thinking I up it to 3 WR too. Thoughts and what’s a good roster size if I do that?

    Thanks in advance! New territory after 28 years of FF!

    1. John Laub says

      Hi Paul:

      Just saw your post…so sorry for the delay. SuperFlex is very similar to a 2-QB. It provides a little flexibility on bye weeks. In a 2-QB, I always draft 3 QBs. In SuperFlex it depends on value at the position if I take a third.

    2. John Laub says

      Yes…must increase the size of the rosters…I suggest 20 players.
      Lineups: 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, and 1 Flex.

    3. John Laub says

      Hi Anthony:

      I would make sure that I have 2 QBs at the end of the fourth round….I want to own two of my top 12 signal callers is possible.


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