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Week 4 NFL DFS Main Slate Picks: Money Makers and Heartbreakers

Welcome to my Week 4 DFS Picks for the main slate. This week I have some surprises for you in Money Makers and Heart Breakers. Players you may not have even considered as potential plays for Week 4 of the NFL DFS main slate. I won’t lie, I myself was a little shocked at some of the names I pulled out of my research. If you asked me two weeks ago if I would recommend playing Andy Dalton, Zack Moss, or some other players in this article I would have told you that you were nuts. But here I am with some players at each position that even surprised me that I am recommending this week.

Let’s go and dive into Money Makers and Heart Breakers for who to pick or avoid for the Week 4 NFL DFS Main Slate Picks.

Week 4 NFL DFS Main Slate Picks

Here is a brief definition of each of my terms for anyone that might be new:

💰 Money Maker – This player will perform better than expectations

💔 Heart Breaker – This player will perform lower than expectations

💰Money Makers


Russell Wilson

Wilson has back-to-back 300-yard games and multiple touchdowns in 2 out of his 3 games played this season. In Week 4 the Broncos are playing the Bears. The Bears give up the 5th most fantasy points to opposing teams’ quarterbacks.  This season the Bears have given up either 300 yards or 3 touchdowns in every game this season. With how bad the Broncos have been Wilson will still produce good fantasy numbers for you in Week 4.

$5,800 on DraftKings
$7,500 on FanDuel

Jimmy Garoppolo

Garoppolo is coming off a 324-yard 2-touchdown outing against the Steelers. He has Jakobi Meyers back in the lineup and Davante Adams tearing it up weekly. In Week 4 the Raiders get to play the Chargers who give up the most fantasy points to quarterbacks so far this season. Play your Raiders everywhere.

$5,300 on DraftKings
$6,900 on FanDuel

Andy Dalton

The Red Rifle is also coming off a huge game. Dalton threw for 361 yards and 2 touchdowns in Week 3 against the Seahawks. Up next is the Vikings, and they give up third-most fantasy points to opposing teams’ quarterbacks. The Vikings have given up 8 touchdowns to quarterbacks in the first 3 weeks of the season. The Red Rifle will be firing away in a shootout.

$5,100 on DraftKings
$6,800 on FanDuel

Other Quarterback DFS Picks for Week 4

Justin Fields

$6,600 on DraftKings
$7,200 on FanDuel

Justin Herbert

$7,800 on DraftKings
$8,600 on FanDuel

Joe Burrow

$6,500 on DraftKings
$7,200 on FanDuel

Running Backs

Alexander Mattison

Mattison saw some serious volume in Week 3 with 26 total touches which helped him produce 125 total yards. In Week 4 the Vikings play the Panthers. The running back position averages 114 yards and 2 touchdowns rushing a week against the Panthers. Every week this season a running back has scored 2 rushing touchdowns against the Panthers. Cam Akers could get mixed in, but I like Mattison’s chances to score a touchdown in Week 4.

$5,800 on DraftKings
$7,200 on FanDuel

Zack Moss

The Colts play the Rams in Week 4. The Rams have given up a touchdown in each of the last 2 games to a running back. Moss has over a combined 100 yards and a touchdown in each of the games he has played this season. Moss is in a nice spot to produce with volume yet again in Week 4. He will be involved a lot, and he will produce.

$6,000 on DraftKings
$7,300 on FanDuel

Christian McCaffrey

The Niners are playing the Cardinals in Week 4. The Cardinals have given up 4 double-digit fantasy scores to running backs over the first three games of this season. Meanwhile, McCaffrey has scored a touchdown in each game this season and has eclipsed 20 fantasy points in every game this season. I am going to pay up for him this week in a plus match-up. McCaffrey is going to come up big.

$9,200 on DraftKings
$9,700 on FanDuel

Other Running Back DFS Picks for Week 4

Roschon Johnson

$4,900 on DraftKings
$5,300 on FanDuel

Damion Pierce

$5,100 on DraftKings
$6,300 on FanDuel

James Cook

$6,300 on DraftKings
$6,800 on FanDuel

Wide Receivers

Davante Adams

The team that gives up the most points to wide receivers has not changed since last week. It is still the Chargers. This week the Raiders get to play the Chargers. The Raiders passing tree consists primarily of three players Adams, Jakobi Meyers and Josh Jacobs. Those three players get 92% of the target share. Adams has 39% of the target share and 52% of the air yards. Play him everywhere you can. Throw Meyers in there too. Adams will post over 100 yards and a touchdown in Week 4.

$8,000 on DraftKings
$8,100 on FanDuel

Adam Thielen

The Panthers have Andy Dalton at quarterback now. Dalton threw the ball 58 times in Week 3. Thielen saw 14 of those targets for a 24% target share. Thielen turned that into 11 receptions, 145 yards, and a touchdown. The Vikings are up in Week 4. The Vikings give up the third most fantasy points to opposing teams’ wide receivers.  Wide receivers average 18 receptions, 236 yards, and two touchdowns per week against the Vikings. 5 different wide receivers have had double-digit fantasy days against the Vikings’ defense in 3 weeks of play. Thielen will be feeling it in Week 4.

$4,500 on DraftKings
$6,800 on FanDuel

Tank Dell

Tank has seen 17 targets over the past two weeks. He has had 12 receptions, 217 yards, and 2 touchdowns over that two-week span. The Steelers are up next. Last week the Steelers gave up a huge game to Davante Adams (172 yards and 2 touchdowns). The Steelers give up the 5th most fantasy points to opposing teams’ wide receivers. This will be a good week for Tank and Nico Collins to produce in that Texans passing game.

$4,600 on DraftKings
$6,200 on FanDuel

Other Wide Receiver DFS Picks for Week 4

Ja’Marr Chase

$7,800 on DraftKings
$8,200 on FanDuel

DJ Moore

$5,600 on DraftKings
$6,100 on FanDuel

Puka Nacua

$6,700 on DraftKings
$7,500 on FanDuel

Tight Ends

Pat Freiermuth

Freiermuth is logging the second most snaps as a receiver for the Steelers. So, he is on the field a lot. Freiermuth is also targeted in the red zone, he has 2 touchdowns so far this season. The Steelers are playing against the Texans in Week 4. The Texans are a bottom-10 team at defending tight ends. Muth should have a chance at another touchdown in Week 4.

$3,400 on DraftKings
$5,500 on FanDuel

Logan Thomas

The Commanders get to play the Eagles in Week 4. The Eagles give up an average of 6 receptions, 62 yards, and a touchdown weekly to tight ends. It is the friendliest defense to tight ends this season. Thomas plays the Travis Kelce role in this offense. If he is healthy and playing I feel confident plugging him in Week 4.

$3,100 on DraftKings
$5,000 on FanDuel

Gerald Everett

In the past two games Everett has caught all 9 of the passes thrown his way. For 9 receptions and 77 yards. He has only missed on one target in three games and has a 91.7% catch rate. The Chargers lost Mike Williams which could present opportunities to Everett. The Raiders are up in Week 4. This is a team that does not defend the tight end position well. Tight ends average 6 receptions and 50 yards against this team. Everett should be able to do that in Week 4.

$3,600 on DraftKings
$5,000 on FanDuel



Team defenses average 17 fantasy points per week against the Commanders. That is the most. The Eagles are playing the Commanders in Week 4. The Eagles defense averages 10 fantasy points per week. Yes, this is a match made in heaven. A fumble recovery for a touchdown would not be unheard of for the Eagles in Week 4.

$4,100 on DraftKings
$5,000 on FanDuel


The Titans give up the 7th most fantasy points to opposing teams’ defenses. Defenses average 6 sacks, 1 interception and a fumble recovery a week against the Titans.  The Bengals have 9 sacks and 3 interceptions this season. This is a spot for the Bengals defense to get you between 8 to 10 fantasy points. That’s not bad for the price.

$3,800 on DraftKings
$4,100 on FanDuel


The Ravens play the Browns in Week 4. The Browns gave up 12 sacks and 5 fumble recoveries on the season, as well as 2 interceptions and 2 defensive touchdowns. The Ravens haven’t been bad with 11 sacks, an interception, and a fumble recovery. The Browns take sacks and cough up the ball. This looks like a spot where the Ravens could be a nice inexpensive play in Week 4.

$3,200 on DraftKings
$4,100 on FanDuel

💔Heart Breakers

Quarter Backs

Lamar Jackson

The Ravens play the Browns in Week 4. The Browns appear to be the toughest team against quarterbacks when it comes to fantasy scoring this season. Granted they played an injured Joe Burrow and two guys who don’t throw the ball a lot. But they have given up less than 20 total fantasy points to quarterbacks in three weeks. I’ll pass on paying for Lamar in DFS this week. I would still play him in season-long.

Joshua Dobbs

The Cardinals play the Niners in Week 4. The Niners give up 4th fewest fantasy points to opponents’ quarterbacks. The highest total so far is 15 points. Let’s face it you weren’t planning on playing Dobbs anywhere unless you were desperate or really trying to be cute. I really did take the easiest path of resistance with this one. Once in a while, I need a gimme.

Dak Prescott

Believe it or not, the Cowboys have a tough matchup for their passing game in Week 4. The Patriots are the third toughest team against quarterbacks in fantasy. They have held Jalen Hurts (170 yards and 1 touchdown, 12.5 fantasy points) and Tua Tagovailoa (249 yards, 1 touchdown, 13.26 fantasy points) in check this season. I am sorry Cowboys fans but both of those guys are better than Dak. I am out on him in DFS, like WAY out. Size of Texas out on Dak in Week 4.

Running Backs

Brian Robinson

Robinson opened the season scorching hot the first two weeks. Then he hit a speed bump in the Buffalo Bills’ defense which is tough on running backs. In Week 4 things get even tougher with the Eagles’ defense. The Eagles’ defense gives up the least amount of fantasy points to running backs. The Eagles give up 40 yards rushing and 40 yards receiving to running backs weekly. No running back had scored a touchdown against the Eagles yet this season. Running backs have been stripped 3 times for fumbles by the Eagles defense in 2023. Robinson will not bounce back in Week 4, he will more likely bounce off the turf.

Ravens Running Backs

I don’t care if you think it will be Gus Edwards, Melvin Gordon and any Ravens running back in Week 4. Do not play them in DFS or season-long. The Brown have not allowed a running back a touchdown yet this season. They are the second toughest defense on running backs. The Browns are one of the best defenses in the league. The Ravens running backs will be wishing they could fly the coop in this one.

Rhamondre Stevenson

Stevenson has been OK this season. The Cowboys are up in week 4. The Cowboys’ defense boasts one of the best defenses in the NFL and gives up the third-fewest fantasy points to opposing teams’ running backs. James Conner managed a touchdown against this defense in Week 3. I will remind you that hoping Stevenson will do the same is a bad strategy. Zeke Elliott started to creep up in snap share in Week 3. He could also see more action in Week 4.

Wide Receivers

Zay Flowers

Remember when I said the Browns’ defense was good? You know against quarterbacks and running backs. Well, guess what? They are also good against wide receivers. The Browns are the stingiest defense against wide receivers. Only one wide receiver so far has over 100 yards and a touchdown against this defense. This feels like a Lamar Jackson runs a lot type of game. Flowers is not blooming in Week 4.

Jordan Addison

I love Addison. I have Addison on many seasons-long teams. I have already played him a lot in DFS in the first three weeks. It breaks my heart to tell you to avoid him in Week 4. See what I did there? The Panthers are easier against the run than the pass. They give up the third-fewest fantasy points to opposing teams’ wide receivers. They have given up double-digit scores to 2 wide receivers this season. To me that means Addison in his secondary role to Justin Jefferson is the odd man out this week.

George Pickens

The Steelers will be playing the Texans in Week 4. The one fact that continues to hold true in 2023 is that you can run on the Texans. The Steelers will feed both of their running backs in this game. The Texans are a top-10 defense against wide receivers. No wide receiver has 100 yards or a touchdown yet against the Texans defense. Slim pickings here in Week 4.

Tight Ends

Jake Ferguson

I know people are high on Ferguson. That is fine but understand that the Patriots’ defense is good. They have been very tough on tight ends so far this season giving up the third-fewest fantasy points to tight ends. There are not a lot of players I am interested in plugging into my DFS lineup from this game. Certainly not Ferguson.

Dallas Goedert

Do you know who hasn’t been very good at tight end this season? Goedert doesn’t have a double-digit fantasy score yet this season. Goedert will not have a double-digit fantasy score in Week 4. The Commander’s defense is good against tight ends. Tight ends average 3.77 fantasy points against the Commanders. There will be no paydirt for Goedert.

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