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Week 12 Flex Rankings: Thanksgiving Edition

Thursday marks the official beginning of Week 12 of the 2023 NFL season. It is also when we celebrate Thanksgiving in these here United States of America. To be honest, I have not felt super thankful lately. My current work situation is tenuous at best, and I feel like I am in limbo. I went to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago which was cool. But it turns out that paying a bunch of money to watch the New York Jets play football is not necessarily the wisest use of resources. Plus, I came back with Covid and have not been able to shake it yet. That has sucked for several reasons, not the least of which was that I was supposed to see my dad last weekend. Thursday is also his 71st birthday.

For those who do not know, my dad has had a rough few years. My mom passed away in 2018, which was obviously hard on everyone. Then in 2019, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had surgery towards the end of that year and began the long and winding road to recovery. Of course, even that would be understating his ordeal. After beating cancer the first time, he was diagnosed a second time last year. This time the surgery was a bit more complicated and they were not able to fully remove the cancer. The result was a ton of radiation and chemotherapy. Finally, the doctors told him last month that he was in remission, which is great. But I am totally underselling the toll it took on him physically and mentally. It is not like his quality of life returns to pre-diagnosis levels.

He lives by himself, though my aunt lives in the apartment upstairs from him. (Italians, amirite? BTW it is her birthday too. They’re twins.) Anyway, he cannot work anymore, so he is living off his pension, which is not a ton of money. My brother and sister pop over when they can with some food and other items, but I’m sure he wishes their visits were more frequent, especially so he can see his grandchildren. I have not seen him in person in months, which is why I was so bummed I got sick while I was away. His is not exactly an easy or particularly fun life at the moment. Obviously, it’s better than the alternative, and there were times we did not think he would see 67, 68, 69, 70, or 71. So things could definitely be a lot worse.

I think about the number of close calls he has had over the past few years and all of the people I know who have sadly passed away during that time. There often doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason for who goes and when. It’s just one of those crazy things about life. So even though I have things I can complain about, and complaining is one of my favorite pastimes, I am going to try to maintain the spirit of Thanksgiving and be grateful for all of the things I do have. And in the grand scheme of things, I do have quite a lot.

I have an adoring wife who is only slightly mad at me for going to Vegas without her and then bringing back Covid, thereby ruining the would-be Thanksgiving visit of her mother and sister. I have an amazing group of friends, most of whom I have known for more than half my life. Even when life gets in the way and we go weeks or months without speaking, we don’t miss a beat when we get back in touch. I have family that I love, even the dysfunctional members. To be fair, some of them may consider me to be the dysfunctional one. I have a great support system at FantraxHQ, including an editor who doesn’t give me too much crap even when I submit articles past their due times. And I have fantasy football.

Fantasy football has done a lot for me. It has made me a ton of friends in the online community. It has made me a fair chunk of change over the years, although I really would love it if some kind soul would make it possible for me to make a career out of this. (Again, not that I’m not grateful for the opportunities I have been granted to this point. Just saying.) Perhaps most importantly, it has given me an outlet to do something I enjoy without getting myself in too much trouble. So thank you fantasy football and to everyone who has helped build this beautiful game we all love so much. Even though there are universal scoring and roster fixes that would make it way better. See? I told you I like to complain! I can’t help it.

If you have read this far, I appreciate your support and your patience. Before I get to my Week 12 Flex rankings, check in with your people and take care of them whenever and however you can. The holidays are not necessarily a festive time for everyone, even if it may appear so on the surface. Also, if you make some money in fantasy football this year (and how can you not if you have been using my rankings?), then consider donating some of your winnings to those less fortunate. We know that many incredible people in the fantasy space such as Scott Fish do a ton of charitable work. There is also a great list put out every year by Michael Gehlken of some of the charities that some fantasy football stars help support. That is a great way to give back as well.

Now let’s get to the rankings! As always, these are based on half-PPR scoring, so adjust as you see fit based on your league specs. With all 32 teams in action this week, I ranked nearly 300 players. That should be plenty to help you with any start/sit decisions you may encounter, but feel free to drop any questions you may have below. Thanks again to all and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Week 12 Flex Rankings

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1Christian McCaffreySFRB1@SEA
3Tyreek HillMIAWR2@NYJ
4Jonathan TaylorINDRB2TB
5Austin EkelerLACRB3BLT
7Keenan AllenLACWR4BLT
8Travis KelceKCTE1@LV
9Travis Etienne Jr.JAXRB4@HST
10Stefon DiggsBUFWR5@PHI
11Saquon BarkleyNYGRB5NE
12Breece HallNYJRB6MIA
13Tony PollardDALRB7WAS
14Amon-Ra St. BrownDETWR6GB
15Josh JacobsLVRB8KC
16Mike EvansTBWR7@IND
17D'Andre SwiftPHIRB9BUF
18Alvin KamaraNORB10@ATL
19Joe MixonCINRB11PIT
20Bijan RobinsonATLRB12NO
21Rachaad WhiteTBRB13@IND
22Derrick HenryTENRB14CAR
23Puka NacuaLAWR8@ARZ
24Ja'Marr ChaseCINWR9PIT
25Davante AdamsLVWR10KC
26Rhamondre StevensonNERB15@NYG
27Jahmyr GibbsDETRB16GB
28Kyren WilliamsLARB17@ARZ
29Zach CharbonnetSEARB18SF
30Isiah PachecoKCRB19@LV
31James ConnerARZRB20LA
32David MontgomeryDETRB21GB
33Javonte WilliamsDENRB22CLV
34Tank DellHSTWR11JAX
35Raheem MostertMIARB23@NYJ
36Brandon AiyukSFWR12@SEA
37AJ DillonGBRB24@DET
38Chris OlaveNOWR13@ATL
39Cooper KuppLAWR14@ARZ
40Michael Pittman Jr.INDWR15TB
42Jaylen WaddleMIAWR17@NYJ
43Brian RobinsonWASRB25@DAL
44Garrett WilsonNYJWR18MIA
45DeVonta SmithPHIWR19BUF
46Deebo SamuelSFWR20@SEA
47Adam ThielenCARWR21@TEN
48DK MetcalfSEAWR22SF
49Christian KirkJAXWR23@HST
50Jordan AddisonMINWR24CHI
51DeAndre HopkinsTENWR25CAR
52Alexander MattisonMINRB26CHI
53Calvin RidleyJAXWR26@HST
54Zay FlowersBLTWR27@LAC
55Nico CollinsHSTWR28JAX
56James CookBUFRB27@PHI
57Jerome FordCLVRB28@DEN
58George KittleSFTE2@SEA
59T.J. HockensonMINTE3CHI
60Devin SingletaryHSTRB29JAX
61Jaylen WarrenPITRB30@CIN
62Tyler LockettSEAWR29SF
63Najee HarrisPITRB31@CIN
64Chris GodwinTBWR30@IND
65Dalton KincaidBUFTE4@PHI
66Trey McBrideARZTE5LA
67Chuba HubbardCARRB32@TEN
68Amari CooperCLVWR31@DEN
69Terry McLaurinWASWR32@DAL
70Marquise BrownARZWR33LA
71Demario DouglasNEWR34@NYG
72Drake LondonATLWR35NO
73Diontae JohnsonPITWR36@CIN
74Christian WatsonGBWR37@DET
75Gus EdwardsBLTRB33@LAC
76Khalil HerbertCHIRB34@MIN
77Sam LaPortaDETTE6GB
78Josh DownsINDWR38TB
79Courtland SuttonDENWR39CLV
80Rashee RiceKCWR40@LV
81George PickensPITWR41@CIN
82Evan EngramJAXTE7@HST
83Rashid ShaheedNOWR42@ATL
84De'Von AchaneMIARB35@NYJ
85Jayden ReedGBWR43@DET
86Tee HigginsCINWR44PIT
87Jerry JeudyDENWR45CLV
88Brandin CooksDALWR46WAS
89Jake FergusonDALTE8WAS
90Dalton SchultzHSTTE9JAX
91Gabe DavisBUFWR47@PHI
92Kareem HuntCLVRB36@DEN
93Jakobi MeyersLVWR48KC
94Tyler AllgeierATLRB37NO
95Romeo DoubsGBWR49@DET
96David NjokuCLVTE10@DEN
97Cole KmetCHITE11@MIN
98Tyjae SpearsTENRB38CAR
99Ezekiel ElliottNERB39@NYG
100Jahan DotsonWASWR50@DAL
101K.J. OsbornMINWR51CHI
102Odell Beckham Jr.BLTWR52@LAC
103Jaxon Smith-NjigbaSEAWR53SF
104Kyle PittsATLTE12NO
105Tutu AtwellLAWR54@ARZ
106Taysom HillNOTE13@ATL
107Ty ChandlerMINRB40CHI
108Quentin JohnstonLACWR55BLT
109Tyler BoydCINWR56PIT
110Zay JonesJAXWR57@HST
111Wan'Dale RobinsonNYGWR58NE
112Curtis SamuelWASWR59@DAL
113Keaton MitchellBLTRB41@LAC
114Elijah MooreCLVWR60@DEN
115Rondale MooreARZWR61LA
116Justin WatsonKCWR62@LV
117Miles SandersCARRB42@TEN
118Michael WilsonARZWR63LA
119Logan ThomasWASTE14@DAL
120Isaiah LikelyBLTTE15@LAC
121Hunter HenryNETE16@NYG
122Rashod BatemanBLTWR64@LAC
123Darius SlaytonNYGWR65NE
124Dameon PierceHSTRB43JAX
125Noah BrownHSTWR66JAX
126Jonathan MingoCARWR67@TEN
127Khalil ShakirBUFWR68@PHI
128Rico DowdleDALRB44WAS
129Cade OttonTBTE17@IND
130Robert WoodsHSTWR69JAX
131Samaje PerineDENRB45CLV
132Tyler ConklinNYJTE18MIA
133D'Onta ForemanCHIRB46@MIN
134DJ Chark Jr.CARWR70@TEN
135JuJu Smith-SchusterNEWR71@NYG
136Trey PalmerTBWR72@IND
137Tyler HigbeeLATE19@ARZ
138Zack MossINDRB47TB
139Michael GallupDALWR73WAS
140Jonnu SmithATLTE20NO
141Darnell MooneyCHIWR74@MIN
142Chigoziem OkonkwoTENTE21CAR
143Royce FreemanLARB48@ARZ
144A.T. PerryNOWR75@ATL
145Alec PierceINDWR76TB
146Allen LazardNYJWR77MIA
147Latavius MurrayBUFRB49@PHI
148Brandon PowellMINWR78CHI
149Jalen GuytonLACWR79BLT
150Kenneth GainwellPHIRB50BUF
151Michael MayerLVTE22KC
152Jameson WilliamsDETWR80GB
153Pat FreiermuthPITTE23@CIN
154Daniel BellingerNYGTE24NE
155Jalin HyattNYGWR81NE
156Josh ReynoldsDETWR82GB
157Marvin Mims Jr.DENWR83CLV
158Dontayvion WicksGBWR84@DET
159DeVante ParkerNEWR85@NYG
160Juwan JohnsonNOTE25@ATL
161Antonio GibsonWASRB51@DAL
162Jaleel McLaughlinDENRB52CLV
163Donald Parham Jr.LACTE26BLT
164Jerick McKinnonKCRB53@LV
165Roschon JohnsonCHIRB54@MIN
166Kylen GransonINDTE27TB
167Nick Westbrook-IkhineTENWR86CAR
168Patrick TaylorGBRB55@DET
169Joshua KelleyLACRB56BLT
170Xavier GipsonNYJWR87MIA
171Skyy MooreKCWR88@LV
172Mike GesickiNETE28@NYG
173Kadarius ToneyKCWR89@LV
174Tucker KraftGBTE29@DET
175Treylon BurksTENWR90CAR
176Kalif RaymondDETWR91GB
177Gerald EverettLACTE30BLT
178DeeJay DallasSEARB57SF
179Allen Robinson IIPITWR92@CIN
180Jalen TolbertDALWR93WAS
181Isaiah HodginsNYGWR94NE
182Marquez Valdes-ScantlingKCWR95@LV
183Dalvin CookNYJRB58MIA
184Jamaal WilliamsNORB59@ATL
185Chase EdmondsTBRB60@IND
186Noah FantSEATE31SF
187Elijah MitchellSFRB61@SEA
188Adam TrautmanDENTE32CLV
189Cedrick Wilson Jr.MIAWR96@NYJ
190Justice HillBLTRB62@LAC
191Hayden HurstCARTE33@TEN
192Van JeffersonATLWR97NO
193Deven ThompkinsTBWR98@IND
194Kyle PhilipsTENWR99CAR
195Tanner HudsonCINTE34PIT
196Hunter RenfrowLVWR100KC
197Jauan JenningsSFWR101@SEA
198Julio JonesPHIWR102BUF
199Jack StollPHITE35BUF
200Matt BreidaNYGRB63NE
201Noah GrayKCTE36@LV
202Cedric TillmanCLVWR103@DEN
203Tre TuckerLVWR104KC
204Trayveon WilliamsCINRB64PIT
205Mecole Hardman Jr.KCWR105@LV
206D'Ernest JohnsonJAXRB65@HST
207Nelson AgholorBLTWR106@LAC
208Cordarrelle PattersonATLRB66NO
209KaVontae TurpinDALWR107WAS
210Irv Smith Jr.CINTE37PIT
211Tommy TrembleCARTE38@TEN
212Derius DavisLACWR108BLT
213Tank BigsbyJAXRB67@HST
214Calvin Austin IIIPITWR109@CIN
215Jeff WilsonMIARB68@NYJ
216Israel AbanikandaNYJRB69MIA
217Durham SmytheMIATE39@NYJ
218Clyde Edwards-HelaireKCRB70@LV
219Chris MooreTENWR110CAR
220Olamide ZaccheausPHIWR111BUF
221Tyler ScottCHIWR112@MIN
222Laviska Shenault Jr.CARWR113@TEN
223Austin HooperLVTE40KC
224Trenton IrwinCINWR114PIT
225Andrew OgletreeINDTE41TB
226Deonte HartyBUFWR115@PHI
227Equanimeous St. BrownCHIWR116@MIN
228Chris Rodriguez Jr.WASRB71@DAL
229Ameer AbdullahLVRB72KC
230Charlie KolarBLTTE42@LAC
231Josh OliverMINTE43CHI
232Austin TrammellLAWR117@ARZ
233Zamir WhiteLVRB73KC
234KhaDarel HodgeATLWR118NO
235Dyami BrownWASWR119@DAL
236Will DisslySEATE44SF
237Colby ParkinsonSEATE45SF
238Greg DortchARZWR120LA
239Jake BoboSEAWR121SF
240Geoff SwaimARZTE46LA
241Michael CarterARZRB74LA
242Kayshon BoutteNEWR122@NYG
243Jamison CrowderWASWR123@DAL
244John BatesWASTE47@DAL
245Jeremy RuckertNYJTE48MIA
246Mo Alie-CoxINDTE49TB
247Kendre MillerNORB75@ATL
248Foster MoreauNOTE50@ATL
249Josh WhyleTENTE51CAR
250Mack HollinsATLWR124NO
251Kyle JuszczykSFRB76@SEA
252Jason BrownleeNYJWR125MIA
253Stone SmarttLACTE52BLT
254Luke MusgraveGBTE53@DET
255Sterling ShepardNYGWR126NE
256Donovan Peoples-JonesDETWR127GB
257Emari DemercadoARZRB77LA
258Isaiah McKenzieINDWR128TB
259Parris CampbellNYGWR129NE
260C.J. UzomahNYJTE54MIA
261Braxton BerriosMIAWR130@NYJ
262Ben SimsGBTE55@DET
263River CracraftMIAWR131@NYJ
264Quintin MorrisBUFTE56@PHI
265Byron PringleWASWR132@DAL
266Jordan AkinsCLVTE57@DEN
267Lawrence CagerNYGTE58NE
268Brock WrightDETTE59GB
269Grant CalcaterraPHITE60BUF
270Connor HeywardPITTE61@CIN
271Malik HeathGBWR133@DET
272Drew SampleCINTE62PIT
273Luke SchoonmakerDALTE63WAS
274Marquise GoodwinCLVWR134@DEN
275Pierre Strong Jr.CLVRB78@DEN
276Alec IngoldMIARB79@NYJ
277Pharaoh BrownNETE64@NYG
278Tim JonesJAXWR135@HST
279Kenny McIntoshSEARB80SF
280Brenton StrangeJAXTE65@HST
281Lynn BowdenNOWR136@ATL
282Demarcus RobinsonLAWR137@ARZ
283Justin JeffersonMINWR138CHI
284Will MalloryINDTE66TB
285Albert OkwuegbunamPHITE67BUF
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