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Top Fantasy Baseball Resources and Sites

The Fantasy Baseball industry is rapidly growing each day. It seems like I learn about a new podcast or website every day. There is a ton of valuable information out there. But, what are the best resources and sites to go to for Fantasy Baseball information? Well, I am glad you asked! I have compiled a list of my favorite, free, resources and sites below to help you gain an edge in your Fantasy Baseball leagues.

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Top Fantasy Baseball Resources

Just a reminder that these are all free resources. There are so many fantastic Fantasy Baseball resources out there, both paid and free. For this article, we will only look at the free resources.


We couldn’t write an article about great Fantasy Baseball resources and not include our own site. We have a ton of talented writers here at FantraxHQ, led by our fearless leader, Eric Cross. Our MLB Draft Kit has over 200 pieces in it. Go check it out!


Fangraphs is the best there is, plain and simple. For player research, the stats you can find on Fangraphs are indispensable. If you need to find a stat on a certain player, go to Fangraphs. You can create custom leaderboards to see who had the best zone contact or any stat in baseball in 2020. You can even make custom stats leaderboards like the one below that appears at the top of every player profile.

If you do any Fantasy Baseball research, go to Fangraphs. Support their work by purchasing an ad-free membership! So, head on over to Fangraphs if you haven’t already and familiarize yourself with the site. You will soon be spending far too much time there.


Baseball Savant

If you enjoy fun visuals and statcast data, Baseball Savant is a fantastic resource. Savant has become my 1.b to Fangraphs. The statcast data on the site is a fantastic addition to player research. When you go to a player’s profile, you will be greeted by a colorful array of percentile ranks. You can see how well a player ranked in exit velocity, hard-hit rate, sprint speed, and many more stat categories.

Baseball Savant

There are also fantastic charts to see how a player has performed in a statcast or other categories over a specific span of time. Sortable leaderboards are also a fantastic resource. Savant offers statistics that most sites don’t. The in-depth hitting and pitching stats help you go even deeper in your player research.

Baseball Savant also added a new feature recently called “Savant Illustrator.” You can create a chart or image for literally anything imaginable!

Finally, if you like following games live and getting every stat at your fingertips, Savant’s game feeds are the way to go. Baseball Savant is one of the best websites out there and one you should be using regularly.

Roster Resource

Roster Resource is now fully on Fangraphs and is a fantastic addition to the site. If you are looking for projected lineups and depth charts, Roster Resource is your place to go. It is hard to find a more accurate projection of where a hitter may hit in the lineup. The team does a great job of consistently updating as well. If you are in a Fantasy Baseball draft and need to make a decision, checking out a team’s projected lineup could be a great tie-breaker for you. Check out the great features Roster Resource has and get an advantage in your league.

Roster Resource

Mike Kurland’s Lineup Takeaways

Speaking of lineup resources, you need to head over and check out Mike Kurland’s lineup takeaways. In his Google Sheet, you can find all spring training lineups and Mike’s thoughts and trends that he sees. You can sort by a league or look at team individual lineups all in one sheet. Also, you can find sortable Spring Training stats for both hitters and pitchers. This is a useful resource for anyone that plays Fantasy Baseball.

Lineup Takeaways

Greg Jewett’s Closer Chart

If you play in roto leagues, you know saves are scarce. Knowing the closer for a team or even the closer in waiting is highly valuable. Good news; much like Mike Kurland’s lineup takeaways, Greg Jewett’s closer chart is just as useful. Greg tracks all bullpens and takes notes on relief pitcher’s outings. He also provides readers with handcuffs, a stealth option for saves, and even high upside relievers who could be closers in the future. This a great resource for both redraft and dynasty leagues. You can also sign up for Coffee and Closers to stay up on the latest news on relief pitchers.

Closer Chart

SP Streamer

Streaming pitchers is vital in Fantasy Baseball and can give you a leg up on your league. Mr. SP Streamer himself, Michael Simione is the best in the business. Last season he successfully streamed pitchers all season to a 3.93 ERA, a 1.26 WHIP, and a 9.10 k/9. In the 15 team NFBC Main Event in 2019, that ERA alone would have placed you 5th in your league on average. That does not even factor in relief pitchers and aces you may have on your team. The moral of the story, you need to listen to Michael Simione’s advice on streaming pitching.

NBC Sports Edge

Formerly known as Rotoworld, NBC Sports Edge should be your go-to for player news and notes. Some of the site is behind a paywall, but the player news is not. If you are looking for all baseball headlines in one place, NBC Sports Edge should be your one-stop-shop. Their staff does a great job of adding a Fantasy Baseball twist on all the top headlines. Keeping up with news and notes is vital for Fantasy Baseball success, and using NBC Sports Edge can help you win!

Prospects Live

If you want to go deeper on prospects, Prospects Live is a fantastic resource. They do a great job covering prospects for both real-life and Fantasy Baseball. Whether you are looking for team-specific lists, overall prospect rankings, or MLB Draft coverage, Prospects Live covers it all. They recently added archetypes to players on their prospect rankings, making it easy to see what kind of player mold a certain prospect could be.


There are so many great Fantasy Baseball resources. These are some of my favorites that you should be using in addition to FantraxHQ. There are many other great, free, Fantasy Baseball resources that I left off the list. Have a favorite resource that you use? Let me know! Comment here or let me know on Twitter @RotoClegg.


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