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First Down: 2021 College Fantasy Football Rankings

Kick off the 2021 crusade with an early look at the College Fantasy Football rankings with five of the foremost experts in the industry. I assembled an All-American team to take a peek inside the Top 12 quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers, as well as Top 5 tight ends, transfers, and freshmen before spring practices commence across the nation.

I love the spring. It is a tremendous time on the calendar to be a sports fan like myself. I am prepping for my fantasy baseball season and combing through all of the spring box scores and statistics to gain an edge on the competition. The NCAA Tournament tips off this week, and my UConn Huskies are back in the dance this year after a five-year hiatus. My brackets are completed. I hope the Huskies bust my Men’s Tournament Challenge and make the Final Four.

Unfortunately, the UConn football team does not warrant any discussion among the top college programs. But I remain a loyal follower and look forward to going back to Rensselaer Field in 2021. Some of my best Husky memories are attending the Blue-White scrimmage game at the end of spring practices in East Hartford. In 2019, UConn canceled its annual spring game, and I miss taking the kids to the event.

In order to replace my former voyage to the Rent each spring, I compiled my CFF player rankings and assembled a team of All-Americans to assist. There is already consensus around the elite players at each position, and the rankings illustrate possible value in upcoming drafts.

College Fantasy Football provides alternative-reality zealots, NFL Draftniks, and Dynasty and Devy owners a competitive advantage against their opponents. What are you waiting for? Get off the sideline and into the game on Fantrax.

The First Down Panel:

Nicholas Ian Allen, @CFBWinningEdge,

Mike Bainbridge, @MBainbridgeCFF,

Eric Froton, @CFFroton,

CFFInsiders, @InsiderCff

John Laub, @GridironSchol91,

Early 2021 College Fantasy Football Rankings

Four preeminent College Fantasy Football minds joined me in providing pre-spring CFF rankings for the upcoming campaign. I constructed a composite rating at all the positions. Players in BOLD are ranked higher by the expert than the consensus and a potential value in CFF drafts. The prognosticators also chose a player as the Top Heisman Candidate, Sensational Sleeper, and Best New Coach hiring for the upcoming campaign.


All five CFF experts ranked Malik Willis, Liberty as the top signal-caller. Matt Corral, Mississippi, and Spence Rattler, Oklahoma were separated by only one point in the consensus rankings, and DJ Uiagalelei, Clemson, and Dustin Crum, Kent State round out the top five. Dorian Thompson-Robinson, UCLA, C.J. Stroud, Ohio State and Preston Hutchinson, Eastern Michigan are ranked very differently and provide draft value among CFF diehards.

RnkPlayerNicholas AllenMike BainbridgeEric FrotonCFF InsidersJohn Laub
1M. Willis, LIB (60)M. Willis, LIBM. Willis, LIBM. Willis, LIBM. Willis, LIBM. Willis, LIB
2M. Corrall, MISS (51)  S. Rattler, OU  S. Rattler, OU  S. Rattler, OUM. Corrall, MISSM. Corrall, MISS
3  S. Rattler, OU (50)M. Corrall, MISSD. Gabriel, UCFM. Corrall, MISSD. Gabriel, UCFS. Rattler, OU
4DJ Uiagalelei, CLEM (42)D. Crum, KENTM. Corrall, MISSDJ Uiagalelei, CLEMD. Crum, KENTDJ Uiagalelei, CLEM
5D. Crum, KENT (38)DJ Uiagalelei, CLEMDJ Uiagalelei, CLEMB. Young, ALADJ Uiagalelei, CLEMD. Crum, KENT
6D. Gabriel, UCF (33)S. Howell, UNCC.J. Stroud, OSUS. Howell, UNCS. Rattler, OUB. Young, ALA
7S. Howell, UNC (28)D. Gabriel, UCFD. Crum, KENTD. Crum, KENTS. Howell, UNCS. Howell, UNC
8B. Young, ALA (21)B. Young, ALAB. Armstrong, UVAK. Slovis, USCP. Hutchinson, EMUD. Gabriel, UCF
9D. Ridder, CIN (12)D. Ridder, CINThompson-Robinson, UCLAThompson-Robinson, UCLAG. McCall, CCUThompson-Robinson, UCLA
10Thompson-Robinson, UCLA (12)G. McCall, CCUD. Ridder, CING. McCall, CCUC.J. Stroud, OSUD. Ridder, CIN
11G. McCall, CCU (11)B. Armstrong, UVAS. Howell, UNCD. Gabriel, UCFD. Ridder, CINB. Armstrong, UVA
12C.J. Stroud, OSU (11)D. King, MIAB. Young, ALAC.J. Stroud, OSUB. Armstrong, UVAG. McCall, CCU

Running Backs

Breece Hall, Iowa State earned a first-place vote among four of the five professionals, finishing at the top of the rankings. The five experts adore Texas sophomore Bijan Robinson, who settled in only five points behind the Iowa State playmaker. Rounding out the top five ball carriers consisted of Mohamed Ibrahim, Minnesota, Sincere McCormick, UTSA, and Kyren Williams, Notre Dame. Jahmyr Gibbs, Georgia Tech, Austin Jones, Stamford, and Rachaad White, Arizona State are all valued differently among the CFF enthusiasts. It will be interesting to see each runners’ final CFF ADP in August.

RnkPlayerNicholas AllenMike BainbridgeEric FrotonCFF InsidersJohn Laub
1B. Hall, ISU (59)B. Hall, ISUB. Robinson, TEXB. Hall, ISUB. Hall, ISUB. Hall, ISU
2B. Robinson, TEX (54)S. McCormick, UTSAB. Hall, ISUM. Ibrahim, MINNB. Robinson, TEXB. Robinson, TEX
3M. Ibrahim, MINN (45)B. Robinson, TEXK. Marks, BUFFB. Robinson, TEXA. Jones, STANK. Williams, ND
4S. McCormick, UTSA (38)M. Ibrahim, MINNM. Ibrahim, MINNK. Williams, NDK. Marks, BUFFS. McCormick, UTSA
5K. Williams, ND (33)R. Rivers, FRESL. Brown, WVUT. Bigsby, AUBM. Ibrahim, MINNM. Ibrahim, MINN
6K. Marks, BUFF (32)J. Gibbs, GTT. Bigsby, AUBK. Marks, BUFFS. McCormick, UTSAR. Rivers, FRES
7T. Bigsby, AUB (27)T. Bigsby, AUBJ. Gibbs, GTS. McCormick, UTSAK. Williams, NDK. Marks, BUFF
8R. Rivers, FRES (21)K. Williams, NDS. McCormick, UTSAL. Brown, WVUM. Teague, OSUI. Spiller, TX&M
9L. Brown, WVU (15)I. Spiller, TX&MR. Rivers, FRESI. Spiller, TX&MC. Turner, HAWT. Bigsby, AUB
10I. Spiller, TX&M (14)J. Berger, WISK. Williams, NDR. White, ASUK. Harris, SCK. Harris, SC
11J. Gibbs, GT (14)C. Turner, HAWK. Harris, SCR. Rivers, FREST. Bigsby, AUBL. Brown, WVU
12K. Harris, SC (8)T. Goodson, IOWAI. Spiller, TX&MM. Teague, OSUD. Vaughn, KSUJ. Gibbs, GT

Wide Receivers

Every year, wide receiver rankings diverge the most among the positions in college fantasy football. At the top of the standings, David Bell, Purdue, and Kayshon Boutte, LSU are the clear-cut favorites of the experts. Calvin Austin, III, Memphis, Reggie Roberson, Jr., SMU, and Treylon Burks, Arkansas follow the two game-breakers to complete the top five. Afterward, the experts vary their rankings. CFF diehards will find undervalued players to pluck in the middle rounds of drafts.

RnkPlayerNicholas AllenMike BainbridgeEric FrotonCFF InsidersJohn Laub
1D. Bell, PUR (60)D. Bell, PURD. Bell, PURD. Bell, PURD. Bell, PURD. Bell, PUR
2K. Boutte, LSU (53)K. Boutte, LSUK. Boutte, LSUC. Austin, MEMK. Boutte, LSUT. Burks, ARK
3C. Austin, MEM (39)J. Roberson, WFK. Shakir, BSUK. Boutte, LSUC. Austin, MEMK. Boutte, LSU
4R. Roberson, SMU (35)M. Mims, OUC. Austin, MEMR. Roberson, SMUR. Roberson, SMUC. Austin, MEM
5T. Burks, ARK (32)C. Olave, OSUJ. Robinson, UCFT. Burks, ARKJ. Robinson, UCFR. Doubs, NEV
6J. Metchie, III ALA (18)T. Burks, ARKM. Mims, OUD. London, USCJ. Cropper, FRESR. Roberson, SMU
7J. Robinson, UCF (17)R. Roberson, SMUT. Burks, ARKC. Olave, OSUJ. Metchie, III ALAJ. Robinson, UCF
8M. Mims, OU (16)J. Metchie, III ALAJ. Cropper, FRESR. Doubs, NEVC. Rucker, ARKSTJ. Metchie, III ALA
9K. Shakir, BSU (16)K. Shakir, BSUR. Roberson, SMUJ. Robinson, UCFB. Pressley, OKSTJ. Cropper, FRES
10J. Roberson, WF (15)J. Robinson, UCFJ. Roberson, WFG. Pickens, UGAJ. Tolbert, USAD. London, USC
11C. Olave, OSU (14)D. London, USCD. London, USCJ. Metchie, III ALAJ. Roberson, WFK. Shakir, BSU
12Doubs & London (14)R. Doubs, NEVJ. Shorter, UNTJ. Ross, CLEMJ. Heiligh, CCUG. Wilson, OSU

Tight End

RnkPlayerNicholas AllenMike BainbridgeEric FrotonCFF InsidersJohn Laub
1C. Turner, NEV (17)C. Turner, NEVG. Dulcich, UCLAC. Turner, NEVC. Turner, NEVJ. Wydermyer, TX&M
2S. Dykes, MEM (12)J. Wydermyer, TX&MC. Kolar, ISUS. Dykes, MEMS. Dykes, MEMS. Dykes, MEM
3J. Wydermyer, TX&M (11)M. Mayer, NDB. Kuithe, UTAHT. McBride, CSUI. Likely, CCUB. Kuithe, UTAH
4C. Kolar, ISU (8)T. McBride, CSUJ. Wydermyer, TX&MC. Kolar, ISUT. McBride, CSUC. Turner, NEV
5T. McBride, CSU (7)I. Likely, CCUW. Mallory, MIALikely & RexC. Kolar, ISUC. Kolar, ISU

Top Transfers

RnkPlayerNicholas AllenMike BainbridgeEric FrotonCFF InsidersJohn Laub
1B. Zappe, WKU (20)B. Zappe, WKUE. Gray, OKAB. Zappe, WKUT. Mordecai, SMUE. Gray, OKA
2E. Gray, OKA (15)T. Chandler, UNCB. Zappe, WKUT. Shough, TTB. Zappe, WKUT. Chandler, UNC
3T. Chandler, UNC (13)J. Pearson, MISST. Chandler, UNCG. Gunnell, MEME. Gray, OKAT. Shough, TT
4T. Mordecai, SMU (9)E. Gray, OKAT. Mordecai, SMUT. Mordecai, SMUT. Chandler, UNCB. Zappe, WKU
5T. Shough, TT (7)A. Parchment, FSUJ. Sterns, WKUJ. Sterns, WKUM. Milton, FSUR. Davis, VAN

Top Freshman

RnkPlayerNicholas AllenMike BainbridgeEric FrotonCFF InsidersJohn Laub
1RB T. Henderson, OSU (18)RB T. Henderson, OSURB T. Henderson, OSUC. Williams, OKLRB T. Henderson, OSURB A. McCaskill, HOU
2RB D. Edwards, MICH (10)RB D. Edwards, MICHWR D. Smith, LSUWR J. Brooks, ALARB W. Shipley, CLERB D. Edwards, MICH
3RB W. Shipley, CLE (7)WR B. Bowman, OUWR JoJo Earle, ALAW. Shipley, CLEMQB T. Buchner, NDRB T. Henderson, OSU
4WR J. Brooks, ALA (7)WR J. Brooks, ALARB D. Edwards, MICHK. Edmonds, UNCWR Q. Davis, KUWR T. Franklin, ORE
5RB A. McCaskill, HOU (6)QB T. Thompson, ORERB A. McCaskill, HOUR. Parks, UTAHWR T. Knox, MISS STWR J. Brooks, ALA

2021 CFF Bold Predictions

CFF Bold Predictions

Enjoy the player ratings, and please follow my All-American CFF teammates on Twitter.


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