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Sleepers and Busts: PF Breakdown

Everybody knows the stars of the league. It doesn’t take much skill to pick the best players from last year. The way you can win your leagues is through drafting the players that are set to breakout, either through improvement, minutes increases, role changes, or all the above. Stick with Fantrax. We’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into sleepers and busts at the power forward position.

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Power Forward Sleepers/Busts:

Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors) – Sleeper

The only reason Draymond is in the sleeper list, is because he’s a very polarizing player. People with big brains (like myself) say he’s an elite Hall of Famer, and the Warriors became a dynasty in large part to the switchable defense he provides, and his ability to run the offense, even without the ball. He averaged 7 PPG, 9 Asts, and 7 Rebs per game last year. This year, he’s going to be reunited with Steph and Klay, and he’ll be able to show you what scared the league into assembling 3 superstars wherever possible. He’s skinnier, he’s a gold medalist, and I’m sure he’s been focusing on his shooting. I’m expecting 2015 Draymond. A Draymond that averaged 14, 7, and 10. He’s going to be a triple double threat every night. I can’t wait.

Jonathan Isaac (Orlando Magic) – Sleeper

Yeah. So, he’s been in the news recently. News that makes you want to pick a side, if you know what I’m saying. Let’s just talk about basketball, though. Isaac missed last year with an injury, but still got a big contract, because the front office in Orlando isn’t stupid. He’s full of talent. His rookie year he averaged 5 PPG and 4 Rebs over 20 minutes. In his most recent season (his 3rd year) he averaged 12 PPG, 7 Rebs, with 2 blocks over 29 minutes. He now has point guards to space the floor for him (Fultz, Anthony, and Suggs). I think he’ll be an afterthought in leagues this year. You’ll be able to draft a player with double-double potential, in the late rounds. He should be on your radar if you need a big.

Julius Randle (New York Knicks) – Bust

I didn’t want to write this blurb for the man. I’m a big fan, and the way he transformed his game to become a consistent scorer blew my mind. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of the moves the Knicks made this offseason. The Knicks made the playoffs from excellent defense, good perimeter shooting, and running the offense through Julius Randle. They then followed up their surprise year by getting Kemba Walker (no defense, inefficient scorer, controls the pace) and Evan Fournier (not known for defense, not quite the scorer we saw in the Olympics). Both people who don’t fit the identity the Knicks took on last year, and will inevitably take usage rate away from Julius Randle. They are pros, so maybe they can make it work, but I don’t want to bet on it.

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