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Fantasy EPL Draft Position Strategy: Picks 7 to 12

The Fantasy EPL Draft is the most important day of the year for most managers. Your draft order has been decided, and you’re currently trying to work out a strategy for which kind of players you are going to target in certain rounds. Well, we’re here to help with our incredible Draft Position Strategy articles!

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Draft Position Strategy

Next up is our strategy for draft position 7 through to 12! These positions are harder to manage than Picks 1 to 6, but you should still be able to come out of the draft with a well-rounded roster! Read below for our tips!


Draft Position 7

At pick 7 you may have the option to draft Alexander-Arnold, but more likely will be looking at a forward just under the elite 3. From here you are probably choosing between Son, Werner, Jimenez, and Mahrez. When it comes back to you in the 2nd round you may be able to draft a City forward of Jesus, or a mid such as Maddison or Grealish. Depending on how you draft your first 2 rounds – you should look to aim to have 3 forwards by the end of round 6, and throw in an elite defender if possible there. As you continue through the rounds as with the other middle of the pack picks, its important to remember to draft for team needs before value. While in the late rounds drafting for value and punts could help you land some solid trades during the season.


Draft Position 8

Similar to pick 7 you will still have somewhat of a choice between Son, Werner, Jimenez, and Mahrez to start off your draft, with you having a stronger 2nd round picks. In some mock drafts, I have seen strong combinations of Jimenez and Grealish to start off a draft. There isn’t too much difference between picks 7 and 8. One recommendation I would say is getting to know your “pick partner”. Try to learn their tendencies during a draft and try to predict the kind of player they may draft just before you. As well, when you get a chance to pick before them try to see what position they may target and potentially try to “steal“ their pick. While somewhat a risky strategy, it could pay off by causing them to “reach” for a player way higher than they should.


Draft Position 9

Pick 9 puts you closer to the turn where you can start to predict who may come back to you for pick 2. A great combination would be a forward – forward of something like Werner and Vardy. That would set you up with the chance to spend the next few rounds drafting midfielders and defenders, then take a punt on a FWD3 such as Maupay in the late rounds. During the draft make notes of the rosters of squads 10-12. This will allow you to somewhat predict positions they will target especially in the late rounds. For example, if they all go forward-forward (very likely) in the first two rounds, odds are they will use the 3rd/4th round to pick up their first midfielders and potentially a top defender. That would allow you to grab a mid or defender that appeals to you with your 3rd pick knowing that that player could easily be gone by your 4th pick.

Draft Position 10

At pick 10 there are quite a few players that you could consider taking with your first pick. Players such as Aubameyang, Rashford, Adama, Mahrez, and Kane. All of my recommendations are to take a FWD1. This is because with your second pick there is a very good chance a MID1 such as Grealish or Pulisic could come back around to you. Depending on your strategy you could also try and draft two FWD1’s with the likes of Adama and Kane sometimes falling to round two. In a quick draft, it is especially important to keep an eye out of the squads of picks 11 and 12 to see how they are shaping up. As well, at this point, you may have to heavily reach on certain players, or come to terms that you may have to trade for him. For example, if you are debating passing up on Pulisic in round 2, but you really think he is a top 15 player, I would say you should “reach” for him, as he will definitely not be back in round 3 or 4. This will especially hold true in the mid-late rounds with players such as Shelvey, Armstrong, and Reece James.


Draft Position 11

Here you are one pick before the turn and must plan your draft carefully. Starting with the first two rounds I strongly recommend going forward – forward, a combo such as Adama + Aubameyang. When it comes back to you in round 3 the forwards are looking dull with Calvert-Lewin coming out as the best of the rest most times. As well, you will sometimes have to “react” to the way that pick 12 will draft. I recommend always having four players you want to draft during your quick succession picks, and you know you will be happy with two of them. Try to plan your positional strategy accordingly. For example, if it is round 6 and you know you want at least one defender, try to have two of your four players listed as defenders and potentially add in a fifth extra player who would be a different position. In a quick draft, this planning is more important than a slow draft, because you could be left panicking and draft Tottenham hero Lucas Moura round 4 and not realize you passed on Doherty or Bowen.


Draft Position 12

We have reached the final draft position, and what the fantasy community likes to call “the turn”. The obvious strategy for the first two rounds is to go forward-forward with you potentially getting two of Kane, Adama, Aubameyang, Mahrez, or Rashford. After that, you will have plenty of waiting time to plan your next two back to back picks. A good strategy for the first four rounds would be to go FWD-FWD-MID-MID/DEF. As with other positions, I would recommend drafting a strong starting lineup then fill out your bench with upside and safe players. As with the other “end” picks, you will have to reach high on players you really want to draft or accept they may not fall to you. If you truly believe Martial will continue into next season as a top 10 asset and contend for the golden boot, you will have to use one of your first two picks on him. I would recommend trying to hold back any personal bias, and focusing on drafting a strong team, then using trades to acquire players you would like to own.


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