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Superflex Dynasty Rankings: 2022 Mid-Season Update

Many dynasty football leagues now play in a superflex format. There are stark contrasts in quarterback value versus other skill positions in superflex dynasty football rankings due to positional scarcity, so you’ll notice that I have many quarterbacks ranked higher overall. Beyond that, there are even nuances that change where quarterbacks are ranked within the position.

Quarterback age and starting longevity are far bigger priorities in superflex formats, which changes how I have quarterbacks ranked between the formats. In 1QB leagues, quarterback prospects with upside are coveted over safe starters because backup quarterbacks are rarely needed outside of injuries and bye weeks. However, in superflex leagues, consistent producers at QB2 and QB3 on dynasty rosters are necessary depth since it’s beneficial for the vast majority of teams start two quarterbacks every week.

The influx of a talented 2022 rookie class has shaken up these superflex dynasty rankings a bit, as quite a few quarterbacks gained receiving weapons and upgrades to their surrounding cast during the NFL Draft. Many players’ values are also dependent on whether a roster is contending for a title or in the process of rebuilding, but in general, dynasty rankings align much more closely with rest-of-season redraft rankings in-season. Here are my updated top-200 ranked players assuming a superflex format with PPR scoring (you can find my 1QB dynasty rankings here) following the NFL trade deadline. And be sure to check back for updated superflex dynasty rankings throughout the season!

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Superflex Dynasty Rankings

Last updated on Thursday, November 3rd.

RankPos RkPlayerPosTeamComments
1QB1Josh AllenQBBUF
2QB2Patrick MahomesQBKC
3QB3Lamar JacksonQBBAL
4QB4Jalen HurtsQBPHIHurts's rushing was never in question, but his passing has improved behind a top-5 OL, increasing his job security.
5QB5Justin HerbertQBLAC
6QB6Kyler MurrayQBARI
7QB7Joe BurrowQBCIN
8QB8Deshaun WatsonQBCLEWatson's value is still somewhat depressed and should be a priority buy before he steps back onto the field.
9WR1Justin JeffersonWRMIN
10RB1Saquon BarkleyRBNYGBarkley was a massive buy low all offseason, and while his future is unclear, he's the definite no. 1 RB ROS barring injury.
11WR2Jaylen WaddleWRMIAAn elite talent with an elite playcaller for the foreseeable future, Waddle is in the top tier of WRs but not valued as such by many.
12WR3Ja'Marr ChaseWRCINChase's absence until later in the season is a tie-breaker for contenders, but it shouldn't drop him out of this top tier of WRs.
13RB2Christian McCaffreyRBSFMcCaffrey's durability remains a concern, but he's an elite RB and week winner as long as he's on the field.
14QB9Tua TagovailoaQBMIAIf Tua can assuage injury worries, he remains a high-ceiling asset in McDaniel's offense with Hill and Waddle.
15QB10Dak PrescottQBDAL
16QB11Justin FieldsQBCHI
17QB12Trevor LawrenceQBJAX
18QB13Trey LanceQBSFThe floor is much lower for Lance coming back from a major injury in 2023, but his ceiling remains immensely high.
19TE1Mark AndrewsTEBAL
20TE2Travis KelceTEKCAge be damned. This tier of uber productive veterans can win titles for teams in 2022, which is what matters in-season.
21WR4Cooper KuppWRLAR
22WR5Stefon DiggsWRBUF
23WR6Tyreek HillWRMIA
24RB3Travis EtienneRBJAXWith Robinson traded to NYJ, Etienne has become a workhorse with elite PPR upside ROS.
25RB4Jonathan TaylorRBINDWhile Taylor is a long-term RB1, the ankle sprain could be an issue ROS, and IND's offense hasn't been efficient overall.
26RB5Austin EkelerRBLACEkeler is close to a precipitous drop in value due to his age, but he remains a strong RB1 in-season for contending teams.
27RB6Kenneth WalkerRBSEA
28TE3Kyle PittsTEATLPitts remains a top dynasty TE, but it's apparent now that he probably won't help contending teams much in 2022.
29RB7D'Andre SwiftRBDETSwift is explosive, but he's struggled to stay on the field and has been losing red-zone carries to Williams even when healthy.
30RB8Nick ChubbRBCLE
31RB9Derrick HenryRBTEN
32RB10Josh JacobsRBLVR
33RB11Alvin KamaraRBNO
35WR8Amon-Ra St. BrownWRDETSt. Brown has shown enough talent to overcome his lack of draft capital long-term no matter who's the QB in DET.
36WR9CeeDee LambWRDAL
37WR10Tee HigginsWRCIN
38WR11Drake LondonWRATLLack of passing volume is hurting London's ROS potential, but he still has immense long-term upside.
39RB12Breece HallRBNYJThe injury drops Hall, but his long-term potential keeps his value high in dynasty.
40WR12Chris OlaveWRNO
41WR13Marquise BrownWRBALThe foot injury derails Brown's 2022 season, but he's still just 25 years old and should be ARI's WR1 going forward.
42WR14DeVonta SmithWRPHI
43WR15DK MetcalfWRSEA
44WR16Davante AdamsWRLVR
45WR17Deebo SamuelWRSF
46WR18Jameson WilliamsWRDETMany have forgotten about Williams while on IR, but he still has elite upside, especially when DET gets a QB upgrade in 2023.
47TE4George KittleTESF
48QB14Kirk CousinsQBMIN
49QB15Derek CarrQBLVR
50QB16Matthew StaffordQBLAR
51WR19Courtland SuttonWRDEN
52WR20Diontae JohnsonWRPITWith Claypool traded to CHI, both Johnson and Pickens are slated for higher target share ROS and beyond.
53WR21George PickensWRPIT
54WR22Garrett WilsonWRNYJ
55WR23Chris GodwinWRTB
57WR25Michael PittmanWRIND
58WR26Amari CooperWRCLECooper has flashed with Brissett and has top-10 WR upside once Watson is back from his suspension.
59WR27DeAndre HopkinsWRARI
60WR28Mike EvansWRTB
61RB13Najee HarrisRBPIT
62RB14Dalvin CookRBMIN
63RB15Joe MixonRBCIN
64RB16Dameon PierceRBHOU
65QB17Zach WilsonQBNYJ
66QB18Kenny PickettQBPIT
67QB19Russell WilsonQBDEN
68WR29Rashod BatemanWRBAL
69WR30Terry McLaurinWRWAS
70WR31Jahan DotsonWRWAS
71RB17Leonard FournetteRBTB
72RB18Aaron JonesRBGB
73RB19Rhamondre StevensonRBNE
74RB20Javonte WilliamsRBDENAdditional LCL and other complications to Williams's ACL injury could threaten his efficiency even once back in 2023.
75QB20Geno SmithQBSEASmith hasn't written back to those who wrote him off, and he's looking like an upside QB2 in superflex ROS and maybe beyond.
76QB21Jared GoffQBDETDET's defense will continue forcing Goff into shootouts, and he has the weapons to be a weekly QB2 ROS with upside.
77QB22Daniel JonesQBNYG
78RB21Miles SandersRBPHI
79RB22Khalil HerbertRBCHIWith CHI moving to more of a committee backfield, Herbert is flex-worthy ROS and should step into the lead role in 2023.
80RB23AJ DillonRBGB
81QB23Mac JonesQBNE
82WR32Brandon AiyukWRSF
83WR33Mike WilliamsWRLAC
84WR34Gabriel DavisWRBUF
85WR35Jerry JeudyWRDEN
86RB24Isiah PachecoRBKCThe market hasn't caught up to Pacheco, who looks like the most explosive RB in KC. He's a CEH injury away from top-10 RB upside.
87RB25Tony PollardRBDALThe same goes for Pollard. Elliott will steal work when healthy, but Pollard has elite upside if Elliott were to miss more time ROS.
88TE5Dallas GoedertTEPHI
89TE6Dalton SchultzTEDAL
90TE7Greg DulcichTEDENEven with DEN's offense in shambles, Dulcich has flashed big-play ability and could be a top-10 TE ROS and beyond.
91TE8Darren WallerTELVR
92WR36Skyy MooreWRKCThe trade for Toney reflects poorly on KC's view of Moore. Even if he gets more snaps, it's likely there's no true no. 1 WR in KC.
93WR37Jakobi MeyersWRNEMeyers has quietly been a strong WR2 with high target volume each week no matter who's been starting at QB for NE.
94RB26James RobinsonRBNYJRobinson has a second chance to assert himself as the lead back for the Jets, but it's likely to remain a committee regardless.
95RB27Clyde Edwards-HelaireRBKC
96TE9Pat FreiermuthTEPIT
97TE10TJ HockensonTEMINHockenson isn't an elite talent and doesn't have a path to high target volume with Jefferson the clear no. 1 in MIN.
98RB28David MontgomeryRBCHI
99RB29James ConnerRBARI
100RB30Damien HarrisRBNE
101RB31Ezekiel ElliottRBDAL
102WR38Brandin CooksWRHOU
103WR39Christian KirkWRJAX
104QB24Ryan TannehillQBTEN
105QB25Malik WillisQBTEN
106RB32James CookRBBUFThe trade for Hines caps Cook's ceiling ROS, but his long-term potential in a Josh Allen-led offense is tantalizing.
107WR40Treylon BurksWRTENBurks didn't show much even prior to his turf toe injury, which now threatens to derail his entire rookie season.
108QB26Aaron RodgersQBGBBoth veteran QBs have struggled this season with the loss of surrounding talent, and neither is a reliable option going forward.
109QB27Tom BradyQBTB
110RB33Raheem MostertRBMIAMostert has a long injury history, but if he can stay on the field, he's a strong RB2 ROS with upside in MIA's explosive offense.
111RB34Kareem HuntRBCLE
112RB35Brian RobinsonRBWAS
113WR41Wan'Dale RobinsonWRNYGWith Toney gone, Robinson has immense upside as the no. 1 target for the Giants ROS and potentially beyond.
114WR42Kadarius ToneyWRKCThe talent is there with Toney, but availability and off-field issues are the concern. Don't overreact to the trade to KC.
115TE11Mike GesickiTEMIAGesicki ultimately wasn't traded, but his upside remains if he goes to a team that uses him more as a receiver in the offseason.
116TE12David NjokuTECLE
117RB36Elijah MitchellRBSFWith McCaffrey now in SF but Wilson gone, Mitchell becomes an upside handcuff in an efficient rushing offense.
118RB37Alexander MattisonRBMIN
119RB38Rachaad WhiteRBTB
120RB39Antonio GibsonRBWASRobinson's usage might actually be a blessing in disguise for Gibson if he continues to see more passing down work.
121RB40JK DobbinsRBBALThe continued issues with his knee makes Dobbins's future very much uncertain whether in BAL or elsewhere.
122WR43Romeo DoubsWRGB
123WR44Elijah MooreWRNYJIt's unclear why Moore has seen scant usage with Wilson under center, but his future is murky in NY unless something changes.
124WR45Calvin RidleyWRJAXPlayers who miss significant time are always risky, but Ridley still has WR2 upside when healthy with a fresh start in JAX next year.
125WR46Allen RobinsonWRLAR
126WR47Keenan AllenWRLAC
127WR48Allen LazardWRGB
128WR49Darnell MooneyWRCHIClaypool's presence could actually benefit Mooney by drawing some coverage and opening up some downfield shots.
129WR50Tyler BoydWRCINBoyd should see added target volume for as long as Chase is sidelined with his hip injury.
130WR51Curtis SamuelWRWAS
131WR52Isaiah McKenzieWRBUF
132RB41Devin SingletaryRBBUFSingletary will have big games here or there, but this looks to continue being a committee backfield in BUF.
133RB42D'Onta ForemanRBCARWith McCaffrey gone, both CAR RBs have weekly flex upside if they can find the end zone.
134RB43Jamaal WilliamsRBDETWilliams has weekly TD upside as a flex play even with Swift healthy and RB2 potential if Swift were to miss more time.
135RB44Eno BenjaminRBARIWe've seen that Benjamin has weekly RB1 upside if Conner were to miss more time this season.
136QB28Sam EhlingerQBINDEhlinger will get the remainder of the season to prove himself and can be a useable QB2 in the meantime.
137QB29Jimmy GaroppoloQBSF
138WR53Michael ThomasWRNOHe still has WR1 upside when healthy, but that doesn't seem to happen very often, and Thomas is nearing the age of 30.
139WR54Rondale MooreWRARI
140TE13Evan EngramTEJAX
141TE14Zach ErtzTEARI
142RB45Cordarrelle PattersonRBATLIt's a messy committee in ATL, but the rushing game seems to be efficient with enough volume to support two flex options.
143RB46Tyler AllgeierRBATL
144RB47Michael CarterRBNYJThe Jets clearly didn't trust Carter to carry the load, and Robinson's presence makes this a messy committee again.
145RB48Deon JacksonRBINDWe've seen that Jackson has high upside when Taylor is out, and his value has increased significantly now that Hines is in BUF.
146RB49Dontrell HilliardRBTENHilliard has flashed as the no. 2 behind Henry and has strong RB2 potential if Henry were to miss time.
147RB50Cam AkersRBLARIt's unclear what the rift is between Akers and LAR's coaching staff, but the Rams' rushing offense has struggled in general.
148RB51Darrell HendersonRBLAR
149WR55JuJu Smith-SchusterWRKCMahomes wasn't lying when he said that the ball would be spread around more. JuJu even more iffy now with Toney in KC.
150WR56Donovan Peoples-JonesWRCLEPeoples-Jones has flashed good contested catch ability downfield and could have high weekly upside once Watson is back.
151WR57Michael GallupWRDAL
152WR58Chase ClaypoolWRCHIThe trade helps Fields and Mooney, but it's unclear how much more target volume Claypool will see in CHI.
153RB52Kenyan DrakeRBBALWith Dobbins missing more time, both Drake and Edwards have some potential in BAL's rushing attack.
154RB53Gus EdwardsRBBAL
155WR59Tyler LockettWRSEA
156WR60Adam ThielenWRMIN
157RB54Nyheim HinesRBBUFIt's likely to be a messy committee in BUF with Hines and Cook sharing passing down work.
158RB55Melvin GordonRBDENGordon is the "lead back", but Murray figures to steal GL touches with Edmonds taking passing down work.
159RB56Chase EdmondsRBDEN
160TE15Tyler HigbeeTELAR
161TE16Gerald EverettTELAC
162TE17Robert TonyanTEGB
163TE18Dawson KnoxTEBUF
164QB30Desmond RidderQBATLIf Mariota were to be benched or miss time, ATL has played well enough to perhaps miss out on a top QB in the draft.
165QB31Sam HowellQBWASWith Wentz on IR, Howell is a Heinicke injury or bad game away from taking the starting job in WAS.
166WR61Khalil ShakirWRBUFWith Crowder hurt, Shakir is a Davis or McKenzie injury away from major contributions even as a rookie.
167RB57Jeff Wilson Jr.RBMIAWilson has RB2 upside considering Mostert's injury history and could even carve out a role alongside Mostert.
168RB58Chuba HubbardRBCAR
169QB32PJ WalkerQBCARThis tier of quarterbacks have starting jobs for now and are useable QBs, but they lack job security and have low weekly floors.
170QB33Marcus MariotaQBATL
171QB34Andy DaltonQBNO
172QB35Taylor HeinickeQBWAS
173TE19Taysom HillTENO
174QB36Davis MillsQBHOUHOU is likely to replace Mills next offseason, making him just an unreliable QB2 for the remainder of this year.
175RB59Kenneth GainwellRBPHISanders is the clear lead back in PHI, and it would likely to be a split backfield even if Sanders were to miss time.
176RB60Jerick McKinnonRBKCMcKinnon remains just a stash but would have RB2 potential in the event of an injury to CEH or Pacheco.
177WR62Josh PalmerWRLACPalmer has some upside for as long as Mike Williams is out but hasn't shown much thus far.
178WR63Christian WatsonWRGB
179TE20Trey McBrideTEARI
180TE21Noah FantTESEA
181RB61Rashaad PennyRBSEAPenny has an uphill battle to get healthy for 2023 and carve out a role somewhere this coming offseason.
182WR64Alec PierceWRIND
183WR65Mecole HardmanWRKCHardman will have his blowup games, but good luck trying to guess which weeks they'll come, especially with Toney now in KC.
184WR66Hunter RenfrowWRLVR
185WR67Zay JonesWRJAX
186WR68Robert WoodsWRTEN
187RB62Zamir WhiteRBLVR
188TE22Hayden HurstTECIN
189TE23Tyler ConklinTENYJ
190TE24Logan ThomasTEWAS
191WR69Russell GageWRTB
192RB63Samaje PerineRBCIN
193RB64Chris EvansRBCIN
194RB65Pierre StrongRBNE
195QB37Bailey ZappeQBNEIt's Mac Jones's job, but Zappe showed enough flashes to be worth stashing in superflex.
196QB38Jameis WinstonQBNO
197QB39Skylar ThompsonQBMIA
198RB66Isaiah SpillerRBLAC
199RB67Joshua KelleyRBLAC
200RB68Sony MichelRBLAC

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  1. Ben says

    Breeze Hall at RB12? Cracked.

  2. helene says

    great work thank you

    1. Meng Song says

      Thanks! Stay tuned for the post-free agency update in a couple of months!

  3. Travis Henshaw says

    Where do you think guys like Lawrence, Harris, Etienne and Fields will rank in dynasty superflex?

    1. Meng Song says

      I currently have Lawrence at QB5 just ahead of Jackson. A bit lower on Fields, so just ahead of Mayfield and Rodgers.

      I’m still looking at RB film, but as of now I’d say Harris and Etienne are similar in value to the tier of 2020 rookie RBs like Dobbins and Gibson, though obviously landing spot will play a factor.

      These rankings will be updated to account for free agency movements and again after the NFL Draft to include the rookies.

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