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Weekly Fantasy Basketball Rookie Report: A Random Day in January

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Fantasy Basketball Rookie Report. The trade deadline is starting to heat up! We are closing in on many rookies getting a change of minutes or teams. This week we will continue to evaluate rookies who are improving or declining, and their continued short or long-term potential. This week has had some higher variance, with players like Duop Reath having highly efficient games, or Jarace Walker getting consistent time. Injury risk is high this time of year as well. Amen Thompson has been getting some starting time with Fred VanVleet on the injured list. It will be good to get out ahead of the curve before the trade deadline hits the fan.

Weekly Fantasy Basketball Rookie Report: A Random Day in January

Let us get after it!

Rookie Risers

Brandon Miller (SF/PF, Charlotte Hornets, 21)

  • Last Week: 33.1 MPG, 24.7 PPG/6.3 RPG/2.3 APG/1.3 Stocks on 61.4%/42.9%/91.7%
  • Short Term: RELEASE BRANDON MILLER. Now that Terry Rozier is gone, buy high on Brandon Miller
  • Long Term: I hope you’ve had a chance to buy while he’s been down.

Dereck Lively II (C, Dallas Mavericks, 20)

  • Last Week: 26.3 MPG, 11.0 PPG/9.5 RPG/1.5 APG/1.5 Stocks on 91.7% FG, no free throws or three-pointers.
  • Short Term: Big man, he puts the ball in the hoop.
  • Long Term: Big man puts the ball in the hoop and takes the ball from misses.

Duop Reath (C, Portland Trailblazers, 27)

  • Last Week: 21.8 MPG, 12.0 PPG/5.0 RPG/3.0 APG/1.0 stocks on 73.7%/50%/80%.
  • Short Term: As long as shooting holds, Reath is a good pick-up.
  • Long Term: Older prospect worth the time due to significant minutes this season! A shooting big.

Amen Thompson (SG/SF/PF, Houston Rockets, 20)

  • Last Week: 20.2 MPG, 8.3 PPG/7.7 RPG/2.7 APG/2.6 SPG on 47.4%/87.5 FT%.
  • Short Term: Maybe Amen is as good of a rebounder as Ausar. Seems like he’s being utilized correctly.
  • Long Term: Developing in a winning environment is good. I’d buy lower than at the beginning of the season.

Jordan Hawkins (PG/SG/SF, New Orleans Pelicans, 21)

  • Last Week: 20.5 MPG, 17 PPG/4.0 RPG/1.0 APG/0.5 Stocks on 52.2%/52.9%/50%.
  • Short Term: Still getting great rotation minutes. Seems here to stay.
  • Long Term: Buy!

Ausar Thompson (SG/SF/PF, Detroit Pistons, 20)

  • Last Week: 24.3 MPG, 9.7 PPG/7.7 RPG/1.0 APG/0.7 Stocks on 52.9%/0.0%/75.0%.
  • Short Term: We are back to your regularly scheduled Ausar Thompson production
  • Long Term: Still a good dynasty prospect!

Bilal Coulibaly (SG/SF, Washington Wizards, 19)

  • Last Week: 23.7 MPG, 9.3 PPG/3.3 RPG/1.3 APG/2.0 Stocks on 50%/50%/50%.
  • Short Term: Good production, consistently weird shooting splits.
  • Long Term: Buy!

Marcus Sasser (PG/SG, Detroit Pistons, 23)

  • Last Week: 18.2 MPG, 12.3 PPG/1.0 RPG/3.3 APG/0.7 Stocks on 51.9%/25%/100%.
  • Short Term: Still not a short-term player for now. Wait and see.
  • Long Term: Buy in deeper leagues, worth the backup PG spot.

 Cason Wallace (PG/SG, Oklahoma City Thunder, 20)

  • Last Week: 20.0 MPG, 7.0 PPG/3.0 RPG/0.7 APG/1.7 Stocks on 66.7%/71.4 3P%.
  • Short Term: Still not a short-term player for now. Wait and see.
  • Long Term: Buy in deeper leagues.

Gradey Dick (SG/SF, Toronto Raptors, 20)

  • Last Week: 14.1 MPG, 5.7 PPG/1.7 RPG/1.7 APG/1.0 Stocks on 60.0%/55.6% 3P%.
  • Short Term: Definitely getting higher on the board. Wonder if it is for real now.
  • Long Term: Buy in deeper leagues. Shooters do shoot.

Ben Sheppard (SG/SF, Indiana Pacers, 22)

  • Last Week: 19.5 MPG, 4.7 PPG/3.0 RPG/2.0 APG/1.7 Stocks on 30.8%/42.9%/75%.
  • Short Term: Getting some minutes with injuries!
  • Long Term: Buy in deeper leagues, minutes are coming and could be used as trade filler.

Jarace Walker (PF, Indiana Pacers, 20)

  • Last Week: 19.0 MPG, 12.5 PPG/5.5 RPG/1.5 APG/0.5 Stocks on 52.6%/45.5%/0 Free Throws
  • Short Term: Didn’t get dealt in the Siakim trade. Not for short-term leagues as far as I know.
  • Long Term: Buy! Showcased some good offensive potential.

Rookie Fence-Sitters

Victor Wembanyama (C/PF, San Antonio Spurs, 19)

  • Last Week: 27.6 MPG, 28.0 PPG/6.7 RPG/2.3 APG/3.0 Stocks on 50%/37.5%/81.8%.
  • Short Term: Weirdly enough, total fantasy output does not change too much with added points, still the best rookie fantasy player.
  • Long Term: Good luck trying to get him in a dynasty league.

Cam Whitmore (SF/PF, Houston Rockets, 19)

  • Last Week: 21.6 MPG, 7.3 PPG/3.7 RPG/0.3 APG/1.3 Stocks on 34.8%/45.5%/20%.
  • Short Term: Getting more minutes, having good minutes. Down-graded to fence-sitter purely for lack of improvement with good minutes.
  • Long Term: Buy!

GG Jackson (SF/PF/C, Memphis Grizzlies, 19)

  • Last Week: 16.7 MPG, 6.0 PPG/3.0 RPG/0.3 APG/1.6 Stocks, on 45.5%/42.9%/62.5%
  • Short Term: Still believing in his short-term ability. Top 20 in rookie fantasy output last week.
  • Long Term: Any development time is good time.

Toumani Camara (SF/PF, Portland Trailblazers, 23)

  • Last Week: 20.6 MPG, 5.0 PPG/5.0 RPG/0.7 APG/1.0 Stocks on 50%/0%/75%.
  • Short Term: Production is about even with his entire season, hasn’t done much improving yet. There are spurts. Not worth it in smaller leagues.
  • Long Term: Definitely a buy.

Anthony Black (PG/SG, Orlando Magic, 20)

  • Last Week: 11.3 MPG, 5.0 PPG/1.0 RPG/1.5 APG/1.6 Stocks on 46.2%/40%/75%
  • Short Term: Despite halving minutes, production still efficient.
  • Long Term: See above. Buy!

Nick Smith Jr. (SG/PG/SF, Charlotte Hornets, 19)

  • Last Week: 16.3 MPG, 4.0 PPG/ RPG/2.0 APG/0 Stocks on 31.6%/44.4 3P%
  • Short Term: Rozier trade has happened! Stay vigilant.
  • Long Term: Worth it in deeper long-term leagues, buy now!

Andre Jackson Jr. (SG/SF/PG, Milwaukee Bucks, 22)

  • Last Week: 19.5 MPG, 5.3 PPG/5.3 RPG/0.0 APG/0.3 Stocks on 77.8%/0%/100%
  • Short Term: Getting better and better at the other stuff. Deeper league buy only.
  • Long Term: See above!

Rookie Fallers

Chet Holmgren (C, Oklahoma City Thunder, 21)

  • Last Week: 32.7 MPG, 12.7 PPG/5.0 RPG/2.3 APG/2.6 Stocks on 35.3%/30%/78.6%
  • Short Term: He’s been okay. Not great, but okay.
  • Long Term: If he is available in a package long-term deal, yes.

Scoot Henderson (PG/SG, Portland Trailblazers, 19)

  • Last week: 18.1 MPG, 7.0 PPG/2.0 RPG/3.3 APG/1.3 Stocks on 37.5%/0%/100%
  • Short Term: This is going to be tough unless they trade some veterans.
  • Long Term: Buy lower.

Keyonte George (PG, Utah Jazz, 20)

  • Last Week: 11.8 MPG, 3.0 PPG/2.0 RPG/2.5 APG/0 Stocks on 25%/50%/50%.
  • Short Term: Minutes down, not sure what to think in the interim.
  • Long Term: Getting valuable development time, still PG of Utah’s future.

Kris Murray (SF/PF/C, Portland Trailblazers, 23)

  • Last Week: 7.7 minutes, negligible output.
  • Short Term: Similarly with Scoot, just have to be patient.
  • Long Term: Buy still, but low.
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