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Fantasy Football 2017: Updated QB Rankings

Sometimes your draft doesn't go to plan, and sometimes people just don't listen. So guess what, it seems like drafting a quarterback early is still a thing. With a week or so to go, people are making one of two mistakes: panicking in the fourth round (or earlier) and drafting Aaron Rodgers, or hedging their bets by drafting two quarterbacks in total. Crazy, right? I'm not saying either of these strategies is bad, but you're missing out on some serious talent. Anyway, moving down is Tom Brady from the second spot to the…

An Early Look: 2017 Starting Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

In fantasy football, you have to look for a quarterback that is consistent week to week. You don't want to be stuck with the guy who lights it up one week and follows it up with a 175-yard passing game with zero TD passes and three interceptions. With that in mind, here are the guys I would draft to be my starting fantasy quarterback. 1. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons - Ryan had a truly breakout season in 2016, as he was the NFL's MVP.  There is no reason to think he's going to slow down in 2017, as all of his impressive…