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Points League Strategy in Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy basketball Points leagues are a popular format where players earn fantasy points based on their in-game performance. It’s similar to fantasy football, but you don’t get extra fantasy points for Nikola Jokić throwing a full-court dime to Jamal Murray.

Unlike category-based leagues, where you compete in multiple statistical categories, Points leagues simplify things by assigning point values to specific actions on the basketball court. To develop a successful strategy in a fantasy basketball Points league, consider the following tips.

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Fantasy Basketball Points League Strategy

5 Tips to Dominate Your Fantasy Draft

  1. Know Your Scoring System: Understanding your league’s specific scoring settings is crucial to prepping for your draft. Your fantasy leagues might assign different point values to various statistics like points scored, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and turnovers. Be willing to exploit loopholes or strategic advantages that will help you win.
  2. Elite Scorers: High-scoring players who consistently put up points are the heart of your team. Focus on drafting or acquiring players who are prolific scorers. Superstars like Luka Doncic, Jayson Tatum, and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander can be game-changers.
  3. Rebounding and Assists: While points are essential, don’t overlook players who can contribute significantly in rebounding and assists. Players who accumulate triple-doubles (double-digit points, rebounds, and assists) are extra valuable.
  4. Prioritize Youth and Durability: Consider drafting young studs on competitive teams. These players should play most games early in the season and down the stretch. Also, prioritize those with a track record of playing 65-plus games over the past few seasons. Consistency is crucial in fantasy basketball.
  5. Team Competitiveness Matters: Players on competitive teams tend to be more valuable because they have a higher chance of playing meaningful games without resting, particularly late in the season when fantasy playoffs occur. Look for players on teams projected to be in the middle of the playoff race. These players have incentives to perform well throughout the season, helping your fantasy team during crucial playoff weeks.

5 Tips to Dominate In-Season

  1. Streaming: Pay attention to your players’ matchups each week. Consider streaming players who have favorable matchups or are on hot streaks. Streaming players can be a game-changer. Always leave a roster spot open for streaming to maximize your games played and gain an edge over opponents. You can read more about successfully streaming in The Art of Streaming.
  2. Trading and Waiver Wire Activity: Be active on the waiver wire and explore trade opportunities to improve your team. Don’t be complacent with your roster. Be active on the waiver wire and look for trade opportunities to bolster your team’s performance. Buy low on players off to slow starts or have injury concerns and capitalize on them.
  3. Monitor Playing Time: Players who receive consistent minutes usually produce consistent fantasy points. Stay informed about rotations and depth chart changes to identify players with increased playing time potential.
  4. Stay Informed: Keep up with NBA news, trends, and player developments. Being informed about team dynamics, coaching changes, and player roles can give you a competitive edge.
  5. Play for the Playoffs: Make sure your fantasy team’s built to perform well in the fantasy basketball playoffs. Trade for players with favorable playoff schedules or identify players who tend to excel in the second half of the NBA season.

When drafting, avoid aging superstars like LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard early in your fantasy drafts. Instead, prioritize youth, durability, team competitiveness, and maximizing game opportunities.

Also, strategies can vary based on the specifics of your league’s scoring system, so adapt your approach accordingly. Regularly assess your team’s performance and be prepared to make adjustments throughout the season to maximize your chances of winning your fantasy basketball Points league.

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