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First Down: 2024 College Fantasy Football Rankings

I love the month of March. Baseball training camp is in full swing, and the start of the season is just around the corner. I am preparing for my 35th campaign of fantasy baseball. March Madness is the perfect end over the final two weeks of the month, and the UConn Huskies (my team) are one of the favorites to capture their sixth National Championship. The NFL Draft is near, and it is Dynasty Rookie season for fantasy diehards like myself.

Of course, spring football practices commence across the nation on campuses. All this means it is time to break out the first iteration of my 2024 College Fantasy Football Rankings! College football fans get a first look at updated depth charts and CFF Player Rankings. It will be my seventeen year playing college fantasy football, and the tenth season publishing rankings for fellow CFF diehards. I am fired up to kickoff the crusade.

There’s no such thing as too much football! 2022 is the perfect time to add the college game to your fantasy football repertoire. Whether you want to create your own league or join an existing league, the Fantrax College Football Commissioner is the place to go!


With so many sites now publishing college fantasy football information, 2024 is the year to join a CFF league for the first time. While some fantasy fans are intimidated by the massive player pool, I suggest that readers join a CFF Best Ball league on Fantrax to become familiar with the teams and players across the nation…you will not be disappointed.

Suggested CFF Best Ball Rosters and Basic Scoring

  • 26 Rounds in Draft

Starting Lineup:

  • 9 Weekly Starters
  • 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE and 1 Flex


  • Passing TD, Rushing TD and Receiving TD: 6 points
  • Passing yards: .04 per yard
  • Rushing & Receiving yards: .10 per yard
  • Receptions: 1 point each

Undervalued CFF Players

I have participated in three CFF Best Ball drafts already, and have a good understanding of the player pool. I pinpointed three undervalued players at each position and posted polls on Twitter to gain insight from other CFF players.


  1.  Miller Moss, USC
  2.  Brady Cook, Missouri
  3.  Rocco Becht, Iowa State

College Fantasy Football on Fire!

Among the quartet listed, identify the most undervalued CFF quarterback in early drafts:

  • Dequan Finn, Baylor: 19%
  • Garrett Nussmeier, LSU: 33%
  • Rocco Becht, ISU: 16%
  • Conner Weigman, Texas A&M: 32%

“For CFF, I’m out on Dequan Finn for this year. I know I’m out on Rocco Becht, and while I love Conner Weigman for DEVY, I just see Texas A&M playing defense and running it too much to value Weigman highly. So it has to be Garrett Nussmeier for me.” @cusumano_sal

“I think for the CFF Diehards that Garrett Nussmeier and Conner Weigman have value, especially with how Weigman played prior to injury. Nuss got the money bag from LSU to stay and think he pushed Jayden Daniels to get to the next level.

With that being said, it is Dequan Finn…playing at a small school like Toledo, many college fans may not pay attention to the Rockets. He had over 3,100 total yds and 29 TDs. Finn opened up lanes for Peny Boone to take off, and Finn enabled four receivers to average over 12 yards per catch (ypc.). Finn at Baylor should continue to rise.” @_NinoBrown_

“Dequan Finn for me. Yet, small fish in big ponds fizzle more often than they dazzle.” @aceholesrule

“Right now, the only one that I am even interested in is Garrett Nussmeier. The other three have too many questions…Dequan Finn to Baylor was such a disappointment.” @JustinNottingh6

Running Backs

  1.  Dean Connors, Rice
  2.  Jahiem White, West Virginia
  3.  Kyle Monangai, Rutgers


College Fantasy Football on Fire!

Among G5 programs, identify the most overlooked CFF running back among the quartet:

  • Kay’Ron Adams, UMass: 24%
  • Dean Connors, Rice: 20%
  • Mario Anderson, Memphis: 30%
  • Kanye Roberts, Appalachian State: 26%

“Give me Kanye Roberts especially with Nate Noel hitting the portal. Roberts averaged six yards per carry for Appalachian State last season, including a two-touchdown performance versus a solid Troy defense. He flashed receiving skills with 14 receptions for 113 yards…mind you as a Freshman. He has great contact balance shown with 400-plus yards after the catch. It is Robert’s Season!” @_NinoBrown_

“With Dean Connors beginning to get some early off-season attention (thus, not being so overlooked anymore), we think Mario Anderson is the big winner from this group. He should fill in nicely for the departure of 2023 CFF RB No. 4 overall, Blake Watson.” @CfFLists

Wide Receivers

  1.  Kyren Lacy, LSU
  2.  Jayden Higgins, Iowa State
  3.  Eric Singleton, Georgia Tech

College Fantasy Football on Fire!

In early drafts, identify the underrated CFF wide receiver among those listed:

  • Malachi Fields, Virginia: 25%
  • Kobe Hudson, UCF: 34%
  • Josh Kelly, Texas Tech: 15%
  • Will Shepard, Colorado: 26%

“Kobe Hudson for me, but this should be a close vote!” @aceholesrule

“Malachi Fields: Young man is built like a tight end with the athleticism of a wide receiver. Not many people realize he was targeted 100-plus times even with Malik Washington on the roster. Fields accumulated 58 receptions for 811 yards and five touchdowns last season. He is a deep play threat that averaged over 14 yards per catch.

I watched him out leap the Boston College secondary for a touchdown to end the half last season. No other Cavaliers’ receiver on the team was close to Fields in targets, receptions, yards or touchdowns outside of Washington. Virginia brought in Chris Tyree (RB turned WR) and Trell Harris from Kent State. It is Fields season, and I’m not talking about Justin.” @_NinoBrown_

“I am going with Kobe Hudson, but it’s close between him and Will Shepard for me.” @cusumano_sal

“Time for the Kobe Hudson show at maximum level.” @CFFLists

Tight Ends

  1.  Caden Prieskorn, Mississippi
  2.  Terrance Ferguson, Oregon
  3.  Benjamin Brahmer, Iowa State

College Fantasy Football on Fire!

While building a CFF roster, do you prefer to select a Top 5 Tight End or dumpster dive at the position during the draft?

  • Draft a Top 5 Tight End: 22%
  • Dumpster Dive at Tight End: 69%
  • Not sure: 9%

“What if my Top 5 TEs are being taken where others are dumpster diving for TEs?” @CFF_Jared

“Both, draft a top 5 guy and pivot in season with dumpster diving once offense starts to indicate usage….” @BuffaloshoesFf

CFF King’s Classic Draft (Fourth Annual)

This summer, the family and I will vacation in Canton, Ohio, and attend the 2024 Fantasy Football Expo. For the fourth year, the CFF King’s Classic Draft will be held over the weekend. I am defending the title, and hopefully, become the first back-to-back winner. Meeting as many friends, colleagues, and CFF diehards as possible highlights the weekend. Please say hello at the FF Expo and/or watch the draft live on YouTube.

2024 CFF Player Rankings

In order to make the transition into a new fantasy format, College Fantasy Football player rankings provide an easy access point into the game. I will update the rankings throughout the spring and summer months to assist CFF managers…Enjoy my fellow CFF diehards!

Rnk Player Team
1 Kaidon Salter Liberty
2 Dillon Gabriel Oregon
3 Byrum Brown USF
4 Garrett Greene West Virginia
5 Jaxson Dart Mississippi
6 Jordan McCloud Texas State
7 KJ Jefferson UCF
8 Nico Iamaleava Tennessee
9 Haynes King Georgia Tech
10 Jalen Milroe Alabama
11 Jackson Arnold Oklahoma
12 Miller Moss USC
13 Seth Henigan Memphis
14 Thomas Castellanos Boston College
15 Shedeur Sanders Colorado
16 Avery Johnson Kansas State
17 Kyron Drones Virginia Tech
18 Garrett Nussmeier LSU
19 Noah Fifita Arizona
20 Brady Cook Missouri
21 Cameron Ward Miami
22 Preston Stone SMU
23 Riley Leonard Notre Dame
24 Joey Aguilar Appalachian St.
25 Will Howard Ohio State
26 Chandler Morris North Texas
27 Jaylen Raynor Arkansas State
28 DJ Uiagalelei Florida State
29 Quinn Ewers Texas
30 Carson Beck Georgia
31 Jalon Daniels Kansas
32 Grayson McCall North Carolina St.
33 Dequan Finn Baylor
34 Taylen Green Arkansas
35 Alan Bowman Oklahoma State
36 Rocco Becht Iowa State
37 Giovanni Lopez South Alabama
38 Cade Klubnik Clemson
39 T.J. Finley WKU
40 Malachi Nelson Boise State
41 Kyle McCord Syracuse
42 Kurtis Rourke Indiana
43 Nicholas Vattiato MTSU
44 B. Fowler-Nicolosi Colorado State
45 Josh Hoover TCU
46 Jacob Zeno UAB
47 Brendan Sorsby Cincinnati
48 Zeon Chriss Houston
49 Conner Harrell North Carolina
50 Bert Emanuel Central Michigan
51 E.J. Warner Rice
52 Gevani McCoy Oregon State
53 Brayden Schager Hawaii
54 Tyler Shough Louisville
55 Drew Allar Penn State
56 Anthony Colandrea Virgina
57 Aidan Chiles Michigan St.
58 Behren Morton Texas Tech
59 John Mateer Washington St.
60 Diego Pavia Vanderbilt
61 Lucas Lenhoff UNLV
62 Gavin Wimsatt Rutgers
63 Brayden Schager Hawaii

Rnk Player Team
1 Ollie Gordon Oklahoma State
2 Ashton Jeanty Boise State
3 Omarion Hampton North Carolina
4 RJ Harvey UCF
5 Phil Mafah Clemson
6 Darius Taylor Minnesota
7 Tahj Brooks Texas Tech
8 Devin Neal Kansas
9 DJ Giddens Kansas State
10 Ismail Mahdi Texas State
11 Cedric Baxter Jr. Texas
12 Jordan James Oregon
13 Damien Martinez Oregon State
14 Jaydn Ott California
15 Gavin Sawchuk Oklahoma
16 LeQuint Allen Syracuse
17 Quinton Cooley Liberty
18 Jalen White Georgia Southern
19 Makhi Hughes Tulane
20 Jaheim White West Virginia
21 Kyle Monangai Rutgers
22 Malik Sherrod Fresno State
23 Mario Anderson Memphis
24 Kaden Feagin Illinois
25 Abu Sama III Iowa State
26 Quinshon Judkins Ohio State
27 Jalen Buckley Western Michigan
28 Jo'Quavious Marks USC
29 Nicholas Singleton Penn State
30 Bhayshul Tuten Virginia Tech
31 Dean Connors Rice
32 Antario Brown Northern Illinois
33 TreVeon Henderson Ohio State
34 Cameron Skattebo Arizona State
35 Rickey Hunt Ohio
36 Dylan Sampson Tennessee
37 Trevor Etienne Georgia
38 Kaleb Jackson LSU
39 Marcus Carroll Missouri
40 Donovan Edwards Michigan
41 Kentrel Bullock South Alabama
42 DeaMonte Trayanum Kentucky
43 Montrell Johnson Florida
44 Justice Haynes Alabama
45 Jonah Coleman Washington
46 Jarquez Hunter Auburn
47 Jamal Haynes Georgia Tech
48 Chez Mellusi Wisconsin
49 CJ Donaldson West Virginia
50 Peny Boone Louisville
51 Kaytron Allen Penn State
52 Ja'Quinden Jackson Arkansas
53 Marion Lukes Central Michigan
54 Rueben Owens Texas A&M
55 Roman Hemby Maryland
56 Nathan Carter Michigan State
57 Raheim Sanders South Carolina
58 Harrison Waylee Wyoming
59 Jordan Waters NCSU
60 Quali Conley Arizona
61 Kay'Ron Adams UMass
62 Kanye Roberts App. State
63 Corey Kiner Cincinnati
64 Jam Miller Alabama
65 Parker Jenkins Houston
66 Logan Diggs Mississippi
67 LJ Martin BYU
68 TJ Harden UCLA
69 Terion Stewart Bowling Green
70 Jayden Blue Texas
71 Demond Clairborne Wake Forest
72 Jadarian Price Notre Dame
73 Ulysses Bentley Mississippi
74 Lee Beebe UAB
75 Marquez Cooper Ball State
76 Jeremiyah Love Notre Dame
77 Jacory Merritt Mississippi
78 Roydell Willams Florida State
79 Dallan Hayden Ohio State
80 Donald Chaney, Jr. Louisville

Rnk Player Team
1 Tetairoa McMillan Arizona
2 Luther Burden Missouri
3 Tory Horton Colorado St.
4 Evan Stewart Oregon
5 Ricky White UNLV
6 Jalen Royals Utah State
7 Tez Johnson Oregon
8 Joey Hobert Texas State
9 Sean Atkins USF
10 Pofele Ashlock Hawaii
11 Emeka Egbuka Ohio State
12 Kevin Concepcion North Carolia State
13 Elic Ayomanor Stanford
14 Noah Smith Sam Houston
15 Kyren Lacey LSU
16 Roc Taylor Memphis
17 Xavier Restrepo Miami
18 Eugene Wilson III Florida
19 Tre Harris Mississippi
20 Will Pauling Wisconsin
21 Brennan Pressley Oklahoma State
22 Derwin Burgess Georgia State
23 Jamaal Pritchett South Alabama
24 Germie Bernard Alabama
25 Kyle Williams Washington State
26 Steven McBride Hawaii
27 Malachi Fields Virginia
28 Eric Singleton Georgia State
29 Caullin Lacy Louisville
30 Squirrel White Tennessee
31 Zachariah Branch USC
32 Jayden Higgins Iowa State
33 Kobe Hudson UCF
34 Jeremiah Smith Ohio State
35 Chris Brazzelle Tennessee
36 LaJohntay Wester Colorado
37 Deion Burks Oklahoma
38 Elijah Sarratt Indiana
39 Jeremiah Hunter Washington
40 Nic Anderson Oklahoma
41 Dominic Lovett Georgia
42 Chris Bell Louisville
43 Josh Kelly Texas Tech
44 CJ Daniels LSU
45 Kole Wilson Texas State
46 Daniel Jackson Minnesota
47 Will Sheppard Colorado
48 Carnell Tate Ohio State
49 Jayden Higgins Iowa State
50 Cam Camper Boise State
51 Xzavier Henderson Cincinnati
52 Jacolby George Miami
53 Isaiah Bond Texas
54 Elijhah Badger n/a
55 Easton Messer Western Kentucky
56 Chris Bell Louisiville
57 Kaedin Robinson Appalachian St.
58 Jaylin Noel Iowa State
59 Joshua Meredith Washington State
60 Rashod Owens Oklahoma State
61 Johntay Cook Texas
62 Chase Sowell East Carolina
63 Taylor Morin Wake Forest
64 Devin McCuin UTSA
65 Jamal Haynes Georgia Tech
66 Dalvin Smith WKU
67 Kris Hutson Washington State
68 Kris Michell Notre Dame
69 Jalen Moss Fresno State
70 Mario Williams Tulane
71 Kenneth Womack Western Michigan
72 Jordan Moore Duke
73 Jay Maclin Kentucky
74 Elijah Metcalf Marshall
75 Jabre Barber Texas A&M
76 Kelly Akharaiyi Mississippi St.
77 Tyler Brown Clemson
78 Kobe Prentice Alabama
79 Micah Davis Utah State
80 Michael Mathison WKU
81 Jahmal Banks Wake Forest
82 Antonio Williams Clemson
83 Eric McAlister TCU
84 Matthew Golden Texas
85 Winston Wright, Jr. East Carolina
86 LaTrell Caplers Boise State
87 Dalen Cobb Georgia Southern
88 Malik Benson Florida State
89 Chris Tyree Virginia
90 Dorian Singer Utah

Rnk Player Team
1 Oronde Gadsden Syracuse
2 Harold Fannin Bowling Green
3 RJ Maryland SMU
4 Luke Lachey Iowa
5 Brant Kuithe Utah
6 Benjamin Yurosek Georgia
7 Caden Prieskorn Mississippi
8 Jake Briningstool Clemson
9 Jack Veiling Michigan State
10 Luke Hasz Arkansas
11 Justin Joly NC State
12 Mason Taylor LSU
13 Amari NiBlack Texas
14 Terrance Ferguson Oregon
15 Bryson Nesbit North Carolina
16 Holden Willis MTSU
17 Sam Roush Stanford
18 Elija Lofton Miami
19 Colston Loveland Michigan
20 Michael Harrison San Diego State
21 John M. Gyllenborg Wyoming
22 Jalin Conyers Texas Tech
23 Benjamin Brahmer Iowa State
24 Arlis Boardingham Florida
25 Tyler Warren Penn State
26 Rivaldo Fairweather Auburn
27 Drake Dabney TCU
28 Oscar Delp Georgia
29 Mitchell Evans Notre Dame
30 Kole Taylor West Virginia
31 Tanner Koziol Ball State

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