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Dangerous Duo: Two Underrated Guards To Draft This Year

We’ve had a whirlwind of trades, free agency moves, the draft, and summer league in the books. Things are starting to shape up, so it’s time to talk about some underrated guards who you should be drafting this year. Let’s get into it.

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Draft these Underrated Guards!

I am projecting These Two To Average A Double-Double, With Points and Assists!

Payton Pritchard, Boston Celtics

I’m not sure anybody has had a better summer than this guy. Pritchard was playing behind Kemba Walker, only to have him traded away. The second-year point guard then went to Summer League and proceeded to average 20 pts, 9 asts, 5 rebs, 2 steals, all while shooting 58% from three. 58%! Then there were headlines he dropped 92 points in a Pro-AM tournament! Something’s gotten into this dude. Whatever it is, I love it, and it bodes well for Pritchard this year. Don’t be afraid to reach for him in fantasy drafts this year. I think he’ll get starter’s minutes whether he comes off the bench or not.

Collin Sexton, Cleveland Cavaliers

Year One: 17pts, 3ast, 3rebs; 43%FG, 40%3FG

Year Two: 21pts, 3ast, 3rebs; 47%FG, 37%3FG

Year Three: 24pts, 4ast, 3rebs; 47%FG, 37%3FG

Collin has improved almost every facet of his game each year. The only thing that has declined is his three-point shooting, and it’s happened in part because he’s shot .5 threes more per game each season. The reason I’m expecting a double-double from Sexton this year is that he’s been the focal point of trade rumors all summer. There have been reports that his teammates don’t like his style of play because he takes all the usage. Looking at his assist numbers over the years, that’s probably true. He’s always been a shoot-first point guard, but that’ll change this year. The Cavs will have a full year of Allen to run the pick and roll with, they added Evan Mobley and Lauri Markannen. Sexton will likely be encouraged to shoot fewer threes (like Trae Young and Devin Booker were), and the rest of his game will grow. The Cavs are building something interesting. I don’t know if it’ll be any good. But it’s certainly interesting. Sexton shares are dirt cheap right now.

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