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Why your fantasy leagues should be playing on Fantrax

Too often we get complacent with the platforms we use for our fantasy leagues. No matter how much we complain about the negatives, we just deal with it because “it’s what we’ve always used”. Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! Fantrax has an amazing arsenal of tricks and tools to help you customize your fantasy leagues.

The most important benefit of switching your leagues over to Fantrax is that they will do all the work for you! That’s right, Fantrax makes it super easy for you and gets you settled into the platform you will never move away from. Congratulations on finding your “forever home” with Fantrax!

It’s always fantasy time at! You can start a Fantasy Football League 364 days a year! Looking for a place to host your league? Check out the Fantrax Fantasy Football Commissioner. Or if you’re looking to win real cash prizes you might want to enter one of their Classic Draft Contests. And when you’re getting ready for your league head on over to the Fantrax Mock Draft Lobby to get your draft on!

Why Your Fantasy Leagues Should Be Using Fantrax

Continue reading until the very end and you’ll see why so many people are switching to Fantrax

I reached out to the masses on Twitter to ask for some feedback. I wanted to know what are some of your pain points with the platforms you use to run your fantasy leagues. The responses were eye-opening! Here is what users of the other sites are saying. I’ve provided a solution from Fantrax for each pain point.

Pain point: “If my current platform could add all year support so that my keeper league could trade picks without me keeping a spreadsheet I would be enamored.”

Answer: Fantrax opens the new season the day after the regular season is over, meaning a full offseason of trading within the system, and no need for spreadsheets!

Pain point: “My current platform doesn’t automatically put my pre-draft list in mock drafts. So, if I forget to re-set it, I’m stuck with their rankings.”

Answer: Once you rank your players on Fantrax, your list automatically replaces the default rankings inside the draft room.  You can also elect to carry those rankings over to any other fantasy leagues run on Fantrax!

Pain point: “The app doesn’t offer everything from the desktop site. Can’t delete a team from the app, send invites from the app, see last year’s league or draft”

Answer: Fantrax has built a lot of commissioner functionality, as well as 100% complete owner functionality into the app that is on the desktop, unlike any other platform, where the app is a heavily scaled-down version.

Pain point: “The biggest pain is some of the info that they provide. (Waiver wire most added players) stuff like that, basically telling players what to do. Info like that gives an advantage to players that don’t do their own research. Makes it too easy.”

Answer: While Fantrax provides the basic and essential news and injury updates on players, Fantrax leaves the team management decisions to the owners without forcing “best player to claim” information down your throat.

Pain point: “The platform changed their desktop site to be too similar to the app. Before the site had more powerful tools. Feels like they’re mostly gone now.”

Answer: Fantrax offers the most powerful and most customizable Commissioner/League Manager platform on the net.  Fantrax also allows you to customize the layout of your fantasy league home screen and many other user preferences.

Pain point: “They have the WORST chat/message board functionality. One league uses a group text thread which BLOWS, the other uses Google Hangouts.”

Answer: Fantrax offers live chat and message forums right on your league’s home screen, using no 3rd party applications.

Pain point: “This platform is season-long only. No option for trading picks. Have to keep track offline.”

Answer: Fantrax operates all year long, so you can make trades in the middle of the offseason. Draft pick trades are available not only for the upcoming season but seven years in advance.

Pain point: “Lack of keeper options… Your first keeper is your first-round pick, 2nd is the second-round pick, etc”

Answer: At Fantrax, you can choose what round your keeper is assigned to.

Pain point: “This major platform deleted all league history before 2018. All you can now see is record, yearly point totals, and playoff outcomes. Can no longer see acquisition, weekly point totals, and smack talk. Hope to move leagues away from this platform because of it.”

Answer: None of your league history will ever get deleted on Fantrax.  Fantrax backs up league data on a nightly basis.

Pain point: “This platform was designed in the stone age. The mobile version sucks. I have to plea and beg my owners every year to stay on the platform b/c of their commish friendliness and customization.”

Answer: Fantrax has been rolling out its new design and app over the last year. All of the key screens are live, but Fantrax is working on moving all desktop screens to be accessed via the app.

Pain point: “The cost is too high. App sucks. Looks like made in ms doc.”

Answer: Fantrax fantasy leagues are free with the option to purchase a league premium upgrade for $79.99(less than $6 a user for the average league)  Fantrax does not charge for a feature that is Free on another platform.

I’m sure there are some nice things about these platforms but when I asked for pain points, boy did you give them to me. One major thing that stood out? Fantrax was not listed in a single negative comment! Don’t believe me? You can see my Twitter thread for yourself here!

Fantrax User Testimonials

I asked Fantrax users what they thought about the platform and here is some of the feedback I received.

“Endless league customization for commish is more than ideal”

“Fantrax Treasurer” If you don’t know what this is, it’s one of Fantrax’s best tools!

“I love the in-depth player info, stats, and splits”

“multi-team trading allows you to complete the trade in one transaction rather than coordinate multiple trades”

“The ability to claim multiple players at once instead of being redirected back to team page every time is one of my favorite things about Fantrax!”

“Draft room is amazing!”

“User interface, which is something I struggled with when I first joined a league on Fantrax has dramatically improved.”

“The ability to customize fantasy leagues has completely won me over.”

“My favorite thing about it is the customization and ability to make multiple moves at once. Makes setting lineups, making claims, trades, etc so easy.”

What else do you need to see to make the switch over to Fantrax? Stop accepting the pain points of the other sites and make the change today!

IMPORTANT!: Once you’ve made the switch over to Fantrax, just DM me your Fantrax League URL on Twitter: @DomiNateFF and I will hook you up with an amazing deal. Think of it as a thank you for joining the Fantrax family!

Nate Hamilton is a regular contributor in the fantasy football industry. He has provided advice & analysis on a daily basis since joining Twitter (@DomiNateFF) in August of 2013. He has written content for many well-known sites including FantasyPros, The Fantasy Footballers, Fantasy Data, and currently, FantraxHQ. He is the co-host of The Fantasy Tilt Podcast with Keaton Denlay. Nate also Co-Authored Amazon’s #1 Best Selling “The Fantasy Football Black Book” with Joe Pisapia & others in 2018. He is a member of the Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association (FSWA).

Fantrax was one of the fastest-growing fantasy sites of 2018 and we’re not stopping anytime soon! With multi-team trades, designated commissioner/league managers, and drag/drop easy click methods, Fantrax is sure to excite the serious fantasy sports fan – sign up now for a free year at

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    I don’t understand something… We have a league on Yahoo and now we want to go to the Fantrax. Do we need to pay after year 1? Because I was playing last year a few Fantrax league?

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