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Trend Tracking: Early-Season Performances

After only one week of MLB play, every stat comes with a number of sample size caveats. Players’ actual results mean very little for the rest of the season (sorry, Matt Davidson and Yolmer Sanchez). On the other hand, there is a full season’s worth of potential value to be had for owners who identify sustainable early-season breakouts, so it’s worth examining some players who have shown interesting underlying skills, which are more likely to be meaningful than a player’s batting average or home run total to this point.…

2018 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Outfield Part 2 (26-50)

Last week we covered the top-25 fantasy outfielders for the 2018 season. However, the outfield position is so deep and there's no way I could fit in all I want/need to write about each player into just one article, so I decided to break up the outfield into three separate articles. In this article, we'll break down outfielders ranked 26-50. A lot of these players come with some sort of concern, whether it's injuries, track record, or lack of experience. However, there's no debating the talent each player possesses. After…