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AAF Fantasy Position Rankings after Week Two

Week Two of AAF Football featured great highs and somber lows. The matchup between the San Antonio Commanders and the Orlando Apollos is one that will finish as one of the best of the season while John Wolford redeemed himself in a late Arizona comeback over the Memphis Express. One of Atlanta’s final drives was one of the worst I had ever seen in any level of football when they ran the ball on 3rd & 16 with under three minutes left in the game. After this run, the Legend’s coaching staff sent out their punt team before wasting their final timeout to put their offense back in the game.

Some players worked their way up the ranks while many fell to the bottom. I’m here to make sense of the changes and help you guys win your first ever AAF Fantasy Football League (AAFF? AFF? FAAF? We’ll work it out).

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Week 2 AAF Rankings


So not much changed as far as quarterback rankings go. Phillip Nelson and Austin Allen both made starts this week. Nelson drew the start over Mike Bercovici and defeated the Atlanta Legends while Austin Allen started due to an injury to Josh Woodrum and blew a game late to Birmingham. Nelson will likely remain the starter long term but won’t offer much more fantasy upside than Bercovici.

  1. Garrett Gilbert, Orlando Apollos
  2. John Wolford, Arizona Hotshots
  3. Luis Perez, Birmingham Irons
  4. Logan Woodside, San Antonio Commanders
  5. Josh Woodrum, Salt Lake Stallions
  6. Phillip Nelson, San Diego Fleet
  7. Austin Allen, Salt Lake Stallions
  8. Christian Hackenberg, Memphis Express
  9. Matt Simms, Atlanta Legends

Running Backs

Week 2 was very informative for the running back position. Coaches for San Antonio and San Diego showed us who they were going to rely on the most while Orlando and Salt Lake continue to look for their go-to backs. Former-Iowa Hawkeye and Tennessee Titan Akrum Wadley led Atlanta in receptions and thus pulling himself out of the dog houses of the owners that drafted him.

  1. Trent Richardson, Birmingham Irons
  2. Jhurrell Pressley, Arizona Hotshots
  3. Kenneth Farrow II, San Antonio Commanders
  4. Ja’Quan Gardner, San Diego Fleet
  5. De’Veon Smith, Orlando Apollos
  6. Zac Stacy, Memphis Express
  7. Tim Cook, Arizona Hotshots
  8. Justin Stockton, Arizona Hotshots
  9. Joel Bouaghnon, Salt Lake Stallions
  10. Brandon Oliver, Salt Lake Stallions
  11. Akrum Wadley, Atlanta Legends
  12. D’Ernest Johnson, Orlando Apollos
  13. Aaron Green, San Antonio Commanders
  14. Akeem Hunt, Orlando Apollos
  15. Terrell Watson, San Diego Fleet
  16. Tarean Folston, Atlanta Legends
  17. Matt Asiata, Salt Lake Stallions
  18. David Cobb, San Antonio Commanders
  19. Terrence MaGee, Memphis Express
  20. Lawrence Pittman, Atlanta Legends

Wide Receivers

The drops weren’t as bad this week but there were still some more promising guys that fell short. It’s also important to note that if your top guy is going up against Memphis, he might be in for a rough day given that the top corner in the AAF in Channing Stribling who holds QBs to a 52.1 passer rating when they throw at him.

  1. Rashad Ross, Arizona Hotshots
  2. Charles Johnson, Orlando Apollos
  3. Quinton Patton, Birmingham Irons
  4. MeKale McKay, San Antonio Commanders
  5. Jalin Marshall, Orlando Apollos
  6. De’Marcus Ayers, San Antonio Commanders
  7. Greg Ward Jr., San Antonio Commanders
  8. Seantavius Jones, Atlanta Legends
  9. Brian Brown, San Diego Fleet
  10. Alonzo Moore, San Antonio Commanders
  11. Chris Thompson, Orlando Apollos
  12. Josh Huff, Arizona Hotshots
  13. Reese Horn, Memphis Express
  14. Richard Mullaney, Arizona Hotshots
  15. Nelson Spruce, San Diego Fleet
  16. Pig Howard, Memphis Express
  17. De’Mornay Pierson El, Salt Lake Stallions
  18. Adonis Jennings, Salt Lake Stallions
  19. Justin Thomas, Atlanta Legends
  20. Jordan Leslie, Salt Lake Stallions
  21. Malachi Jones, Atlanta Legends
  22. Francis Owusu, Orlando Apollos
  23. Dontez Ford, San Diego Fleet
  24. Ervin Phillips, Atlanta Legends
  25. Rannell Hall, Orlando Apollos
  26. DeVozea Felton, Birmingham Irons
  27. Bug Howard, Atlanta Legends
  28. Tobias Palmer, Birmingham Irons
  29. Montay Crockett, Atlanta Legends
  30. Ishmael Hyman, Orlando Apollos

Tight Ends

So not many changes as far as who the top Tight Ends are but Evan Rodriguez is worth noting. Rodriguez was used as an H-Back in the red zone by the Commanders and picked up a touchdown and a 2-Point Conversion against Orlando this past weekend. I can say without a reasonable doubt that this will be his sort of role for the remainder of the season given his successes.

  1. Gerald Christian, Arizona Hotshots
  2. Anthony Denham, Salt Lake Stallions
  3. Gavin Escobar, San Diego Fleet
  4. Evan Rodriguez, San Antonio Commanders
  5. Nick Truesdell, Salt Lake Stallions
  6. Charles Standberry Jr., Atlanta Legends
  7. Marcus Baugh, San Diego Fleet
  8. Connor Hamlett, Arizona Hotshots
  9. Cole Hunt, San Antonio Commanders
  10. Connor Davis, Birmingham Irons

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