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NFL Coaching Changes: Derrick Henry and Other Falling Values

Last week, I touched on several players who should see a boost in 2018 fantasy football value in part because of how their new head coaches are likely to utilize them. This week, I will look at players who could be negatively affected by their new surroundings. This surely isn’t to say that any of these coaches are not qualified to lead an NFL franchise, nor does this mean that the players on this list are not draftable. It is simply to say that I believe the players below are overvalued and will disappoint fantasy owners…

NFL Coaching Changes: Derek Carr and Other Rising Values

The talent disparity at the NFL level is not as wide as one would believe. Oftentimes, success comes down to teams finding coaches who can maximize talent and put players in the best positions to succeed. This often carries over into fantasy football as well. NFL coaching changes can have a much larger impact than most people realize. We don’t need to look beyond what Sean McVay did last season for the Los Angeles Rams. Heading into the year, the Rams offense was, well, offensive. They ranked last in the NFL in points in…