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Week 4 Starts And Sits For Fantasy Football

Halt. Leave your shoes and frustrations about the Steelers/Titans game at the door. Look, I get it, nobody wanted to see this happen. It’s unfortunate all around, but all we can do is focus on what’s right in front of us and enjoy some football. There are plenty of folks who have some last-minute scrambling and readjusting to do in light of the aforementioned event, so all of you lucky players, pay close attention. Grab a seat, grab a beer, and enjoy my Week 4 Starts And Sits.

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Week 4 Starts And Sits For Fantasy Football

Quarterback Starts

Aaron Rodgers (My Ranking: QB7)

Hello Aaron Rodgers and where have you been the last couple of years? Through three weeks of the season, Rodgers sits as the QB6 on the year. Things are only going to get better. Rodgers faces the Falcons defense, who so far this season ranks 31st in passing yards given up and 32nd in passing touchdowns allowed. Averaging three touchdowns allowed per game, Atlanta is an attractive matchup for any opposing quarterback, let alone a future Hall of Famer having a Pro Bowl-caliber season.

Deshaun Watson (My Ranking: QB8)

This year hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies for Deshaun Watson. Thus far, Watson is the 17th ranked fantasy quarterback. While that isn’t congruous with the league’s second-highest-paid quarterback ability, one has to consider the difficulty of his early-season matchups.

This week, things start to look up. Watson is going up against a Minnesota defense who’s among the bottom three units in passing yards allowed. Aside from a 214-yard performance by Philip Rivers in a lopsided Week 2 matchup, the Vikings have allowed no fewer than 321 yards in a contest. I know it’s been a bumpy ride, but Watson needs to be front and center this week in your lineup.

Quarterback Sits

Carson Wentz (My Ranking: QB24)

Who? Who I ask you does Carson Wentz have to throw the ball to? Philadelphia is going to have to conjure up some Bobby Boucher magic from their practice squad if they hope to run their offense this week. Their only routine starter, Zach Ertz, finds himself on an island. His closest neighbors are practice squad promotees, Greg Ward and John Hightower.

This take doesn’t need much statistical analysis, it just takes a bit of common sense. Lacking weapons and a shred of promising play to date, Wentz belongs nowhere near your lineup.

Kirk Cousins (My Ranking: QB19)

Am I annoyed that Kirk Cousins finished as the QB12 last week despite my fade? Yes, a little. Does that have to do with my follow-up fade? No, no it doesn’t.

To the surprise of many, Houston’s secondary has been stout to start the year. Making matters more impressive, they’ve played the likes of Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, and Ben Roethlisberger. Allowing the third-fewest yards-per-game, this year’s QB23 has a messy road just ahead of him.

Running Back Starts

James Robinson (My Ranking: RB13)

Tallying no less than 16 touches a game, Jacksonville’s surprise breakout, James Robinson, will have all the opportunity in the world to be worthy of a fantasy start this week. His opponents, the Cincinnati Bengals, are giving up the second-most rushing yards-per-game.

Speaking of opportunity, Robinson currently has the ninth-ranked opportunity share in the league among running backs. He’s dominating touches in his backfield and without any viable threats behind him, there’s no rain in his forecast, just clear skies.

Darrell Henderson (My Ranking: RB17)

If you didn’t read the vibe already, I’m a fan of opportunities. It doesn’t get any better for a running back than being on the league-leading team in rushing attempts. It also doesn’t hurt when you’re playing a team with no offense, who happens to give up 123 yards-per-game to running backs. With Cam Akers out yet again, do yourself a massive favor, get Darrell Henderson in your lineup.

Running Back Sits

Sony Michel (My Ranking: RB35)

As I fight back a gagging fight at the sight of this man’s name, let me tell you a terrifying stat about Sony Michel. Thus far this season, Michel averages only 29.6% of New England’s snaps on offense. That little doozy of a figure has him ranked 59th among the position around the league. Aside from one big play that made his entire week, Sony has managed no more than 37 total yards in his first two appearances. Ew, ew, ew. He’s nearing droppable territory if he doesn’t show something this week.

D’Andre Swift (My Ranking: RB37)

If you’ve been patiently waiting for D’Andre Swift to have his breakout performance, you’re going to be sorely disappointed yet again this week. It doesn’t get any easier than sitting a running back who has only tallied eight total carries through three weeks of the season. Don’t do it yourself, folks. Unless you have a bench spot that you’re able to hold him with, drop him until further notice.

Wide Receiver Starts

DeVante Parker (My Ranking: WR17)

Seattle, Seattle, Seattle. The Seahawks have allowed more fantasy points to the receiver position than any other team this season. The second-place Dallas Cowboys aren’t particularly close behind either. Averaging over 73 points-per-game allowed, Seattle’s secondary is as juicy as rare-cooked filet mignon. As the top option in Miami’s passing game, you can’t get away from DeVante Parker this week.

O’Dell Beckham Jr. (My Ranking: WR20)

I’m feeling nearly disgusting about my advocation of O’Dell Beckham Jr. this week, but I’m telling you that you can trust him. Let’s circle back to that fantasy points allowed to the wide receiver position stat again. Like I was telling you earlier, Dallas ranks twice in that category. Not only does Dallas’ secondary give up points, but their offense also puts up points.

Dallas is going to run the score up quickly against Cleveland’s secondary, and the Browns are going to have no choice but to abandon their run-first gameplan, and their No. 1 receiving option is going to have to show up for the team. I’ll be putting O’Dell in my lineups this week, and I strongly encourage you to do the same.

Wide Receiver Sits

Darius Slayton (My Ranking: WR32)

It felt pretty good being a Darius Slayton manager after Week 1, didn’t it? Following a WR4 performance, 2020 was shaping up to be fine and dandy for the sophomore receiver. Well…not so fast. Slayton followed up his season-opener with a WR81 showing, and then a WR69 outing. Woof. With Aaron Donald disrupting Daniel Jones and his invisible offensive line, and with Jalen Ramsey shadowing Slayton, how exactly is Slayton supposed to receive the football?

Emmanuel Sanders (My Ranking: WR41)

Somehow, even in Michael Thomas’ absence, Emmanuel Sanders has only been able to log a season-high of four receptions in a week. Sure, he scored in Weeks 1 and 3, but touchdowns are the most unpredictable stat, and the odds are against a player who only sees the ball four times. Drew Brees has been spreading the ball around far too much for comfort, and until Sanders can establish a foothold of more targets, he should be a stash only candidate.

Tight End Starts

Zach Ertz (My Ranking: TE4)

No, you didn’t draft Zach Ertz to be the TE13 through the first three weeks of the season. However, you did draft him to put up performances like the one he’s about to have against the San Francisco 49ers. With virtually no one else in town, Ertz stands alone as a reliable target for Carson Wentz. Without a healthy Dallas Goedert in the lineup, Ertz is going to see targets up the wazoo.

It’s not as if the targets haven’t been there either. He’s logged 24 targets through three games, and that number won’t be dropping this week. Trust the process, Philly. You know the drill already.

Mike Gesicki (My Ranking: TE6)

Let’s no waste each other’s time with the Seattle rundown again. Start all, and I mean all Dolphins pass-catchers. Mike Gesicki in particular looks appealing with a missing Jamal Adams. Fire up the Gesicki engine.

Tight End Sits

Mo Alie-Cox (My Ranking: TE18)

Hey, I’ve been enjoying the Mo Alie-Cox ride as much as the next guy, but three targets aren’t going to cut it for a starting tight end. With Jack Doyle back in the fold, Alie-Cox saw only three targets last week, although he was able to convert them to a nice fantasy outing. The point remains, however, that limited opportunities make for a difficult task in translating to fantasy points. There just aren’t enough targets to go around on a team who would much prefer to simply run the football.

Drew Sample (My Ranking: TE20)

Could Drew Sample have a good game against the Jaguars? It’s possible. The Jags’ secondary is nothing to write home about. My problem, similar to my stance against Alie-Cox, is that Sample received only one target last week in a game where Joe Burrow threw the ball 44 times. Even when Sample saw nine targets, he was only able to rack up 45 yards. Until he shows any sort of explosiveness on offense, he belongs on the waiver wire.

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