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2023 St. Louis Cardinals Top Prospects

While the Los Angeles Dodgers are the gold standard, the St. Louis Cardinals are right there with them when it comes to blending player development with spending. If you can go out and acquire pieces with free agency or trades while also developing from within well, you’re bound to be successful more often than not. This is why the Cardinals only have one losing season and have made the postseason 16 times in 23 seasons this century. That includes four trips to the World Series and two championships in 2006 and 2011. Some notable players developed by St. Louis during that time were Yadier Molina, Adam Wainwright, and Albert Pujols. Can some of the players below in our 2023 St. Louis Cardinals Top Prospects list help this storied franchise return to another World Series soon?

This organization is both talented at the top and deep with position players and pitching talent. Right at the top we have Jordan Walker who is one of the five best prospects in baseball along with short-stop Masyn Winn and right-hander Tink Hence. Both Winn and Hence can be found inside many Top 50s.

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St. Louis Cardinals Top Prospects

Jordan Walker (3B/OF)1Jordan Walker (3B/OF)
Tink Hence (P)2Tink Hence (P)
Masyn Winn (SS)3Masyn Winn (SS)
Alec Burleson (OF)4Alec Burleson (OF)
Moises Gomez (OF)5Cooper Hjerpe (P)
Gordon Graceffo (P)6Gordon Graceffo (P)
Jonathan Mejia (SS)7Matthew Liberatore
Cooper Hjerpe (P)8Moises Gomez (OF)
Joshua Baez (OF)9Jonathan Mejia (SS)
Matthew Liberatore (P)10Ivan Herrera (C )
Michael McGreevy (P)11Michael McGreevy (P)
Won-Bin Cho (OF)12Joshua Baez (OF)
Inohan Paniagua (P)13Mike Antico (OF)
Ivan Herrera (C )14Pete Hansen (P)
Connor Thomas (P)15Inohan Paniagua (P)
Mike Antico (OF)16Brycen Mautz (P)
Leonardo Bernal (C )17Connor Thomas (P)
Brycen Mautz (P)18Won-Bin Cho (OF)
Pete Hansen (P)19Austin Love (P)
Alec Willis (P)20Ian Bedell (P)

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