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2023 Outfield Prospect Rankings

Welcome to my positional prospect rankings series for 2023. The offseason is always a fun time, especially in the world of dynasty and prospect rankings. This is the time of year when we have additional time to dissect our rankings in many different ways and dive deeper into prospect profiles to see if we have them ranked appropriately. The two most beneficial ways to break them down are by team and position. In this series, I’m going position by position, continuing with my top Outfield Prospect Rankings here today.

NOTE: International signees will be in an upcoming update.

The Top 10

Corbin Carroll, ARI: With his elite speed, blossoming power, and ability to post a solid AVG/OBP, Corbin Carroll has a realistic chance of developing into a fantasy first-rounder someday with Trea Turner level stats. Trust me, I hate saying stuff like this, but if the cleat fits, lace it up. Watch Carroll go 20/20 this season. Heck, maybe even 20/30.

Jordan Walker, STL: Due to the presence of Nolan Arenado, Jordan Walker will be moving to the outfield full-time, and it’s not unreasonable to think he might be in St. Louis’ opening day lineup if he rakes in spring training. Walker is a double-plus power bat with sneaky-good speed and exceptional on-base abilities. If everything breaks right, he could be Eloy Jimenez with some speed. That would look better at the hot corner but would make him an early-round fantasy player regardless of the position.

Jackson Chourio, MIL: In just one season’s time, Jackson Chourio went from a borderline top-400 prospect (in my rankings) to a top-10 prospect basically everywhere. That’s what will happen when you dominate as he did at such a young age against more advanced competition. Plus to double-plus raw power and above-average speed lead the way here, and if Chourio can continue improving his approach at the plate (which isn’t bad to begin with), he very easily could capture the #1 overall spot at some point during the 2023 season. Chourio just went 71st in the Baseball America Dynasty Mock draft, just to give you an idea of where the hype is at right now.

James Wood, WAS: With the frame of an NBA small forward, the raw power of a middle-of-the-order slugger, and outstanding athleticism, James Wood is a scout’s dream. The bigger frame can always be a slight hindrance, but it hasn’t stopped Wood yet as he’s showing that he can hit for a high AVG with a high OBP to go along with his power/speed upside. Wood is another prospect on this list with #1 overall prospect potential in 2023 if he continues doing his thing in Hi-A to open the season.

Druw Jones, ARI: Honestly, Druw Jones reminds me a bit of a younger Corbin Carroll. Like Carroll at the same age, Jones already has a great hit/speed combination with around average raw power and the projection for more if he adds bulk to his frame. Ranking him in my top 10 overall prospects already is a testament to Jones’ immense upside and the confidence I have in him adding more power just as Carroll did.

Colton Coswer, BAL: This ranking just goes to show that talent is talent regardless of whether they attended Texas or Sam Houston State. Cowser flirted with a 20/20 season in 2022, racking up 19 homers and 18 steals in 138 games with a .278/.406/.469 slash line. There’s more power upside for Cowser to unlock as well, potentially even pushing 30 homers to pair with double-digit steals, a .260+ AVG, and a strong OBP. He’s the first one on this list that lacks the true “wow” factor, but Cowser is a damn good fantasy prospect all around.

Pete Crow-Armstrong, CHC: Like Cowser, Pete Crow-Armstrong doesn’t have the sexy profile to rival the names in the top 5, but what he does have is a skill set that should provide plenty of fantasy value longterm. PCA is an above-average or better hitter with plus speed and sneaky power. While he’ll likely never be a 20+ homer bat, PCA should be in the mid-teens more often than not with a well-rounded offensive profile overall. There’s a fair high floor here.

Elijah Green, WAS: I’m not some seasoned scout that has been around for decades, but in my time evaluating prospects, Elijah Green might be the most toolsy prospect I’ve ever seen. Double-plus raw power and speed aren’t a combination that just grows on trees. However, there are additional swing-and-miss tendencies in Green’s game that will need to be ironed out. But as is the case with Elly De La Cruz, if Green can even sniff a 45-50 grade hit tool and keep the strikeout rate somewhat reasonable, he has the chance to be a fantasy monster.

Evan Carter, TEX: While being fairly young for every level he’s been at, Evan Carter continues to impress all that have watched him either in person or on video. To start, Carter displays a phenomenal plate approach that led to a 13.5% walk rate, 17.1% strikeout rate, and a .397 OBP. Carter’s power has also been trending up as well with 43 extra-base hits last season in 106 games. That power continuing to materialize in games more consistently is really the final piece of the puzzle for Carter who has already showcased his speed and on-base abilities.

Jasson Dominguez, NYY: Before the ripe old age of 20, Jasson Dominguez has been comped to all-time greats, deemed overrated, deemed underrated, and everything in between. Dominguez climbed three levels in 2022, finishing with 16 home runs, 37 steals, and a .273/.376/.461 slash line across 120 games. While he’ll provide some speed, don’t read too much into those 37 steals as 36 of them were in Lo-A and Hi-A. Dominguez also has a frame that lacks projection. But with that said, he’s shown the ability to hit for a solid average in the .260-.275 range with a sound plate approach and the ability to swat 20+ home runs annually. Stop comping him to all-time greats and accept him for who he is: a very good prospect.

Names to Buy

Emmanuel Rodriguez, MIN: Before a torn meniscus and subsequent surgery ended Emmanuel Rodriguez’s season in June, the rising Twins prospect had a ridiculous .493 OBP in 199 plate appearances along with nine home runs, 11 steals, and a .280 ISO. There’s a fine line between having a high walk rate and being too patient, so hopefully Rodriguez doesn’t cross it. But if he can find that happy medium, the upside for fantasy purposes is very exciting given his on-base abilities and power/speed blend.

Chase DeLauter, CLE: Mark my words, there will be serious regret by the end of 2023 for those that passed on Chase DeLauter after pick 5-6 in FYPDs. DeLauter is an OBP machine with plus power and above-average speed that is being undervalued partially due to not playing for a University that consistently played top-notch collegiate programs. Well, how’d that work out with Colton Cowser last year?

Gavin Cross, KCR: Another fairly undervalued top bat from the 2022 FYPD class, Gavin Cross continued to dominate offensively in Single-A after the draft, just as he did at Virginia Tech. Cross is a plus power bat with an above-average hit tool, solid approach, and could flirt with double-digit steals early in his career as well. I’m expecting his ranking to be cut in half by this time next year.

Luis Matos, SFG: After a breakout 2021 season that had him inside my top 25 overall, the 2022 seasons was one to forget for Matos. But I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt here as he wasn’t really fully healthy until later in the season. But beginning on August 7th, Matos recorded an 8-game hit streak and was able to finish the season strong with a .293/.315/.463 slash line over his final 130 PA with seven doubles, four home runs, and seven steals. He’s still too aggressive for my liking though, but in general, Matos is a great buy right now given his suppresses cost.

Gabriel Gonzalez, SEA: In his two seasons in the Seattle organization, Gabriel Gonzalez has excelled, displaying an all-around offensive skillset that could lead to plenty of success in our fantasy baseball world. While Gonzalez doesn’t stand out in any one area, he could be above-average across the board offensively and still has some power projection left on his frame. I’m fully expecting his ascension up prospect rankings to continue in 2023.

Spencer Jones, NYY: When you have a mammoth left-handed bat in the Yankees organization that possesses big-time power, can hit for power, and even provide some speed, it’s difficult to contain your excitement. This was a fit made in fantasy baseball heaven. The hype surrounding Jones is already rising quickly, but get ready for this hype train to fully derail once he has a full season to show his exciting offensive talents. We realistically could be looking at a top-10 prospect by the end of 2023.

Benny Montgomery, COL: When Benny Montgomery was drafted in 2021, evaluators lauded the power/speed potential but many also questioned whether the hit tool was going hold him back from fully maximizing the power/speed blend. Well, Montgomery came out and proved that he’s a better hitter than he got credit for. Montgomery hit .310 across 286 PA with a 26.9% strikeout rate. You can contribute some of that to the offensive-friendly environments in the California League, but it was certainly an encouraging performance from Montgomery. The arrow is pointing upwards here.

Josue De Paula, LAD: Oh look, another exciting Dodgers prospect. In 53 games for the Dodgers DSL affiliate, De Paula racked up 20 extra-base hits (five home runs), 16 steals, and a .350/.448/.522 slash line with more walks (32) than strikeouts (31). Many evaluators that have seen him are incredibly excited about De Paula’s bat in general with the chance to grade as above-average to plus across the board offensively. Get in now before his price tag continues to sky rocket in 2023.

FYPD Targets: Druw Jones, Elijah Greene, Chase DeLauter, Gavin Cross, Spencer Jones, Drew Gilbert, Justin Crawford, Jordan Beck, Brock Jones, Masataka Yoshida, Dylan Beavers, Sterlin Thompson

Redraft Targets: Corbin Carroll, Jordan Walker, Colton Cowser, Sal Frelick, Will Brennan, Joey Wiemer, Esteury Ruiz, Alexander Canario, James Outman, Tyler Gentry, Cade Marlowe, Garrett Mitchell

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2023 Outfield Prospect Rankings

Other positions can be found here.

RankPlayerMLB TeamAgeETA
Tier 1
1Corbin CarrollARI22.4Debuted
Tier 2
2Jordan WalkerSTL20.72023
3Jackson ChourioMIL18.92024
4James WoodWAS20.42024
5Druw JonesARI19.22025
Tier 3
6Colton CowserBAL22.92023
7Pete Crow-ArmstrongCHC20.92024
8Elijah GreenWAS19.22025
9Evan CarterTEX20.42024
10Jasson DominguezNYY20.02024
Tier 4
11Zac VeenCOL21.12024
12Robert Hassell IIIWAS21.52024
13Emmanuel RodriguezMIN19.92024
14Joey WiemerMIL24.02023
15Sal FrelickMIL22.82023
16Ceddanne RafaelaBOS22.42023
17Kevin AlcantaraCHC20.62024
18Chase DeLauterCLE21.32024
19Gavin CrossKCR22.02024
Tier 5
20Luis MatosSFG21.02024
21Esteury RuizOAK24.0Debuted
22Alexander CanarioCHC22.72023
23Oscar ColasCHW24.42024
24Miguel BleisBOS18.92025
25Gabriel GonzalezSEA18.82025
26Spencer JonesNYY21.72024
27Brennen DavisCHC23.22023
28Dustin HarrisTEX23.62023
29Aaron ZavalaTEX22.62023
Tier 6
30Andy PagesLAD22.12023
31James OutmanLAD25.7Debuted
32George ValeraCLE22.22023
33Benny MontgomeryCOL20.42025
34Grant McCraySFG22.22023
35Cade MarloweSEA25.62023
36Cristhian VaqueroWAS18.42026
37Everson PereiraNYY21.82023
38Alex RamirezNYM20.02023
39Heston KjerstadBAL24.02024
40Josue De PaulaLAD17.72026
41Tyler GentryKCR24.02023
42Alec BurlesonSTL24.2Debuted
43Drew GilbertHOU22.32024
44Masataka YoshidaBOS29.62023
45Will BrennanCLE25.0Debuted
46Mason AuerTBR21.92024
47Pedro LeonHOU24.72023
48Yanquiel FernandezCOL20.12024
49Vaun BrownSFG24.62024
50Garrett MitchellMIL24.4Debuted
Tier 7
51Justin CrawfordPHI19.02025
52Anthony GutierrezTEX18.22026
53Lazaro MontesSEA18.32026
54Justyn-Henry MalloyDET23.02024
55Enmanuel ValdezBOS24.12023
56Kyle StowersBAL25.1Debuted
57Jonatan ClaseSEA20.72024
58Samuel ZavalaSDP18.52024
59Moises GomezSTL24.42023
60Parker MeadowsDET23.22023
61Jay AllenCIN20.22024
62Jhonkensy NoelCLE21.52024
63Jordan BeckCOL21.82025
64Austin MartinMIN23.92023
65Jose RodriguezMIN21.72025
66Denzel ClarkeOAK22.82024
67Matt GorskiPIT25.12023
68Yasser MercedesMIN18.22026
69Brock JonesTBR21.62024
70Jaison ChourioCLE17.72025
Tier 8
71Owen CaissieCHC20.62024
72Lonnie White Jr.PIT20.12024
73Michael TogliaCOL24.5Debuted
74Matt WallnerMIN25.1Debuted
75Dylan BeaversBAL21.52024
76Jose GerardoMIA17.62026
77Joshua BaezSTL19.62024
78Jose RamosLAD22.12024
79Yohendrick PinangoCHC20.72024
80Sterlin ThompsonCOL21.62025
81Brailer GuerreroTBR16.62026
82Gabriel MartinezTOR20.52025
83Henry BolteOAK19.52025
84Jacob MeltonHOU22.42024
85Roman AnthonyBOS18.72025
86Brando MayeaNYY17.42026
Tier 9
87Cayden WallaceKCR21.52024
88Lawrence ButlerOAK22.62024
89Jorge BarrosaARI22.02024
90Zach DanielsHOU25.82023
91Kristian RobinsonARI22.12023
92Jud FabianBAL22.32024
93Jairo PomaresSFG22.52023
94Enmanuel BonillaTOR17.12026
95Peyton WilsonKCR23.32024
96Shane SasakiTBR22.62024
97Junior MarinKCR18.92025
98Jeremy De La RosaWAS21.02023
99Yeison MorrobelTEX19.12024
Tier 10
100Hudson HaskinBAL24.12023
101Hector RodriguezCIN18.92025
102Misael UrbinaMIN20.82024
103Hedbert PerezMIL19.82024
104Daniel MontesinoSDP19.02025
105Won-Bin ChoSTL19.42025
106Hendry MendezMIL19.22025
107T.J. WhiteWAS19.52023
108Nick LoftinKCR24.42023
109Wilderd PatinoARI21.52025
110Elijah DunhamNYY24.72023
111Jace AvinaMIL19.72025
112Carlos De La CruzPHI23.32024
113Brenton DoyleCOL24.72023
114Jonny DeLucaLAD24.62023
115Johan RojasPHI22.52023
116Juan GuerreroCOL21.42024
117Kameron MisnerTBR25.12023
118Colin BarberHOU22.22023
119Ismael MenaCHC20.22024
120Travis SwaggertyPIT25.5Debuted
121Alberto RodriguezSEA22.32023
122Hunter BishopSFG24.62023
123Tucker BradleyKCR24.72023
124Clark ElliottOAK22.32024
125Luis MiesesCHW22.72024

Media Credit: Zac BonDurant/Icon Sportswire

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    You all know that Jordan Walker is no. 1.

  2. AJ says

    Good stuff, just surprised Colas didn’t get a wrietup or even a mention on the re-draft list, considering he is up for starting job out of camp this year.

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