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NBA Finals: Sensible-Stacking Parlays

One of the fastest-growing and most popular products in sports wagering is the proposition parlay, or the ‘prop parlay’.

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What is a player proposition (‘prop’)?

A player prop is a wager that represents a statistical benchmark for a player to achieve in a given amount of game-time. The variety and amount of player props are vast, and can be limited to one game, or spread across many games. It is the flexibility of the wagers that I believe appeals to the masses. An odd is attached to the player prop, which can be combined with other props and compounded to create more favorable odds.

What is a Parlay?

A parlay is a multi-leg bet where each leg of the bet must win for the bet to win. Traditionally, parlays are often low-probability bets with the ability to compound your odds, and as a consequence, winnings.

Sensible Stacking Parlays:

For the final few games of the NBA season, let’s have a little fun. For the remaining games of the NBA finals, I am stacking high probability prop bets to create favorable odds for bettors in a parlay bet.  I call these wagers, ‘sensible-stacking parlays.’

Achievable and Consistent

The key to a successful parlay bet is choosing statistical benchmarks that can be achievable in the first half, although it’s a full game wager. Additionally, player game patterns, style of game play and player tendencies play a big part in my ‘sensible stacking parlays.’ Now, with most parlays, if one leg loses, your bet loses. There are ‘progressive parlays’ that allow for the loss of one or more games at reduced odds, but those wagers are not the type of wager I am discussing. Below, you will see my recommended ‘sensible stacking parlay’ for Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

NOTE: Each column represents a statistical category, and each row has a player with a corresponding number in a specific category. When combined, the player and statistic represents one leg of the wager for that given player to achieve that specific statistical number, or more, in a given game. These are all combined in a parlay. The odds for this bet is +297.

GSWSteph Curry20+2+1+
GSWKlay Thompson10+1+
GSWDraymond Green4+4+
GSWKevon Looney4+
GSWAndrew Wiggins10+4+
BOSJayson Tatum20+4+4+1+
BOSJaylen Brown15+4+
BOSMarcus Smart10+2+
BOSAl Horford4+
BOSRobert Williams4+

Parlay Comments and Questions


  • I chose players that need to score for their teams to be competitive.  Steph Curry, below 20 points in game 5, will be more more aggressive similar to games 1-4. Marcus Smart at 10 points is a risk, but it’s a must win game for the Celtics and Smart will be heavily involved. We won’t chase Andrew Wiggins at more than 10+, despite a monster game 5.


  • I didn’t take any rebounders over 4. As game 5 demonstrated, a player can be taken out of the game flow with line up changes and foul trouble (Looney). The bar is lower at 4+.


  • Jayson Tatum has been a big-time facilitator so far this series. Will it continue? Also, Draymond is an initiator for Golden State’s offense, but is losing minutes. Can he play enough to achieve sufficient statistics in his best-performing categories to win his two legs of the wager?

DISCLAIMER: This article and recommended wagers are intended to be for entertainment purposes only. If you choose to wager, please do so responsibly.

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