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2023 Milwaukee Brewers Top Prospects

Are you someone that loves outfield prospects? Well, you came to the right place because this Milwaukee Brewers Top Prospects list is full of them, especially at the top. Five outfield prospects in particular make up Eric’s entire top 5 and five of Chris’ top 7. Those prospects are Jackson Chourio, Sal Frelick, Joey Wiemer, Garrett Mitchell, and Esteury Ruiz. Four of those five are homegrown with Ruiz being the only one of the bunch acquired from another organization, coming over in the Josh Hader deal this past season.

Outside of those outfield prospects, this system is filled with plenty of intrigue, both on the mound and in the field. In the 202 draft, Milwaukee added the likes of Eric Brown Jr and Jacob Misiorowski, both of which possess plenty of breakout appeal in 2023 and beyond.

But the real question is how does Milwaukee find room for all of these outfield prospects, most of which are MLB-ready (Mitchell and Ruiz) or near-ready (Frelick and Wiemer). Chourio is ascending the system quickly as well and could debut in 2024. The simple answer is they can’t. The only one of the five that could realistically play an infield spot is Ruiz who has experience at second base, third base, and shortstop in the past. However, he’s proven to be more effective defensively in the outfield.

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Milwaukee Brewers Top Prospects

Eric Cross (AVG)RankChris Clegg (OBP)
Jackson Chourio (OF)1Jackson Chourio (OF)
Joey Wiemer (OF)2Sal Frelick (OF)
Sal Frelick (OF)3Joey Wiemer (OF)
Esteury Ruiz (OF)4Brice Turang (SS)
Garrett Mitchell (OF)5Esteury Ruiz (OF)
Robert Gasser (P)6Robert Gasser (P)
Eric Brown Jr. (SS)7Garrett Mitchell (OF)
Jacob Misiorowski (P)8Eric Brown Jr. (SS)
Jeferson Quero (C )9Jacob Misiorowski (P)
Felix Valerio (2B)10Tyler Black (2B)
Brice Turang (SS)11Hendry Mendez (OF)
Tyler Black (2B)12Hedbert Perez (OF)
Hedbert Perez (OF)13Ethan Small (P)
Hendry Mendez (OF)14Jeferson Quero (C )
Ethan Small (P)15Felix Valerio (2B)
Jace Avina (OF)16Yeison Perez (OF)
Yeison Perez (OF)17Carlos Rodriguez (P)
Carlos Rodriguez (P)18Wes Clarke (1B)
Wes Clarke (1B)19Cam Devanney (3B/SS)
Zavier Warren (CI)20Jace Avina (OF)

Media Credit: Zac BonDurant/Icon Sportswire

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