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Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Mock Draft 2020

With the world in a frenzy and baseball still at a standstill while MLB and the Player’s Association continue their hissy fits and fighting, we (Nathan Dokken and Eric Cross) decided to assemble 15 writers, podcasters, and analysts from across the industry for a 33-round Fantasy Baseball dynasty mock draft. We filled a 23-player active roster and drafted 10 prospects for a standard 5×5 roto format. Below are the results, participant responses, best value picks, and of course, the mock draft results. Enjoy and stay safe out there!

Our Strategies Going In

Nathan Dokken

Those who say you shouldn’t draft to win right away are suckers. I cannot in good conscience bring myself to draft a team knowing I’m throwing away my money in year one. Oh, you’re drafting all prospects early on so you can have the ultimate dynasty in five years? Good luck with that. Even the elite prospects flame out all the time. You’ll be going to church at Our Lady Of Perpetual Rebuilding, praying for everything to finally come together. However, I didn’t want to be blowing up a team of veterans in two years, either. So, my strategy going into this draft was to draft not only a team that will compete in year one but also for several years to come. It’s a real balancing act that requires some sacrifices.

To draft a team that is not only competitive out of the gate but also won’t require a rebuild in two years, you need to monitor age meticulously. I wasn’t going to draft a team full of thirtysomethings to compete the first year only to have my whole roster fall victim to age-related decline in 2-3 years. I’ve seen plenty of those teams crumble quickly in my dynasty leagues over the years. It’s one thing to draft veterans for today and eschew prospects for immediate gratification – it’s another to take the balanced approach I attempted.

My goal was to build a core of players in their early-to-mid 20’s. I wasn’t going to touch anyone over 30 in the first 7-8 rounds unless it was an obscene discount. By the same token, I wasn’t going to draft any prospects that early either. There are so many established young stars in the game today that I figured this strategy was feasible. I want a player who has exhibited proven production who I don’t have to worry about falling off any time soon. This strategy eliminates any chance to own elite prospects, but I’m just fine with that.

I knew going in that this was a very sharp group. I wasn’t going to get any crazy bargains. Your mileage will vary in non-industry leagues, so don’t be afraid to be flexible if players fall when they shouldn’t. If JD Martinez had fallen to the fifth round, you bet I would have taken him even though it would’ve gone against my age-discriminatory strategy. There’s just too much value there. On the young end, I knew I wasn’t going to get a bunch of great prospects. That was because, in a league where only 10 prospects are owned per team, there would be plenty of solid names still floating around in the final rounds. Furthermore, if you pay attention to the pop-up prospects during the season, you can set yourself apart quickly from those who aren’t monitoring the minor leagues. Before you know it, your farm system is stout.

Eric Cross

In a dynasty startup draft, I always try and remain as balanced as possible. That applies to both the MLB/prospect balance and win-now/win-later balance. I want to be competitive every single year of this league, and that starts right away in year one. While some go with the “win-later” strategy, I don’t personally ever go that route. The idea of instantly being in a rebuild just doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest. The same can be said for going with only veterans and likely having to rebuild a few years in.

The way I approach the initial draft is to get a rock-solid core of young MLB players and mix in a combination of nearly MLB-ready prospects, high-upside prospects that are further away, and some “boring” veterans that always seem to fall in these types of drafts. This sets me up nicely for sustained success now and into the future. Those older veterans (think Andrew McCutchen, Nelson Cruz, Edwin Encarnacion) give me production now while I wait for my younger prospects in the lower levels to come up and contribute. If I can get close to the below split coming out of the initial draft, I’m usually very happy with the turnout.

Young MLB Core: 40%

Nearly MLB-Ready Prospects: 20%

Lower-Level Prospects: 20%

Older MLB Veterans: 20%

Also, I try to remain balanced in the statistical categories as well while establishing a higher AVG/OBP baseline. As I mentioned in a previous article, I would much rather spread out my speed instead of relying on 1-2 big speed guys like Adalberto Mondesi or Mallex Smith.

Did It Work Out?

Nathan Dokken

Not to toot my own horn too loudly, but I was very happy with the team I compiled. There weren’t too many surprises in the early rounds. I was able to nab Cody Bellinger from the five slot, and Jack Flaherty in the second round. In the past, I’ve built up my hitting much more before I have attacked pitching. However, these days it is very hard to acquire elite starting pitchers, and I wanted to make sure I landed at least one if not two of the young studs.

I was ecstatic to have Javier Baez fall to me in the third round. He’s still just 27 and provides a solid five categories in this standard roto format. I backed up Flaherty with Aaron Nola in the fourth, giving me that warm fuzzy feeling when I think about the top of my rotation. Then it was time to focus on the bats. I went Ramon Laureano, JT Realmuto, and Franmil Reyes in the ensuing rounds until Zack Wheeler eyeballed me too hard to pass up in the 8th.

Now, I hadn’t planned to go so pitching-heavy in this draft. Not at all! I’ve always said that I prefer to build with bats first since they aren’t as inconsistent as pitching. Nor do you have to worry about Tommy John surgeries with position players, typically. However, I just can’t quit Forrest Whitley and snapped him up in the 9th. He is ready to contribute as soon as baseball is back, and has pure ace upside. Then in the 10th, since I was already off the rails, I took Roberto Osuna. That was actually one of my favorite picks. Obviously the off-field stuff is gross and concerning, but at a player, he has never not been an elite closer and is still just 25.

Closers, in general, fell far more than I ever imagined. I wound up with four closers, increasing my odds of competing in year one. I feel like I struck a strong balance between hitting and pitching without having to go super veteran-heavy. I was still able to get some strong prospect talent, as I anticipated, even in the final rounds of the draft. My one regret is JT Realmuto. I felt like he was a solid bargain where I drafted him at the time. However, in this single-catcher format, catchers fell precipitously. I would have been much happier with Sal Perez in the 23rd or Carson Kelly in the 29th, just as two examples. In future single-catcher leagues, I’ll be much happier waiting and waiting on the position.

Eric Cross

This is a team that I’m incredibly pleased with. Due to certain players like Jacob deGrom, Justin Verlander, and Noah Syndergaard falling, I was able to establish a dynamite pitching staff without having to invest too heavily in them. That’s the best kind of pitching staff as far as I’m concerned. In the early rounds, I was able to establish my young MLB core and grab several high-upside prospects that are going to contribute in 2020 like Gavin Lux and Luis Robert. Then, as the draft wore on, I was able to pick up my veterans and younger prospects like Noelvi Marte and Bayron Lora that will help me several years down the road.

In general, this draft was quite interesting with multiple strategies being played out. You had someone like Andrew McQuiston going very young and other going with a firm win-now strategy. This creates some good values throughout the draft that I believe I was able to capitalize on in certain rounds.

Mock Draft Participants/Order

1. Andrew McQuiston: Co-Host of the Baseball365 Podcast | Twitter: @AMcQ82

2. Chris – BaseballPods: Owner of | Twitter: @baseballpods

3. Matt Williams: Host of the Turn Two Podcast, Co-Founder of  | Twitter: @MattWi77iams

4. Eric Cross: Lead Baseball Writer & Prospect Analyst at FantraxHQ, Co-Host of the Five-Tool Fantasy Baseball Podcast | Twitter: @EricCross04

5. Nathan Dokken: Host of the NastyCast and Fantrax Dynasty Podcasts, MLB Writer at FantraxHQ | Twitter: @NathanDokken

6. Jake Devereaux: Lead Voice and Podcast Manager Over The Monster, Staff Writer at The Dynasty Guru, and Podcaster at FantraxHQ | Twitter: @devjake

7. Doug Anderson: Managing Editor at FantraxHQ | Twitter: @rotodaddy

8. Van Lee: Fantrax Producer, Co-Host of the Fantrax Dynasty Podcast, NastyCast, and Launch Angle Podcast | Twitter: @ManlyVanLee

9. Dave Eddy: Writer at Prospects1500 and Fantasy Six Pack | Twitter: @CorporalEddy

10. Brian Bubba Entrekin: Writer at Rotoballer and FantasyDegens, Host of Benched with Bubba | Twitter: @bdentrek

11. Ron Rigney: Co-Host of NastyCast and Fantrax Dynasty Podcasts, Writer at Fantrax HQ and BGFS | Twitter: @therealmaday

12. Jesse Roche: Writer at Baseball Prospectus, Co-Host of the Five-Tool Fantasy Baseball Podcast | Twitter: @jaroche6

13. Shelly Verougstraete: Writer at Pitcher List, Over The Monster, The Dynasty Guru, RotoGraphs, & Prospects 365, Voice on The Dynasty Child Podcast and Red Sox on Deck @ Over The Monster | Twitter: @ShellyV_643\

14. Vlad Sedler: Co-Owner and Fantasy Analyst at FantasyGuru | Twitter: @RotoGut

15. Ben Wilson: Prospect Analyst & Dynasty Fantasy Baseball Writer at FantraxHQ and Prospects 1500

Participant Responses

Jake Devereaux

Best Value – Own Pick: Adley Rutschman (145)

Best Value – Other Pick: Jordan Hicks (316)

Biggest Reach: Willie Calhoun (81)

Strategy Going In: I wanted to try and target outfield early since we had to start five outfielders. The position thins out quickly. Other than that the strategy was to build a team that is ready to compete over the next 1-3 years with strong prospects behind my starters who are over 30.

How did it Work?: I was able to execute this strategy by taking Betts in the first and then outfielders in rounds 6-8. I capped off my outfield in round 14 and was able to add future stars like Brennen Davis, Triston Casas, and Adley Rutschman. I love how it all came together.

Jesse Roche

Best Value – Own Pick: Carlos Correa (72)

Best Value – Other Pick: Willy Adames (285)

Biggest Reach: Jesus Luzardo (53)

Strategy Going In: I always strive to build a balanced team in any dynasty draft–a team built to win now and into the future. While I normally target players 27 years old or younger, I will pull the trigger on any player if the price is right. Ultimately, I seek out value throughout the draft, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

How did it Work?: I believe I built a very competitive team, designed to excel in all categories. Incidentally, I went heavy at third base and shortstop early, which is far from ideal given the depth at both positions, but the values were too good to pass up. My pitching is a bit weak, without a true ace (at least until Severino returns to action) and with plenty of question marks. However, it should rest comfortably in the middle of the pack. The hope is the offense carries the day for this team.

Vlad Sedler

Best Value – Own Pick: Tyler O’Neill (314)

Best Value – Other Pick: Luis Patino (147)

Biggest Reach: Victor Robles (41)

Strategy Going In: Usually focus more on the “right now” more so than the unpredictability of the future but this squad built with winning 2021 in mind. I was happy to get talented guys like Seager, Carlson, Tucker, and Urias at decent prices.

How did it Work?: 

Shelly Verougstraete

Best Value – Own Pick: Luis Urias (258)

Best Value – Other Pick: Triston Casas (235)

Biggest Reach: CJ Abrams (80)

Strategy Going In: I was focusing on drafting young position players that hit both high in the lineup but also for great teams. I would also snag falling veterans where they will still contribute for the next couple of seasons. Then, I would focus on filling out the lineup with great ‘now’ players and close to the Majors prospects.

How did it Work?: I think it went pretty well. My team should be in the mix for the next couple of seasons.

Chris – BaseballPods

Best Value – Own Pick: Dansby Swanson (209)

Best Value – Other Pick: Kenta Maeda (295)

Biggest Reach: Hunter Dozier (144)

Strategy Going In: In start-up dynasty leagues, I prioritize talent for the next three years. I then draft high-upside prospects, the majority of whom are a few years away to provide my next wave of talent.

How did it Work?: It worked out very well here for me, and I got a lot of “my guys” as veteran talent fell. I think I have one of the teams that will contend for the title immediately, along with a strong group of prospects. I would love to play this draft out.

Brian Bubba Entrekin

Best Value – Own Pick: Mauricio Dubon (280)

Best Value – Other Pick: Dylan Bundy (340)

Biggest Reach: Joey Bart (131)

Strategy Going In: Drafting a team that can compete now or real soon while also keeping the team young and competitive for the future.

How did it Work?: Not too bad, I would love to play it out.

Ben Wilson

Best Value – Own Pick: James Paxton (195)

Best Value – Other Pick: Riley Greene (270)

Biggest Reach: Miguel Andujar (97)

Strategy Going In: My draft strategy was to build a sustainable competitor by being aggressive with hitters and waiting on good value for pitching and prospects. I built a five-category base with Story/Ramirez and took my ace in Snell with my first three picks, allowing me maximum flexibility for the draft. I was able to be patient and still have high K pitchers like Bauer, Paxton, Cease, and Canning fall to me while others attacked offense, and build a competitive lineup while still landing five top 75 prospects.

How did it Work?: I was very happy with my team and trying out the strategy with so many great managers in the draft room. Drafting out of the 15 spot, I didn’t get that top 6 mega talent to frontline my team, which side by side with other teams doesn’t look as impressive. But I felt like I was able to stay disciplined on pitching and prospects to allow me to set out what I accomplished to do in building a sustainable winner.

Matt Williams

Best Value – Own Pick: Grayson Rodriguez (273)

Best Value – Other Pick: Dansby Swanson (209)

Biggest Reach: Max Muncy (54)

Strategy Going In: In dynasty, I always focus on best value, regardless of age. I try to build a win-now team that can also compete for at least three years. Build proven hitting w/ young SP.

How did it Work?: I am very happy with the young SP staff I was able to build. Their progression will go a long way in determining the success of my team. I definitely built the offense I was hoping to have. I feel my team can win year one and compete for years afterward.

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Fantrax Dynasty Mock Draft

Rounds 1-3

Pick (Overall)PlayerPos - TeamDrafted By
1Acuna Jr., RonaldOF - ATLAndrew McQuiston
2Trout, MikeOF - LAAChris - BaseballPods
3Soto, JuanOF - WSHMatt Williams
4Yelich, ChristianOF - MILEric Cross
5Bellinger, Cody1B - LADNathan Dokken
6Betts, MookieOF - LADJake Devereaux
7Lindor, FranciscoSS - CLEDoug Anderson
8Turner, TreaSS - WSHVan Lee
9Tatis Jr., FernandoSS - SDCorporalEddy
10Buehler, WalkerP - LADKCBubba
11Cole, GerritP - NYYRon Rigney
12Bregman, Alex3B - HOUJesse Roche
13Devers, Rafael3B - BOSShelly Verougstraete
14Guerrero Jr., Vladimir3B - TORVlad Sedler
15Story, TrevorSS - COLBen Wilson
16Ramirez, Jose3B - CLEBen Wilson
17Harper, BryceOF - PHIVlad Sedler
18Albies, Ozzie2B - ATLShelly Verougstraete
19Arenado, Nolan3B - COLJesse Roche
20Alonso, Pete1B - NYMRon Rigney
21Bichette, BoSS - TORKCBubba
22Franco, WanderSS - TBCorporalEddy
23Alvarez, YordanUT - HOUVan Lee
24Bryant, Kris3B - CHCDoug Anderson
25Freeman, Freddie1B - ATLJake Devereaux
26Flaherty, JackP - STLNathan Dokken
27deGrom, JacobP - NYMEric Cross
28Rendon, Anthony3B - LAAMatt Williams
29Torres, Gleyber2B - NYYChris - BaseballPods
30Jimenez, EloyOF - CHWAndrew McQuiston
31Hiura, Keston2B - MILAndrew McQuiston
32Bogaerts, XanderSS - BOSChris - BaseballPods
33Bieber, ShaneP - CLEMatt Williams
34Robert, LuisOF - CHWEric Cross
35Baez, JavierSS - CHCNathan Dokken
36Clevinger, MikeP - CLEJake Devereaux
37Judge, AaronOF - NYYDoug Anderson
38Meadows, AustinOF - TBVan Lee
39Olson, Matt1B - OAKCorporalEddy
40Moncada, Yoan3B - CHWKCBubba
41Robles, VictorOF - WSHRon Rigney
42Ohtani, ShoheiUT - LAAJesse Roche
43Machado, Manny3B - SDShelly Verougstraete
44Castillo, LuisP - CINVlad Sedler
45Snell, BlakeP - TBBen Wilson

Best Value

Round 1: Nathan – Gerrit Cole (11) | Eric – Trevor Story (15)

Round 2: Nathan – Jacob deGrom (27) | Eric – Jacob deGrom (27)

Round 3: Nathan – Shohei Ohtani (42) | Eric – Xander Bogaerts (32)

Rounds 4-6

Pick (Overall)PlayerPos - TeamDrafted By
46Marte, KetelOF - ARIBen Wilson
47Paddack, ChrisP - SDVlad Sedler
48Scherzer, MaxP - WSHShelly Verougstraete
49Mondesi, AdalbertoSS - KCJesse Roche
50Glasnow, TylerP - TBRon Rigney
51Giolito, LucasP - CHWKCBubba
52Altuve, Jose2B - HOUCorporalEddy
53Luzardo, JesusP - OAKVan Lee
54Muncy, Max1B - LADDoug Anderson
55Strasburg, StephenP - WSHJake Devereaux
56Nola, AaronP - PHINathan Dokken
57Marte, StarlingOF - ARIEric Cross
58Martinez, J.D.OF - BOSMatt Williams
59Corbin, PatrickP - WSHChris - BaseballPods
60Adell, JoOF - LAAAndrew McQuiston
61Rodriguez, JulioOF - SEAAndrew McQuiston
62Rizzo, Anthony1B - CHCChris - BaseballPods
63Gore, MacKenzieP - SDMatt Williams
64Lux, Gavin2B - LADEric Cross
65Laureano, RamonOF - OAKNathan Dokken
66Suarez, Eugenio3B - CINJake Devereaux
67Sano, Miguel3B - MINDoug Anderson
68Springer, GeorgeOF - HOUVan Lee
69Stanton, GiancarloOF - NYYCorporalEddy
70Gallo, JoeyOF - TEXKCBubba
71Villar, Jonathan2B - MIARon Rigney
72Correa, CarlosSS - HOUJesse Roche
73Conforto, MichaelOF - NYMShelly Verougstraete
74Carlson, DylanOF - STLVlad Sedler
75Bell, Josh1B - PITBen Wilson
76Soler, JorgeOF - KCBen Wilson
77Tucker, KyleOF - HOUVlad Sedler
78Berrios, JoseP - MINShelly Verougstraete
79Soroka, MikeP - ATLJesse Roche
80Abrams, CJSS - SDRon Rigney
81Calhoun, WillieOF - TEXKCBubba
82Chapman, Matt3B - OAKCorporalEddy
83Blackmon, CharlieOF - COLVan Lee
84Woodruff, BrandonP - MILDoug Anderson
85Benintendi, AndrewOF - BOSJake Devereaux
86Realmuto, J.T.C - PHINathan Dokken
87Kelenic, JarredOF - SEAEric Cross
88McNeil, JeffOF - NYMMatt Williams
89Kershaw, ClaytonP - LADChris - BaseballPods
90Anderson, TimSS - CHWAndrew McQuiston

Best Value

Round 4: Nathan – Starling Marte (57) | Eric –  Jo Adell (60)

Round 5: Nathan – Ramon Laureano (65) | Eric – Ramon Laureano (65)

Round 6: Nathan – Matt Chapman (82) | Eric – Jarred Kelenic (87)

Rounds 7-9

Pick (Overall)PlayerPos - TeamDrafted By
91Lewis, RoyceSS - MINAndrew McQuiston
92Donaldson, Josh3B - MINChris - BaseballPods
93Biggio, Cavan2B - TORMatt Williams
94Verlander, JustinP - HOUEric Cross
95Reyes, FranmilOF - CLENathan Dokken
96Castellanos, NickOF - CINJake Devereaux
97Andujar, MiguelUT - NYYDoug Anderson
98Hoskins, Rhys1B - PHIVan Lee
99Robinson, KristianOF - ARICorporalEddy
100Montas, FrankieP - OAKKCBubba
101Mercado, OscarOF - CLERon Rigney
102Sanchez, GaryC - NYYJesse Roche
103Kepler, MaxOF - MINShelly Verougstraete
104Seager, CoreySS - LADVlad Sedler
105Vaughn, Andrew1B - CHWBen Wilson
106Dahl, DavidOF - COLBen Wilson
107Urias, JulioP - LADVlad Sedler
108Gallen, ZacP - ARIShelly Verougstraete
109Hader, JoshP - MILJesse Roche
110Morton, CharlieP - TBRon Rigney
111McMahon, Ryan2B - COLKCBubba
112Luciano, MarcoSS - SFCorporalEddy
113Bohm, Alec3B - PHIVan Lee
114Kopech, MichaelP - CHWDoug Anderson
115Ozuna, MarcellOF - ATLJake Devereaux
116Wheeler, ZackP - PHINathan Dokken
117Rosario, AmedSS - NYMEric Cross
118Abreu, Jose1B - CHWMatt Williams
119Gray, SonnyP - CINChris - BaseballPods
120Dominguez, JassonOF - NYYAndrew McQuiston
121Buxton, ByronOF - MINAndrew McQuiston
122Schwarber, KyleOF - CHCChris - BaseballPods
123Pearson, NateP - TORMatt Williams
124Darvish, YuP - CHCEric Cross
125Whitley, ForrestP - HOUNathan Dokken
126May, DustinP - LADJake Devereaux
127Davis, J.D.3B - NYMDoug Anderson
128Senzel, NickOF - CINVan Lee
129Mize, CaseyP - DETCorporalEddy
130Ramos, HeliotOF - SFKCBubba
131Bart, JoeyC - SFRon Rigney
132Goldschmidt, Paul1B - STLJesse Roche
133Verdugo, AlexOF - BOSShelly Verougstraete
134McCullers Jr., LanceP - HOUVlad Sedler
135Gurriel Jr., LourdesOF - TORBen Wilson

Best Value

Round 7: Nathan – Frankie Montas (100) | Eric – Gary Sanchez (102)

Round 8: Nathan – Michael Kopech (114) | Eric – Michael Kopech (114)

Round 9: Nathan – Nate Pearson (123) | Eric – Paul Goldschmidt (132)

Rounds 10-12

Pick (Overall)PlayerPos - TeamDrafted By
136Bauer, TrevorP - CINBen Wilson
137Madrigal, Nick2B - CHWVlad Sedler
138Kieboom, CarterSS - WSHShelly Verougstraete
139Merrifield, Whit2B - KCJesse Roche
140Contreras, WillsonC - CHCRon Rigney
141Fried, MaxP - ATLKCBubba
142Manning, MattP - DETCorporalEddy
143Puk, A.J.P - OAKVan Lee
144Dozier, Hunter3B - KCDoug Anderson
145Rutschman, AdleyC - BALJake Devereaux
146Osuna, RobertoP - HOUNathan Dokken
147Patino, LuisP - SDEric Cross
148Semien, MarcusSS - OAKMatt Williams
149LeMahieu, DJ2B - NYYChris - BaseballPods
150Kirilloff, AlexOF - MINAndrew McQuiston
151Sale, ChrisP - BOSAndrew McQuiston
152Witt Jr., BobbySS - KCChris - BaseballPods
153Rodriguez, EduardoP - BOSMatt Williams
154Hampson, Garrett2B - COLEric Cross
155Rosario, EddieOF - MINNathan Dokken
156Greinke, ZackP - HOUJake Devereaux
157Moustakas, Mike3B - CINDoug Anderson
158Yates, KirbyP - SDVan Lee
159Pham, TommyOF - SDCorporalEddy
160Kingery, ScottUT - PHIKCBubba
161Anderson, NickP - TBRon Rigney
162Waters, DrewOF - ATLJesse Roche
163Smith, WillC - LADShelly Verougstraete
164Lamet, DinelsonP - SDVlad Sedler
165Edman, Tommy3B - STLBen Wilson
166Riley, AustinOF - ATLBen Wilson
167Lowe, Brandon2B - TBVlad Sedler
168Keller, MitchP - PITShelly Verougstraete
169Severino, LuisP - NYYJesse Roche
170Gregorius, DidiSS - PHIRon Rigney
171Hays, AustinOF - BALKCBubba
172Ray, RobbieP - ARICorporalEddy
173McKay, BrendanP - TBVan Lee
174Polanco, JorgeSS - MINDoug Anderson
175Giles, KenP - TORJake Devereaux
176Andrus, ElvisSS - TEXNathan Dokken
177Syndergaard, NoahP - NYMEric Cross
178Lowe, Nate1B - TBMatt Williams
179Hendricks, KyleP - CHCChris - BaseballPods
180Brujan, Vidal2B - TBAndrew McQuiston

Best Value

Round 10: Nathan – Roberto Osuna (146) | Eric – Adley Rutschman (145)

Round 11: Nathan – Tommy Pham (159) | Eric – Eddie Rosario (155)

Round 12: Nathan – Jorge Polanco (174) | Eric – Noah Syndergaard (177)

Rounds 13-15

Pick (Overall)PlayerPos - TeamDrafted By
181Chapman, AroldisP - NYYAndrew McQuiston
182Cruz, NelsonUT - MINChris - BaseballPods
183Larnach, TrevorOF - MINMatt Williams
184Escobar, Eduardo3B - ARIEric Cross
185Davis, KhrisUT - OAKNathan Dokken
186Jansen, KenleyP - LADJake Devereaux
187Kluber, CoreyP - TEXDoug Anderson
188Mazara, NomarOF - CHWVan Lee
189Bumgarner, MadisonP - ARICorporalEddy
190Rogers, TaylorP - MINKCBubba
191Solak, NickUT - TEXRon Rigney
192Rodgers, BrendanMI - COLJesse Roche
193White, Evan1B - SEAShelly Verougstraete
194Hilliard, SamOF - COLVlad Sedler
195Paxton, JamesP - NYYBen Wilson
196Cease, DylanP - CHWBen Wilson
197Neris, HectorP - PHIVlad Sedler
198Arraez, Luis2B - MINShelly Verougstraete
199Brantley, MichaelOF - HOUJesse Roche
200Howard, SpencerP - PHIRon Rigney
201Happ, IanOF - CHCKCBubba
202Ryu, Hyun JinP - TORCorporalEddy
203Diaz, EdwinP - NYMVan Lee
204Puig, YasielOF - (N/A)Doug Anderson
205Reynolds, BryanOF - PITJake Devereaux
206Kimbrel, CraigP - CHCNathan Dokken
207Marte, NoelviSS - SEAEric Cross
208Walker, Christian1B - ARIMatt Williams
209Swanson, DansbySS - ATLChris - BaseballPods
210Groshans, Jordan3B - TORAndrew McQuiston
211Hoerner, NicoSS - CHCAndrew McQuiston
212Wong, Kolten2B - STLChris - BaseballPods
213Grandal, YasmaniC - CHWMatt Williams
214Mancini, TreyOF - BALEric Cross
215Urshela, Gio3B - NYYNathan Dokken
216Turner, Justin3B - LADJake Devereaux
217Hendriks, LiamP - OAKDoug Anderson
218Musgrove, JoeP - PITVan Lee
219Aquino, AristidesOF - CINCorporalEddy
220Edwards, XavierSS - SDKCBubba
221Iglesias, RaiselP - CINRon Rigney
222Marquez, GermanP - COLJesse Roche
223Skubal, TarikP - DETShelly Verougstraete
224Mountcastle, Ryan1B - BALVlad Sedler
225Downs, JeterSS - LADBen Wilson

Best Value

Round 13: Nathan – James Paxton (195) | Eric – Sam Hilliard (194)

Round 14: Nathan – Spencer Howard (200) | Eric – Spencer Howard (200)

Round 15: Nathan – Justin Turner (216) | Eric – Trey Mancini (214)

Rounds 16-18

Pick (Overall)PlayerPos - TeamDrafted By
226Carroll, CorbinOF - ARIBen Wilson
227Garver, MitchC - MINVlad Sedler
228Alcantara, SandyP - MIAShelly Verougstraete
229Valera, GeorgeOF - CLEJesse Roche
230Weaver, LukeP - ARIRon Rigney
231Robles, HanselP - LAAKCBubba
232Eaton, AdamOF - WSHCorporalEddy
233Chavis, Michael1B - BOSVan Lee
234Gorman, Nolan3B - STLDoug Anderson
235Casas, Triston3B - BOSJake Devereaux
236Bleday, JJOF - MIANathan Dokken
237DeJong, PaulSS - STLEric Cross
238Jones, Nolan3B - CLEMatt Williams
239Hand, BradP - CLEChris - BaseballPods
240Grisham, TrentOF - SDAndrew McQuiston
241Lynn, LanceP - TEXAndrew McQuiston
242Cruz, OneilSS - PITChris - BaseballPods
243Carrasco, CarlosP - CLEMatt Williams
244Pache, CristianOF - ATLEric Cross
245Boyd, MatthewP - DETNathan Dokken
246Santana, Carlos1B - CLEJake Devereaux
247James, JoshP - HOUDoug Anderson
248Heaney, AndrewP - LAAVan Lee
249Manaea, SeanP - OAKCorporalEddy
250Anderson, Brian3B - MIAKCBubba
251Tsutsugo, YoshiOF - TBRon Rigney
252Santana, DannyOF - TEXJesse Roche
253Nimmo, BrandonOF - NYMShelly Verougstraete
254Fraley, JakeOF - SEAVlad Sedler
255Canning, GriffinP - LAABen Wilson
256Sanchez, SixtoP - MIABen Wilson
257Urquidy, JoseP - HOUVlad Sedler
258Urias, Luis2B - MILShelly Verougstraete
259Gurriel, Yuli1B - HOUJesse Roche
260Haseley, AdamOF - PHIRon Rigney
261Harvey, HunterP - BALKCBubba
262McCutchen, AndrewOF - PHICorporalEddy
263Marsh, BrandonOF - LAAVan Lee
264Sanchez, JesusOF - MIADoug Anderson
265Davis, BrennenOF - CHCJake Devereaux
266Newman, KevinSS - PITNathan Dokken
267Thomas, AlekOF - ARIEric Cross
268Voit, Luke1B - NYYMatt Williams
269Chisholm, JazzSS - MIAChris - BaseballPods
270Greene, RileyOF - DETAndrew McQuiston

Best Value

Round 16: Nathan – Mitch Garver (227) | Eric – Michael Chavis (233)

Round 17: Nathan – Cristian Pache (244) | Eric – Matthew Boyd (245)

Round 18: Nathan – Luke Voit (268) | Eric – Sixto Sanchez (256)

Rounds 19-21

Pick (Overall)PlayerPos - TeamDrafted By
271Trammell, TaylorOF - CINAndrew McQuiston
272Garcia, AvisailOF - MILChris - BaseballPods
273Rodriguez, GraysonP - BALMatt Williams
274Price, DavidP - LADEric Cross
275Schmidt, ClarkeP - NYYNathan Dokken
276Mauricio, RonnySS - NYMJake Devereaux
277Bradley, ArchieP - ARIDoug Anderson
278Anderson, IanP - ATLVan Lee
279Pederson, JocOF - LADCorporalEddy
280Dubon, MauricioMI - SFKCBubba
281Straw, MylesOF - HOURon Rigney
282Foltynewicz, MikeP - ATLJesse Roche
283Varsho, DaultonC - ARIShelly Verougstraete
284Karinchak, JamesP - CLEVlad Sedler
285Adames, WillySS - TBBen Wilson
286Martinez, OrelvisSS - TORBen Wilson
287Polanco, GregoryOF - PITVlad Sedler
288Cabrera, EdwardP - MIAShelly Verougstraete
289Martinez, CarlosP - STLJesse Roche
290Smith, MallexOF - SEARon Rigney
291Bishop, HunterOF - SFKCBubba
292Nunez, RenatoUT - BALCorporalEddy
293Gray, JonP - COLVan Lee
294Narvaez, OmarC - MILDoug Anderson
295Maeda, KentaP - MINJake Devereaux
296Jones, GregSS - TBNathan Dokken
297Gilbert, LoganP - SEAEric Cross
298Stroman, MarcusP - NYMMatt Williams
299Puason, RobertSS - OAKChris - BaseballPods
300Frazier, ClintOF - NYYAndrew McQuiston
301Reyes, AlexP - STLAndrew McQuiston
302Canha, MarkOF - OAKChris - BaseballPods
303Santana, DomingoOF - CLEMatt Williams
304Smith, CalebP - MIAEric Cross
305Leclerc, JoseP - TEXNathan Dokken
306Castro, Starlin2B - WSHJake Devereaux
307Peralta, FreddyP - MILDoug Anderson
308Murphy, SeanC - OAKVan Lee
309Kela, KeoneP - PITCorporalEddy
310Cron, C.J.1B - DETKCBubba
311Colome, AlexP - CHWRon Rigney
312Cain, LorenzoOF - MILJesse Roche
313Civale, AaronP - CLEShelly Verougstraete
314O'Neill, TylerOF - STLVlad Sedler
315Jimenez, JoeP - DETBen Wilson

Best Value

Round 19: Nathan – Avisail Garcia (272) | Eric Cross – Willy Adames (285)

Round 20: Nathan – Carlos Martinez (289) | Eric Cross – Carlos Martinez (289)

Round 21: Nathan – Starlin Castro (306) | Eric Cross – Alex Reyes (301)

Rounds 22-24

Pick (Overall)PlayerPos - TeamDrafted By
316Hicks, JordanP - STLBen Wilson
317Gallegos, GiovannyP - STLVlad Sedler
318Perdomo, GeraldoSS - ARIShelly Verougstraete
319Odorizzi, JakeP - MINJesse Roche
320Vogelbach, Daniel1B - SEARon Rigney
321Hayes, Ke'Bryan3B - PITKCBubba
322Segura, JeanSS - PHICorporalEddy
323Encarnacion, Edwin1B - CHWVan Lee
324Winker, JesseOF - CINDoug Anderson
325Schoop, Jonathan2B - DETJake Devereaux
326Upton, JustinOF - LAANathan Dokken
327Taillon, JamesonP - PITEric Cross
328Houser, AdrianP - MILMatt Williams
329Workman, BrandonP - BOSChris - BaseballPods
330Minor, MikeP - TEXAndrew McQuiston
331Hosmer, Eric1B - SDAndrew McQuiston
332Doolittle, SeanP - WSHChris - BaseballPods
333Odor, Rougned2B - TEXMatt Williams
334Perez, SalvadorC - KCEric Cross
335Montgomery, JordanP - NYYNathan Dokken
336Goodrum, Niko2B - DETJake Devereaux
337Honeywell Jr., BrentP - TBDoug Anderson
338Long Jr., Shed2B - SEAVan Lee
339Lucchesi, JoeyP - SDCorporalEddy
340Bundy, DylanP - LAAKCBubba
341Ahmed, NickSS - ARIRon Rigney
342Haniger, MitchOF - SEAJesse Roche
343Seager, Kyle3B - SEAShelly Verougstraete
344Jansen, DannyC - TORVlad Sedler
345Grichuk, RandalOF - TORBen Wilson
346Wright, KyleP - ATLBen Wilson
347Burnes, CorbinP - MILVlad Sedler
348Knebel, CoreyP - MILShelly Verougstraete
349Garcia, DeiviP - NYYJesse Roche
350Greene, HunterP - CINRon Rigney
351Hernandez, TeoscarOF - TORKCBubba
352Keuchel, DallasP - CHWCorporalEddy
353Oberg, ScottP - COLVan Lee
354Baz, ShaneP - PITDoug Anderson
355Smith, WillP - ATLJake Devereaux
356Matos, LuisOF - SFNathan Dokken
357Liberatore, MatthewP - TBEric Cross
358Yastrzemski, MikeOF - SFMatt Williams
359Wood, AlexP - LADChris - BaseballPods
360Graterol, BrusdarP - LADAndrew McQuiston

Best Value

Round 22: Nathan – Edwin Encarnacion (323) | Eric – Jean Segura (322)

Round 23: Nathan – Salvador Perez (334) | Eric – Salvador Perez (334)

Round 24: Nathan – Corey Knebel (348) | Eric – Shane Baz (354)

Rounds 25-27

Pick (Overall)PlayerPos - TeamDrafted By
361Diaz, Isan2B - MIAAndrew McQuiston
362Myers, WilUT - SDChris - BaseballPods
363Jung, Josh3B - TEXMatt Williams
364Akiyama, ShogoOF - CINEric Cross
365Peralta, DavidOF - ARINathan Dokken
366Votto, Joey1B - CINJake Devereaux
367Lowe, Josh3B - TBDoug Anderson
368Adams, JordynOF - LAAVan Lee
369Pena, ErickOF - KCCorporalEddy
370Santander, AnthonyOF - BALKCBubba
371Mateo, JorgeSS - OAKRon Rigney
372Garcia, Luis2B - WSHJesse Roche
373Garcia, JoseSS - CINShelly Verougstraete
374Diaz, Yandy3B - TBVlad Sedler
375Gray, JosiahP - LADBen Wilson
376Hernandez, Cesar2B - CLEBen Wilson
377Sheffield, JustusP - SEAVlad Sedler
378Diaz, Lewin1B - MIAShelly Verougstraete
379Hicks, AaronOF - NYYJesse Roche
380Hoese, Kody3B - LADRon Rigney
381Yarbrough, RyanP - TBKCBubba
382Woods-Richardson, SimeonP - NYMCorporalEddy
383Swaggerty, TravisOF - PITVan Lee
384Singer, BradyP - KCDoug Anderson
385Espino, DanielP - CLEJake Devereaux
386Kennedy, IanP - KCNathan Dokken
387Berti, Jon3B - MIAEric Cross
388Tanaka, MasahiroP - NYYMatt Williams
389Hill, RichP - MINChris - BaseballPods
390Acosta, MaximoSS - TEXAndrew McQuiston
391Rodriguez, LuisOF - LADAndrew McQuiston
392Alfaro, JorgeC - MIAChris - BaseballPods
393Bummer, AaronP - CHWMatt Williams
394Peraza, JoseSS - BOSEric Cross
395Braun, RyanOF - MILNathan Dokken
396Lodolo, NickP - CINJake Devereaux
397Chirinos, YonnyP - TBDoug Anderson
398Archer, ChrisP - PITVan Lee
399Teheran, JulioP - LAACorporalEddy
400Lewis, KyleOF - SEAKCBubba
401Renfroe, HunterOF - TBRon Rigney
402Bracho, Aaron2B - CLEJesse Roche
403Hernandez, DarwinzonP - BOSShelly Verougstraete
404Cordero, FranchyOF - SDVlad Sedler
405Freeman, TylerSS - CLEBen Wilson

Best Value

Round 25: Nathan – Will Myers (362) | Eric – Anthony Santander (370)

Round 26: Nathan – Aaron Hicks (379) | Eric – Aaron Hicks (379)

Round 27: Nathan – Ryan Braun (395) | Eric – Nick Lodolo (396)

Rounds 28-30

Pick (Overall)PlayerPos - TeamDrafted By
406Marquez, BrailynP - CHCBen Wilson
407Thomas, LaneOF - STLVlad Sedler
408Oliva, JaredOF - PITShelly Verougstraete
409Canario, AlexanderOF - SFJesse Roche
410Hudson, DakotaP - STLRon Rigney
411Ginkel, KevinP - ARIKCBubba
412Hamels, ColeP - ATLCorporalEddy
413Kim, Kwang HyunP - STLVan Lee
414Murphy, DanielUT - COLDoug Anderson
415Kirby, GeorgeP - SEAJake Devereaux
416Fletcher, David3B - LAANathan Dokken
417Head, HudsonOF - SDEric Cross
418Hankins, EthanP - CLEMatt Williams
419Lynch, DanielP - KCChris - BaseballPods
420Toro, Abraham3B - HOUAndrew McQuiston
421Kelly, CarsonC - ARIAndrew McQuiston
422Gonsolin, TonyP - LADChris - BaseballPods
423Apostel, Sherten3B - TEXMatt Williams
424Beer, SethOF - ARIEric Cross
425Dalbec, Bobby3B - BOSNathan Dokken
426Hernandez, HeribertoC - (N/A)Jake Devereaux
427Richards, GarrettP - SDDoug Anderson
428Pollock, A.J.OF - LADVan Lee
429Rocchio, BrayanSS - CLECorporalEddy
430Harrison, MonteOF - MIAKCBubba
431McClanahan, ShaneP - TBRon Rigney
432German, DomingoP - NYYJesse Roche
433Isbel, KyleOF - KCShelly Verougstraete
434Arozarena, RandyOF - TBVlad Sedler
435Ramos, WilsonC - NYMBen Wilson
436Urbina, MisaelOF - MINBen Wilson
437Davis, JaylinOF - SFVlad Sedler
438Baty, Brett3B - NYMShelly Verougstraete
439Lee, KhalilOF - KCJesse Roche
440Stott, BrysonSS - PHIRon Rigney
441Diaz, YusnielOF - LADKCBubba
442Balazovic, JordanP - MINCorporalEddy
443Shaw, Travis3B - TORVan Lee
444Kowar, JacksonP - KCDoug Anderson
445Walston, BlakeP - ARIJake Devereaux
446Acuna, LuisangelSS - TEXNathan Dokken
447Munoz, AndresP - SDEric Cross
448Buttrey, TyP - LAAMatt Williams
449Jefferies, DaultonP - OAKChris - BaseballPods
450Pineda, MichaelP - MINAndrew McQuiston

Best Value

Round 28: Nathan – Daniel Murphy (414) | Eric – Brailyn Marquez (406)

Round 29: Nathan – Carson Kelly (421) | Eric – Carson Kelly (421)

Round 30: Nathan – Michael Pineda (450) | Eric – Jordan Balazovic (442)

Rounds 31-33

Pick (Overall)PlayerPos - TeamDrafted By
451Cron, Kevin1B - ARIAndrew McQuiston
452Wilson, WillSS - SFChris - BaseballPods
453DeSclafani, AnthonyP - CINMatt Williams
454Lora, BayronOF - TEXEric Cross
455Thorpe, LewisP - MINNathan Dokken
456Melancon, MarkP - ATLJake Devereaux
457Shoemaker, MattP - TORDoug Anderson
458Alcantara, KevinOF - NYYVan Lee
459Manoah, AlekP - TORCorporalEddy
460Cameron, DazOF - DETKCBubba
461Walker, TaijuanP - SEARon Rigney
462Hall, DLP - BALJesse Roche
463Rojas, JoshOF - ARIShelly Verougstraete
464Morejon, AdrianP - SDVlad Sedler
465Dickerson, CoreyOF - MIABen Wilson
466Mikolas, MilesP - STLBen Wilson
467Tucker, ColeSS - PITVlad Sedler
468Garrett, BraxtonP - MIAShelly Verougstraete
469Toglia, Michael1B - COLJesse Roche
470Misner, KameronOF - MIARon Rigney
471Mejia, FranciscoC - SDKCBubba
472Carpenter, Matt3B - STLCorporalEddy
473Wilson, BryseP - ATLVan Lee
474Alzolay, AdbertP - CHCDoug Anderson
475Duran, JhoanP - MINJake Devereaux
476Priester, QuinnP - PITNathan Dokken
477Martinez, JoseUT - TBEric Cross
478Matz, StevenP - NYMMatt Williams
479Toribio, Luis3B - SFChris - BaseballPods
480Eovaldi, NathanP - BOSAndrew McQuiston
481Clase, EmmanuelP - CLEAndrew McQuiston
482Smith, CanaanOF - (N/A)Chris - BaseballPods
483Duffy, DannyP - KCMatt Williams
484Pagan, EmilioP - SDEric Cross
485Campusano, LuisC - SDNathan Dokken
486d'Arnaud, TravisC - ATLJake Devereaux
487Amaya, MiguelC - CHCDoug Anderson
488Barreto, Franklin2B - OAKVan Lee
489Vazquez, ChristianC - BOSCorporalEddy
490Choo, Shin-SooOF - TEXKCBubba
491Duplantier, JonP - ARIRon Rigney
492Kintzler, BrandonP - MIAJesse Roche
493Helsley, RyanP - STLShelly Verougstraete
494India, Jonathan3B - CINVlad Sedler
495Planez, AlexfriOF - CLEBen Wilson

Best Value

Round 31: Nathan – DL Hall (462) | Eric – Kevin Cron (451)

Round 32: Nathan – Steven Matz (478) | Eric – Francisco Mejia (471)

Round 33: Nathan – Franklin Barreto (488) | Eric – Luis Campusano (485)

Final Mock Draft Rosters

Media Credit: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire

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