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Fantrax Early 2019 Fantasy Football Mock Draft

All 12 guys in this First 2019 Fantasy Football Mock Draft are studs in the Fantasy Football community and industry. Each expert has had ample success for years in Fantasy Football. Yet, with limited preparation and the recency monster clouding everyone’s minds, there were good players that slipped through the cracks.

In a 12-team .5 PPR mock draft, A.J. Green went in the fourth round (Chris Meaney, 4.07) and Devonta Freeman left the board at 5.08 (John Laub). These guys are both coming off of injuries, but full health should be assumed at this point. Both of these players will have a third round ADP in August.

There were some great teams formed in this 2019 Early Mock Draft. The full results of the First Fantasy Football Mock of 2019 are further down the page and can give you an idea of which players are higher or lower than you might think. First let’s dive into the minds of the experts and see what they were thinking during their drafts.

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Steven Toroni, @FFProfessorST3

I was at the 1.11 spot and considered guys like Odell Beckham Jr. and JuJu Smith-Schuster. That’s how good I think those players are. Beckham dropped to 2.11 and JuJu to the 3.02 slot. Both were criminally undervalued and overlooked. Antonio Brown was on the board and I still had to take him over those guys. The definition of consistency and greatness, even if Brown is traded he is still an elite Fantasy wide receiver.

I would have most likely taken Davante Adams, but he was off the board (and most likely will be at this point in the first round in August drafts). I was targeting receivers because I knew that I could get Nick Chubb on the turn. He is a Top 10 running back next season if he plays 16 games and will provide Fantasy teams with stability and dominate performances.

I used my next two picks on wide receivers (as I am one to do in drafts), so running backs became scarce fast. From rounds 5-8 I snagged Jordan Howard, Jerick McKinnon, Peyton Barber, and Gus Edwards. These are running backs that I feel have tremendous opportunity next season.

Hunter Henry was another guy people forgot about. I grabbed him in the ninth round. He should not drop past the sixth round in 2019 redraft leagues. Since I had an early pick in the 10th round and knew it would be a long time until my next pick, I locked up my quarterback position with Deshaun Watson who could have an explosive year-three season.

Chris Allen, @ChrisAllenFFWX

The first couple rounds of most early 2019 fantasy football drafts are going to be interesting. Recency bias, 2018 cumulative stats and workload assumptions will play a heavy role in the selections being made. That’s OK given the information we have. My first two picks from the 1.01 should fall in line with what most folks will do from the position. Running backs will most likely be pushed ahead of receivers making a ‘modified Zero-RB’ approach appear viable. Todd Gurley and Mike Evans were fine starts given Gurley’s offensive personnel continuity and the hype surrounding the Bucs. I’m not completely sold on Damien Williams as the Week 1 starter, but I was willing to capture a prominent piece of that offense at that price. Dalvin Cook would have been a better option in retrospect, but it’s close. Matt Ryan at 7.01 was clearly a reach (timeout), but it was interesting how far many of the quarterbacks fell into the later rounds. It’s likely due to the nature of the draft group, but it’ll be something to monitor going into drafts.

Josh Dalley @Joshdalley72

My first decision: Take Chubb at 2.1? I didn’t, instead I chose the stud WR duo I prepared for (Julio Jones and Michael Thomas). Next turn, I targeted 2/4 of Carson, Johnson, Mack, and Michel…settling for the last two. I freaked out  when my entire eight-man queue dried up in the eight picks before the 5-6 turn. Taking Njoku wasn’t ideal, but I had to if I was going to get him with Henry my “plan B” at TE. I ended up filling out my flex with (Robby) Anderson and Penny, but feel I could’ve done better there. The Pack stack of Rodgers-Allison could pay big dividends. Last four picks were simply RB depth.

Michael Florio, @MichaelFFlorio

I was shocked the league allowed me to have Lev Bell and his now replacement James Conner. Bell should be fresh, paid, and dominate touches wherever he ends up (hoping Colts, but cool with Texans or Bucs as well). As for Conner, the Steelers just pump out RB1s. Bell, DeAngelo Williams, Conner, Jaylen Samuels. It doesn’t matter. I was even more shocked the league allowed me Keenan Allen and Amari Cooper in the 3/4 rounds. Allen is a proven WR1 while Amari blossomed into one with Dallas. The rest of the draft was filled with what I found to be good values such as Mark Ingram in the 5th, who could be a workhorse if he leaves NO, Julian Edelman in the 6th, Golden Tate in the 8th, as he likely leaves Philly. Another great value was Cam, who is constantly a Top 4 QB, and was this year before the shoulder injury. I finished my draft with RBs who could see a larger role in 2019, whether it be due to injury (Royce Freeman), a new coach (Jamaal Williams) or a change in scenery (Spencer Ware). Normally not cocky, but man I loved this team

First 2019 Fantasy Football Mock Draft

The full results of our First 2019 Fantasy Football Mock Draft are below. The picks are displayed by round. You can move through the rounds by clicking ‘next’ and ‘previous’ at the bottom right of the table.

RoundPickOv PickPosPlayerFantasy Team
111RBGurley II, Todd@ChrisAllenFFWX
122RBBarkley, SaquonNew Team 9
133RBElliott, EzekielMick's Picks to Click
144RBKamara, AlvinFFStompy
155RBMcCaffrey, ChristianNew Team 7
166RBGordon III, Melvin@chrismeaney
177QBMahomes, PatrickNew Team 4
188WRHopkins, DeAndreGridiron Scholars
199WRAdams, DavanteJustin > Stompy
11010RBBell, Le'Veon@MichaelFFlorio
11111WRBrown, AntonioLord Pretty Flacco Jordy III
11212WRJones, JulioDFS Dad Runners
2113WRThomas, MichaelDFS Dad Runners
2214RBChubb, NickLord Pretty Flacco Jordy III
2315RBConner, James@MichaelFFlorio
2416WRHill, TyreekJustin > Stompy
2517RBMixon, JoeGridiron Scholars
2618RBLindsay, PhillipNew Team 4
2719RBJohnson, David@chrismeaney
2820RBGuice, DerriusNew Team 7
2921RBJones, AaronFFStompy
21022TEKelce, TravisMick's Picks to Click
21123WRBeckham Jr., OdellNew Team 9
21224WREvans, Mike@ChrisAllenFFWX
3125RBWilliams, Damien@ChrisAllenFFWX
3226WRSmith-Schuster, JuJuNew Team 9
3327RBCook, DalvinMick's Picks to Click
3428RBJohnson, KerryonFFStompy
3529TEErtz, ZachNew Team 7
3630WRThielen, Adam@chrismeaney
3731RBCarson, ChrisNew Team 4
3832TEKittle, GeorgeGridiron Scholars
3933RBWhite, JamesJustin > Stompy
31034WRAllen, Keenan@MichaelFFlorio
31135WRDiggs, StefonLord Pretty Flacco Jordy III
31236RBMichel, SonyDFS Dad Runners
4137RBMack, MarlonDFS Dad Runners
4238WRHilton, T.Y.Lord Pretty Flacco Jordy III
4339WRCooper, Amari@MichaelFFlorio
4440RBFournette, LeonardJustin > Stompy
4541RBHenry, DerrickGridiron Scholars
4642WRCooks, BrandinNew Team 4
4743WRGreen, A.J.@chrismeaney
4844WRGolladay, KennyNew Team 7
4945WRWoods, RobertFFStompy
41046WRBoyd, TylerMick's Picks to Click
41147TEEbron, EricNew Team 9
41248WRDavis, Corey@ChrisAllenFFWX
5149WRLandry, Jarvis@ChrisAllenFFWX
5250RBCohen, TarikNew Team 9
5351WRWilliams, MikeMick's Picks to Click
5452WRGodwin, ChrisFFStompy
5553WRKupp, CooperNew Team 7
5654TEHoward, O.J.@chrismeaney
5755WRLockett, TylerNew Team 4
5856RBFreeman, DevontaGridiron Scholars
5957WRFuller V, WillJustin > Stompy
51058RBIngram, Mark@MichaelFFlorio
51159RBHoward, JordanLord Pretty Flacco Jordy III
51260TENjoku, DavidDFS Dad Runners
6161WRAnderson, RobbyDFS Dad Runners
6262RBMcKinnon, JerickLord Pretty Flacco Jordy III
6363WREdelman, Julian@MichaelFFlorio
6464RBYeldon, T.J.Justin > Stompy
6565WRRidley, CalvinGridiron Scholars
6666RBColeman, TevinNew Team 4
6767RBDrake, Kenyan@chrismeaney
6868TEGronkowski, RobNew Team 7
6969WRMoore, D.J.FFStompy
61070WRRobinson II, AllenMick's Picks to Click
61171QBLuck, AndrewNew Team 9
61272TEEngram, Evan@ChrisAllenFFWX
7173QBRyan, Matt@ChrisAllenFFWX
7274WRWestbrook, DedeNew Team 9
7375WRJeffery, AlshonMick's Picks to Click
7476RBBreida, MattFFStompy
7577RBMcCoy, LeSeanNew Team 7
7678WRSutton, Courtland@chrismeaney
7779RBMiller, LamarNew Team 4
7880WRBaldwin, DougGridiron Scholars
7981WRKirk, ChristianJustin > Stompy
71082RBMcGuire, Elijah@MichaelFFlorio
71183RBBarber, PeytonLord Pretty Flacco Jordy III
71284RBPenny, RashaadDFS Dad Runners
8185QBRodgers, AaronDFS Dad Runners
8286RBEdwards, GusLord Pretty Flacco Jordy III
8387WRTate, Golden@MichaelFFlorio
8488WRHumphries, AdamJustin > Stompy
8589WRPettis, DanteGridiron Scholars
8690WRJones, ZayNew Team 4
8791RBForeman, D'Onta@chrismeaney
8892WRSanders, EmmanuelNew Team 7
8993WRWilliams, TyrellFFStompy
81094RBCollins, AlexMick's Picks to Click
81195RBAdams, JoshNew Team 9
81296RBBernard, Giovani@ChrisAllenFFWX
9197WRBrown, John@ChrisAllenFFWX
9298WRWatkins, SammyNew Team 9
9399RBLewis, DionMick's Picks to Click
94100RBHunt, KareemFFStompy
95101RBHines, NyheimNew Team 7
96102WRValdes-Scantling, Marquez@chrismeaney
97103RBPeterson, AdrianNew Team 4
98104WRSamuel, CurtisGridiron Scholars
99105RBGore, FrankJustin > Stompy
910106RBFreeman, Royce@MichaelFFlorio
911107TEHenry, HunterLord Pretty Flacco Jordy III
912108WRAllison, GeronimoDFS Dad Runners
101109WRCoutee, KekeDFS Dad Runners
102110QBWatson, DeshaunLord Pretty Flacco Jordy III
103111RBWilliams, Jamaal@MichaelFFlorio
104112WRFoster, RobertJustin > Stompy
105113WRGallup, MichaelGridiron Scholars
106114TEGraham, JimmyNew Team 4
107115WRMiller, Anthony@chrismeaney
108116RBEkeler, AustinNew Team 7
109117WRWilson, AlbertFFStompy
1010118WRShepard, SterlingMick's Picks to Click
1011119RBDixon, KennethNew Team 9
1012120RBClement, Corey@ChrisAllenFFWX
111121WRSmith, Tre'Quan@ChrisAllenFFWX
112122WRCallaway, AntonioNew Team 9
113123QBWilson, RussellMick's Picks to Click
114124TEHerndon, ChrisFFStompy
115125WRJones Jr., MarvinNew Team 7
116126RBAjayi, Jay@chrismeaney
117127RBMurray, LataviusNew Team 4
118128RBJones II, RonaldGridiron Scholars
119129TEJarwin, BlakeJustin > Stompy
1110130TEHooper, Austin@MichaelFFlorio
1111131WRHamilton, DaeSeanLord Pretty Flacco Jordy III
1112132RBJohnson Jr., DukeDFS Dad Runners
121133RBRichard, JalenDFS Dad Runners
122134RBBallage, KalenLord Pretty Flacco Jordy III
123135QBNewton, Cam@MichaelFFlorio
124136RBSmith, ItoJustin > Stompy
125137RBSamuels, JaylenGridiron Scholars
126138WRSanu, MohamedNew Team 4
127139WREnunwa, Quincy@chrismeaney
128140QBBrees, DrewNew Team 7
129141QBGoff, JaredFFStompy
1210142WRFitzgerald, LarryMick's Picks to Click
1211143WRBourne, KendrickNew Team 9
1212144RBBurkhead, Rex@ChrisAllenFFWX
131145WRStills, Kenny@ChrisAllenFFWX
132146RBAnderson, C.J.New Team 9
133147RBCrowell, IsaiahMick's Picks to Click
134148QBJackson, LamarFFStompy
135149WRJackson, DeSeanNew Team 7
136150QBMayfield, Baker@chrismeaney
137151RBHyde, CarlosNew Team 4
138152QBPrescott, DakGridiron Scholars
139153WRGordon, JoshJustin > Stompy
1310154WRCobb, Randall@MichaelFFlorio
1311155WRRobinson, DemarcusLord Pretty Flacco Jordy III
1312156RBThompson, ChrisDFS Dad Runners
141157RBZenner, ZachDFS Dad Runners
142158QBWinston, JameisLord Pretty Flacco Jordy III
143159RBWare, Spencer@MichaelFFlorio
144160QBAllen, JoshJustin > Stompy
145161WRWashington, JamesGridiron Scholars
146162WRNelson, JordyNew Team 4
147163RBLynch, Marshawn@chrismeaney
148164RBRiddick, TheoNew Team 7
149165RBWarren III, ChrisFFStompy
1410166WRAgholor, NelsonMick's Picks to Click
1411167TEBurton, TreyNew Team 9
1412168WRGabriel, Taylor@ChrisAllenFFWX

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