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Fantasy Football Keeper League Tips and Decision Making Approaches

The time is coming for some of you soon to decide on your 2019 Fantasy Football Keepers. No two keeper teams are alike and you all have unique concerns when trying to decide on who to carry over. Every single situation is different and your keeper league strategy has to adjust as well.

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Keeper League Strategy

Don’t Think Too Far Ahead

Many leagues penalize an originally drafted round to retain your keepers, and some simply have a limit to how many players you can carry over every year. Others have dollar values attached and some even utilize contract structures. If you are carrying over most or all of your players, then it is truly a dynasty league, not a keeper league. We will focus on keeper formats specifically here.

What some keeper league owners lose sight of is that you want to win this year, and not just focus on the future. Remember that the NFL jokingly stands for “Not For Long”, and careers can be shorter at a position like running back. There are various studies I have seen that are all over the board, and this one says the average NFL career lasts 2.5 years, although the average career for a Pro Bowl player is much longer. Another here clearly confirms RBs have the shortest careers.

So keep the short term and the upcoming season heavily in the forefront of your mind when you are making your decisions on who to both retain and draft. Also, of course, your scoring system and roster setup are directly tied to all calls that you make.

Making Tough Calls

If your league requires you to surrender a draft choice for any keepers you retain, then your keeper league strategy comes down to a combination of player values and round pricing. When considering very elite players, you should be willing to sacrifice the high round you have to pay. You may have a lower value attached to a lesser player, but the guy with the high round tag is likely much harder to replace.

For example, say you have a choice between keeping David Johnson at a first-round tag and Devonta Freeman with a fourth in a PPR format. Johnson can likely return significant RB1 value this season while Freeman is a long shot to do so and will likely be an RB2 if healthy. Pay the price for the RB1 type. If you throw Johnson back into the player pool he will be selected very high in the first round anyway. Be willing to sacrifice what guys are actually worth, just don’t retain your two or three players who have the lowest rounds attached to them with respectable appeal. It’s ultimately about deciding on what each player is actually worth.

Many owners by default do not want to sacrifice early round choices, but in many cases, they were drafted early because they provide the requisite production. You want to have the best players on your roster when the season begins, not just the best values.

If you come down to a tight decision between two players to possibly retain, lower value will likely often win out in cases where the rounds attached are close together. But if the rounds are far apart, you have to ask yourself if the quality of the players are as well. In those cases, the higher round sacrifice will often win out.

In leagues where there are no penalties attached, it becomes seemingly much easier, as you just want to retain your top two or three players. But it is never as easy as described. Once again, you are faced with tight decisions. Many of them I see involve taking a second standout at one position versus a needed first player at another spot.

For example, you may clearly view Michael Thomas as your top keeper. But your league only allows you to retain two players, and the second choice is between Adam Thielen and Joe Mixon. If you retain Thielen, you will look “front loaded” at the WR1 position, but if you don’t keep Mixon, you are missing out on an RB1. It’s more important, ultimately, to fill the first spot at a position in many cases than to have the luxury of a top player for a second slot at another position.

More Factors to Consider

Positional depth will come into play heavily in all of your keeper league decisions and make the choices apparent. The very elite RBs and top WR are the most scarce, while QB is generally regarded as deep in any format. How many players you start at each position is a big key. If you start two QBs and three WRs, both positions have good depth, but you still have to start more WRs than QBs and that is something to strongly consider. TEs are generally not top keepers outside of the best three at the position.

If you are dealing with dollar values, you can treat that very much like rounds attached. In the case of contracts, you will have to decide on dollar value and length. If a guy is in his final year with you, and he can help you win this season, you have to strongly consider keeping him for the final season even if he is not a younger player. If a player is in his apparent prime, don’t sweat the contract length this season. If a guy is still unproven, like a Corey Davis, you may have to think about moving on.

Also, put ages into correct perspectives. Many Fantasy players consider 30 the age when an RB starts to decline, but it is more about past workload. Mark Ingram is 29 but has not been a full-time featured runner yet, and is just now getting that opportunity with Baltimore. The theory is not absolute and does not apply to every single player. That age of 30 is not “old” for a WR or QB, either.

When making keeper league decisions, avoid guesswork and focus on your own roster. Many keeper league owners spend too much time guessing on who others may keep when it’s often a wasted exercise. You can never fully predict who else is going to be kept and asking other owners who they might keep won’t always draw truthful replies. Simply be well aware of the overall positional depth and focus who is on your own team.

Pre-Draft Prep

If you are entertaining pre-draft trade offers, remember that a first round pick is more glamorous sounding than it really is. If your keeper league allows for three keepers, you are only getting first crack at rookies and the loose equivalent of fourth rounders in a yearly league. Most rookies don’t have the appeal of a first to third round pick, and none of them might this year.

After you have made your keeper decisions, then the draft is simply about building around that core while keeping much of the same guidelines in mind. Don’t look past seasoned veterans who will help you win now, and when making tight decisions between two similarly appealing players at two positions, fill out the higher starting slot first. Complete your skill position starting lineup before addressing bench depth.

Hopefully you enjoyed Scott’s take on keeper league strategy? For more great rankings, sleepers, and analysis check out the 2019 Fantrax Fantasy Football Draft Kit.

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  1. Thomas Clarence says

    You made an interesting point when you talked about how it is a good idea to keep the upcoming season in mind before you make decisions on who to draft for your fantasy football team. I would imagine that a big factor that would affect who you pick for your team is where the players end up playing at the beginning of the season. It seems like it would be a good idea to find a website that helps you keep track of where the top players are going to be playing in the next year.

  2. T-N-T says

    Can Keep up to 5 but, i’m only keeping 4, straight up keeper league no draft picks to give up. I’m keeping Deshaun Watson, Michael Thomas, and George Kittle just need 1 more from the below.

    Mark Ingram
    Melvin Gordon
    Leonard Fournette
    D.K. Metcalf
    Kenyan Drake
    Matt Breida

  3. Jarod says

    I am in a keeper league. I can keep two. I have three players I am considering keeping for two spots. Ezekial Elliot $38
    Derrick Henry $22
    Lamar Jackson $6

  4. mike says

    Keeper league have to keep three of these, please help, Wentz, chris carson, hopkins or ertz, thank you

  5. Nacho says

    in a 12 team 2QB PPR League with 1 keeper; I am having trouble deciding who to keep
    Michael Thomas or Zeke Elliot

  6. Kirk says

    I can only keep 1, who to take?

    L. Bell – RB – Rnd 1
    D. Cook – RB – Rnd 2
    TY Hilton – WR – Rnd 3
    T. Boyd – WR – Rnd 5
    K. Drake – RB – Rnd 5
    K. Murray – QB – Rnd 10
    AJ Brown – WR – Rnd 12
    D. Parker – WR – Rnd 15

  7. Jim Henderson says

    Can keep 1 rb in the upcoming 2020 draft….Melvin Gordon in rd 7 or K Hunt in rd 12? Am leaning towards Hunt because of his 2021 potential…thoughts?

  8. tony uminski says

    4 keepers…one a rookie (up to 3rd year)…i have Thomas, Prescott, Sanders (R)…question — Evans or Higbee? Wr depth as you say, or positional strength. thanks! tonyu

  9. Steve Ball says

    I am i a 16 team keeper league.. We can hold three players over. Can you advise me on which of these you would keep? Thanks for your help. !!

    Melvin Gordon
    David Montgomery

  10. Andy Sawyer says

    Would you keep Fournette in 2nd round, Landry in the 5th round, or KMurray in the 11th round? I can keep 2 of them. I have the 4th pick overall this year

  11. Scott says

    2 keeper penalty….lamar jackson,travis kelce,and joe mixon..which 2 would you keep?

  12. Griffin Maesse says

    Season is almost over, this upcoming season will be our last year doing keepers. 10 person league, full point PPR, $50 buy in. Guys that I am trying to choose between are Gurley, Diggs, Lamar, Kupp, Woods. Other guys on my team include, A. Robinson, James White, James Connor, Metcalf.

    Never really thought about keeping a QB but Lamar is very tough to give up after the way he’s been playing this year, especially since by WRs and RBs have been inconsistent/hurt.

  13. Dave says

    2 Keeper, PPR
    I want to do Chubb 15th and Odell 14th. I also have david Johnson, 1st obviously. Thoughts?

  14. Drew says

    Keep league full point PPR. I have the 11th pick in a 12 team league. I have Zeke in 1st round, Davonte Adams in the 2nd, Cooper Kupp in the 10th and Josh Allen in the 15th. This is a 1 QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1 Multiflex. QB heavy league. Only 1 keeper. The player you keep is kept in round you drafted them last year. If you keep them a second year they become your firat overall. Who should i keep? Draft is on Sunday.

  15. Beau Dugan says

    I’m in a keeper where you lose draft picks based on where they were drafted last year and trying to decide between a few guys. Have to keep 1 can keep up to 3. I plan on keeping Michael Thomas (rd2) but not sure on who to pick out of Derrius Guice (rd 16), Hunter Henry (rd16), Aaron Jones (rd 12), Tyler Boyd (rd16)

  16. vinnie says

    Im allowed 1 keeper, 12 team full PPR. Keep Kelce and lose 2nd round pick, or keep Damien Williams and lose 5th round pick? I have pick 6 in the draf

  17. Christopher I Adams says

    Two man keeper. Relatively new to fantasy football. This is my third year. Don’t know which two I should keep. Todd Gurley, David Johnson, JuJu Smith Schuster, or Travis Kelce?

  18. Ryan Nygren says

    I need your help Scott, 2 player keeper league 10 teams, I have the 9th pick! Which 2 would you keep Julio Jones 1st rd. Amari Cooper 4th round #32 Greg Kittle 5th round #49

  19. Luke Graveline says

    I need a keeper between Deandre Hopkins and Nick Chubb?

  20. Scott Engel says

    You guys had a lot of questions and I really appreciate them all. I answered may of them here and welcome more –

    1. Ron W. says

      Hi Scott,
      I play a 12 team dynasty league where we keep five at the end of the season and do a straight line draft. format: draft 2 qb (play 1), 4 rb (play 2), 5 wr/te (play 3), 1 flex (rb/wr,te),
      1 k, 1 team def.
      i kept qb rivers, rb james conner, wr michael thomas, tyler lockett, mike williams (chargers).
      as you can imagine, most of what people consider first 5 rounds are off the board. However, this year zack ertz and georgi kittle were let go, as well as wr tyler boyd. I pick 1st overall via some trades, but will then be picking 6th in each round after that.
      Do I pick RB to at least get my starters (thinking josh jacobs, miles sanders, david montgomery, duke johnson or kalen ballage – if they trade k. drake as has been reported). Or do i wait till 6th pick of 2nd round to get 2nd rb and jump at ertz or kittle. they are such elite proven pass catchers. I play in a league where a few of the 12 are really on top of it, and most of the rest at least have some preparation. only 1 or 2 dont do to much studying and they at least have a pre printed cheat sheet from some of the more reputable sites…so that’s my delima…
      If you have a few extra minutes –
      On a side note : some history about our fantasy football league. It began in 1986 (yes ’86). the commissioner back then had to use the monday/tuesday paper to keep up with points. it was 12 teams, a dynasty where by 10 to 12 players were kept.
      Over the years it has evolved. i Joined about 19 or 20 years ago and by then it was a 7 keeper league. It is now 5 and for that last several years we have used fantrax to run the league. about 5 years or so ago, we added 12 more guys, with each ‘conference” being separate in terms of having a draft party and being able to draft players, but unlike the nfl we don’t face each other until the week 17 ‘super bowl’ where the champ from each conference plays.
      last year we grew to add two more 12 man leagues. now week 14 and 15 are the division playoffs whereby the top four from each 12 team league face each other; week 16 the 4 champs from each 12 team conference face each other, and week 17 is still considered the super bowl.

      back when it was one 12 man league, and then 2, 12 team leagues, we would play for an authentic football signed by the san fran 49er’s from one of the super bowl teams of the 80’s or 90’s (cant remember which). then with the addition of 2 more 12 team divisions,
      the commisioner used the football and a championship belt (much like ufc champs wear) for the week 16 winners. a mini version of the lombardi trophy goes to week 17 s.b. winner.
      it’s a $100 buy in. that goes to provide food for draft party, superbowl party, weekly top point winner and week 15, 16, 17 winners/losers.
      you only play people in your 12 team division until week 16/17.
      It’s a fun format with each 12 team division self contained (seperate draft parties with players only, seperate teams formed (i have james conner in my 12 team division, and each owner in the other 12 team divisions can own him also), etc. Then we all, with our significant other, meet for the super bowl party at a big location in town and watch on several tv’s with food and bar.
      its a great set up and i’ve yet to hear it duplicated – it seems people either have new drafts each year in non keeper leagues or get penalized for keeping players.
      the scoring system is mostly designed around td’s (6-9-12 depending on how many yards the run or throw/catch was), fg 3-5-10 points depending on length, sacks/safties 2 points each, 1 point for each 10 yards run or receiving and 1 point for each 60 yards thrown. there are also points for kickoff/punt returns and a whopping 25 points earned for any defensive that produces a shutout (we only draft team, not individual defense).
      If you’re still reading this novel, thank you for your time. I love the game and it’s great to have so many people to rely on for info.

      1. Ron W says

        “i have james conner in my 12 team division, and each owner in the other 12 team divisions can own him also”
        what i meant to suggest was that each owner in the other 12 team divisons has a shot to draft him. that read a bit confusing as originally written.

  21. Kory M. says

    12 team .5 PPR keeper league and we can keep 5 players. I currently have 7 and am having trouble picking which 5 to keep.

    Mike Evans round 1
    Ezekiel Elliott in round 2
    Juju Smith-Schuster in round 3
    Keenan Allen in round 4
    Dalvin Cook in round 8
    James Conner in round 14
    Devonta Freeman in round 18

    I am leaning towards Zeke, Juju, Keenan, Conner, and Freeman. I have the 10th pick and will have my first round draft pick so I am hoping I could still pickup either Evans or Cook in round one. Dalvin is a very good value getting him in round 8, but with his injuries and the ability to get Freeman in my very last round seems like a no brainer. Any thoughts?

    1. Scott Engel says

      I would throw Freeman and Evans back

  22. Dgrubb says

    Who to keep? 12 person ppr

    Will Fuller rd 9
    Kerryon Johnson rd 10
    Sony Michel rd 12
    James Washington rd 15

  23. Andrew says

    Is keeping Mahomes as one of my keeepers A bad idea it’s between him AB & Gurley I can keep two out of three draft rounds not attached to any of the keepers

  24. Joe Ruckland says

    In a 10 team, 2-QB, half ppr keeper league where we can keep up to 4 players. Keeping Kamara and Connor for sure. Deciding between 2 of the following:

    Baker Mayfield (18th round)
    Damien Williams (10th Round)
    Zach Ertz (11th round)
    Adam Thielen (9th round)

  25. Ptown D says

    Playing in 12 man keeper leauge. I have Gordon in the 1st round, Tyrek Hill in the second, JUju in the 4th and David Johnson in the 8th. Who would you keep? Im having a tough time figuring it out.

  26. Chris J Koehler says

    My draft is tonight. I am in a 8 team league with 1 keeper. I have barkley in rd 1, obj in rd 2, michael thomas rd 3, and mccafrey rd 4. Who would you keep?? I was leaning toward mccafrey do to the value as he should be in top 5 rbs this year. I have 3rd overall pick as well.

  27. Michael Scott says

    Keeper league here we have 3 keepers. I have Saquan, Davonte Adams, Damien Williams, ty hilton which 3 should I keep?

  28. Cole Taylor says

    Hiii –

    Im in a 12 man keeper league. No draft penalty, reverse snake.

    I am picking 11th in first (keeper pick). then will be picking 2nd in the 2nd round.

    I have Gurley and Connor. Who do I use as a keeper?

    I also have Kelce but thinking about taking him in the 2nd bc I wont pick for awhile after that. Thoughts here as well?

  29. Jordan says

    1 keeper league …Antonio Brown or Travis Kelce

  30. Mark says

    keeper question. Julio in the 1st and/or J. White in the 10th? If I keep Jones and White, White gets dropped to an 8th round pick. I can keep one or the other, both or neither. 12 team ppr. Please assist O wise one. Thank you.

  31. Nick Lopez says

    Thanks for the great article Scott! Need some advice…I can keep up to 3 keepers in my league. PPR.Snake draft, I’m picking 10th out of 12. Mahomes and Warson are being kept. Kamara and Connor are being kept. Here are my choices:

    Kerryon Johnson in the 3rd
    David Johnson in the 5th
    Baker Mayfield in the 10th
    Calvin Ridley in the 12th

    I can choose up to 3.

  32. Dallas Isaac says

    Keeper league, can keep 5 players…any player we picked up of waivers last year automatically becomes your next open spot pick…I have Hunt as Round 1, Damien Williams got off waivers so he becomes Round 2 pick, then Kerryon Johnson as Round 5, Calvin Ridley as Round 7 and Matt Ryan as round 16. My thoughts are to Drop Hunt but then Damien Williams jumps up to my number 1 pick…is he really worth a pick in Round 1 or do I dump him as well and have picks from Round 1-4

    1. Scott Engel says

      I keep all except Hunt

  33. Mike says

    In a 12 player league standard picking in 4th position of the draft, I have two options keep Marlon Mack for 7th round pick or Saquon Barkley for my 1st round pick, what should I do?

    1. Scott Engel says


  34. Rock Dawgs says

    Need response please! I’m in a one player keeper league and I have Mark Ingram (Rd. 4), and James White (Rd. 6). Which one of these guys do I keep?

    1. Scott Engel says


  35. Jon says

    3 keeper, .5 ppr league. Keeping McCaffrey costing a 3rd. Stuck between the other 2.

    Chris Carson 9th
    Allen Robinson 7th
    Alshon Jeffery 6th
    Jordan Howard 11th

    I also have 3rd and 6th overall picks. Thx for your input.

    1. Scott Engel says

      Carson Robinson

  36. Jay says

    Need a little help, new to this. Standard PPR League, can pick 1 keeper, no penalty. Leonard Fournette, Baker Mayfield, Kareem Hunt, or Aaron Jones. Thanks

    1. Scott Engel says


  37. Jaymes says

    I’m in a 10-team keeper league. 1 keeper. My choices are Rodgers, Johnson or Conner. I feel like taking Conner even though Johnson is rated higher.
    But Rodgers has been my keeper for 8 yrs and has never let me down except for last season.

    I doubt he will have another season like that. New coach or not.

    1. Scott Engel says


  38. Jonathan Hoopes says

    Scott – Here’s an interesting one. I took Adams in the 2nd Round last year (12 team/PPR, 2 keeper league), but also took Kittle in the 10th and Kerryon Johnson in the 8th. Do I take the Kittle and Kerryon value over Adams, or should I sacrifice one of them and keep Adams? The cost is the round they were drafted in.

    1. Scott Engel says

      Adams and Kittle

  39. Ron A says

    I have quite the dilemma. PPR league 3 keepers, you lose the round you pick. I have Mahomes 9th (QBs get more than standard in this league) and Juju 10th round (2 years ago) I’m keeping for sure. My 3rd keeper is a tough decision. Davante Adams 2nd round, Kerryon Johnson 4th round, Damien Williams 10th round (waiver), Aaron Jones 10th round (waiver), and Godwin 11th round. Please help soon!

    1. Scott Engel says

      Aaron Jones

  40. Jo says

    $200 half Ppr auction league (10 players). QB/2RB/2WR/Flex/TE/K/DEF.
    Due to trades in past season, I have $160 going into auction, others have up to $250. Can keep 1 of the following with no rounds given up:

    Barkley: $58
    Mccaffrey: $36
    Ingram: $6
    Kittle: $6

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. Jo says

      Correction: Kittle is $2

      Thank you for any comments!

    2. Scott Engel says


  41. Joshua T says

    10 team league must keep 4. My keepers are OBJ, Aaron Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Allen Robinson. We start 3 Wrs, 1 flex, 2 Rbs, 1 QB, 1Te.

    I have the first pick he is who im looking at:



    1. Scott Engel says

      Kittle then Jacobs

  42. Joshua Thompson says

    10 team league must keep 4. My keepers are OBJ, Aaron Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Allen Robinson. We start 3 Wrs, 1 flex, 2 Rbs, 1 QB, 1Te.

    I have the first pick he is who im looking at:



  43. Justin says

    Really in a tough spot here…..I’m in a 10 Team, 1 Keeper, non ppr league. 4pts per Touchdown pass, do I keep,

    Mahomes in the 6th
    James Connor in 16th
    George Kittle in 17th

    Literally changing my mind everyday. Let me know thanks!

    1. Justin says

      Forgot to mention that it’s a two qb league…

    2. Scott Engel says

      Mahomes and Kittle

  44. Jamie L says

    2 keepers in PPR. A. Rodgers, J. Edelman, R. Wilson, AB, L. Fournette?

    1. Scott Engel says

      AB and Fournette

  45. Miami says

    Picking #3 overall. Lose round drafted in year before. Options are:
    Tyreek Hill (Round 2)
    Tyler Lockett (Rd 17)
    Carson Wentz (Rd 13)
    Julian Edelman (Rd 12)

    Best Value here would be Lockett or Edelman, however, Tyreek Hill is a better #1 and would likely not be available by the time I would draft at the end of Round 2. Thoughts?

    1. Scott Engel says


  46. Adam says

    PPR one year keeper league pick only one:
    Bell 3rd
    Henry 6th
    Ekeler 13th
    Godwin 17th

    1. Adam says

      Forgot one:
      Kelce in 3rd

    2. Scott Engel says


  47. Josh says

    Helpin 2 keeper leafue 12 team league im keeping hopkins wr. But with melvin gordon hold out should i keep him or keep amari cooper or andrew luck … Want b many rbs why want to keep him but he might not play till week 10 help

    1. Scott Engel says


  48. Jason says

    Trying to figure out who my keeper should be:
    Nick Chubb- 14th round
    Patrick Mahomes – 15th round
    McCaffery – 2nd round

    I currently have the 11th pick in the draft

    1. Scott Engel says


  49. Mibgolf says

    Have first pick in 12 team PPR with one keeper in the first round. Have David Johnson and Michael Thomas. Who should I keep

    1. Scott Engel says

      David Johnson is a top 5 RB and you have ti keep them, rare find this year

  50. Jwag27 says

    Kamara in the 1st or Mahomes in the 12th? I have the 11th pick in my league

    1. Scott Engel says

      Kamara. You will lose him if you throw him back and he is more valuable than Mahomes overall

  51. Bob Melvin says

    $200 Auction, 12 team, non-PPR format with weekly payouts for high team and high player. One keeper. Saquon for $61 or Golladay for $2. (Or McCaffrey for $54…yes, was a good ‘18 season). I know Saquon will go for $80+…can’t decide!

    1. Scott Engel says

      McCaffrey seems like a good value there

  52. Jame says

    Juju at 10th or Zeke at 2nd without a 1st round already.

    Might make sense to go Juju and scoop anither stud in 2nd round as opposed to keep only Zeke and lose out on the value. Agree?

    1. Scott Engel says

      Agree here

      1. James says

        Thanks Scott!

  53. Scott Engel says

    I would throw Kelce back. Kittle is the better discount

    1. Paul says

      Would you keep Zeke at a 2nd price (with no 1st pick) or Juju at a 10th round price tag and try and scoop up another solid 2nd rounder. I can keep Juju and Kittle for two years. I can also keep Zeke with a 2nd round pick for two years. I guess what I’m asking is do you feel Zeke is that much more efficient than juju and another 2nd selection of tier 2 talent at WR/RB positions

      1. Scott Engel says

        JUJu is a WR1 I would keep him at that value

      2. Scott Engel says

        Zeke is worth a first rounder so you keep him

  54. Will S says

    I have 5th pick in 10team snake draft and can keep one: Zeke (2nd Rd), J Conners (10th Rd), or Mahomes (10th Rd). Please advise!

    1. Scott Engel says

      Conner – possible Top 5 RB at a great value

  55. Carl says

    3 keepers – lose the pick from the round that each player was drafted in. For sure keeping Tyreek Hill in the 5th. 16 rounds total.

    2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, 2 Flex

    Options for my other two:
    – Mike Evans (4th rd)
    – Robert Woods (10th rd)
    – Chris Carson (13th rd)
    – Baker Mayfield (14th rd)
    – Phillip Lindsay (undrafted/16th rd)

    1. Scott Engel says

      That is pretty good value for Evans and great value on Mayfield

  56. Jacob says

    Hey Scott – Feeling a bit lost. I can keep two players at the following rounds in a PPR league…what would you do? I have the 2nd overall pick and know Julio and Hopkins will both be there. Thanks for the help!

    Michael Thomas – 1st
    Joe MIxon – 3rd
    Nick Chubb – 16th
    Evan Engram – 15th
    Edelman – 7th

    1. Scott Engel says

      I would keep Mixon as he is worth the value, and Chubb for a terrific bargain

      1. Jacob says

        Thanks, Scott!

  57. Liam says

    Two keeper PPR league, no draft penalty for keepers.

    With one pick I am keeping Keenan Allen, but with the other I cannot decide between Sony Michel or Dalvin Cook. Cook is often injured, but Patriots running backs are, well, Patriot running backs; and as such yield inconsistent fantasy results.

    I’d appreciate some insight!

    1. Scott Engel says

      Michel should be consistent more so than past NE RBs. But Cook is more versatile and explosive

  58. Nick says

    I can keep any 2 players after the 2nd round with a 1 round penalty. My most likely options are:
    Mike Evans Round 2
    JUJU Round 4
    Cooks Round 5
    Marlon Mack Round 10
    Evan Engram Round 8
    Baker Round 16

    Rounds are after the 1 round penalty. Pick 2 thank you

    1. Nick says

      PPR league. also Damien Williams 16th round

    2. Scott Engel says

      JuJu is a WR1 and comes at a value, and Williams is a great value as a RB1 in the 16th

  59. Scott Engel says

    Diggs is the best of the remaining players

  60. Scott Engel says

    Watson and Moore. Lindsay is facing an uncertain outlook

  61. Pete Rock says

    What do you think??
    PPR Keeper League
    I can keep 1 WR and 1 RB
    Thielen 6th round or Golladay 13th round
    Nick Chubb or Marlon Mack both 8th round

    1. Scott Engel says

      I keep Thielen because he is a borderline WR1 and Mack for more guaranteed touches

      1. Pete Rock says

        Thanks Scott

      2. Scott Engel says

        Bell. You cannot pass on a shot to own a elite rb this year

  62. Keeper says

    Good article. Should I keep Barkley in the first or Chubb in the 11th? Also keeping Watson (9th) in 2QB league. No ppr.

    1. Scott Engel says

      You have to keep Barkley no matter what the round designation is.

      1. Keeper says

        Thanks Scott. Playing out the draft it looks like I could either keep Barkley, or keep Chubb and have one of the following (OBJ, Fournette or Rodgers). Still Barkley to concentrate points on one player? Many thanks sir!

        1. Scott Engel says


  63. Larry says

    I have a one keeper league and have the 4th pick in a 12 team PPR league. I can either keep Jared Goff as my 7th round pick or Aaron Jones as my 11th round pick. Was thinking of targeting a RB with the 4th overall pick but also thinking of grabbing Mahomes if he is there????

    1. Scott Engel says

      Jones for sure Depends on who else is available but I would prefer a Top 15 RB or WR over a QB

    2. Bill says

      Should I keep Brandin Cooks for 5th round, or Baker Mayfield for a 6th? League rules are undrafted players count as 6th round picks. Don’t want to take a QB so early but also feel like someone will take him early anyways….what should I do

      1. Scott Engel says

        Does not matter who else gets Mayfield. But that’s a good value on him and Cooks does not score enough

  64. JOHN G says

    D.COOK $43
    M.GORDON $36 TE:J.COOK $12 K:J.TUCKER $1
    J.GRAHM $2

    1. Scott Engel says

      Rodgers, JuJu, Rams D Cook Mack Jared Cook Tucker

  65. Tyler Morgan says

    I can keep 3 players in my league. I am keeping Le’veon Bell for a 3rd rounder. What 2 other players should I keep out for the below 4?

    Devonta Freeman – 3rd
    Kenny Golladay – 6th
    D.J. Moore – 9th
    Baker Mayfield – 15th

    1. Scott Engel says

      Mayfield is a superb value. Then I would keep Moore, who is comparable to Golladay and a better value. Freeman too much of an injury risk.

  66. Scottish waterboy says

    Kelce had almost 300 points? What’s the real difference? And he is the top TE out of maybe 3. After that big drop off imo

    1. Scott Engel says

      You don’t make judgments based on total points. You only start one TE, more than one RB.

  67. Scottish waterboy says

    Oh yeah its PPR lol

  68. Scottish waterboy says

    We can keep one player. Two Qb, 3 wr. Everyone loose 1st pick. Should I keep Gurley, Mixion, Bell ,Adams, kelce or Watson?

    1. Scott Engel says

      I would keep Bell. In any format this season, if you get a chance to roster one of the Top Six RBs or so, you can’t pass on it

      1. Scottish waterboy says

        I was leaning toward kelce? Bell makes me so nervous along with Gurley and his knee? It’s so hard to pick lol

        1. Scott Engel says

          There is no reason to be nervous about Bell and you have to take the opportunity to get a top RB1 if you have it. He is fresh, determined and set for a major workload.

          1. Scottish waterboy says

            It’s his Qb that scares me ? He’ll have 8 men in the box all game every game….

          2. Scott Engel says

            Darnold is not THAT bad. You are overthinking it. I say keep Bell

  69. Bill says

    In a ppr league have to decide between AB, Mike Evans or Melvin Gordon thanks

    1. Scott Engel says

      Tough one. Gordon is holding out and is an injury risk. I will go Evans over Brown

  70. Matt says

    I’m between keeping Maholmes in the 13th or bell in the 1st round, I’m leaning towards Maholmes because of the round but there is way more depth at QB so I’m not sure.

    1. Scott Engel says

      Shows a lot of fantasy acumen that you are struggling with this. If you are in a position to get a player like Bell back early in the darft I would keep Mahomes

  71. Connor Ely says

    I can keep either Jared Cook or Phillip Lindsey in a one keeper league PPR. Both would round 12 picks. 12 team league. Other players aren’t worth it. Thoughts?

    1. Scott Engel says

      I like Cook a lot, but better chance to get him if you throw him back

      1. Connor says

        My only concerns are that Phillip is in a now crowded back field with Riddick joining the team and Brees has other big weapons in Kamara and Thomas to throw to. Although it is a QB upgrade for Cook. I keep going back and forth with which one I’m going to take.

        What would you have each of them ranked personally? As in: RB__ or TE__ and what round do you think both of them should go in drafts?

        1. Scott Engel says

          As an outright pick I prefer Cook, I have him 6th at TE while Lindsay is not in my Top 20 RBs. Lindsay is a fifth rounder you can get Cook in the 9th or so. Cook is going to be a top TD threat for Brees. If you just want to keep the better player it’s Cook. Lindsay is the better value.

          1. Connor says

            Mmmmm, good point with the better player vs better value. Thanks for the help!

        2. Jose says

          Who to keep DeAndre Hopkins for a 1st (10 teams I pick in the 8 spot) or D. Williams for 16 RD, thanks

  72. Deuce Ones says

    Can’t decide between Damien Williams in the 7th , Sony Michel in the 7th or OJ Howard in the 16th. Need to pick one.

    My other keeper is Nick Chubb in the 9th.

    1. Scott Engel says

      Not an easy one here, but Williams gives you RB1 potential at a rea;;y good value

      1. Deuce Ones says

        That’s the way I am leaning. Thanks!

  73. jalvara says

    I’m in a 2 keeper league. $200 budget auction league with 15 positions to fill. 1/2 point reception and standard scoring with everything else. All potential keepers would cost me $5 a piece. I’m choosing between Patrick Mahomes, Damien Williams, and George Kittle. Which combination should I go with should go with? You input is greatly appreciated.

    1. Scott Engel says

      Kittle is a given. No. 2 TE in Fantasy. I would keep Williams, he could be a RB1 this year. Not buying the Reid coachspeak

  74. david saint says

    Im choosing between Galladay, Godwin, Samuel, and Lindsey (all 15th round keepers) but i can only pick 2. Who would you go with?

    1. Scott Engel says

      Golladay can be a high end WR2. I would keep him of those

      1. Jo says

        $200 half Ppr auction league (10 players). QB/2RB/2WR/Flex/TE/K/DEF.
        Due to trades in past season, I have $160 going into auction, others have up to $250. Can keep 1 of the following with no rounds given up:

        Barkley: $58
        Mccaffrey: $36
        Ingram: $6
        Kittle: $6

        Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  75. Mike says

    My league just went to keepers and to start we’re just keeping one guy. 10 team league with a snake draft and I’m picking 9th/12th. I have a couple possible keepers to choose from. First I selected DeAndre Hopkins in round 1 last year. Guessing he’ll probably go first since I would assume most of the peeps ahead of him will be kept. In this scenario I’d be basically going drafting 9th to drafting 1st of 2nd.
    Second, I picked Mixon in the 3rd round last year. From what I’ve seen his ADP is early second round. Again, I’m not sure he’d make it to my pick as a lot of RB’s will probably be kept. In this scenario I’m trading a 3rd round pick for a 1st/2nd round pick.
    Lastly, is Marlon Mack who I picked up in FA last year, therefore he counts for a last round pick in our league. His ADP is 3rd/4th round. In this case I’m not losing anything and just getting a second 3rd/4th round pick.

    Thoughts? My keepers need to be in today, haha

    1. Scott Engel says

      If you are keeping just one it has to be Hopkins. You will have no chance of getting him back if you do not keep him and he is worthy of the first round tag.

      1. Noah Raymond says

        Hey I have a one keeper league, Half PPR I can keep one of the following Bell, Connor, D. Adams, or JUJU

  76. Matt says

    Tureen hill in 4th or Ridley in 12th. One yr keeper. Ppr

    1. Scott Engel says

      I think Ridley is poised for a big breakthrough year. But Hill is a Top 5 Wr and comes at a pretty good value there so I will go with Hill

      1. Matt says

        Thank you Scott!!

        1. Scott Engel says

          My pleasure, Make sure you play Best Ball on FanTrax!

  77. Scott Engel says

    I would keep Conner. He is same value and appeal as Johnson with the obviously much lower tag

    1. Adam says

      One keeper league. 12 team half ppr. My choice is between kerryon at 6th round or kittle at 8th round. What are your thoughts? Leaning kittle as a top 3 tight end at round 8 seems like a great value but a potential rb1 at round 6 seems impossible to not take.

      1. RawDawg says

        Im in a 10 person league and we can keep one player. PPR league I have the 5th pick in a snake draft. Who do I keep Kerryon in 11th round or kittle in 13th round? Decisions decisions

        1. Nacho says

          kittle in 13th

  78. Michael says

    Need immediate response please! I’m in a one player keeper league and I have David Johnson (Rd. 1), Patrick Mahomes (Rd. 13), and James Connor (Rd. 15). Which one of these guys do I keep?

    1. Eagles4life says

      Obviously not D. Johnson. I guess it depends on whether or not you can continue to keep either of these players after this season. If so then it’s easy, you keep Mahomes. If not then I’d say Connor but it’s close.

      1. Rick says

        One round penalty for keeper, should I keep davante Adams 3rd rd pick last year or Aaron jones 9th ed? I also have 1st pick in this year’s draft.

        1. Scott Engel says

          Thanks Rick. Keep Adams, he is a first rounder in yearly drafts and more of a proven standout.

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