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Fantasy Football 2022: Three Reasons to Wait on a QB

Do you wait on a QB or draft one early? The answer is WAIT. Don’t fall into the pressure to take a top three quarterback.

The only reason you should take a quarterback in the first five rounds is if you are in a 2QB league. I’m telling you right now, there are endless reasons why you should wait on drafting a quarterback.

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Why You Wait on a QB

#1: You only have one slot for a quarterback

Again, if you are in a 2QB league, this reason doesn’t matter to you. But, most standard rosters will have one quarterback slot. But, you are most likely to have two running back slots and 2 or three wide receiver slots along with a flex.

When it comes to drafting, of course, you can draft Patrick Mahomes II, Josh Allen, or Lamar Jackson in the first couple of rounds. Yes, they could single-handedly win you a week, but it is unlikely they will score 30 plus every game.

So, you take your QB in the first four rounds, but by doing so, you miss out on taking a top running back or receiver. Now as the draft gets deeper you have someone like Miles Sanders as your RB2 or Rashod Bateman as your WR2. Both have upside, but you could have had Javonte Williams as your RB2 or Stefon Diggs as your WR2. And in the first round, you could have had Najee Harris as your RB1 or Cooper Kupp as your WR1.

Then you could draft someone like Trey Lance in the deep rounds. That team looks way better and way more balanced by stocking up on your running backs and wide receivers.

#2: Quarterback averages aren’t a huge drop-off

Josh Allen and Justin Herbert were the top two leaders at their position in fantasy last year. Allen averaged 24.56 fantasy points a game and Herbert averaged 23.28.

But, if you look down the list, Matthew Stafford averaged 20.40, Dak Prescott averaged 20.66 and Kirk Cousins averaged 19.21. So the drop-off is only around five fantasy points a game. And all these players fell into the deep rounds last season.

I would much rather sacrifice five fantasy points at the quarterback position than 10 plus points at either the running back or wide receiver positions.

#3: Don’t fall in love with the big names

Everyone wants to draft Mahomes, Allen, or Aaron Rodgers. And everyone gets turned off by Cousins, Derek Carr, and Justin Fields.

But, at the end of the day, these smaller names are going to finish close to these big names. Just remember quarterbacks touch the ball 100 percent of the time. So unlike wide receivers and running backs, you don’t need a top-tier quarterback to win.

I have Carr finishing in the top 8 this year. A healthy Darren Waller and the addition of Davante Adams. Fields and Lance also have the running ability to score even more points.

It is easy to want to grab the huge names, but just remember you only need to average around 18 to 19 fantasy points at this position.

I hope these three points help you when it comes to drafting a quarterback. I know the pool is shallow when it comes to quarterbacks, but remember it is easy to trade for quarterbacks and easy to play the streaming game.

Quarterbacks get hurt every year, so why take the risk of taking one with a top pick. Kyler Murry, Russell Wilson, and Jackson all missed significant time last season. All of which were taken in the top five or six rounds.

Don’t fall into the trap of drafting a QB with your top picks. Trust me, if you wait on your QB, You’ll thank me later when you’re holding your trophy.

Got a different take on the quarterback position? Share it in the comments below and then head on over to check out our 2022 Fantasy Football Draft Kit!

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