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Fantasy Basketball Trade Targets – Getting a Big ROI

The nascent NBA season has been a wild ride thus far. After 20 games, teams are set. Managers are winning, losing, tying, and certainly attempting to dodge weekly Covid-19 outbreaks. The NBA fantasy season has been unpredictable, littered with unprecedented challenges, including but not limited to player value volatility and schedule difficulties. Notwithstanding these difficulties, the goals and processes of fantasy basketball managers remain collectively similar to that of prior seasons, which is to do anything possible within the realm of capability to turn teams into winning teams. Today I’ll try to help that process along with a look at players I consider to be the best fantasy basketball trade targets.

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At the most fundamental level, the key to winning fantasy basketball championships is assembling a collection of players that outperform the cost to acquire them. In this article, Fantrax Average Draft Position (“ADP”) data will be explained and interpreted to provide managers a tool to assist in identifying valuable players that may be acquired at the fraction of the price of players who produce at the same or similar level. Although the lesson provided by such analysis is basic in nature, it should provide some valuable insight to fantasy basketball managers looking to make meaningful moves to properly position their teams for playoff contention.

To begin, we analyze the most noteworthy “returns on investment” (“ROI”). The table below highlights players that rank in the Top 75* that have exceeded their Fantrax ADP by 2 or more rounds (left side – green) as well as players that were drafted in the Top 75* who have missed their expected performance by  2 or more rounds (right side – red).  ROI is calculated by using the difference (positive or negative) in their rank when compared to their Fantrax ADP.

Fantasy Basketball Trade Targets – The Top ROI

*The Top 75 ranked players have been determined using a personal player evaluation tool that evaluates players across 9 major categories by comparing player performance in each of the 9 categories to the best production of all other players in the same category.*

Fantasy Basketball ROI

The players listed above are a combination of sell high/buy low/or hold candidates. A team’s build, the league format, and personal perspective and preference of these players and their values will ultimately determine who these players can be traded for. However, the goal is to identify players that are performing at elite levels that may not have the same ADP value as other players drafted highly on “name-value” but that are performing at reduced levels. Considering player performance data to date in the 2020-2021 NBA season, here are five players to target that should provide elite production at a lower cost than what their current production supports.

Top 5 Targets for Value:

Fred VanVleet:

FVV just had a monster game, scoring 54 on Tuesday and providing value across the board. FVV’s ADP is 47, but his production supports a top 10-20 ranking in several fantasy rank systems. He is entrenched as the top offensive weapon on the Raptors, a team that should be contending all season for playoff seeding. He is currently good for the 9th ranked player in 9 category formats and specializes in threes and steals. Players I would consider trading for FVV: Ja Morant, D’Angelo Russell, De’Aron Fox, Jamal Murray, Devin Booker, Russell Westbrook.

Malcolm Brogdon:

Brogdon has maintained a top 20 ranking all year. He is the real deal and wants to lead a tough Pacers team to the top of the East. Players I would consider trading for Brogdon: Ja Morant, D’Angelo Russell, Jamal Murray, Donavon Mitchell, Russell Westbrook, De’Aaron Fox.

Gordon Hayward:

Mr. Hayward has had a resurgence and given stability to the Charlotte Hornets this season. Many owners may be looking to sell high on him for a major haul. Others may be willing to sell for a big name with high expectations. Players I would consider trading for Hayward: Pascal Siakam, John Collins.

Jerami Grant

As the top-dog on a lottery team, Jarami Grant is taking off in Detroit and because of this, might be a costly trade target. However, there may be owners that are willing to trade for more stable past performance. Players I would consider trading for Jerami Grant: Zion Williamson, Pascal Siakam, John Collins, Devin Booker, D’Angelo Russell, Jamal Murray.

Richaun Holmes

Richaun Homes plays a stable amount of minutes and provides great production. Holmes is primed to continue a solid season as any threat from Hassan Whiteside to steal time is dwindling.  He is great in blocks and FG% while contributing admirably in points and rebounds. Players I would consider trading for Richaun Holmes: Jonas Valanciunas, Blake Griffin, and Jusuf Nurkic.


Although only 5 specific targets are listed above, fantasy managers can use the included table to make various combinations of players and positions based on the need to properly fill necessary voids on their teams.

Good luck, happy trading, and as always, feel free to consume additional fantasy basketball content and interact with me @BRN_RiSE on Twitter.

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