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2021-22 Fantasy Basketball: Point Guard Rankings and Insights

Bradford Nickerson helps tip off the 2021-22 fantasy basketball season with his Top-20 Point Guard Rankings!

Point Guards are one of the most valuable assets on a Fantasy Basketball team:

  • Point guards tend to excel in scarce categories such as points, assists, and steals
  • The PG position is often chock-full of great three-point and free throw shooters
  • PGs can now be competitive in rebounds: in the modern NBA, point guards have been encouraged to collect defensive rebounds to start transition offense, making them competitive in that category with the small and power forward positions.

The below articles offers insights and commentary on key players at the point guard position: to include the top 20, players to avoid, and players to watch.

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Top 20 Point Guard Rankings

  1. James Harden BKN PG/SG
    Harden leads the way for Point Guards for the 2021-2022 season. While Harden’s shooting volume may drop, Harden will maintain the primary role of setting up Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Harden’s dual eligibility and well-rounded game make him the top PG and a candidate for the top overall player.
  2. Stephen Curry GSW PG
    Curry has a supernova capacity to win you fantasy matchups. Curry’s dominance should continue this year, even with Klay Thompson expected to return. Like Harden, Stephen Curry at 1 overall is a possibility given he has great statistical range and is elite points, threes, and free throw percentage.
  3. Luka Doncic DAL PG
    Doncic reminds me of James Harden when in Houston. The entire offense runs through Luka enabling him to stack up points, threes, assists, and rebounds. While Luka is top-notch, remember his free throw percentage is not great (around 75%) on high volume.
  4. Damian Lillard POR PG
    Lillard is not as well-rounded as the guys above him, but Damian Lillard always saves his best basketball for the fantasy playoffs – courtesy of the Portland Trailblazers surging for seeding. Lillard is durable, exciting, and will be a great source of points, threes, and assists without hurting you anywhere.
  5. Kyrie Irving BKN PG/SG
    There is no questioning Kyrie Irving’s exciting play and ability to put up efficient points, threes, and assists from the point guard and shooting guard position. Irving fits well with Durant and Harden and puts up his numbers with ease. However, Kyrie’s injury history almost ensures he will miss games, especially towards the fantasy playoffs. Kyrie is a great complementary piece but beware of reaching for him.
  6. Fred VanVleet TOR PG/SG
    Fred VanVleet is a powerhouse- albeit a sneaky powerhouse and in line for more touches without Kyle Lowry. Solid in points and assists and elite in threes and steals, Fred VanVleet brings the defensive edge to a team looking to acquire steals early in the draft. In addition, FVV maintains a lower amount of turnovers compared to other high-usage point guards. His dual eligibility is helpful, while FVV’s field goal percentage lends itself to a Punt FG% build.
  7. De’Aaron Fox SAC PG
    Fox is in line for a big jump this year.  Fox can be elite in points, assists, and steals with a great field goal percentage on high volume. An increase in threes and free-throw are the key categories holding Fox back from being an elite PG. But, at age 24 Fox could be primed to shatter expectations.
  8. Donovan Mitchell UTA PG/SG
    Mitchell is more shooting guard than point guard but sports dual eligibility as a key facilitator for the Utah Jazz. As a scoring guard, expect Donovan to be consistently great in points, threes, and free throw percentage and bring you all-around production in rebounds and assists.
  9. LaMelo Ball CHA PG
    Ball oozes potential and excitement. For his sophomore season, Ball’s minutes should increase along with his usage, and by association, his points, threes, and assists. Ball is also active on the boards and brings defensive stats to the table. Many General Managers will be reaching for LaMelo come draft day. Look to select him starting in the third round.
  10. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander OKC PG/SG
    Is Shai Gilgeous-Alexander ready to take the next step as an elite PG? All signs point towards Shai developing his already well-rounded game into elite levels. SGA is becoming elite in points and teases 1-1-1 capability (1 three, 1 steal, 1 block) from the PG and SG positions. He is 23 years old and the focal point of a team that desperately leans on him for consistent offense.
  11. Jrue Holiday MIL PG/SG
    Holiday routinely outplays his average draft position (ADP). As a guard with dual eligibility, Holiday pairs great efficiency and defensive stats with your traditional PG categories – assists, threes, and points. Jrue is a third-round talent that typically is overlooked until the fourth or fifth rounds.
  12. Lonzo Ball CHI PG
    Don’t sleep on the possibility of Lonzo Ball being the top Ball brother in this year’s point guard rankings. On a new team, Lonzo Ball has a new lease on life with an interesting fantasy game. Elite in threes and steals, Lonzo also has a high ceiling in rebounds and assists, making him incredibly well-rounded. Time will tell Lonzo’s role and demeanor on the Chicago Bulls, but Lonzo has the potential to be great and is trending upwards.
  13. Chris Paul PHO PG
    Paul is efficient in his percentages, elite in assists, and still maintains respectable steals per game. At some point, General Managers need to take into account his age and the younger Phoenix players growing into more responsibility. It feels more and more like Chris Paul is a “save it for the playoffs’ type of performer rendering him less than ideal on fantasy teams.
  14. Trae Young ATL PG
    Atlanta’s electric point guard Trae Young does not need to carry the burden of scoring and assisting on every play anymore. Atlanta is deep with expanded offensive firepower and facilitators. Trae remains great in points and elite in assists and free throw percentage but lacks a well-rounded profile to be higher up in my point guard rankings.
  15. Devin Booker PHO PG/SG
    Booker is looking to take his game to superstar levels. With elite points, Booker is beginning to round out his offensive game. With Chris Paul ceding (perhaps) ball-handling duties in Phoenix, Booker has the opportunity to absorb more usage and enhance points, threes, and assists. Booker’s ability to score makes him a coveted resource, but his lack of defensive stats limits his upside.
  16. Darius Garland CLE PG/SG
    Garland had a breakout year for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2020-2021. After a summer with the Olympic practice team, Garland has impressed in summer workouts. Garland oozes scoring and playmaking potential and is a great bet to take another jump this year. Garland could set career highs in scoring, threes, assists, and steals, and be a lot higher when we get to next year’s point guard rankings.
  17. Russell Westbrook LAL PG
    How will Russell Westbook excel beside Lebron James and Anthony Davis? That is a great question, but if we know anything about Russell, he is going to be dynamic in transition and carry the offense when Lebron and Davis are off the floor. Do not expect traditional Westbrook numbers, but don’t be scared to invest in his all-around game. Westbrook will still collect gaudy points, rebounds, assists, and steals especially for a Lakers team looking to lessen the burden on Lebron James.
  18. Dejounte Murray SAS PG
    Murray has key weaknesses in his game – most notably threes and free-throw percentage. Despite those categories, DeJounte is in a compelling fantasy position with DeMar DeRozan heading to Chicago. Expect Murray’s usage to increase along with points and assists on top of his usual great rebounding and steal numbers. If you are punting threes, Murray is an excellent option.
  19. Terry Rozier CHA PG/SG
    A “return on investment” darling a year ago, Terry Rozier returns to his role as a go-to contributor for the Charlotte Hornets. The addition of a healthy Gordon Hayward and free agent Kelly Oubre Jr. may take a little away from Rozier’s usage and shot volume, but Rozier remains a solid fantasy contributor that can return consistent fifth-round value.
  20. Derrick White SAS PG/SG
    The day has finally come for Derrick White. Fantasy General Managers have been waiting for the day White is healthy and starting alongside DeJounte Murray. With Derozan in Chicago, White will have a green light to score, facilitate, and stack up defensive numbers in expanded minutes. The combination of points, assists, and blocks from the PG and SG positions is unique and valuable.

Point Guards to Avoid:

Malcolm Brogdon IND PG/SG

Malcolm Brogdon is a key cog in the Indiana Pacers scheme. Brogdon is able to play on the ball as a more classically styled point guard, while also excelling off the ball as a shooting guard. Expect continued success, but temper expectations with Caris LeVert joining the fray. Brogdon can be reliable in points, assists, and steals, however, Brogdon is best reserved as your third guard if possible.

Kyle Lowry MIA PG

The Miami Heat hope to have a contender with the addition of Kyle Lowry to their backcourt. However, Lowry will not have the need to carry a heavy burden on a deep Miami team. Lowry should be a great source of threes and points receiving passes from Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo.

Mike Conley UTA PG

Mike Conley outperformed expectations last year but unfortunately suffered injuries throughout the season. Conley can be useful on the right roster, but the Utah Jazz will look to preserve their point guard for the NBA Playoffs.

Point Guards to Watch:

Ben Simmons PHI PG/PF

Ben Simmons has declared he will not play a game for the Philadelphia 76ers this season. If his playoff appearance didn’t scare you off, the uncertainty around where Simmons will play next season makes him difficult to draft. Though,  we all know he is just too good to pass up on as the rounds tick by. If you can wait until he is traded or has the right build (punt threes and free throw percentage) a motivated Ben Simmons could be the motor you need to win the championship.

John Wall HOU PG

John Wall and the Houston Rockets have agreed to part ways. Given Wall’s contract, it is hard to figure when that will be. John Wall demonstrated he was healthy enough to put up great counting stats, especially points and assists. While he will hurt you in percentages, turnovers, and threes, he can be a game-changer at the right price and in the right situation.

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