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Daily Preview and NBA DFS Picks for 3/2/2021

Let’s just go ahead and win a bunch of money with NBA DFS today…why not go into the All-Star break with some fat pockets? WHY NOT!? We’ve got you covered.

Playing NBA DFS can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also make your head spin. It’s our job to make sure you’re winning as much as possible! There are countless variables that can lead to a player’s individual performance, but I’ve found it’s best to focus on just a few that can lead to better predictability.

My favorite factors to track for NBA DFS targets: Matchups (Offensive/Defensive Ratings), Opportunity (expected player minutes, game pace), and Recent Form.

This is the AM VERSION of a living article that will be updated throughout the day, as news comes through the wire.


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NBA DFS Targets and Preview for Mar. 2

Grizzlies vs. Wizards

I hate the Celtics. I really do. Did y’all see how they PURPOSEFULLY kept their floor wet, so Brad Beal would slip and lose us the game? Really terrible stuff out of Boston. I thought they were better than that. My Wizards will need to regroup and they will have to do so against a Memphis squad that just beat the Rockets by 50. That’s a cultural reset. You beat a team by 50, and you’re feeling on top of the world. That’s a lot of confidence for the Wiz to deal with. I think Memphis squeaks out a close one.

DFS Targets: MEM targets: Morant, Jonas, Bane, Brooks, and Justice Winslow for value. WASH targets: Beal, Westbrook, Bertans, Garrison Matthews has also found his shot, which would make him a very interesting value play.

Clippers vs. Celtics

The Celtics had to CHEAT to beat my Wizards, and they just barely won. The Clippers should have no problem with them. They are the 3rd ranked team in the league in net rating, while Boston is 13th and has only won 4 of their past 10. I like the Clippers with very little trouble.

DFS Targets: LAC targets: Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Serge Ibaka, and Zubac (Celtics don’t handle size well). BOS targets: Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Kemba Walker, and let’s leave it at that. I’m not convinced this won’t be a blowout.

Hawks vs. Heat

We just did this. The Heat won by ten in this same matchup a few days ago. Just to show the world that I’ve never been wrong (and to be lazy), I’m going to copy/past my preview:

I keep underestimating Jimmy Butler and I’m not sure why. I think it’s time I just accept that last year was no fluke, and he’s the type of player that can carry a team on his back. It’s not like the Heat are scrubs or anything. They’ve got Bam, and don’t need to be carried, but night after night he just decides that he’s got to handle all phases of the game for this team. It’s working and I’m not going to complain about it. I didn’t even talk about the Hawks in this write-up. Heat win.

DFS Targets: ATL targets: Trae Young, John Collins, and Clint Capela. The wings on this team are too inconsistent for me to bet on them. MIA targets: Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, and Kendrick Nunn.

Knicks vs. Spurs

Look…the Knicks are here, and they’re here to stay. If this was on the strength of their offense, I’d probably think they were going to revert to their mean of being an incompetent franchise. Thibs, however, has them playing defense. They are currently 2nd in the league in defensive rating, and frankly, the Spurs are slightly less hot than the Knicks over the past ten games (6 wins vs. the Knicks 7). The Knicks also best the Spurs in net rating. I have no problem rolling with the Knicks tonight.

DFS Targets: NYK targets: Rose, Quickley, Randle, and Noel. SAS targets: Demar DeRozan, Murray, Johnson, and Patty Mills can also light it up from three.

Nuggets vs. Bucks

This should be a great game. The teams are 6th and 2nd in net rating, respectively. They are 20th and 11th defensively. They are 5th and 3rd offensively. In an alternate universe (where the Lakers and Nets didn’t exist), this could be an NBA Finals preview. I think the it’s clear, however, that the Bucks are the better team on both ends of the court. I have no problem rolling with Giannis and ‘dem boys.

DFS Targets: DEN targets: Jokic, Murray, MPJ, and Barton (he should eat up the additional Campazzo minutes). MIL targets: Giannis, Middleton, Holiday, DiVincenzo, and Bobby Portis for value.

Suns vs. Lakers

The Lakers are favored in this one, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. There’s no use in me speaking about their season long comparables, because the Lakers don’t have Anthony Davis right now and they are a different team without him. So different, that over the past ten games, the Lakers are 5-5. The Suns are an easy 8-2 over that span. I won’t be staying up for this one. I think the Suns win this one big. LeBron can’t handle the Suns’ star power by himself.

DFS Targets: PHO targets: Booker, CP3, and Ayton. LAL targets: LeBron and Schroder.

Don’t forget to check back later in the day as Bradlee will be updating his NBA DFS preview with all the info you need to turn tonight’s slate into a resounding success!

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