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5 Fantasy Basketball Trade Targets To Buy-Low

It sure doesn’t seem like it but were roughly 40% done the fantasy basketball regular season in most standard formats. So, it’s time to put the thinking cap on and get to work. Here are five fantasy basketball trade targets that could help vault your team up the standings in the upcoming weeks…

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Fantasy Basketball Trade Targets

Michael Porter Jr., SF/PF – Denver Nuggets

Prepare for lift-off. I repeat, prepare for lift-off. Michael Porter Jr’s rise to stardom begins now and it might already be too late after his 30-point performance Monday. Hopefully, you can catch a manager snoozing due to his super-low season rank. This of course is due to his 8-games played on the year after battling COVID protocols. MPJ returned with a bang averaging 20.3 points and 8 rebounds over his last three games including multiple 30/8 lines. All the nuggets want to talk about after games is how do we get Porter Jr. the ball including hefty praise from Nikola Jokic. MPJ ranks in the top 20 in player efficiency rating this year and those 30/8 lines also don’t grow on trees. Move him into your top 30’s baby.


Devin Booker, SG/SF – Phoenix Suns

Devin Booker came into the season with a rank right around the top-10 mark so there are probably some pissed off owners who aren’t too happy with his production. Add in a hamstring injury this week and the time to buy is here. Booker’s scoring was already on the rise scoring 25 PPG over his last five games compared to 22 on the season. Those 30.5 PPG we saw in the bubble could be coming soon.


Jarrett Allen, C – Cleveland Cavaliers

Numerous reports coming out of Cleveland are that an Andre Drummond buyout is imminent. Umm, calling Jarrett Allen owners ASAP. Managers may be worried after three average games in a row with Cleveland but that’s due to the very crowded frontcourt going on. Drummond is 2nd in the NBA in rebounds and with that likely on the way out the door it will be the Allen show. When Brooklyn was dealing with a few injuries earlier this season Allen went off for 16.3 points and 13 rebounds over three games. Make the call


Victor Oladipo, SG/SF – Houston Rockets

Victor Oladipo is someone I expect big things from coming up here as the Rockets don’t have a ton of depth on offense. Oladipo played with John Wall for the first time and had quite the poor shooting performance but still put up 20 points with five rebounds. The rhythm will come, and stats will follow not to mention more DNP’s for John Wall are probably on the way.


Draymond Green, SF/PF – Golden State Warriors

I know, I’m a sucker for Draymond Green but the multiple category production is too hard to ignore. With a sub-200 rank, the cost of acquiring Green should be super low and we’re talking about a top-12 player in the league in assists over the last three weeks. Green is the only player in NBA history to record a triple-double without points and he continues to hit multiple categories despite the low scoring percentages. He’s averaging 7.6 assists over his last nine games and has at least six rebounds and six points in six of those games. He’s closing in on triple eights across the board which can be very valuable to have in head-to-head leagues.

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