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3 NBA Player Prop Bets for 1/31/23

When you’re in this line of work, you have to take accountability. Last night didn’t go well, as we only went one for three with our picks. Ant’s line hit, but we missed with Kuzma (didn’t think Porzingis was playing), and we missed with Kyrie (missed by a bucket, no LeBron or AD). But a miss is a miss. Doesn’t matter how close we were. It’s over now. Today is a new day. Let’s go three for three! With prop bets, we don’t need to wait for season-long storylines to play out. Every day is a new day. Fantrax wants to help you win a bit of money, so we will be giving you NBA Player Prop Bets every week. We’ll shy away from keying in on any particular sportsbook, as we know odds vary, and so do props. We’ll focus on our projections, and allow you to find your best odds. Let’s get into today’s prop bets.

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NBA Player Prop Bets for January 31

LeBron James OVER 40 Points + Rebounds + Assists:

The Knicks take on the Lakers in tonight’s matchup. The Knicks are currently the 7 seed in the East, with the 16th ranked defense in the league, and the 27th ranked pace. So it’ll be a pace-down matchup for LeBron James’ Lakers who play with the 2nd fastest pace in the league. But friends, I don’t care who LeBron is playing these days. He’s on a mission to will this team to the Playoffs. They are out of it right now, but they’ve lost a lot of close games that they should’ve won. The other night vs. the Celtics, LeBron lost his mind at a no-call that would’ve put him at the line for game winning free throws. LeBron has had 50+PRA in three of his last four games. 40+PRA shouldn’t be much of a stretch for him. This is likely to be – odds in any sportsbook you use, so feel free to throw this in a parlay.

Terry Rozier UNDER 28 Points:

The Hornets take on the Bucks tonight. The Hornets are in the Wenbanyama sweepstakes with their 15-36 record. They aren’t trying to win, and I don’t think they will tonight. Aside from LaMelo Ball, one person who I haven’t heard much in trade deadline discussions is Terry Rozier. He’s a certified bucket and has had 28+ in three of his past five games. As much as I love Rozier, he’s not one of those players who can get 30 on every team and in every matchup. He’s good, but he hasn’t demonstrated he’s at that level quite yet. The Bucks have the 3rd best defense in the league, they’re tall/long, and play at a slower pace than the Hornets (ranked 13th in the league). I feel confident Rozier won’t hit 29 or more points tonight. Unless Giannis sitting (and frankly, even if he sits), I expect a bit of a blowout.

Nikola Jokic to RECORD Triple-Double:

In the last game of the night, the Nuggets take on the Pelicans in what should be an incredibly fun and close matchup. Both teams have top ten defenses and stars on their team. But let’s be honest: The brightest star is most certainly Nikola Jokic. It doesn’t matter what defense the 2x MVP is facing, he’s the focal point of Denver’s offense and he should be. I called for Jokic to have a triple-double in his last game, and he fell short by one assist and two rebounds. Still, he’s had a triple double in four of his last five games. While you should do your best to find + odds for this bet, it’s pretty much a sure thing in my eyes. A competitive matchup means an involved Jokic. That’s what we should see tonight and that’s all he needs to hit this line.

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