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Fantasy Baseball Rankings and Auction Values for 12-Team Mixed Leagues

I’m starting to get excited! First Pitch Florida is quickly approaching and I have the honor of participating in the 12-Team Mixed Auction League. With that in mind, I figured now was as good a time as any to share my fantasy baseball auction values for 12-team mixed leagues. These are the values I will take into the auction room with me. Of course, I’ll have to adapt as the auction progresses so these values will have to adapt with it.

I shared my basic auction strategy a few weeks ago. I shared strategy more specific to 12-team mixed auction leagues here. In short, I find shallow mixed-league auctions to be the most difficult to prepare for. I grew up on NL- and AL-Only auctions. In these deep leagues, a spread-the-wealth strategy was almost a necessity. If you spent too much on a few players you would end up with holes elsewhere that were very hard to fill during the season.

In a 12-team mixed league, there are still going to be plenty of players I like even when the auction is done. The penalty for overspending is lessened because of this. Other people realize this and the bidding can get wonky real quick. The line between spending intelligently and holding back too long can be a thin one. In this shallow format, I’m much more likely to go past my allocated salaries by a few dollars, especially on positions or categories that I see as being in short supply. With that said, you still don’t win an auction league without a smart strategy and a set of values to use as a guideline.

The values below contain 276 players with at least a $1 value. That’s the 12 teams times the 23 players on a traditional roster. The values of those 276 players add up to $3,120 which comes from a traditional $260 each team is allocated. I’ve based these auction values on a 70/30 hitting/pitching split.

Tout Wars is also coming up and I’m in the 15-team mixed auction for that, so be on the lookout for auction values for that in the near future.

Also, I’m going to be trying out a new tool for these auctions. DraftKick is an awesome tool that I’ll be using at the LABR auction. It was developed by Mays Copeland who has done a ton of impressive work related to fantasy baseball dollar values. It works with drafts but really shines during auctions. It’s not really optimized for mobile but if you draft on a laptop or desktop, I think you’ll be amazed at how this can help you. Bonus, if you use the promo code ROTODADDY you can even get $5 off.

The season is not here yet, but why not get a head start and jump in a Fantrax Classic Draft contest? Get a jump on the season with a Best Ball league or maybe a Draft and Hold. Or put some green on the line with a new season-long league to try and conquer. There’s no better time than now to get your baseball on!

Positional Dollar Values

If you want to download my values and use them for your auction here is a nice downloadable PDF you can print out. If you want something you can edit and make your own here is the excel file I used to format my auction values.

Directly below are my auction values by position. Toward the bottom of the page are my overall rankings and values. bother overall and again by position.

To be transparent with how I go about forming my auction values, I started with the Fangraphs auction calculator and then made sure all positions were accounted for and that the correct number of players were valued at the proper total value. I then bumped up players I had projected for more value and lowered others.

Below I’ve included screenshots from my 12-team auction cheat sheet and a few comments about how I would attack each position. Do remember though, that an auction is a living breathing thing. Every player brought up for bid and the final price they go for, changes all the future values. In the end, the winning manager will have purchased their players at what turns out to be around a 20 to 25 percent bargain. Profit is the name of the game and it all counts the same whether it happens in the beginning of an auction or during the dollar days at the end.

Catcher Values

12-Team Catcher Values

I’m quite a bit more optimistic on the catching pool this year. While I’d love to grab one of those top four, I’d be pretty happy with just pairing one of the second-tier catchers with a tier-three or four catcher. An ideal pairing for me might be Alejandro Kirk or Adley Rutschman with Christian Vazquez or Eric Haase. I also like Logan O’Hoppe if he slides all the way down to dollar days. Position scarcity still exists in 2023, but in 12-team mixed leagues, I’m not overpaying for catchers.

First Base Values

12-Team 1B Values

I’m a little more down on the first base position than others in the industry seem to be. Sure there are plenty of usable bats but I start doubting players as early as Jose Abreu. Should I have bumped him down to the next tier? Maybe. The lineup around him in Houston makes me think his counting stats will make up for any continued erosion of his power. Ideally I’d like to grab Goldschmidt if he comes at the slightest bargain, but I’ll likely end up in that second tier with my corner slot filled by one of that fourth tier. I do think Andrew Vaughn will take another step forward and at that $10 price tag I’m ready to jump on him.

Second Base Values

12-Team 2B Values

I keep hearing how second base is shallow this year but I really don’t get it. No, there aren’t a ton of elite bats, but I’m comfortable all the way down to an $8 Nico Hoerner as my starter. I’v likely got Jorge Polanco and Jonathan India higher than most so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of shares of them this year. I also bumped up Vaughn Grissom quite a bit as the auction calculator seemed to hate him. He may fall flat on his face but I think his power/speed combo will be nice at what I have him priced at. It’s not a ton of risk for a pretty nice potential reward. In a 12-team mixed league I can make up for this small risk.

Third Base Values

12-Team 3B

Third base is gonna be a challenge in this auction. I’m going to jump early. Either I’ll go to full value for one of those top 6 or I bring up Jose Miranda early and hope he goes at a bargain with other top third baseman on the board. What I don’t want to happen is for me to rely on Ryan McMahon or Alec Bohm to take a step forward when they could just as easily slide back. Ke’Bryan Hayes would be my last-ditch third baseman. The speed he brings would help cover any continued growing pains in his bat. Let’s hope that 10-15 extra pounds of muscle is a real thing.

Shortstop Values

12-Team SS Values

Shortstop is maybe the deepest position in baseball. There are plenty of power/speed combos to roster at various dollar values. Bobby Witt Jr. seems to be getting some negative press. I’ll be happy to claim him, and his third base eligibility is a huge plus. Further down the rankings, I like Amed Rosario and Jeremy Pena. Both have gone through their fair share of growing pains but each has 15-HR/15-SB in their cross-hairs without any big reach. I’d even take an $8 gamble on Javier Baez who rebounded a bit in the second half of 2022. They’re also moving the walls in (and up) in Detroit so that may help.

Outfield Values

12-Team OF Values

Outfield is as top-heavy as any position can be. Those first two tiers are filled with players who help in four or five categories. The questions start popping up in that third tier and the rest of the outfield pool feels like a bit of a crapshoot. Honestly, it feels like all the players in the $5 to $10 range are a bit interchangeable. I want two of those top two tiers, two from tiers three through five, and then I’ll throw some darts at a Michael Conforto or Lars Nootbar.

DH Values

12-Team DH Values

Take Note, I’ve got Shohei Ohtani valued at $21 as a hitter and as a pitcher. If he’s one player in your league I’m going at least $38 and if you have daily transactions he’s a $40+ player. Bryce Harper may not be back until the All-Star break. I’m still probably too low on him. In a 12-team league, I can stash him on the IL and still have a decent bat. Pair them together and you’re looking at a $20+ player when the year is done. In deeper leagues, I’d be a little more hesitant on Harper.

Starting Pitcher Values

12-Team SP

There is plenty of pitching! I just did a 15-team mock with industry experts and there were pitchers I liked who didn’t even get taken. You may think that means I’ll wait on pitching. And you’d be wrong… and right. I want two of the pitchers in the top two tiers and maybe another one from the third or fourth tier. And then I’m happy to wait until the end portion of the auction and count on some pitchers I like becoming bargains. Which pitchers would that be? The Tampa duo of Jeffrey Springs and Drew Rassmussen fit the bill. Lance Lynn isn’t new and shiny but his 2.52 ERA (3.18 xFIP) and 25.7 K% in the second half of 2022 say he still has something in the tank. Garret Whitlock is another pitcher I like more than most. His results have been mixed but he’s one of a handful of pitchers who has stuff+ ratings of over 105.0 for three different pitches. Logan Webb and Blake Snell are two other pitchers I think have a solid shot of greatly outperforming their draft day prices.

Relief Pitcher Values

12-Team RP Values

I hate paying for closers! I hate it. Because of that, I’ll be trying to strike early. I’m gonna bring up Devin Williams or Ryan Helsley very early and hope the bidding isn’t too crazy since there will still be other elite options on the board. Both of these pitchers have numbers very close to the pitchers above them but I think they’ll not draw as high a price tag. So in an ideal world, I’ll roster one of them and pair them with Pete Fairbanks, whose stuff is as good as any pitcher in baseball. The Rays just extended him and seem more willing to treat him as a traditional closer. I also think Jorge Lopez is being grossly undervalued. Yes, there is a chance he reverts to pre-2022 numbers, but he was lights out last year. And while Jhoan Duran is a much more dominant pitcher, the Twins may be happy just to use him as their stopper earlier in games. Either way, I don’t see much of a risk in the small price tag Lopez is likely to carry. Yes, I want two closers I like, but don’t go crazy. There will be plenty of saves on the waiver wire and you don’t have to win the saves category. In fact, I’ll be looking for a top-third place in saves and if I have a chance to gain points later in the season, then I can make some moves.

Auction Values for 12-Team Mixed Leagues

1OFRonald Acuna Jr.ATL$42
2OFAaron JudgeNYY$40
33BJose RamirezCLE$36
4OFKyle TuckerHOU$36
51BFreddie FreemanLAD$34
63BRafael DeversBOS$34
7SSTrea TurnerPHI$34
8OFJulio RodriguezSEA$34
9SPGerrit ColeNYY$33
10OFYordan AlvarezHOU$33
11SPCorbin BurnesMIL$32
121BVladimir Guerrero Jr.TOR$32
133BAustin RileyATL$32
143BManny MachadoSDP$32
151BPaul GoldschmidtSTL$31
16OFMookie BettsLAD$30
17OFMike TroutLAA$30
18SPSpencer StriderATL$29
19SPJacob deGromTEX$27
20SPCarlos RodonNYY$27
21SPJustin VerlanderNYM$27
22CDaulton VarshoTOR$27
231BPete AlonsoNYM$27
24SSBo BichetteTOR$27
25CWill SmithLAD$26
26CJ.T. RealmutoPHI$26
273BNolan ArenadoSTL$26
28OFJuan SotoSDP$26
29SPShane McClanahanTBR$25
30SPSandy AlcantaraMIA$25
31SSBobby Witt Jr.KCR$25
32SPAaron NolaPHI$24
33CSalvador PerezKCR$24
342BJose AltuveHOU$24
35OFMichael Harris IIATL$24
36SPMax ScherzerNYM$23
37SPBrandon WoodruffMIL$23
38RPEdwin DiazNYM$22
39SPLuis CastilloSEA$22
40SSFernando Tatis Jr.SDP$22
41OFRandy ArozarenaTBR$22
42OFLuis RobertCHW$22
43OFCedric Mullins IIBAL$22
44SPShohei OhtaniLAA$21
451BMatt OlsonATL$21
462BMarcus SemienTEX$21
47DHShohei OhtaniLAA$21
48SPTyler GlasnowTBR$20
49CAdley RutschmanBAL$20
50CAlejandro KirkTOR$20
513BAlex BregmanHOU$19
52SSFrancisco LindorNYM$19
53OFAdolis GarciaTEX$19
54OFKyle SchwarberPHI$19
55RPJosh HaderSDP$18
56RPEmmanuel ClaseCLE$18
57SPShane BieberCLE$18
58CWillson ContrerasSTL$18
59OFEloy JimenezCHW$18
60OFGeorge SpringerTOR$18
61OFTyler O'NeillSTL$18
62OFTeoscar HernandezSEA$18
63SPKevin GausmanTOR$17
64CMJ MelendezKCR$17
65OFBryan ReynoldsPIT$17
66CSean MurphyATL$16
67CTyler StephensonCIN$16
682BJazz Chisholm Jr.MIA$16
69OFAnthony SantanderBAL$16
70OFStarling MarteNYM$16
71OFByron BuxtonMIN$16
72SPZack WheelerPHI$15
73SPMax FriedATL$15
74SPYu DarvishSDP$15
75CWilliam ContrerasMIL$15
761BJose AbreuHOU$15
77SSCorey SeagerTEX$15
78SSOneil CruzPIT$15
79SPJulio UriasLAD$15
80RPDevin WilliamsMIL$14
81RPRyan HelsleySTL$14
82SPFramber ValdezHOU$14
831BChristian WalkerARI$14
841BRyan MountcastleBAL$14
853BGunnar HendersonBAL$14
86SSDansby SwansonCHC$14
87SSTim AndersonCHW$14
88OFTaylor WardLAA$14
89SPJoe MusgroveSDP$13
90CCal RaleighSEA$13
911BC.J. CronCOL$13
921BNathaniel LoweTEX$13
932BOzzie AlbiesATL$13
942BAndres GimenezCLE$13
95SSTommy EdmanSTL$13
96SSAmed RosarioCLE$13
97OFSeiya SuzukiCHC$13
98RPRaisel IglesiasATL$12
99SPAlek ManoahTOR$12
100SPHunter GreeneCIN$12
101SPCristian JavierHOU$12
1021BVinnie PasquantinoKCR$12
1033BMatt ChapmanTOR$12
1043BJose MirandaMIN$12
105SSJeremy PenaHOU$12
106SSWilly AdamesMIL$12
107OFJake McCarthyARI$12
108OFGiancarlo StantonNYY$12
109OFChristian YelichMIL$12
110OFKris BryantCOL$12
111RPRyan PresslyHOU$12
112SPClayton KershawLAD$11
113SPZac GallenARI$11
114CKeibert RuizWSN$11
1151BAndrew VaughnCHW$11
1162BJorge PolancoMIN$11
1172BGleyber TorresNYY$11
1182BJonathan IndiaCIN$11
1192BKetel MarteARI$11
120SSWander FrancoTBR$11
121OFNick CastellanosPHI$11
122OFMasataka YoshidaBOS$11
123OFAlex VerdugoBOS$11
124SPDylan CeaseCHW$10
1251BRhys HoskinsPHI$10
1262BThairo EstradaSFG$10
1273BRyan McMahonCOL$10
128SSCarlos CorreaMIN$10
129SSXander BogaertsSDP$10
130OFHunter RenfroeLAA$10
131OFHarrison BaderNYY$10
132OFSteven KwanCLE$10
133OFRamon LaureanoOAK$10
134SPNestor CortesNYY$9
135RPPete FairbanksTBR$9
136RPFelix BautistaBAL$9
137RPKenley JansenBOS$9
138SPBlake SnellSDP$9
139SPLogan WebbSFG$9
140CTravis d'ArnaudATL$9
1411BJoey MenesesWSN$9
1421BTy FranceSEA$9
1431BJosh BellCLE$9
1442BVaughn GrissomATL$9
1452BLuis ArraezMIA$9
1462BJeff McNeilNYM$9
1473BAlec BohmPHI$9
1483BMax MuncyLAD$9
149OFMitch HanigerSFG$9
150OFIan HappCHC$9
151OFBrandon NimmoNYM$9
152RPJordan RomanoTOR$9
153SPTriston McKenzieCLE$8
154SPKyle WrightATL$8
1551BRowdy TellezMIL$8
1562BNico HoernerCHC$8
1572BBrandon LoweTBR$8
158SSJavier BaezDET$8
159OFWil MyersCIN$8
160RPCamilo DovalSFG$8
161RPDavid BednarPIT$7
162SPKodai SengaNYM$7
163SPChris SaleBOS$7
164SPRobbie RaySEA$7
165SPFreddy PeraltaMIL$7
166CDanny JansenTOR$7
1671BAnthony RizzoNYY$7
1681BMiguel VargasLAD$7
1692BWhit MerrifieldTOR$7
1702BJake CronenworthSDP$7
1713BKe'Bryan HayesPIT$7
172OFAndrew BenintendiCHW$7
173OFAustin HaysBAL$7
174OFCorbin CarrollARI$7
175DHBryce HarperPHI$7
176SPGeorge KirbySEA$6
177RPAndres MunozSEA$6
178CChristian VazquezMIN$6
1792BBrendan RodgersCOL$6
180OFOscar GonzalezCLE$6
181RPClay HolmesNYY$6
182SPNick LodoloCIN$5
183SPDustin MayLAD$5
184SPPablo LopezMIN$5
185RPJhoan DuranMIN$5
186RPPaul SewaldSEA$5
187RPKendall GravemanCHW$5
188SPLuis SeverinoNYY$5
189SPDrew RasmussenTBR$5
190CGabriel MorenoARI$5
1911BJared WalshLAA$5
1922BDJ LeMahieuNYY$5
1933BAnthony RendonLAA$5
194SSEzequiel TovarCOL$5
195OFAustin MeadowsDET$5
196OFRiley GreeneDET$5
197RPScott BarlowKCR$4
198RPTrevor MayOAK$4
199RPDaniel BardCOL$4
200SPJordan MontgomerySTL$4
201SPCharlie MortonATL$4
202SPLance LynnCHW$4
203SPAlex CobbSFG$4
204CEric HaaseDET$4
2052BGavin LuxLAD$4
2063BYoan MoncadaCHW$4
207OFLourdes Gurriel Jr.ARI$4
208OFJoc PedersonSFG$4
209OFCharlie BlackmonCOL$4
210OFJesse WinkerMIL$4
211RPAlexis DiazCIN$4
212RPEvan PhillipsLAD$3
213SPLogan GilbertSEA$3
214SPJeffrey SpringsTBR$3
215SPGarrett WhitlockBOS$3
216SPJoe RyanMIN$3
217CJonah HeimTEX$3
218CElias DiazCOL$3
219CLogan O'HoppeLAA$3
2203BJustin TurnerBOS$3
2213BJosh JungTEX$3
222OFEsteury RuizOAK$3
223OFMike YastrzemskiSFG$3
224OFJorge SolerMIA$3
225DHJ.D. MartinezLAD$3
226SPGrayson RodriguezBAL$2
227RPJorge LopezMIN$2
228SPChris BassittTOR$2
229SPLucas GiolitoCHW$2
230SPJesus LuzardoMIA$2
231SPBrady SingerKCR$2
232SPMarcus StromanCHC$2
233SPRanger SuarezPHI$2
234SPJose UrquidyHOU$2
235SPJameson TaillonCHC$2
236SPJose QuintanaNYM$2
237SPNoah SyndergaardLAD$2
238SPMerrill KellyARI$2
239CYasmani GrandalCHW$2
2401BTrey ManciniCHC$2
2412BJean SeguraMIA$2
2422BBrandon DruryLAA$2
2433BEugenio SuarezSEA$2
244SSAdalberto MondesiBOS$2
245OFCody BellingerCHC$2
246OFMichael ConfortoSFG$2
247OFRandal GrichukCOL$2
248OFJose SiriTBR$2
249OFLars NootbaarSTL$2
250OFAvisail GarciaMIA$2
251SPTony GonsolinLAD$2
252SPLuis GarciaHOU$2
253RPDaniel HudsonLAD$1
254SPTyler MahleMIN$1
255SPSonny GrayMIN$1
256RPKyle FinneganWSN$1
257RPAlex LangeDET$1
258RPJose LeclercTEX$1
259RPSeranthony DominguezPHI$1
260RPJason AdamTBR$1
261RPA.J. MinterATL$1
262RPBrandon HughesCHC$1
263RPCarlos EstevezLAA$1
264RPA.J. PukMIA$1
265RPCraig KimbrelPHI$1
266RPMichael FulmerCHC$1
267RPJimmy HergetLAA$1
268RPDylan FloroMIA$1
269SPAndrew HeaneyTEX$1
270SPNathan EovaldiTEX$1
271SPPatrick SandovalLAA$1
272SPJon GrayTEX$1
273SPJack FlahertySTL$1
274SPZach EflinTBR$1
275SPLance McCullers Jr.HOU$1
276SPTrevor RogersMIA$1
277SPJose BerriosTOR$1
278SPSean ManaeaSFG$1
279SPCarlos CarrascoNYM$1
280SPRoss StriplingSFG$1
281SPEdward CabreraMIA$1
282SPHunter BrownHOU$1
283CCarson KellyARI$1
284COmar NarvaezNYM$1
285CMike ZuninoCLE$1
2862BLuis UriasMIL$1
2872BKolten WongSEA$1
2882BChristopher MorelCHC$1
289OFDylan CarlsonSTL$1
290OFSeth BrownOAK$1
291OFAdam DuvallBOS$1
292OFJake FraleyCIN$1
293OFBryan De La CruzMIA$1
294OFAdam DuvallBOS$1
295RPJoe MantiplyARI$0
296RPAroldis ChapmanKCR$0
297RPLiam HendriksCHW$0
298RPTaylor RogersSFG$0
299RPJose AlvaradoPHI$0
300RPAlex VesiaLAD$0
301RPBrusdar GraterolLAD$0
302RPGiovanny GallegosSTL$0
303RPBrad BoxbergerCHC$0
304RPHector NerisHOU$0
305RPAdbert AlzolayCHC$0
306RPJames KarinchakCLE$0
307RPRafael MonteroHOU$0
308RPKevin GinkelARI$0
309RPBryan BakerBAL$0
310RPHunter HarveyWSN$0
311SPMiles MikolasSTL$0
312SPMike SorokaATL$0
313SPAndrew PainterPHI$0
314SPAaron AshbyMIL$0
315SPAlex WoodSFG$0
316SPSteven MatzSTL$0
317SPFrankie MontasNYY$0
318SPSeth LugoSDP$0
319SPKen WaldichukOAK$0
320SPEduardo RodriguezDET$0
321SPTylor MegillNYM$0
322SPAdrian MorejonSDP$0
323SPJP SearsOAK$0
324SPJustin SteeleCHC$0
325SPKenta MaedaMIN$0
326SPReid DetmersLAA$0
327SPDavid PetersonNYM$0
328SPBailey OberMIN$0
329SPKyle MullerOAK$0
330SPMatthew BoydDET$0
331SPTanner HouckBOS$0
332SPNick MartinezSDP$0
333SPDean KremerBAL$0
334SPJames PaxtonBOS$0
335SPAaron CivaleCLE$0
336SPBrayan BelloBOS$0
337SPCody MorrisCLE$0
338SPEric LauerMIL$0
339SPBailey FalterPHI$0
340SPElieser HernandezNYM$0
341SPTarik SkubalDET$0
342SPAnthony DeSclafaniSFG$0
343SPJohn MeansBAL$0
344SPDomingo GermanNYY$0
345CAustin NolaSDP$0
346CJoey BartSFG$0
347CGary SanchezFA$0
348CChristian BethancourtTBR$0
349CFrancisco MejiaTBR$0
350CJacob StallingsMIA$0
351CNick FortesMIA$0
352CEndy RodriguezPIT$0
353CYan GomesCHC$0
354CMartin MaldonadoHOU$0
3551BTriston CasasBOS$0
3561BJosh NaylorCLE$0
3571BGarrett CooperMIA$0
3581BSpencer TorkelsonDET$0
3592BIsaac ParedesTBR$0
3602BJonathan SchoopDET$0
3612BJosh RojasARI$0
3622BLuis GarciaWSN$0
3632BSantiago EspinalTOR$0
3642BBryson StottPHI$0
3653BYandy DiazTBR$0
366SSCJ AbramsWSN$0
367SSHa-seong KimSDP$0
368OFLane ThomasWSN$0
369OFTyrone TaylorMIL$0
370OFEnrique HernandezBOS$0
371OFMark CanhaNYM$0
372OFDrew WatersKCR$0
373OFTrent GrishamSDP$0
374OFLeody TaverasTEX$0
375OFOscar ColasCHW$0
376OFMarcell OzunaATL$0
377OFBrandon MarshPHI$0
378OFAndrew McCutchenPIT$0
379OFAlex KirilloffMIN$0
380DHNelson CruzSDP$0
1Daulton VarshoTOR$27
2Will SmithLAD$26
3J.T. RealmutoPHI$26
4Salvador PerezKCR$24
5Adley RutschmanBAL$20
6Alejandro KirkTOR$20
7Willson ContrerasSTL$18
8MJ MelendezKCR$17
9Sean MurphyATL$16
10Tyler StephensonCIN$16
11William ContrerasMIL$15
12Cal RaleighSEA$13
13Keibert RuizWSN$11
14Travis d'ArnaudATL$9
15Danny JansenTOR$7
16Christian VazquezMIN$6
17Gabriel MorenoARI$5
18Eric HaaseDET$4
19Jonah HeimTEX$3
20Elias DiazCOL$3
21Logan O'HoppeLAA$3
22Yasmani GrandalCHW$2
23Carson KellyARI$1
24Omar NarvaezNYM$1
25Mike ZuninoCLE$1
26Austin NolaSDP$0
27Joey BartSFG$0
28Gary SanchezFA$0
29Christian BethancourtTBR$0
30Francisco MejiaTBR$0
31Jacob StallingsMIA$0
32Nick FortesMIA$0
33Endy RodriguezPIT$0
34Yan GomesCHC$0
35Martin MaldonadoHOU$0
1Freddie FreemanLAD$34
2Vladimir Guerrero Jr.TOR$32
3Paul GoldschmidtSTL$31
4Pete AlonsoNYM$27
5Matt OlsonATL$21
6Jose AbreuHOU$15
7Christian WalkerARI$14
8Ryan MountcastleBAL$14
9C.J. CronCOL$13
10Nathaniel LoweTEX$13
11Vinnie PasquantinoKCR$12
12Andrew VaughnCHW$11
13Rhys HoskinsPHI$10
14Joey MenesesWSN$9
15Ty FranceSEA$9
16Josh BellCLE$9
17Rowdy TellezMIL$8
18Anthony RizzoNYY$7
19Miguel VargasLAD$7
20Jared WalshLAA$5
21Trey ManciniCHC$2
22Triston CasasBOS$0
23Josh NaylorCLE$0
24Garrett CooperMIA$0
25Spencer TorkelsonDET$0
1Jose AltuveHOU$24
2Marcus SemienTEX$21
3Jazz Chisholm Jr.MIA$16
4Ozzie AlbiesATL$13
5Andres GimenezCLE$13
6Jorge PolancoMIN$11
7Gleyber TorresNYY$11
8Jonathan IndiaCIN$11
9Ketel MarteARI$11
10Thairo EstradaSFG$10
11Vaughn GrissomATL$9
12Luis ArraezMIA$9
13Jeff McNeilNYM$9
14Nico HoernerCHC$8
15Brandon LoweTBR$8
16Whit MerrifieldTOR$7
17Jake CronenworthSDP$7
18Brendan RodgersCOL$6
19DJ LeMahieuNYY$5
20Gavin LuxLAD$4
21Jean SeguraMIA$2
22Brandon DruryLAA$2
23Luis UriasMIL$1
24Kolten WongSEA$1
25Christopher MorelCHC$1
26Isaac ParedesTBR$0
27Jonathan SchoopDET$0
28Josh RojasARI$0
29Luis GarciaWSN$0
30Santiago EspinalTOR$0
31Bryson StottPHI$0
1Jose RamirezCLE$36
2Rafael DeversBOS$34
3Austin RileyATL$32
4Manny MachadoSDP$32
5Nolan ArenadoSTL$26
6Alex BregmanHOU$19
7Gunnar HendersonBAL$14
8Matt ChapmanTOR$12
9Jose MirandaMIN$12
10Ryan McMahonCOL$10
11Alec BohmPHI$9
12Max MuncyLAD$9
13Ke'Bryan HayesPIT$7
14Anthony RendonLAA$5
15Yoan MoncadaCHW$4
16Justin TurnerBOS$3
17Josh JungTEX$3
18Eugenio SuarezSEA$2
19Yandy DiazTBR$0
1Trea TurnerPHI$34
2Bo BichetteTOR$27
3Bobby Witt Jr.KCR$25
4Fernando Tatis Jr.SDP$22
5Francisco LindorNYM$19
6Corey SeagerTEX$15
7Oneil CruzPIT$15
8Dansby SwansonCHC$14
9Tim AndersonCHW$14
10Tommy EdmanSTL$13
11Amed RosarioCLE$13
12Jeremy PenaHOU$12
13Willy AdamesMIL$12
14Wander FrancoTBR$11
15Carlos CorreaMIN$10
16Xander BogaertsSDP$10
17Javier BaezDET$8
18Ezequiel TovarCOL$5
19Adalberto MondesiBOS$2
20CJ AbramsWSN$0
21Ha-seong KimSDP$0
1Ronald Acuna Jr.ATL$42
2Aaron JudgeNYY$40
3Kyle TuckerHOU$36
4Julio RodriguezSEA$34
5Yordan AlvarezHOU$33
6Mookie BettsLAD$30
7Mike TroutLAA$30
8Juan SotoSDP$26
9Michael Harris IIATL$24
10Randy ArozarenaTBR$22
11Luis RobertCHW$22
12Cedric Mullins IIBAL$22
13Adolis GarciaTEX$19
14Kyle SchwarberPHI$19
15Eloy JimenezCHW$18
16George SpringerTOR$18
17Tyler O'NeillSTL$18
18Teoscar HernandezSEA$18
19Bryan ReynoldsPIT$17
20Anthony SantanderBAL$16
21Starling MarteNYM$16
22Byron BuxtonMIN$16
23Taylor WardLAA$14
24Seiya SuzukiCHC$13
25Jake McCarthyARI$12
26Giancarlo StantonNYY$12
27Christian YelichMIL$12
28Kris BryantCOL$12
29Nick CastellanosPHI$11
30Masataka YoshidaBOS$11
31Alex VerdugoBOS$11
32Hunter RenfroeLAA$10
33Harrison BaderNYY$10
34Steven KwanCLE$10
35Ramon LaureanoOAK$10
36Mitch HanigerSFG$9
37Ian HappCHC$9
38Brandon NimmoNYM$9
39Wil MyersCIN$8
40Andrew BenintendiCHW$7
41Austin HaysBAL$7
42Corbin CarrollARI$7
43Oscar GonzalezCLE$6
44Austin MeadowsDET$5
45Riley GreeneDET$5
46Lourdes Gurriel Jr.ARI$4
47Joc PedersonSFG$4
48Charlie BlackmonCOL$4
49Jesse WinkerMIL$4
50Esteury RuizOAK$3
51Mike YastrzemskiSFG$3
52Jorge SolerMIA$3
53Cody BellingerCHC$2
54Michael ConfortoSFG$2
55Randal GrichukCOL$2
56Jose SiriTBR$2
57Lars NootbaarSTL$2
58Avisail GarciaMIA$2
59Dylan CarlsonSTL$1
60Seth BrownOAK$1
61Adam DuvallBOS$1
62Lane ThomasWSN$0
63Jake FraleyCIN$1
64Bryan De La CruzMIA$1
65Adam DuvallBOS$1
66Tyrone TaylorMIL$0
67Enrique HernandezBOS$0
68Mark CanhaNYM$0
69Drew WatersKCR$0
70Trent GrishamSDP$0
71Leody TaverasTEX$0
72Oscar ColasCHW$0
73Marcell OzunaATL$0
74Brandon MarshPHI$0
75Andrew McCutchenPIT$0
76Alex KirilloffMIN$0
1Shohei OhtaniLAA$21
2Bryce HarperPHI$7
3J.D. MartinezLAD$3
1Gerrit ColeNYY$33
2Corbin BurnesMIL$32
3Spencer StriderATL$29
4Jacob deGromTEX$27
5Carlos RodonNYY$27
6Justin VerlanderNYM$27
7Shane McClanahanTBR$25
8Sandy AlcantaraMIA$25
9Aaron NolaPHI$24
10Max ScherzerNYM$23
11Brandon WoodruffMIL$23
12Luis CastilloSEA$22
13Shohei OhtaniLAA$21
14Tyler GlasnowTBR$20
15Shane BieberCLE$18
16Kevin GausmanTOR$17
17Zack WheelerPHI$15
18Max FriedATL$15
19Yu DarvishSDP$15
20Julio UriasLAD$15
21Framber ValdezHOU$14
22Joe MusgroveSDP$13
23Alek ManoahTOR$12
24Hunter GreeneCIN$12
25Cristian JavierHOU$12
26Clayton KershawLAD$11
27Zac GallenARI$11
28Dylan CeaseCHW$10
29Nestor CortesNYY$9
30Blake SnellSDP$9
31Logan WebbSFG$9
32Triston McKenzieCLE$8
33Kyle WrightATL$8
34Kodai SengaNYM$7
35Chris SaleBOS$7
36Robbie RaySEA$7
37Freddy PeraltaMIL$7
38George KirbySEA$6
39Nick LodoloCIN$5
40Dustin MayLAD$5
41Pablo LopezMIN$5
42Luis SeverinoNYY$5
43Drew RasmussenTBR$5
44Jordan MontgomerySTL$4
45Charlie MortonATL$4
46Lance LynnCHW$4
47Alex CobbSFG$4
48Logan GilbertSEA$3
49Jeffrey SpringsTBR$3
50Garrett WhitlockBOS$3
51Joe RyanMIN$3
52Grayson RodriguezBAL$2
53Chris BassittTOR$2
54Lucas GiolitoCHW$2
55Jesus LuzardoMIA$2
56Brady SingerKCR$2
57Marcus StromanCHC$2
58Ranger SuarezPHI$2
59Jose UrquidyHOU$2
60Jameson TaillonCHC$2
61Jose QuintanaNYM$2
62Noah SyndergaardLAD$2
63Merrill KellyARI$2
64Tony GonsolinLAD$2
65Luis GarciaHOU$2
66Tyler MahleMIN$1
67Sonny GrayMIN$1
68Andrew HeaneyTEX$1
69Nathan EovaldiTEX$1
70Patrick SandovalLAA$1
71Jon GrayTEX$1
72Jack FlahertySTL$1
73Zach EflinTBR$1
75Lance McCullers Jr.HOU$1
76Trevor RogersMIA$1
77Jose BerriosTOR$1
78Sean ManaeaSFG$1
79Carlos CarrascoNYM$1
80Ross StriplingSFG$1
81Edward CabreraMIA$1
84Hunter BrownHOU$1
74Miles MikolasSTL$0
82Mike SorokaATL$0
83Andrew PainterPHI$0
85Aaron AshbyMIL$0
86Alex WoodSFG$0
87Steven MatzSTL$0
88Frankie MontasNYY$0
89Seth LugoSDP$0
90Ken WaldichukOAK$0
91Eduardo RodriguezDET$0
92Tylor MegillNYM$0
93Adrian MorejonSDP$0
94JP SearsOAK$0
95Justin SteeleCHC$0
96Kenta MaedaMIN$0
97Reid DetmersLAA$0
98David PetersonNYM$0
99Bailey OberMIN$0
100Kyle MullerOAK$0
101Matthew BoydDET$0
102Tanner HouckBOS$0
103Nick MartinezSDP$0
104Dean KremerBAL$0
105James PaxtonBOS$0
106Aaron CivaleCLE$0
107Brayan BelloBOS$0
108Cody MorrisCLE$0
109Eric LauerMIL$0
110Bailey FalterPHI$0
111Elieser HernandezNYM$0
112Tarik SkubalDET$0
113Anthony DeSclafaniSFG$0
114John MeansBAL$0
115Domingo GermanNYY$0
1Edwin DiazNYM$22
2Josh HaderSDP$18
3Emmanuel ClaseCLE$18
4Devin WilliamsMIL$14
5Ryan HelsleySTL$14
6Raisel IglesiasATL$12
7Ryan PresslyHOU$12
8Pete FairbanksTBR$9
9Felix BautistaBAL$9
10Kenley JansenBOS$9
11Jordan RomanoTOR$9
12Camilo DovalSFG$8
13David BednarPIT$7
14Andres MunozSEA$6
15Clay HolmesNYY$6
16Jhoan DuranMIN$5
17Paul SewaldSEA$5
18Kendall GravemanCHW$5
19Scott BarlowKCR$4
20Trevor MayOAK$4
21Daniel BardCOL$4
22Alexis DiazCIN$4
23Evan PhillipsLAD$3
24Jorge LopezMIN$2
25Kyle FinneganWSN$1
26Alex LangeDET$1
27Jose LeclercTEX$1
28Daniel HudsonLAD$1
29Seranthony DominguezPHI$1
30Jason AdamTBR$1
31A.J. MinterATL$1
32Brandon HughesCHC$1
33Carlos EstevezLAA$1
34A.J. PukMIA$1
35Craig KimbrelPHI$1
36Michael FulmerCHC$1
37Jimmy HergetLAA$1
38Dylan FloroMIA$1
39Joe MantiplyARI$0
40Aroldis ChapmanKCR$0
41Liam HendriksCHW$0
42Taylor RogersSFG$0
43Jose AlvaradoPHI$0
44Alex VesiaLAD$0
45Brusdar GraterolLAD$0
46Giovanny GallegosSTL$0
47Brad BoxbergerCHC$0
48Hector NerisHOU$0
49Adbert AlzolayCHC$0
50James KarinchakCLE$0
51Rafael MonteroHOU$0
52Kevin GinkelARI$0
53Bryan BakerBAL$0
54Hunter HarveyWSN$0

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