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Early 2019 Fantasy Baseball Top 300

We’ve been rolling through the early 2019 fantasy baseball positional rankings here at FantraxHQ, so this exercise was inevitable given the way my mind works. Once we’ve decided how the players stack up at their individual positions, we can’t help but wonder – how do the positions play off of each other in 2019? For starters, we’ll see the elite class of middle infielders peel off the board right away. There is incredible talent at the top of the Second Base and Shortstop ranks, but they’ll go fast.

Ace pitching is hard to come by, pushing pitching up as early as ever. The upper-tier starters will probably get drafted even higher than I have them ranked. If I’m going to be happy with my team, I’m going to want to come away with one ace pitcher (maybe two) in the first three rounds. Once you hit the SP25 mark, there are questions with everyone and you get a real drop off.

Can’t wait until the spring to get the 2019 fantasy baseball season started? Well, you don’t have to. Leagues are already open, so get your league started today.

Another note about the ranks: you won’t see a lot of relievers. At this point in the offseason, the closer situations are extremely fluid in about half the league. None of the free agent relievers have signed. Rather than speculate on who will sign as a closer or who will come away from a committee with a closing gig, I just ranked the higher-end options and left the rest off. Closers will get pushed up higher than I have them ranked here to be sure, but at this point, it is more beneficial to look at what we know.

I’m interested to know your thoughts on who I might be too high or too low on. Let me know in the comments or find me on Twitter @NathanDokken and I’ll be happy to debate with you.

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Top 300 Rankings for 2019 Fantasy Baseball

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  1. DJF says

    Come on! Mondesi at 50???? Too small a sample size and he still has a terrible
    BB/K … i see regression, not progression.

    1. John says

      I think your right about Mondesi…..I’m not buying the hype….possibly another Billy Hamilton….I remember how much hype there was about him initially.

      1. John says

        Mondesi has always been the youngest player at every level he’s played. He’s a second generation player and a building block for the Royals. He won’t end up being a one trick pony like Hamilton who has never ever had a season or half a season like anything Mondesi experienced last year.

        1. Nathan Dokken says

          You’re right, he won’t be a one-trick pony like Hamilton. He does have some power. He also made 16% less contact than Hamilton and walked half as much with a much higher strikeout rate. There’s risk that Mondesi gets on base at a .275 clip, which is really detrimental to R+RBI totals. And, of course, you can’t steal second if you don’t make it to first. I see the upside, and it’s tantalizing, but he’s also a tremendous risk that early in drafts that I just can’t convince myself to buy into.

          1. John says

            I’m not saying Mondesi is a surefire superstar going forward. He’s just not gonna be a bum like Billy Hamilton. Mondesi has power and wheels and he’s still just 23. He’s a tremendous risk/reward player. Unlike Hamilton whose just a tremendous burden to anyone’s fantasy lineup.

  2. AA-Ron says

    Ill take Conforto at 158 all day every day

  3. Mark says

    No Piscotty in the Top 300?

    1. Nathan Dokken says

      He somehow got glossed over initially, but he’s in there now at 217.

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