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Why I Switched to Fantrax

Sports have been an obsession for me since I was a little boy. Growing up, my father and I would attend dozens and dozens of sporting events. From MLB All-Star Games to World Cup soccer matches, I would soak it all up.

As a huge sports fan, I naturally loved reading magazines like Sports Illustrated and Sporting News. On the back pages of these publications, I’d notice ads for fantasy sports leagues. While many people played in the same types of “home leagues” we have today, at the time, the only public ones you could find were salary-cap leagues you could enter calling by the number in these ads. So I said, “What the hey,” and decided to put my money where my mouth was (which was usually talking about sports 24/7). Before long, I was perusing pitching matchups, calculating player salaries, and faxing in my lineups (yes, this was before email, so we had to fax in our rosters, and we’d received a letter in the mail each week with the previous week’s results).

Flash forward 18 years or so, and the fantasy sports landscape has changed dramatically. There are dozens of sites out there with multiple settings, prize structures, and formats to choose from. There’s even daily fantasy sports if you want instant gratification (or instant sadness, for many).

I’ve played on just about every site there is, and 2018 was the year I decided to make a permanent switch to Fantrax.

I’m not going to B.S. you and tell you all 15 of my leagues are on Fantrax, because they aren’t. I’m in some leagues where I have no control over the site we play on, and there are other sites that do offer solid contests, as well, but the leagues that matter – the ones where I am the commissioner – have made the migration to Fantrax.

Why did I decide to pick up and leave these other sites in favor of Fantrax? The answer is easy: They simply offer a better product.

First and foremost is Fantrax’s impeccable customer service. Fantrax isn’t a new site – I’ve played in countless leagues there for years – but to many fantasy sports users they are. Making new users comfortable and happy is so important when it comes to choosing the right platform, and Fantrax is No. 1 in my book when it comes to this. They’ll answer any questions you have in prompt fashion, unlike the other major sites that often offer you no response at all. There’s one big site that doesn’t even have customer service; you can only email “tickets,” which they never respond to. And then there’s another big site that’s great at answering the phone, but they’re just a call center so they have zero clue what fantasy sports are and sound dumbfounded when you use fantasy lingo to describe your issue. I once sat on a call for 45 minutes trying to explain an issue I was having with my fantasy baseball league’s draft, and near the end of the call, the agent mentions my fantasy football team’s name, even though it was March! The coolest part of Fantrax’s customer service is they’ll even take suggestions and sometimes implement them into their games.

The other great part of Fantrax’s platform is the endless options they have to choose from. Whether you want to join a standard league draft, a points league, or a salary-cap league, they have them, and for buy-ins that anyone can afford. If you’re creating a league, be prepared for a full array of customization. If a stat exists, you can almost certainly use it as a category in your league. If you need to correct a stat, change an owner’s info, change your league’s schedule, or reverse a move, it’s as easy as pie. And if you’re tired of chasing down owners to pay their league dues, Fantrax has a Treasurer option that helps you collect.

If you follow me on Twitter (@SethDaSportsMan), you know I’ve been hyping Fantrax, so don’t hesitate to ask me any questions. I look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. Dave Gilland says

    I always liked Fantrax, but now they will not serve their Missouri customers.

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