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Three Tips For A Successful Fantasy EPL Experience

Having a successful Fantasy EPL league is essential.  There’s one thing having a league with your friends, but your league needs some added dedication and imagination in order to make it successful!  Here are some quick tips to make your Fantasy EPL league successful, fruitful, and enjoyable each and every season.

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Looking For A Successful Draft Premier League?

Our three top tips outlined below are quick and easy things to implement in your Fantasy EPL league.  These tips will add fun and excitement to your league, as well as ensuring competitiveness throughout the whole season!

Fantasy EPL Tip 1: Head To Head League

Our first Fantasy EPL tip is a pretty basic one, but its certainly worth mentioning.  It’s essential to play Draft Premier League with a head-to-head format!  The key aspect of Fantasy EPL on Fantrax is that you play against one particular manager during each separate period of games.  This makes the game incredibly more fun than an overall points scoring league, similar to the Official FPL format.  The manager who scores the most points during the head-to-head match-up will pick up three points for the win!

This format increases the banter within your group of managers by a substantial amount, but also, perhaps most importantly, will keep the league standings close throughout the season.  Every manager will know that if they put together a few consecutive wins they could shoot up the table and be in title contention!  The competitiveness and longevity of your league will increase greatly, and it makes beating your rivals all the sweeter if it’s during a straight up one-on-one match-up!

Click here for further details on the logistics of the head-to-head format of Fantasy EPL.

Fantasy EPL Tip 2: Punish The Loser

We covered this Fantasy EPL tip in our Seven Ways To Keep An Active Fantrax League article, but its worth delving a little deeper into.  Punishing the loser is an absolutely must have aspect for managers who live in close proximity!  We first got into the draft version of Fantasy EPL after watching The League, and laughing along to the humiliating and cringe-worthy punishments the loser had to undertake.  We wanted in on the action!!

First and foremost, creating some rules to punish the overall loser of your league ensures that all managers are invested in the league for the whole season.  This will create a competitive environment for the league, as no manager will want to be disgraced at the end of the season!  A classic Draft Premier League example, that happens year after year, is that managers who have no chance of winning the league stop trying.  They stop making waiver wire claims and they stop setting their lineups.  This will often impact on the championship outcome, as an easy win or two will be handed to managers in the title hunt.

By putting together a set of forfeits for the manager who finishes bottom of the league, you’re ensuring that every manager will keep a competitive team for the whole season.  Everyone will make waiver wire claims.  Everyone will submit their strongest lineup.  And most importantly, everyone will have a chance of winning their gameweek.  The punishments will ensure that all managers remain active within the league, and therefore the manager going for the title could still be beaten by the managers at the bottom of the league!  Instigating some punishments for the loser of the league is 100% needed.  The fear in a mans eyes when he knows he’s in a battle to avoid finishing bottom of the league is an incredible sight!

The Punishments!

Now on to the fun bit.  Creating a set of horrible punishments for the manager who finishes bottom!!  These forfeits will create banter throughout the season, as teasing the manager who’s currently bringing up the rear is incredibly fun.  And obviously witnessing the punishments in person at your end of season meet-up will provide some enjoyable moments for everyone, other than the person undertaking them!

In terms of your specific Fantasy EPL punishments, our tip would be to keep them lighthearted and, mainly, within the confines of the group.  Examples of punishments could be:

  • Dressing up in awful clothing at social events
  • Award them with a special “trophy” which they have to display on their desk at work
  • A minor bit of public humiliation could also be fun – remember in The League when Andre had to dress up in awful items of clothing and play the flute in public?!

There is an endless list of stupid things you could get them to do, just make sure the punishments aren’t so bad that they might quit the league!!  Creating a scenario where the loser of the league suffers punishments is extremely healthy for the state of your draft league.  Your Fantasy EPL league will become increasingly active and competitive, as managers are left panicked by the threat of potential forfeits.  Managers at the bottom of the league will therefore possibly be trying harder than those fighting for the league title!

Fantasy EPL Tip 3: End of Season Awards Ceremony

Following on from the above, we would highly recommend hosting an End of Season Awards Ceremony.  This gives you a chance to honor your league champion with trophies and prizes, as well as forcing the loser of your league to undertake his forfeits!  If you live in close proximity to your league mates, this tip to a successful Fantasy EPL league has to be taken up!

The end of the Draft Premier League season is a time for celebrating success and ridiculing failure.  We implore you to get all the boys round to the league commissioners place and look back at all the banter your Draft League has provided over the last nine months.  If anything, just use this as an excuse to meet up with your mates for the weekend!

The Champion

After a grueling and stressful season, your league champion deserves to be adequately honored.  You might think the champion got lucky.  You might even think he won because of collusion with a fellow manager.  But you can’t deny that after a long and hard-fought season, they should be recognized.  It’s the right thing to do, guys.  Therefore, they absolutely need a massive and outrageous trophy to take home to their partners!

The Loser

Our Fantasy EPL Tip 2 provided all the details on why you should punish the loser of your Draft League.  The End of Season Awards Ceremony is your time to ‘award’ your league loser with any embarrassing items, and laugh at them whilst they undertake their minor public humiliation!  Witnessing the league loser undertake his duties is perhaps the sweetest moment of our season!

The simple premise of an End of Season Awards Ceremony to honor your champion and embarrass your league loser will enable you to finish your season in style!  Beware of the come down the day after when you realize the season is over, and you have a couple of months to fill before the draft for next season though.


Hopefully these three Fantasy EPL tips will serve you well in your quest for a successful and enjoyable season every year.  These quick and easy tips will improve the state of your Draft Premier League experience an incredible amount.  The banter within the league and the competitiveness throughout the whole season will be increased, and those are the two essential aspects of a successful Fantasy EPL Draft League!

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