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Weekly Top-10: World Series Contenders

Last week in the Fantrax top-10, we profiled 10 pitchers that could be affordable targets for your fantasy squad. This week we switch back to real life and look at the top World Series contenders this season. You know the old saying, “Pitching and defense win championships.” When I was a youngster, I disagreed with that notion. My eight-year-old brain would think, “Well, you need to score runs to win games!” This might have been because I was eight during the infamous 1998 home run race between Mark McGwire and Sammy…

MLB Future 2’s – Brent Honeywell and Stephen Gonsalves

After writing about one hitter (Nick Senzel) and one reliever (Joe Jimenez), I’ll go with two starting pitchers in this article. Both of them were relatively unheralded prospects, that is until their consistency and continual improvement forced the baseball world to take notice. They are 22 years old, the #2 prospects in their organizations and coincidentally exactly who I think they will be as MLB pitchers – number 2’s. Neither of them has ace stuff, but rather a blend of pitches which they command very good. Essentially,…