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Sabermetric Series, Part 4: ERA Estimators

Welcome to Part 4 of this Sabermetric Series, where we will be moving from hitters to pitchers. We're going to start with the basics and look into the benefits of using various ERA estimators. We'll go over a whole bunch of fun acronyms, such as: LOB% K-BB% FIP xFIP SIERA ERA-/FIP-/xFIP- OK, so why all these random letters? What's wrong with good ol' ERA (acknowledging that they, too, are just letters)? Well, ERA lets us know a pitcher's past results, but it doesn't tell us if those results are…

Sabermetric Series, Part 3: Plate Discipline

Welcome to Part 3 of this Sabermetric Series. In previous installments, we discussed a batter's quality of contact, batted ball distribution, familiarized ourselves with various metrics, and applied those things to player splits. Previous Installments Sabermetric Series, Part 1: Quality of Contact and Batted Balls Sabermetric Series, Part 2: Applying Metrics to Splits In this edition, we round out hitters by taking a look at their plate discipline. Plate discipline is important because it can help you discern…