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Bullpen Kings: A Win is a Win

Reliever strategy in fantasy baseball has a lot to do with specific league settings. In a saves-only league, some might be tempted to draft Fernando Rodney, chasing saves regardless of the collateral damage caused. In leagues where holds or combined saves/holds are a category, a much larger priority is placed on the total impact of each reliever. This approach is pretty common and can be effective, but one thing that might not be talked about enough is the growing impact of relievers in all formats. Starters are throwing…

2018 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Relief Pitchers

Everyone seems to have a different approach to drafting closers for their fantasy team. Some like to grab the elite studs at the top, while other punt saves altogether to stock up on starting pitchers. I don't advise punting any category, so as irritating as they are to own at times, closers and select middle relievers are valuable commodities. I know, it makes you want to pull your hair out when they allow five ER in 0.1 innings. We've all been there. But if you attack it right, you can end up with a solid core of…