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Waiver Wire Report: Learn to Love Lucchesi

Alright, baseball season, slow down. It's hard to believe we're already over a week into the season. It's been an extremely entertaining first week , too. First off, I'd like to thank the men and women that make the MLB schedule for giving my Red Sox three series in a row against the lowly Rays and Marlins to start the season. Also, can someone please check on Gabe Kapler and see what in tarnation he's doing? I mean, I'm waiting for the Phillie Phanatic to make an appearance as a pinch runner or lefty specialist or…

MLB Fantasy: Hitters Who Are Raking in the Minors for American League Teams

In Fantasy Baseball, it's really important to know not only who is raking in the show, but who is in AAA-ball too.  Most teams still call guys up from AAA-ball instead of the lower leagues.  Here is a look at one player from each team in the American League that is off to a good start with the bat in AAA-ball in 2017: Paul Janish, SS, Baltimore Orioles - 34-year old righty swinging shortstop Paul Janish is known more for his glove than his bat, but he is raking in AAA in 2017.  He has played in 19 games this year and he…