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The Closer Catch-Up: The Herrera We All Deserve

The Royals have played 14 games at home so far this season. Do you know how many they've won? Just three.Saturday's 5-2 win over the White Sox reminded me just how great Kelvin Herrera can and could be. Kansas City's closer holds the lowest ERA among all relievers in baseball right now, but since the Royals have scored the fewest runs in the Majors, it's a shame most of it's going to waste in the saves column. Herrera tallied just his fifth save over the weekend, and if you weren't paying attention, I'd forgive you for…

The Closer Catch-Up: Fantasy Baseball Week 20

There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.So the calculator tells me Greg Holland and Jake McGee have combined for a 48.60 ERA over the last week. The toaster also tells me the Rockies could be lucky to make the Wild Card. What? That's normal ...? Anyway, that sure is a big crooked number in the Rockies clubhouse. Feels like only yesterday we were talking about Holland in the same sentence as Kenley Jansen. I now ask you to all join hands, because I'd like to reflect on what was a pretty awesome... um, half season.…